City of Witches Chapter 94

Treatment (4)

༺ Treatment (4) ༻




  Amelia couldn’t hide her complicated feelings.


  She already had a throbbing headache to begin with because of Shin Siwoo, but the twins’ revelation just made her headache worse.


  ‘Professor, we… Secretly gave you the Eros’ Potion once.’


  The twins lowered their heads, to the point that they almost touched the ground, as they confessed their sin to Amelia.


  It was a quite straightforward situation.


  Amelia consumed a love potion made from Siwoo’s semen.


  At the time, the twins believed that the potion was ineffective and inconsequential, so they dismissed it as a flawed concoction.


  ‘Back then, we didn’t know what might happen if the potion were mixed with tea… When we tested it afterwards, we found that the effect varied based on the individuals, so we concluded that you just hadn’t experienced the full effects of the potion, Professor.’


  ‘We’re telling you this because we think that you deserve to know this, Professor.’


  ‘Sorry, Professor… We’ll accept any kind of punishment you’ll give us…’


  For months, the twins had been observing Amelia while discreetly moving around the mansion.


  They quickly noticed that her emotions were far too intense for what was supposed to be guilt over what happened to Siwoo.


  This made them feel guilty enough to consult Sophia and ultimately decided to come clean.


  The effects of the potions varied from person to person.


  Unlike drugs, one couldn’t verify its result chemically, so it was nearly impossible to discern it completely.


  If it had been a poison, Amelia’s autonomous defense system would have filtered it out already.


  But, elixirs like the Eros’ Potion acted as a form of ‘emotional buff.’ It couldn’t be detected, yet alone taken care of by her autonomous defense system.


  This stunning truth made Amelia’s body feel weak.


  It meant her feelings had been nothing more than an illusion.


  The discomfort she felt when watching Siwoo talking with the twins.


  The helpless feeling she felt when directly facing his wrath.


  The sense of liberation she felt when she realized her feelings for him.


  The sadness she felt when she thought that she had lost him.


  The fear she felt when she heard that he might become a different person.


  The apprehension she felt upon hearing that he needed to have an intercourse with Yebin for his treatment.


  They were all merely illusions caused by a potion she took without knowing.


  ‘But your feelings aren’t necessarily all lies… The potion’s description stated that its effects wouldn’t manifest on someone who already had feelings for the other person.’


  Odette quickly added that explanation at the end.


  ‘The effect wouldn’t manifest if the one who consumed it already had feelings for the other person, was it…?’


  ‘Does that mean I already loved him when I consumed the potion?’


  Amelia raised her head, trying to recall the time when she briefly became interested in the audacious slave who dared to refuse a witch’s night invitation.


  She noticed his diligence in fulfilling her orders, him undertaking them with sincerity instead of trickery.


  Though she occasionally would complain by saying things like: ‘Impudent slave!’ She didn’t actually find him infuriating.


  And the more time passed, the more often his face came to her mind.


  However, that was how far her feelings went.


  She never felt such an intense emotion like what she was currently experiencing.


  ‘Leave me alone.’


  Shaken by the revelation, Amelia couldn’t even muster any anger and simply urged Sophia and the twins out.


  Her heart became a mess thanks to the confusion she felt.


  Maybe it was just as the twins had said, she was feeling this way toward Siwoo because of the portion.


  Maybe it was just as Sophia had said, she was feeling this way because it was the first time she had ever experienced this kind of emotion.


  Maybe she was just a fool, someone who kept on being deceived by her own lies.




  Understanding the exact effects of the potion was difficult.


  But, once she managed to identify them, dispelling them wouldn’t be difficult.


  Just like how she dispelled the effects of her own ‘Perfume of Fatigue,’ she could dispel the potion with a flick of her finger.


  Amelia interlocked her fingers.


  She just needed to do one single gesture and everything would go back to how it was before.


  The heavy feelings in her heart.


  The guilt of not being able to protect him and being the source of his suffering.


  The pressure that kept her awake despite her using the ‘Perfume of Fatigue’ on herself in a huge dose.


