The Main Heroes are Trying to Kill Me – Prologue

Prologue – Like that, I Got Fucked



  Frey Raon Starlight.



  The eldest daughter of the prestigious Hero’s family, even among the Empire’s only three Dukes. With her distinct languid eyes and cold demeanor, she had stirred up high society even before her social debut.



   An appearance so beautiful that not only the noble ladies, but also the noble men who fell for her beauty were reluctant to stand by her side. However, she had a single fatal flaw that overshadowed her beauty.




  “Yes- Yesss…?”


  “The tea you spilled on the floor just now. Lick it clean. All of it.”



  She was the worst, the most evil woman in the Empire.





  “If you leave even one drop, I will throw your younger sibling onto the streets.”



  Even the few who disagreed had no choice but to acknowledge that fact when she became the spearhead of the Demon King’s army and began wreaking havoc upon the Empire.










– Crackle… 





  In the end, the Imperial Palace collapsed after a desperate battle, and started to become engulfed by the demonic flames of the Demon King’s army’s fire arrows.



  “You’ve done well, Princess Frey. No, the Empire has fallen. You aren’t a Princess any longer, isn’t that right…? Kuhuhu…” 


  “If not for your stellar mana, I wouldn’t have bypassed the Imperial Palace’s security so quickly…”


  “The Demon King will surely commend your contributions.”



  The nearby, narrow-eyed executives had thrown words at me here and there, the meritorious retainer who brought down the Imperial Palace, but none of the words registered in my head.



  “Keuk, keuk…”



  All I could hear were the coughs of the man kneeling before me, his moonlight eyes darkened while vomiting blood.



  “…Everyone, please step aside for a moment.”



  I wonder how much time has passed. As I quietly spoke, the executives all around began to stare at me.



  “I want to end this with my own hands…”



  They had a look of disapproval on their faces, but began to walk away without a single word, as they knew it was futile to refuse the request of the one favored by the Demon King.



  “Princess Starlight…” 




  “No, Frey…”



  As I stood there, listening to only the sound of the burning ruins, a fading voice came from ahead.






  The Empire’s Chancellor, the strategist who kept the Empire from the verge of collapse until the end. An unparalleled genius.


  “Please… Answer me…”



  And my fiancé, who had believed in me until the very end, opened his mouth with a resentful look in his eyes upon hearing my voice.



  “Did it really have to come to this…?”



  As I listened to his desperate voice, the last words left by those who had lost their lives because of me came to mind vividly.



  “It wasn’t enough to snare the last Archmage of the Empire…?”



  He was a commoner boy who used to offer me fish while avoiding contact as we dipped our feet in the valley’s stream when we were young, and although he was fierce on the outside, he was kind on the inside.



  ‘Go die, you stupid bitch…’



  Despite falling into my trap, he managed to recreate the great spell devised by the Archmage of the first Hero Party and inflicted a fatal wound on the Demon King before his limbs were torn apart by the aftermath.



  “Are you not satisfied yet after snitching on Saint Charlotte’s whereabouts?”



  The cute little boy who was said to be born once every 1000 years, always following me around, said he would make me repent after his rebirth in the Empire.



  ‘Princess, you’ve made me realize that even God has forsaken us. For that, I’m truly grateful…’



  He was evacuating the imperial citizens even until his last moments, and met a tragic end at the hands of the Demon King’s forces after I snitched on his location. 


  “When that poor butler of yours committed suicide before your very eyes, did you not feel a pang of guilt for even a moment?”



  The young butler who had served me since childhood, and always followed my orders even if they were unreasonable.






  As he said that word, he closed his eyes and pierced his own throat with the dagger I threw to him, telling him if he refused to join the Demon King’s army then he should kill himself.



  “Indeed, it would be rather pointless to ask the woman who offered the Imperial Prince as a sacrifice.”



  The Prince who stood at the forefront of the battle against the Demon King’s army, and was known as the Empire’s last hope. 



  ‘You are despicable. Perhaps, even worse than the Demon King.’



  The boy who asked me out on a date at an opposing tea party when we were younger, left those words for me and died a heroic death.



  “…Kill me. I have nothing left to say to you.” 





  And I, with my own hands, shall now kill my fiancé, who loved me with all his heart.



– Shiver… 


  “What are you doing? Just kill me.”



