City of Witches Chapter 13

Twin Witches (7)

༺ Twin Witches (7) ༻




  Having spoken, Siwoo himself was startled by what he uttered out loud, wondering just how he was able to gather the courage to speak those words. 


  All throughout his life, he had firmly believed that he was someone who would not let his sexual drive affect his judgment, and he strictly adhered to that rule…


  But now… Something was different for him to let his urges take control over him.


  He wasn’t sure if it had something to do with his pent-up emotions manifesting as sexual desire or perhaps it was the unruly recklessness that bubbled up from within after giving up everything.


  “Like this?”


  The posture that Siwoo suggested was nothing special.


  Odette would lick and kiss around his cock from below, while Odil would lick and tend to his balls. 


  It was a great position that fully took advantage of the traits of the apprentice sisters. 


  “Yes, in this posture, Ms. Odette can see the twitching movements of the testicles as the sperm pours out through the urethra, and Ms. Odil can see and feel the pulsations of my veiny cock from up close.”


  “Hoo, it’s plausible. Good thinking there, Mr. Assistant!”


  “I don’t deserve your compliments madame.”


  In a way, it was simply impossible.


  He felt a slight pang in his conscience for duping the twins, as they had no idea about sex.


  But then, he wondered… Just, why in hell should he be the one to feel guilty here? He did nothing wrong so why should he feel bad. In the first place, they were the ones who started all of this farce…


  “Ms. Odette, are you ready?”




  Odette pursed her lips around Siwoo’s balls, holding one of the testicles between her plump lips, and nodded her head like a drooping puppy waiting for its master’s orders.


   “I’m going to show you a trick, that is proven to easily make a man cum, that wasn’t covered in that manual.”


  “Such a thing really exists? Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re a man after all, Mr. Assistant, you should have more knowledge about this than a mere book.”


  “Now, first things first, Ms. Odette, please lick my balls as slowly as you did earlier.”


  “Alright! Slurp…”


  A chilling pleasure ran down his spine as Odette started ministering his balls according to his instructions.


  Above all, Odette’s face, as she carefully licked and sucked around his balls, which came into view as Siwoo looked down from above was a truly erotic sight to him.


  His erect manhood covered half of her face with its girthy shape as she kept on licking and sucking his schlong with more and more vigor.


  Furthermore, while the younger of the twins was carefully licking along his scrotum, the older sister was sitting next to her, learning how to please a man with rapt attention. The sight of her sister pleasuring a man made her womb tremble and quiver with a strange feeling she had never felt before.  


  “First of all, form your hand in this shape.”


  “Is this how I do it?”


  Odil made an ‘OK’ sign with her thumb and index finger then placed the rest of her fingers below them.


  “No, that’s not it. Ms. Odil has small hands, so please make a ring with your thumb and middle finger, it’ll make more room for the shaft to fit in.”




  Odil nodded as she obediently carried out Siwoo’s directions to the letter.


  Her dainty hands drew a round circle, now prepared to stimulate Siwoo’s cock at any time.


  “After that, use your spit as lubricant.”




  “Yes, you need to use a lubricant and saliva is one of the options. Using a lubricant is usually preferable than doing it dry. It greatly smoothens the whole process and prevents rashes from developing along the shaft area. 


  “But wouldn’t my hand be covered in saliva if I did as you said?”


  Looking at Odil, with utmost confidence, Siwoo replied back. No hesitation could be detected in his voice. .


  “You might not be aware of it, but it’s common sense that women’s saliva is the best lubricant there is, miss.”


  “What, really? That makes sense, I guess. But I really need to ask… Why did you suddenly become so willing with the whole matter? You were struggling relentlessly not so long ago… Why the sudden change? “


  Siwoo remained silent, not willing to divulge his inner thoughts to her. Right now, at this very moment, Siwoo felt utterly no shame in manipulating these ignorant apprentice witches as he pleased. 


  Odil spat on her palms, using the saliva as a lubricant, as she had been instructed by Siwoo. 


  Even her spitting figure, something that would seem vulgar in most cases, had a note of elegance to it. This was the inherent beauty and charisma of the witch’s bloodline coming into full play here.


  “Now, please try putting my cock in the middle of the ring shape you formed with your hand. From there, grasp the shaft and move your hand up and down along it and continue that motion. “


  “Yes, yes! I know from this part onwards. I already saw Professor Amelia’s demonstration back in the classes. You do it like this, right?” 


