I Killed the Player of the Academy Chapter 49

Chapter 49- King of Iron Mountain (5)

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༺ King of Iron Mountain (5) ༻


 [Emergency! Emergency! Code Veronica. Code Veronica. All the staff are to evacuate. The securities are to use every magic circle available and activate the golems!]


 – Sieeeeeek!


  A long and large body reaching 40 meters in length slithered its way. It resembled an amplified version of a white snake that was made by increasing its size by a hundred-fold. The name of the monster was Melting Dragon… and was better known as a fake dragon, a pitiful being who had to boorishly slither across the ground after failing to become a dragon.


  – Grrrhhh…!


  Following the Melting Dragon from behind were two large feet smashing through the ground. With ankles that were as thick as the feet of an elephant supporting its weight of a hundred tonnes, its legs destroyed the ground with each step and its slapping tail crushed everything behind its path.


  It was a large monster that appeared to be a combination of a brown bear and a monitor lizard. This being that was referred to as the tyrant in its homeland had become a target of fear and earned the name, King Tyrant.


  Melting Dragon and King Tyrant.


  Both of them were one of the top strongest entities out of all the Grade 1 demonic beasts.


  [Activating golems! Ready to intercept! Code Veronica! W, we cannot let them step out of this building!]


  There were about a hundred elemental golems that were made by making an elemental contract on a tough body made by mixing in magic stones. They were one by one killing the monsters including Fang Boars that reached roughly a thousand in numbers, but…


  – Kuwaaaaaaaah!!


  King Tyrant walked to the elemental golems, and a sweep of its tail swept the golems away.


  The sheer power from its weight was overwhelming. Golems were supposed to be the ones suppressing their foes with weight and size, and yet now that they were in front of an enormous monster, they became like powerless ants.


  They weren’t the only ones – there was also the Melting Dragon that was recklessly marching forward while ignoring the attacks of the golems.


  – Hissss!


  Letting out a shrill voice, the large snake destroyed the elemental golems. After straightening its long back, the Melting Dragon spurted out a huge amount of acid at the ceiling.


  – Chiiiik!


  The ceiling melted from the acid and fell like rubble. It created a hole in the blink of an eye as the floor of the 3rd underground floor crumbled at once. 




  Several people that hadn’t been able to evacuate in time fell along with the rubble into the open mouth of the Melting Dragon.


  – Kajik!


  [Assistance! Assistance required! We cannot stop the higher grade demonic beasts without the magic circles!]


  Most of the magic circles that had been installed to halt the demonic beasts were damaged. Now that the magic circles weren’t working, the laboratory didn’t have enough combat potential to fight against two giant Grade 1 monsters.




  Besides, the Grade 1 demonic beasts weren’t the only problems. The monsters that Professor Deina gathered for the experiment with the Unique Grade demon boar reached several hundred at least.


  “N, no…! If these monsters leave the Academy grounds…!”


  There were way too many monsters inside the laboratory including the Fang Boars. Assuming what would happen if these were to enter the Academy and go to the city wasn’t very difficult.




  It was then. A Beowulf pounced at Professor Deina who was trying her best to halt the flood of monsters.




  ❰Consecutive Lightning


  Using the lightning skill that allowed her to defeat multiple Fang Boars already, Professor Deina incapacitated the Beowulf. Her proficient control with lightning immediately turned the pouncing Beowulf into a steak but that Beowulf wasn’t the only one sprinting towards her.


  “I, I shouldn’t have bought this much!!”


  She was too excited from this rare opportunity to conduct a large project but regrets were called regrets because they were late.


  Right when one of the Beowulfs that survived from her lightning attacks was about to swing its vicious claws at her…


  – Kang!




  Several blades suddenly flew in from somewhere before penetrating through the puzzled Beowulf.


  – Pababak!


  “H, hnn?”


  “…Boss’s insight is becoming more and more frightening.”


  The one who suddenly saved Professor Deina was Dorron Warsky of Flying Swords who could manipulate five magic swords at once. His sudden appearance made Professor Deina blink her eyes in doubt.


  “S, Student Dorron? Why are you…”


  “It’s… for an observation.”


  He definitely hadn’t been expecting something like this to happen on the day of his observation of the laboratory, which he applied after receiving money. 




  The flying swords danced in the air. Those magic swords that were crafted with high-class magic stones erupted with fire and lightning as they scorched the incoming demonic beasts.




  As if his fancy use of magic swords was eye-catching, the King Tyrant turned its gaze towards Dorron before thumping its way towards him. 


  “Debris Fuse. Create Golem.”


  – Hududuk!