  The anxiety she felt about the uncertain future.




  The warmth she felt when she held his hand.


  The excitement she felt when she smelled his scent.


  The longing she felt to hear his angry voice again.


  The love she felt when he came to her mind, knowing that she was no longer alone…


  Yes. The word ‘love’ expressed so many of her emotions.


  She imagined that everything would disappear, like dandelion seeds being blown away by the wind.


  Siwoo would go back to being a mere slave and Amelia would only become his master and superior.


  She lowered her raised hand and rested it to her chest.


  “I don’t want to lose any of it…”


  Even if this feeling started from a lie.


  Even if she suffered because of it.


  “I don’t want to forget any of it…”


  This feeling still belonged to her, to Amelia Marigold.


  No one was allowed to take it away without her consent.


  Especially when she couldn’t even do it with her own hands.


  -Tap, tap tap.


  At that moment, she could hear footsteps coming from outside.


  It came from the central staircase, the guest room on the first floor. Meaning that the owner of the footsteps was none other than Yebin.


 Without realizing it, Amelia had stuck her ear to the door, listening to the footsteps carefully.


  Tonight, at midnight, Yebin would perform the surgery as planned.


  Amelia slightly opened the door, catching the sight of Yebin’s back as the latter stepped into Siwoo’s room.




  Yebin wore a thin white gown that shimmered under the moonlight.


  Amelia had only superficially understood it so far, but after seeing this scene, it finally clicked in her heart.


  The fact that Yebin would mix her flesh with Siwoo.


  She’d allow Siwoo to mingle with the deepest parts of her body, performing an exchange of their bodily fluids.




  The door to Siwoo’s room was closed.


  After biting her lips in hesitation several times, Amelia left her room quietly.




  As she entered Siwoo’s room, Yebin let out a deep sigh.


  She spent over ten hours a day in this room for his treatment, yet it felt strangely unfamiliar to her today.


  Maybe it was because today was the day she’d finally become an adult– No, she came here as a doctor about to perform a surgery.


  “Ah, what a troublesome situation…”


  Yebin muttered to herself as she looked down shyly at her attire.


  Since she didn’t consider this as a real sexual intercourse, she picked the most comfortable outfit provided. After all, she had no intention of going fully nude during the act.


  However, her current attire completely exposed her healthy thighs.


  Not only that, it was also a sleeveless outfit with loose shoulder straps, making it seemed like it could fall off at any moment.


  On the bright side though, it was easy to do the deed wearing the nightgown as she only needed to remove her panties.


  “Should I have at least worn something over this?”


  The air was a bit chilly.


  Even though she had firmly resolved herself, compared to usual, her thoughts were in a complete mess. Probably because she kept telling herself, ‘This is how my first experience is going to be…’


  Nevertheless, it wasn’t like she could go back at this point even if she was having second thoughts.


  She had already removed her hymen in advance for the efficiency of the surgery.


  When she remembered herself sitting in the bath while shoving her fingers into her crotch…


  “It was pathetic…”


  She suddenly felt a little depressed.


  Hymen’s structure varied from woman to woman. In Yebin’s case, her hymen barely let out any blood after it was penetrated.


  Also, she didn’t feel any pain when she tore up her hymen.


  After that, she showered without using magic for the first time in a while and tied up her long hair into a ponytail.


  “Are you nervous, Mr. Shin Siwoo? Because I am…”


  She’d be lying if she said that she wasn’t nervous.


  Moreover, the thought of her lewdly shaking her hips on top of a lifeless man made her shudder in embarrassment.


  That was why she decided to talk to reduce the awkwardness of the situation.


  Since she had been living on her own, she had already become accustomed to talking to herself.


  “I’m going to take off your pants now, okay?”


  Yebin began to lower the patient’s loose pants. When his lower garment came down, it briefly got hindered by something before his entire lower body was revealed for Yebin to see.




  She had already examined and observed his body several times prior to this, so she knew the exact size of his genitalia.


  But back then, let alone blushing, she didn’t even have any strange thoughts.