  Having heard Siwoo’s instructions, Odil took his erect and throbbing cock in her pale hands, feeling the rod up with her fingers.


  “Haaa, it’s so hard and hot.”


  “Thank you, miss.”


  “Huh? Why the sudden, thank you? I don’t remember praising you…”


  Her palms, where even blue veins were visible on the back of it, began to move up and down.


  Odil made a cute frown, concentrating hard on the throbbing shaft placed in her palms. 


He had already noticed it in the previous class already, but seeing it now he had become sure of the fact that Odil had a habit of drawing her brows together in a frown when she particularly focused on a certain something.


Slurp —Squeak


  The younger sister was licking his balls below.


  While the older one was playing with his shaft from above.


  It was more like a mini shimaidon rather than a full blown shimaidon. 1[ T/N: (Shimaidon- sister rice bowl) Japan and Korea refers to the act of a man having sexual intercourse with his older sister and younger sister, either separately or in groups of three. Mini shimaidon – He might have said it because of their body size. ]



  Odil’s palms were even warmer than Siwoo’s heated shaft which made way for a pleasant warmth that only added to his euphoria.


  He felt as though he had dipped his bottom half straight into a bathtub packed full of pleasure when she added more and more saliva to her palms.


  At that moment, Odette, who was obediently licking his balls with enthusiasm, turned her face towards her big sister, intently watching her movements.


  From her reactions, it seemed that her big sister was having fun playing with his cock, ministering it in different ways and movements with her soft palms. This made Odette rather curious about how it would feel to play with the hard shaft too…


  “Sluurp… Sis! Let me try doing it too!”


  “No, you don’t need to. You just do your part and take care of his jewels with your mouth.”


  “But, that’s not fair!”


  “If you’re feeling dissatisfied about your part, then you should have just told me before you started doing the deed, now be quiet and do your work while I do mine.”


  The twins both grabbed his cock and began fighting over their positions and role in handling his manhood.


  Siwoo stiffened at the sudden pressure that he felt due to their mishandling of his manhood, wondering if it might just break if they were to go on like this.


  “Young Mistresses, please stop fighting. Why don’t we do it like this? Just hear me out.”


  The twins perked up at Siwoo’s words of intrusion, keenly waiting for his next words. Since his words had been sensible till now, they chose to believe in him and wait for his next instructions.


  “After one of you is done rubbing it 30 times, you can switch positions with the other. This way both of you can get the full experience.”


  “Tch.. Annoying…”


  “You’re right! That seems fair. Let’s go with that.”


  Odette showed her willingness to comply with his suggestion, but Odil rejected the idea. Clearly, Siwoo’s suggestion seemed unfavorable to her, at a glance, so she acted as if she wasn’t interested in following along this time around.


  Briefly, they quarreled over this disagreement between them. However, it didn’t last for long as they soon reached a resolution.


  “Fine. I accept the suggestion, Mr. Assistant. We’ll both do it alternatively, and I’ll be going first.”


  A fun activity like this shouldn’t be limited to just a single time.


  That was the conclusion the twins reached.


  Odil and Odette remained as formative as ever.


  With nothing left to worry about between them, they returned to what they were doing before.


  “Am I doing it right? Should I simulate the upper part only?”


  “Yes, you generally don’t have to move all the way to the bottom. Men’s erogenous zones are concentrated in the glans area rather than the shaft and the root, so only stimulating the head and its surroundings is good enough.”


  “Aha? So it was like that…?”


  Odil and Odette might appear immature and ignorant in the sexual arts department, but they were not stupid!


  In the first place, a fool could never become an apprentice witch, they needed to have the brains for carrying out the role of an expert witch.


  Furthermore, if the Count, who was already renowned for being an extraordinary witch, chose someone as her successor, the successor in question would almost certainly be a top level genius.


  That’s why Odil quickly learned what she was instructed and applied it with enthusiasm.


  He felt a sense of unparalleled ecstasy that simply couldn’t be compared to when he used to masturbate alone with his hand as his only company.


  “There is clear water like substance on the tip. Is this semen?”


  Odil asked, her arms never stopping its movements while her gaze remained fixed on the tip of the glans. 


  “No, this is called cowper’s fluid. It’s kinda like a cleaning fluid that cleans the urethra before the ejaculation ensues.”


  Siwoo spoke with plain logic, while Odil merely nodded her head, glad that she had earned a new piece of knowledge. 


