The Academy Heroines Remember My Death Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Chairman

༺ Chairman ༻


  ‘He finally appeared.’


  I was finally in front of him.


  The chairman of this disgusting academy.


  “Stop. Any further action will be met with force.”


  “You should choose your words carefully. If you say it like that, you make it seem like I’m at fault, while the culprit is that drag in front of me.”


  Pointing the remains of my shattered sword at Professor Park Ki-yeol, I glared at the chairman.


  I wasn’t foolish enough to fall into his trap that easily.


  “What am I supposed to be looking at?”


  “This is crazy! Did a student beat a professor?”


  “Does that make any sense? If that’s true, he’s far beyond the level of an academy student!”


  Professor Park Ki-yeol’s blue barrier began to dissipate, and the arena could be seen.


  Seo-ah seemed relieved that I was okay.


[You have achieved an incomplete victory. A random skill will be copied.]


[You have achieved an incomplete victory. A random skill will be copied.]

[You have achieved an incomplete victory. A random skill will be copied.]


  I could see many messages in front of me, the likely cause being that I had defeated Professor Park Ki-yeol, but I didn’t pay them any attention.


  There was something far more important right in front of me.


  “You’re the chairman, correct?”


  “That’s right. Perhaps, do you think I’m ‘someone else’?”




  My mouth went slack.


  I couldn’t feel the energy of the bastard who killed me.


  If I felt it even slightly, I would have done something, but the issue was that it wasn’t present.


  ‘So what on earth is he saying?’


  Why is he speaking that way?


  Am I just being paranoid? Or is there a reason for it?


  For now, I had to focus on what was important.


  “Professor Park Ki-yeol openly admitted to cheating during the entrance exam. You aren’t thinking of allowing someone who is a professor to get away with this, are you?


  Finding someone to take the blame for this situation.


  ‘Seeing that he hasn’t killed me yet, he isn’t able to use his full strength.’


  If he wasn’t the chairman but that bastard who had killed me instead, there would be no reason for him to talk to me.


  With his transcendental strength, he could ignore the public, as they would no longer exist.


  The fact that he didn’t immediately kill me meant that he wasn’t able to use his full strength or that he was still the chairman and valued public opinion.


  “Chairman, please answer me. Do you have anything to say about this situation?”


  If he was still the chairman, I had a great advantage due to the fact that public opinion was currently on my side.


  He would have to take responsibility for all the problems within the academy.


  He didn’t even know that something as scandalous as this was happening right under his nose, so as the academy’s representative, he was at fault.




  As the chairman remained silent, I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking. The chairman I remembered was much more decisive when it came to matters like this.


  “That’s right.”


  After he seemed to come to a conclusion, he said something strange.


  Without changing his expression, he immediately took action.






  With one strike, he sliced Professor Park Ki-yeol’s arm off in the blink of an eye.


  “What are you doing? Didn’t you just tell me to stop?”


  His attack was faster than my eyes could perceive.


  Even though I thought I had grown far stronger, it seemed he was still far out of reach. Instead of worrying about that, though, I focused my attention on his current actions.


  “I apologize. Not just to you, but to all the students.”


  “You didn’t answer my question.”


  “I didn’t know he was doing something like that, but I’ll take full responsibility. We’ll conduct both an internal investigation within the academy and an external investigation with the help of several agencies.”


  Damn. This is why I need to kill him.


  If he says something like that, there was nothing I could do…


  …As a student, that is.


  It wasn’t like I could say I would investigate him myself.


  “How can we believe that? You could just let him off after pretending to investigate him.”


  “We will be transparent about our investigation, and we will organize rematches for the students who were affected by his match-fixing. We will also compensate those students.”




  “Are you still dissatisfied?”




  I wasn’t able to raise further complaints.


  If I did, people would look at me strangely.


  As I turned, thinking there was nothing more to be done, he spoke.


   “Stop for a second.”


  I couldn’t feel any hint of a skill being activated, but my instincts forcefully stopped my body from moving.


  Approaching me quietly, he asked me a question in a voice only I could hear.


“How did you regress?”


  The bloodlust emanating from him was tangible as he spoke.




  “Everyone? We’ll stop the broadcast for now.”


-y? y? y? y? y?
-This is the best part tho? why is she cutting the stream?


  After Si-woo had defeated Park Ki-yeol, the streamer “Mane”’ suddenly ended her stream.


  If they were a normal streamer, they wouldn’t be able to resist streaming this.


  It should be natural.


  Not only would cutting off an official stream not be allowed, but a fight between a student and a professor was a huge opportunity.


  Despite that, Mane turned the stream off without any warning. 


  As soon as she did that, she immediately took action.




  Nobody who watched the stream could have imagined such a cold and cynical expression on the girl’s face.


  “No way,” she murmured to herself quietly.


  Like she had seen something she shouldn’t have or something that shouldn’t exist.


「Mana Control」


「Large Explosion」


  Shortly after, a strong magical clash occurred. As the noise of the explosion echoed across the stands, there were murmurs from all across the stadium.


  And soon after, many voices could be heard.


  “What the hell is this?”


  “A blue barrier…?”


  “Why the hell is it so strong?”


  “Fuck, what if something bad happens? We have to break it!”


  A blue barrier that prevented their fight from being seen appeared.


  And with it, the discontent of the audience began to grow.


  It was so sturdy that no student could break it, so they would have to call a professor.


  But there was an issue.


  “How boring.”


  As if it were nothing, she flicked her hand, with no trace of mana to be felt.




  However, where she made the gesture, a small hole and a faint cracking sound appeared. It didn’t affect the barrier’s structure, but a hole was made.


  It was small enough that nobody would notice, especially when they were trying to destroy the entire thing.


  And she had created that hole without the use of mana.


  To be precise, she used something that emanated black energy.




  Using that small hole, she observed the fight quietly.


  It was a fight difficult to ignore.


  And then it happened.




  After the fight had raged on for a very long time, the professor lost.


  With the conclusion of the battle, her expression began to change.


  It seemed like she was shocked, but not because the student won.


  Rather, it was because he had copied the professor’s skill.


  “Did he really copy his skill?”


  She saw that the student had successfully copied one of the professor’s skills, a truth that not even the professor realized.


  But she had noticed it by simply watching from a tiny hole.


  “That can’t be. Why now?”


  Her words didn’t appear to make sense.


  As if she had seen something scary, her expression turned sour.


  “If you can copy skills, why are you still weak? If you’re the person in my memories, that shouldn’t be possible.”


  Continuing to murmur unintelligibly to herself, she continued to search her surroundings.


  She seemed to find what she wanted.


  “It’s because of that girl, isn’t it?”


  The girl named Seo-ah was the one she focused on.


  Someone who seemed more worried about Si-woo than anyone else; someone who was also the first person Si-woo looked for when the blue barrier dissipated.


  “If that boy is who I think he is, there’s no time to waste.”


  Turning her head, she headed toward the stands, determined.


“I have to kill that girl.”


  Despite saying something so shocking, her steps were slow and confident.





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The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines. The heroines start remembering those deaths.   "I like you. So please, please don’t die."   ...I’m not dying anyway


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