The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 27

Adaptation (2)

༺ Adaptation (2) ༻


Vera and Renee had a brief conversation with each other. They then looked at the clock on the wall of the infirmary.


The clock’s hour hand pointed to 7. It was dusk. 


‘It’s time for dinner.’


He had to feed Renee.


For the past two days, he had infused divine power to ease her hunger. But no matter how much energy divine power gives, it is natural that its efficiency is lower than home-cooked meals.


After finishing organizing his thoughts as such, Vera got up and said to Renee.


“It’s almost time for dinner. I’ll go out for a bit to prepare our meal.”


“Oh, yes.”


Renee’s answer continued. When Vera let go of her hand, that he had been holding, a brief sigh escaped Renee’s mouth.


Seeing Renee’s actions, Vera tilted his head.


“Is there something wrong?”


“Huh? N-Nothing!”


Upon hearing her prompt answer, Vera realized that Renee might have a fear of being left alone in an unfamiliar place. He then opened his mouth again to reassure Renee.


“It won’t take long. You just have to wait a little bit.”


“Yes! Of course! Farewell!”


She uttered a reply in a rush as her anxiety soared through the roof. Vera nodded his head at the sight and walked away from Renee with loud steps.


He had to return soon.


With that in mind, Vera, who opened the door to the infirmary, froze when his gaze landed on the three figures standing in front of the door. He then narrowed his eyes.


A middle-aged man and a pair of imbeciles.


It was the twins and Rohan.


When Vera opened the door and came out, the three rolled their eyes in a stiff state.


After closing the door tightly, Vera opened his mouth with a grim look on his face.


“What is it?”


He growled in a low voice. It was a tone that clearly showed that he was not happy at all.


It was natural. Even in the Holy Kingdom where many monsters reside, those three were the most notorious among them.


I’ve been with Renee for the past few weeks, and I’ve made countless promises. One of them was to never let these people meet Renee. 


While the faces of the three of them stiffened a bit at Vera’s look of vigilance, Rohan, who was in the middle of the twins, opened his mouth with an awkward smile.


“Oh, no… The Saint has arrived, so I thought I’d visit her….”


“Is the Saint a spectacle?”


“Eh~ that’s not what I meant! This brat is making this such a big deal!” 


Vera opened his mouth as his facial expression distorted to form a menacing look when he saw Rohan slowly approaching him.


“Don’t touch me. I’m not in a good mood.” 




Flinch, Rohan’s body trembled. He rolled his eyes and looked at Vera and the door behind him alternatingly.


“So, can I meet the Saint or not? Huh? When I see you getting worked up like this, I’m curious…. who charmed our boy like that. So how about it?”


His way of asking for permission while rubbing the palms of his hands resembled a bootlicker.


Vera, who felt a sudden fever due to Rohan’s behavior, was about to retort furiously, but surprisingly, the twins noticed that and stopped Rohan.


“Rohan, apologize to Vera. Vera is not blinded by her beauty.”


“Right. Vera is not mad. He is just flustered.” 


“… Shut up.”


Unfortunately, the words uttered by the twins were rather counterproductive for Vera.


Vera’s blood would rush to his head whenever he heard the twins’ nonsensical words.


The twins mumbled as their expressions turned grim upon hearing Vera’s rebuttal.


“Vera is bad. I tried to help, but he cursed.”


“I take back my words. Vera is mad.”


“Huh? I’m curious. Are you not going to let me meet her?” 


Nonsense that they kept spouting nonstop.


Vera, who was listening to them, felt dizzy while imagining what would happen when Renee met these humans.


That should never happen. He can’t stop Renee from meeting them, but at least he shouldn’t let these humans spout such nonsense in front of Renee.


Vera, who opened his eyes at the thought that occurred to him, spoke to the three in a more threatening tone than before.


“Go away. Right now the Saint needs rest, so please don’t come near here until she wakes up. This is a warning.”




“Go away.”


Flinch, Rohan and the twins trembled once more. The three of them pouted their lips at Vera’s distorted expression and headed for the infirmary’s exit.


Vera looked at their backs and resolved himself.


‘…Sooner or later.’


I need to teach them.


Those three, in addition to Trevor, who has not yet arrived. It was necessary to correct their behavior even if I have to beat them up a few times.


Vera sighed deeply at the sight of the three people who had completely disappeared from his view and then walked towards the restaurant.


This was too heavy of a responsibility.




A few days later, in a small conference room that was located not far from the infirmary…


Vera was about to visit Norn when he heard that Renee’s servants had been chosen.


Entering the conference room, Vera looked at Norn, who was bowing, and the four girls who were standing behind him. Vera then opened his mouth. 


“Are these the servants?”


“Yes, these people are specially hand-picked by me, so everyone will be able to do their own part.”


Vera nodded at Norn’s words and looked at the girls who had been lined up behind Norn.


They looked about the same age as Renee. Their expression was tense, and their body was stiff.


He could have told them to relax, but Vera didn’t bother to do that.


The caution that arises from maintaining tension. It was the idea that it would act as a deterrent which would prevent them from being rude to Renee. 


Vera looked at the girls, Renee’s servants, with his sunken eyes and spoke out.


“Who is in charge?”




Step. The one on the far right of the attendants stepped forward.


“This is the apprentice paladin Helaim.”


Straw-colored hair tied up tightly and a face with languid vigor. Vera, who felt a sense of familiarity, immediately looked at Norn and realized why he felt that.


They both had the same hair color.


“… Is she a relative of yours?”


“She’s my daughter.”


Norn, who raised his head, continued to speak with a smile on his face while looking slightly embarrassed.


“You don’t have to worry about her being chosen based on personal feelings. Although she is my daughter, I am very proud of her ability.”