  The remains of the crumbled elemental golems merged into one. Although their bodies were broken, their crucial cores were still intact and those cores heeded to the call of the Golem Mage.


  ❰Great Siege Golem – Junk Golem


  After dozens of crushed golems were added into one, it created an enormous siege golem that was roughly the same size as the King Tyrant. It had the shape of a two-legged weapon that truly tugged the heartstrings of a man.




  Feeling an enormous pressure emanating behind it, the King Tyrant turned around and immediately caught sight of the siege golem that was swinging a fist that was about the same size as its head.


  – Boom!


  “Good! I can control it just fine!”


  Kranel Luden the Golem Mage was marveled by the power of the great siege golem created by himself.


  ‘It really worked. The formula he taught me actually worked.’


  It was the golem magic formula that Korin Lork talked about a few days ago on the fly while forcing him to train at the training rooms while talking about how ‘Stamina was power…’


  Saying that he discovered a book about it at the library, he casually told him about the formula and what he requested in return was today’s observation at the laboratory. 


  Kranel gulped while thinking about how Korin’s request was a perfect fit as if he had predicted this event. 


  – Kwaang!


  The sharp claws of the King Tyrant created a slash down the Junk Golem. Although it was a golem forged with the fusion of dozens of smaller golems, it still couldn’t escape from the limitations of its materials.




  Slowly but surely, it was being pushed back. As expected of a Grade 1 demonic beast, it was able to push the Junk Golem back but that might be natural because Kranel wasn’t very experienced at using a massive golem.


  ❰Root Reinforcement


  The golem was about to collapse but that was when something supported it from falling down. 


  At first, Kranel thought it was another attack but upon a closer inspection he realized how abnormal the tree roots growing out of the walls were. It was definitely a supernatural and sudden growth of trees. The only one that was capable of doing this was…


  “Seriously… How did that man even know this…”




  Druid of the Avelorn Forest – the freshman student, Yuel, appeared in a timely manner to support Kranel’s Junk Golem.


  “And how did he think of this?”


  Supporting the Junk Golem which had a weak inner structure with tree roots and reinforcing it. It was something that was hard to think of without having a profound knowledge of both nature magic and the formula of a Junk Golem.


  “Anyway, we will take care of the King Tyrant!”


  “T, thank you, guys! Oh right! How could I forget that! The Melting Dragon! The Melting Dragon was about to go to the 3rd floor!”


  Professor Deina quickly turned her gaze towards the ceiling. The Melting Dragon was trying to swerve its way through the hole on the ceiling by twisting its long body, but was being stopped by a swordsman.


  – Kung!


  – Shiiiik!


  The body of the Melting Dragon melted after a single groan. The long snake fell back on the ground with a thud as the swordsman then landed on its body.


  “Huu… Did we do it?”




  “I, I knew it. It’s still alive!”


  The one who stopped the Melting Dragon from leaving the laboratory was the successor candidate of the Arden family, Alicia.


  “Student Alicia?”


  Professor Deina widened her eyes in shock upon seeing the freshmen students appear one after another. It was true that they were welcome reinforcements. After all, even though they were students, they were all Grade 2!


  The Academy did have enough power to subjugate these monsters that were wreaking havoc inside the laboratory but the problem was the chaos that was bound to occur if all these monsters were to leave at once. 


  So these students stopping them and buying time was something to be extremely grateful for. But…


  “W, why are you all in the laboratory?”


  Professor Deina’s response was very reasonable. Despite the urgency of the situation at hand, everyone replied at the same time to her unconscious question.


  ““For observation.””


  The plan that was forged by the boy who currently wasn’t even present inside the Academy was sailing without an issue. And as for the most important cause of this incident…


  <Blood Realm>


  The demon boar was locked inside the blood-colored barrier casted by Marie and was forced to defeat her before others.


  It was a clash between two Unique Grades. Although Professor Deina was feeling very flustered from the sudden turn of events, she still couldn’t help but feel curious about the outcome of their fight as a scholar.




  After completing the ‘Haunted House’ quest, we arrived at the port city of Zarr. It was because Old Man Haman brought me to a famous sashimi soup restaurant to congratulate me on my promotion to semi-Grade 1.


  Thin slices of flat head sashimi mixed with cucumbers and a spicy cold soup with a bulky ice inside…


  “Kiaaa~ That feels good. Add a few shots of soju to this and it’s going to be absolutely perfect!”


  “Haha. Looks like you know how to eat, young man!”


  He seemed content after seeing me gladly dive into the sashimi soup. It would be rare to find someone like me who enjoyed sashimi soup, because modern eastern food might have appeared repulsive to the people of this era.


  “How about you buy us a bottle of soju?”


  “Young man! You’re a student! And I’m an instructor!”