  My dagger was already aimed at his heart, but I couldn’t bring myself to pierce his chest with my own hands.



  Because. Because I…






  As sweat dripped down his pale face, he wiped his bloodstained monocle and looked up at me.






   Feeling as though he was piercing through my very being, I clenched my fist and poured every last drop of my strength into my hand.






  Soon, blood began flowing down from the mouth of the man who use to smile happily just by making eye contact with me.



  “Frey… You…”



  I lowered my head, unable to bear witness to the state he was in, as he began mumbling with a dying voice.



  “As always…”



  But he never finished his sentence, and took his last breath.






  Even after all that, his unclosing moonlight eyes continued to stare at me until the end.










  A few days later.



  “…You’ve worked hard, Princess Frey.”



  After gathering the Hero’s Armament that had been passed down from generation to generation in my house and handing them to the Demon King, he smiled in satisfaction and gestured for me to go next to him.



  “Come and sit by my side.”





  As usual, I obediently went to his side and sat down, his hand stroking my cheek.



  “Do you know?”



  As I accepted his touch without a word, the Demon King chuckled and mentioned what he found humorous.



  “Even the worst demons condemned to Hell are less vile than you, you sinful bitch.” 




  “…So, you could say that you are quite suitable as my companion.”



  It seemed as though there was no better chance than now, while his guard was down.



  “I know as well.” 





  Thus, I whispered in his ears with a chilling voice, and pierce the Demon King’s heart with a dagger I had hidden in my embrace.



– Pazapzapzap… 





  Of course, it wasn’t just any dagger. The true identity of this small dagger I always carried with me was the ‘Hero’s Armament’, that had been passed down in the Starlight family for generations.



  “To gain the System, you son of a bitch.”



  I began to channel stellar mana into the dagger, and hugged him tightly while glaring at his shocked expression with an icy-cold gaze.



  “W-wait… Frey…”



  I ignored the Demon King’s uncharacteristic trembling voice, and quietly stared at the opaque window that appeared in front of me.



System unlocked
[ Path of False Evil ]


– Pazizizizi…!!!



And soon, a brilliant flash of light enveloped the Demon King’s Castle.













  How much time has passed since then?



  “I really returned to the past…”



  As I opened my eyes on the bed of the accommodation I stayed in the day before entering the Academy, I checked the calendar hanging on the wall and muttered with firmly shut eyes.



  “The prophecy… was true…”



  I had been worried for all these years about what to do if the prophecy wasn’t true.



  How many nightmares have I had where I plunged the Hero’s Armament into the Demon King’s heart and nothing happened?



Path of False Evil
An unavoidable fate that is given to you, you who once destroyed the world. Save the world by tainting your name with sin.


[Accumulated False Evil Points: 0]



  However, the message engraved on that opaque window in front of me completely relieved the sense of unease that had always overwhelmed me.






  But, only for a moment. The gruesome memories began to flood my mind.






  Even if I turned back time, the fact that I had already destroyed this world once did not change.



  The pain of those who died filled with feelings of betrayal at my own hands, and the Empire that had been stained with blood because of me. The sins that I had accumulated because of that would not disappear.



  ‘…I’m sorry.’



  Therefore, only I, the one born with the fate of a False Hero could do this.



  ‘This time, I will surely be judged by your hands…’



  If in my first life I was a slaughterer, then in my second life, I will be a villainess.



  Unlike the previous time, I’ll meet my end by playing the foolish villainess to the fullest.



  After I kill the Demon King, of course.



– Ding!


With that thought in mind, I got up from bed.








  A serious, unexpected situation that completely ruined my plans occurred at this moment. Something the prophecy hadn’t even mentioned.



5 Main Heroes have awakened the memories of the previous timeline!


  “…What did you just say?”



  It was at that moment when the butler who committed suicide by slitting his own throat with my dagger, began knocking on the door with a chilling voice.



  – Your meal has been prepared, Young Mistress.


[False Evil’s Intuition: A strong murderous intent is felt nearby!]





  As I felt my mind leaving my body, I lost consciousness.




April fools!

The author of ‘The main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me’ wrote this chapter for April fools, hope you enjoyed it!
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The Main Heroes are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroes are Trying to Kill Me

Status: Completed
To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.
Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...
But the Main Heroes have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.
God dammit.


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