He was feeling it for a while already, but wasn’t it too easy to scam these twins to do his bidding? 


Naivety, which was distinct from intelligence. The twins had this trait in spades. It might help him take advantage of them in the future.


As he was thinking up those manipulative plans, a sudden feeling of release filled up his mind, pushing those thoughts to the very back of his mind. 


In fact, he couldn’t believe that he was able to last this long against the stimulations provided by this absolutely gorgeous pair of women. It was an incredible feat, to say the least. 


  “Ms. Odil.”


  “What, does it hurt anywhere? Why are you making that frowning face?”


  …Was what she said, but I was sure that she had already guessed why I made that face. 


  Certainly, Odil had seen him make such a face just before he was feeling the pressure build-up to the brink before he cummed. In fact, she had witnessed it several times already, so there was no way that she didn’t know what was coming next. 


  But calling Odil out or telling her about his soon-ensuing release wasn’t his main intention. 


  He wanted to know just how far he was able to go against Odil. Before she would inevitably draw the line of reason between them; and he was sure the next step would determine that for him. 


  “Miss, haven’t you already watched the ejaculation scene countless times already?”


  “That’s right. I indeed have.”


  “Then how about doing it differently this time around?”


  “How? Just what are you trying to mean here?”


  He took a deep breath to hide his nervousness, before speaking out the bold thoughts churning in his mind. 


  “This time, how about you receive the semen in your mouth?”


  The movements stimulating his penis from above and below came to a complete stop simultaneously after he voiced his proposal to Odil. 


  They were probably wondering why he had made such an absurd proposal.


  “Since protein makes up the majority of the semen, I think it shouldn’t be harmful to the body. Isn’t the taste and the smell of the obtained result also a part of the observation process?”


  “As expected, Ms. Odil, your wisdom knows no bounds.”


  “However, Mr. Assistant, Siwoo, you warned us that sucking the male genitals with our mouths could transmit germs that would be harmful to his body!”


  After slowly lapping across the area across his balls and licking the balls, Odette’s nose had now become drenched in saliva. 


  The answer to that question was already ready in his mind. So he spouted out a response without taking a single pause.


  “Since the Cowper’s fluid has already been released, the sterilization process is already complete. There won’t be any more problems even if you put it in your mouth now, miss. 


  He wasn’t sure if the pre-cum actually had a disinfecting factor to it, but he was bullshitting everything anyways, so it didn’t really matter to him. Furthermore, the twins’ curiosity was now at an all-time high, so they would surely not give much importance to his talks. 


  “Not a bad suggestion there, Mr, Assistant. Alright, how should I go about it?”


  “Just keep up your hand movements as it is, while slowly sucking the glans with your mouth.”


  “Alright. Eww, It’s a bit salty!”


  “Relax, this is just the Cowper’s fluid.”

  At long last, Siwoo’s shaft that had been wriggling painfully in Odil’s hand entered her little mouth.


  The feeling he received inside her small mouth was more or less the same as the one he enjoyed with his balls, just amped up in intensity. 


  As she spoke, with his manhood inside her mouth, her tongue moved around and caressed the head providing Euphoria to her mind. 


  “Li…ke thwis?”


  “That’s right. you can move your tongue slowly in that position to stimulate the glans.”


Odil moved her hand diligently while keeping the bulbous head inside her mouth, sucking it. 


  Her tongue was circling his glans as if she were licking the finest piece of candy.



  The city of witches, Gehenna.


  He was glad to be caught and kidnapped to this world.  


 Briefly, he entertained those thoughts. 


  Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to savor the warmth of her small mouth full of a gentle layer of moistness as he was finally on the verge of cumming.



  “All you have to do is be still, okay?”


  Siwoo’s cock began to throb violently inside Odil’s mouth..


  As if it had sprung up from the depths of his stomach, a thick torrent of semen was shot into Odil’s mouth with a massive wave of pleasure overloading his whole body as he was finally able to reach the sweet release he was dying for.


Cough —Cough —Cough




  Maybe Odil wasn’t really expecting to be assaulted by such a vigorous ejaculation. Her eyes widened into saucers, as she was definitely taken aback by the sporadic shots of thick cum grazing the very back of her throat.


  Her hands immediately came to a halt the moment Siwoo started cumming.




  She couldn’t help but gasp aloud in astonishment.