  After all, someone’s life was on the line. It was absurd to be concerned about his penis in that kind of situation.


  However, today’s case was different.


  The object that she had always dismissively thought of as ‘male genitalia’ looked much more novel than before.


  Yebin stretched out her hands to measure the size of his rod.


  “I already knew, but yours is really big, Mr. Siwoo… Ah, does it count as sexual harassment to say such a thing?”




  “Do you have a girlfriend, Mr. Siwoo?”




  “Or do you at least have experience?”




  “Dear my Prince Charming, you’re sleeping so deeply, leaving me yearning for your touch. Would you really leave someone as attractive as me hanging?”




  It went without saying that Siwoo gave her no reply.


  Not that Yebin expected him to in the first place. She took out a bottle that she had packed in advance.


  It was a bottle of lubricant, the gel that she used for the ultrasonic testing, it allowed her to probe and accept the waves of his thoughts and his magic without error.


  Also, since it was slippery, it was suitable to use as lube for sexual intercourse.


  “I’m sorry, but please don’t think of me too badly. I’m also losing in this situation, you know?”


  Since she was going to have her way with him without asking his consent, she figured that she’d at least give out a small apology before starting.


  First, she covered the entirety of his rod with the gel, ensuring that it was well lubricated.


  It was to the point that his flaccid penis could roll around her hand without any difficulty.


  She felt like she was looking at a western pornstar’s dick as there wasn’t a single pubic hair on Siwoo’s crotch.


  “First, I should do… This?”


  Yebin took a hold of his drooping penis.


  She kept applying more gel on it to the point that she was barely able to hold it.


  “Now, go up and down…”


  -Plap, plap, plap!


  Every time the bottom of her hand met his lower belly, an embarrassing sound echoed through the room.


  Yebin moved her arm up and down slowly while carefully observing Siwoo’s reaction.


  She was ready to stop this procedure the moment he showed signs of excessive excitement or any kind of conscious reaction.


  However, Siwoo continued to gaze listlessly at the sky.


  Instead, his dick that she held firmly began to grow and throb with vigor.




  With each movement she made, it grew larger, hotter and harder.


  It had only been three minutes since she started rocking his dick, but it had become hard and erect within that short time.


  “Huh? Isn’t it too big…?”


  Before it became erect, Yebin had already thought that his rod was too big, but now that it grew so fervently, she became intimidated by it.


  To exaggerate a little, its head had grown to the size of a baby’s fist. Even with its slight curve, its length was monstrous.


  Unlike before, she couldn’t even hold the whole thing with her hand anymore.




  Yebin gently released his cock from her hand.


  She blinked for a moment before looking down at her own abdomen, placing her hand on her stomach to measure on how deep inside her it would go.


  “Around here…?”


  Just from the length, it reached beyond her navel.


  The thought of it entering her body made her feel a little scared.




  She furrowed her eyebrows, contemplating deeply.


  Soon after, she seemed to have made up her mind as she climbed onto the bed.


  Yebin concluded that she didn’t need to think about it deeply. This wasn’t even sex between lovers. Also, she had made him erect already, so all she needed to do was to put it in and make the connection necessary for the synchronization.


  If she could endure the process until the climax, it would be perfect.


  “Ah, right.”


  She inserted her fingers into her pussy, slowly rubbing her inner walls with the remnants of the gels.


  Even though Siwoo’s dick had been lubricated enough, this was still Yebin’s first time.


  If she wanted to avoid feeling any pain, she needed to lubricate her own pussy as well.


  “Then, excuse me…”


  She lifted the hem of her thin dress, revealing her curvaceous bottom.


  Her healthy thighs led up to a subtle tuft of hair.


  Among the slightly moist pubic hair, an unsoiled vagina was waiting to be penetrated.


  “Is this the right position…?”


  She reached behind her butt, aiming to put Siwoo’s dick between her legs.


  His hot head teased her petals, causing her heart to tremble.


  After making a pose as if she was about to pee, she straddled Siwoo and began lowering her hips slowly and carefully as she tried to recall on how to proceed.



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