“Thank you.”


Bow. When Norn said those words, Helaim bowed her head.


Vera nodded his head slightly while looking at ‘Hela,’ who was still bowing, and Norn, who had an embarrassed expression on his face. He then opened his mouth.


“All right, Sir Norn, thank you for your hard work in taking care of the task of choosing these people all by yourself.”


“I’m flattered.”


A generous approval that is unlike Vera.


However, from Vera’s point of view, it was the right decision.


Not only is she a normal person which is rare to find in the Holy Kingdom, where it’s filled with monsters, but she is also the daughter of Norn, who is quick and capable.


That factor alone added an extra point to Hela in Vera’s books.


Of course, if he doesn’t like the way things are working out in the future, he could always just cut them loose, but for now, he could give her his approval.


“Are you finished with your training?”


“Yes, I can do it right away.”


“That’s great. Today is the day the Saint is leaving the infirmary, so I think we can go and introduce you to her right away.”


At Vera’s words, Norn and his servants bowed their heads.


After seeing that, Vera immediately turned around and left the room.


“Then, let’s go.”


After saying that, Vera took a step forward and recalled Renee’s schedule.


‘Let’s introduce them to the accommodation first….’


He had to take Renee to Vargo.


It is necessary to meet with Vargo to greet him and hear about his future schedule.


From the living side to the education and timing of how to use divine power.


Vera heaved a deep sigh at the thought that occurred to him and then moved on. 


There are still a lot of things I need to take care of. 




As Renee was sitting on the bed, she heard the door open and raised her head.


“Milady Saint, how are you?”


Hearing Vera’s voice, Renee smiled a little at him and nodded her head.


“Yes, today is the day I get discharged, correct?”


“That’s right. Oh, there are some people who have come with me. These are the priests who will attend to Milady Saint starting from today.”


After saying that, Vera stepped aside and motioned for the attendants to say hello to Renee.


The servants stepped forward at his gesture. They then began to greet Renee one by one starting with Hela, who was standing on the right.


“This is the chief Hela. I’m looking forward to working with you.”


Renee answered with an embarrassed look on her face as Hela bowed her head at a right angle.


“Yes, I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


As such, the other servants greeted her as well. 


Renee, who answered them one by one, smiled awkwardly, remembering the thought that she was not used to the way they treated her with such respect.


‘…No, I have to get used to it.’


If this is the life I have to live in the future, it would be fitting to try to get used to it.


Renee clenched her fists, recalling her promise, and then posed a question to Vera.


“Can we leave now?”


“Yes, I plan to go to see the Holy Emperor after you go to your dorm and change yourself. His Holiness will inform you of the future schedule.”


His Holiness.


The prosperity of the Holy Kingdom.


Renee, who realized that she now had to go to meet a revered personage, felt anxious, and asked Vera a question.


“I… What kind of person is he? If I make any mistake….”


“Don’t worry, he won’t care. He is a good–.” 


Vera couldn’t finish his words because of a sudden realization that dawned upon him.


To Vera, Vargo was a person that was most associated with the word ‘wacky’ rather than good.


Because of that perception, Vera stuttered earlier because he thought he was lying to her. However, Renee, who was unaware of his inner thoughts, became even more anxious, thinking that Vera’s hesitancy was due to the fact that the Holy Emperor was indeed a difficult personage to deal with.


“I see, that’s a relief!”


Renee clenched her fist again. An awkward smile crept across her lips.


‘Now, can I do it?’ 


Maybe I’ll get bullied since they seem like a hateful person. 


Such futile worries floated through Renee’s mind.




Renee arrived at the accommodation with Vera’s guidance. A while later, the servants dressed her up accordingly, and she continued her trail of thoughts.


‘There’s a lot to do.’


It took quite a bit of time to be groomed.


So was washing and combing her hair.


She started to feel bored due to how long it takes with a meticulous hand. 


How complicated wearing a robe was!? Renee never imagined that wearing an attire could be so arduous. 


Wearing several layers of clothes over and over again, clothes that could be labeled as the utmost hassle. 


Just when Renee was starting to feel tired.


“It’s done.”


Hela’s words resounded.


Renee felt happy at the thought that this troublesome task was finally over and expressed her gratitude with a bright face.


“Ah, thank you. You’ve been through a lot.”


“No. It’s something we ought to do.”


“Nevertheless. Ms. Hela?”


“Yes, I am Hela.”


“Hehehe, your accent is so unique that it’s easy to remember.”


She didn’t mean to make fun of her. No, rather, her tone even seemed friendly.


Renee, who is blind, preferred a person with non-visual characteristics.


“My mother is a Northerner. So it seems that I have a southern accent mixed with a northern accent.”




“Would you like to leave now? Sir Apostle is waiting outside.”


“Ah yes.”


Renee nodded to those words, grabbed the cane, and stood up. Knowing that Vera was waiting for her outside, Renee whispered to Hela, feeling nervous.


“Ugh… Do I look weird now?”


It was a question that appeared without a second thought. Suddenly, she was just worried about it. She wondered if she looked ridiculous in a robe.


That’s why the question came up.


Hela looked at Renee, who inquired as such, and answered in a tone brimming with utmost sincerity.


“You’re beautiful.”


At least Hela thought so.





Alright lads, I checked it and it seems that the author did use ‘Hela’ instead of ‘Helaim’ in the Omniscient Narrative for some reason. Idk if it’s a mistake or will be relevant later on, like who knows she might be hella thicc..but yea as Translators our job is to stay faithful to the writing and names. We are only allowed to localize slangs, idioms stuff like that. Thanks for reading I had some serious exams, so that’s why the delay in release.


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