  Although she wasn’t sucking the glans, nor did she move her head anymore, she was still moving her tongue back and forth which stimulated his dick to shoot out more and more thick fluids inside her. He was sure that this was the best release he had ever felt throughout the entirety of his life.


  Siwoo trembled violently as he finally shot the last stream of his thick cum right into her mouth.


  Odil puffed up her cheeks with her lips kept close, semen filled up the entirety of her small mouth.


  A drop of semen that she couldn’t contain in her mouth was sticking out near the edge of her lips.


  Odil frowned visibly, clearly enraged. She pulled out a handkerchief and immediately spat out all the semen on it.


  “What the hell are you doing?”


  Odil’s eyes were filled with anguish.


  She never imagined that semen would taste like shit. 


  It was white and sticky, so she was expecting it to taste  like condensed milk.


  But the taste was so far off her expectations that it made the experience much much worse for her. 


  “How is it? Sis, what does it taste like?”


  Odette, witnessing the balls contracting and relaxing repeatedly, urged her older sister to describe the taste of the  sperm she had tasted for the first time in her life. She was extremely curious about its taste.


  Odil, on the other hand, had an irritated look etched on her face. Clearly, she wasn’t sharing her sister’s enthusiasm at the moment..


“I wouldn’t have asked to taste it if I had known that semen would taste so horrible! Why did you suggest it!?”


  Siwoo, however, calmly persuaded Odil without flinching the slightest bit at her enraged remarks.


  “I merely suggested it to provide Ms. Odil with the best observational experience possible. Moreover, as a man, it’s obvious that I wouldn’t be able to know how it tastes. So, it wasn’t the least bit intentional on my part, Ms. Odil.”


  “That’s right…”


  Fortunately, Odil wasn’t a petty witch. She was a reasonable woman who would never become unreasonably angry just because she was offended.


  “Yup! But it’s something that I don’t want to taste ever again.”


  Odil furiously placed her hand on her waist without noticing that semen was still stuck on the corner of her lips.


  “Me too! I want to try it too!”


  Odette, who came up in a rush, took the glans that still had some left-out semen attached to it in her hands. 


  When the sensitive glans entered Odette’s mouth immediately after ejaculation, Siwoo couldn’t help but grunt as she squeezed out the remaining semen from the urethra by sucking it with her mouth. 




  Odette’s face formed a frown not dissimilar to Odil’s after she had a taste of semen for the first time. 


  Though he had never tasted semen, he imagined it to taste horribly unpleasant.


  “Then this time it’s Ms. Odette’s turn.”


  “What? Um… I’m fine.”


  Odette, who had already tasted the sperm, had a lukewarm reaction to Siwoo’s urging. It was evident that she didn’t wish to experience that horrible taste ever again.


  “That’s a pity. I believe that Ms. Odette and Ms. Odil should have similar experiences. Now, isn’t it only Ms. Odil who is broadening her horizons with new knowledge if this is to be the case?”


  Odette noticed the hidden meaning behind Siwoo’s words.


  Only your sister knows the feeling while you don’t. Do you really want that?


  It was like she was losing out to her sister. Something that she could never allow to happen.


  “Mr. Assistant, I’ll try it out. I’m still a bit curious about the taste.”


  “Odette, you’ll regret it. Quit already!”


  “No! You’re always trying to do the fun stuff by yourself. I won’t back out this time.”


  Seeing the twins’ quarreling, Siwoo couldn’t help but mock Odette’s mindset. Her drive to compete with her sister by following her every action unconditionally only seemed foolish to him. 


  For two years, he had been observing the twin witches from the sidelines.


  It was now a piece of cake for him to deal with the twins who were mentally naive. 


  “Yes, then there’s nothing I can do about it, I guess. Be my guest.”


  Odil, not intending to let the last vestiges of semen dry, licked Siwoo’s egg sac, which her sister had licked and sucked earlier.


  “Whoa! As expected, it’s completely tasteless!”


  Odette’s mouth had become equally packed with Siwoo’s semen, just like her sister’s. 


  Today’s sex education session finally came to a close with Odette donning a teary face, stamping her feet from the indignation she felt. 



E/N: Revenge is best served salty…

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    [ T/N: (Shimaidon- sister rice bowl) Japan and Korea refers to the act of a man having sexual intercourse with his older sister and younger sister, either separately or in groups of three. Mini shimaidon – He might have said it because of their body size. ]
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