  Although he scolded me, which was a natural response as an educator, he didn’t seem offended by it or anything. This… was a chance.


  These past 3 years as Korin Lork… Legally I was still underage so I never had the chance to drink alcohol so far. 


  I did hear other people call me ‘ahjussi’ at times after seeing my face, but these damn bottle shops were so strict with checking ID. This mixed world of the Middle Ages and modern times did not allow me to drink alcohol…


  Do you know? The sorrow of not being able to drink beer with chicken at Mr. Yoon’s chicken restaurant? How does it feel to not be able to drink soju with Korean BBQ?


  Me, a former resident of the number 1 country in terms of alcohol consumption, was being held back from drinking!!!


  But this was a rare opportunity.


  “We have a saying like this in the east, Sir.”




  “Drinking… is something you must learn from adults.”




  “I wish you could be my lifelong teacher who teaches me how to drink, Sir Instructor.”


  How was that? Did that sound okay? Old man, you know me right? Yeah? I respect you this much so a bit of alcohol should be okay, no?






  “I never knew you were such a well-mannered and respectable young man! To think we still had such a nice and promising youth in our world!”




  “Good. Excuse me! Can we get a bottle of soju each…!”






  “Do you have plans on driving a magic carriage today?”


  Is one bottle going to be enough? Do you need to drive? Should I call a taxi for you?


  “Hoh? Hahaha…! Good!”


  Before long, four bottles of soju were placed on top of our table.




  How long has it been since I last drank alcohol? Licking my lips, I was just about to open the bottles but…


  – Woof!




  No. This can’t be. W, why now of all times?


  – Woof woof!


  “What? Where is this sound coming from?”


  “Did someone bring a dog here?”


  The noisy customers of the sashimi soup restaurant confirmed the ominous feeling I had. I carefully turned my gaze to the entrance… and found a red dog that looked like it was made from clay staring at me.




  That was my first alcohol in a year though…




  Gritting my teeth and bidding farewell to Old Man Haman, I walked outside and headed somewhere with the ‘blood dog’.


  This dog was a clone created by one of the self-replicating abilities of Doggo. It was similar to one of the abilities it used during Marie’s boss fight.


  The important thing was that this clone was connected to Doggo. This clone and Doggo shared the same senses.


  Before leaving the Academy, I requested Marie to have Doggo create a clone to chase after me, and come looking for me if something was to happen.


  In other words, the fact that Doggo’s clone came to me meant…


  “Looks like the seal of the King of Iron Mountain has been lifted.”


  The thing I had been wary of finally happened and Marie alerted me of this event through Doggo’s clone.


  Even though Marie was at the Academy, she was at an absolute disadvantage because the King of Iron Mountain was her biggest counter. I also sent the named freshmen characters to the laboratory under the pretext of ‘Observation’ but they alone wouldn’t be enough to defeat the monsters of that building.


  There were still strong professors staying behind at Merkarva Academy so they should somehow be able to come out on top, but a victory full of scars was not the ending I was looking for.


  In other words, I had to return myself in order to perfectly deal with this incident. However, it would take 3 days on a magic carriage to return to Merkarva from Zarr.


  Even if I were to depart immediately, I would arrive after the Academy was half-destroyed.


  Of course, this was why I chose the Haunted House mission, and this was why I had come to Zarr.


  “Huu~ This place is still the same as always.”


  The place I came to was a cathedral in Zarr City.


  – Knock knock!


  “Anyone inside?”


  “Oh. Hello there.”


  An old and virtuous-looking sister of the cathedral welcomed me with a benevolent smile on her face.


  “I am a student of the Academy that was dispatched on a mission. I couldn’t attend the weekend service because of my mission. Can I please use a prayer room?”


  “Oh? You are a guardian! Sure, of course.”


  I showed her my Merkarva Academy ID card and she invited me inside without any suspicion. The ID card of the Academy was a proof of identity that worked anywhere.


  After working down the corridor, I looked for the 3rd prayer room and went inside. 


  Fundamentally, the religion of this world took after the one that everyone knew of back on Earth. Because of that, even the prayer rooms were similar to the ones I saw back when I was following mom to a prayer house on a mountainside. 


  But the thing was that the religion of this world was a shocking hybrid of Catholic and Protestant…


  “Let’s see… was it this?”


  I carefully observed the wooden cross that was stuck at the center of the prayer room. When I carved a rune there…


  – Jiiiiing!


  The dimensions widened, revealing a mature blonde-haired beauty inside. 


  “Chairman? I thought you were at the Tower… Korin Lork?”


  Josephine Clara.


  The Dimensional Witch gave a dumbfounded look after seeing me.





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