The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 32

Apostle of Love (1)

༺ Apostle of Love (1) ༻


In the garden in front of her accommodation, Renee was sitting on a bench basking in the sun, eagerly practicing her divinity.


What she is doing now is elementary art, which is the least difficult of all the divine battle arts.


She didn’t bother learning martial arts due to her physical limitations. Meanwhile, she didn’t touch the ‘laws’ since she needed to understand the theoretical aspect first. So instead, she was learning divinity through the process of elimination.




She let out a deep breath from her mouth. Renee took another breath while emanating divinity from inside as she gathered it in both hands and began to transform it by concentrating on her imaginations.


The basis of elementary art is to embody what comes to mind in shape.


‘A fire.’


A fire that isn’t too hot, but instead warm and cozy, like the one that warmed her up while camping last night.


That was what came to her mind.


It crackled audibly. It burned as its shape oscillated. A red color akin to sunset. Bringing it close, the heat gets transmitted through the skin.


She isn’t too sure because she couldn’t see it, but Renee, who tried to recall her memories of the days when she still had her sight, imagined a similar visage as much as possible, then began to materialize it by emanating her divinity.




A sound resounded as her divinity was extracted and began to take form.




Sparks of firewood began ricochetting around. Perhaps the thought of making the bonfire caused such a phenomenon.


Renee, who had been kindling and refining the flame without a break, realized that there was nothing left to refine as she struggled with her divinity. She then asked Vera a question.


“What do you think, Knight?”


“You’ve made great progress.”


“Hehe, that’s good.”


A bright smile bloomed on Renee’s mouth in response to the praise.


Vera looked at that smile and continued, gazing at the flame conjured over Renee’s hand.


“It’s a bright scarlet flame. At the bottom are a few long sticks resembling firewood and the heat…”


Vera continued, putting his hand on the flame.


“…It is slightly hotter than human body temperature. A bonfire, right?”


“Ah, yes! I remember the warmth from the bonfire on the way to the Holy Kingdom.”


“You’ve reproduced it beautifully. I can’t imagine how you materialized it so perfectly despite not seeing it in person.”


It wasn’t empty praise.


The bonfire that floated on Renee’s palm was so exquisite that it couldn’t be believed that she had materialized it without looking at it with her own eyes.


“Imagination is the most important factor in materializing the divinity. You have a gift for elementary art.”  


“Ah, it’s embarrassing if you keep flattering me too much…”


“I’m serious. I can’t do that kind of materialization.”


“You can’t, Knight?”


“Yes, that’s why I’m not good at elementary art.”


That was the reason why Vera immersed himself into ‘Law’ among the other divine arts. It was a field with room for development if you dig into your sense, experience, and knowledge. It is judged that imagination itself can cover up one’s weakness.


Vera was a person who didn’t invest in things that weren’t certain.


Renee nodded slightly at Vera and continued speaking with an awkward smile.


“Well, it’s strange that even the Knight can’t do something.”


“I’m a human being, so it’s natural.”


“Still… I feel like the Knight can do anything.”


“I’m sorry.”


“It’s ‘Sorry’ this time around? Oh, don’t apologize. Instead, answer me with something else.”


Freeze-. Vera shut his mouth.


Renee giggled at Vera as he silently avoided answering her. She then spoke out.


“Just kidding.”


“I apologize…”


“Don’t say that either.”


Vera faced a bit of difficulty upon hearing her words. He always seemed to be tongue-tied whenever Renee played pranks on him.


About a month or so, Renee had almost adapted to life in the Holy Kingdom and began showing her mischievous side he had seen back in the village.


It’s a relief, but Vera can’t shake the thought that this mischievous appearance may be due to the residents of the Holy Kingdom, and thus his uneasiness grew with each passing day.


Of course, it was just a subjective crisis in the end and a worry far from the truth.


Renee’s behavior just now was her own effort to calm her throbbing heart down. Otherwise whenever she spoke to Vera she would feel uncomfortable.


But it must ultimately have its limits?


Renee felt her stomach churn once again at the continued silence and quickly began racking her brains to stir up a conversation.


“Oh yes, it seems that Temple Hall is now quite bustling. Did something happen?”


“Perhaps it was because the Apostle of Love is now returning to the Holy Kingdom for a while.”


“The Apostle of Love?”


“Yes, they were on long-term dispatch for five years. I heard they are returning to get some rest.”




Renee nodded and, while filled with curiosity, asked another question.


“What kind of person is the Apostle of Love?”


“I don’t know, either. We’ve never met.”


“Oh, is that so?”


“Yes, they had already been dispatched when I first arrived at the Holy Kingdom, and this was my first meeting them as well.”


“They must be quite busy.”


Renee said while uttering, “Um” before continuing to ask another question.


There was a person who came to mind when she heard about dispatch.


“By the way, isn’t Sir Rohan dispatched?”


Rohan, whom she meets every once in a while. A person who always exudes a sunny and noisy feeling.


She heard he was the most dispatched person, but ever since Renee came to the Holy Kingdom, there was no mention of him going anywhere.


“He is on stand-by order right now. Since the Saint has only recently arrived here, it would be best that the Apostles can stay by your side as much as possible. That’s why the Apostle of Love is coming this time.”




Renee bowed slightly, feeling somewhat awkward.


“I’m sorry about that. Because of me…”


“You don’t have to worry. I don’t know about everyone else, but that person, Rohan, is likely going around to play, so he doesn’t care about the Saint.”




An expression of understanding emerged on Renee’s face.


Vera looked at her and thought.


It is the truth without any exaggeration. After that indefinite stand-by order was issued, Rohan became a fool and went to a nearby city to relish in the nightlife.


He always returned by sunrise, staggering in a drunken stupor.


It was a good thing for Vera that the most dubious human being was out there instead of here, but Vargo’s ‘sighs’ were increasing daily at Rohan’s pathetic appearance.


“He’s a human being who doesn’t have anything good to do.”


Renee couldn’t refute his words this time.


“That… Well, yes.”


Renee lowered her head. She was convinced. From her perspective, Rohan was a man who needed a lot of improvement in his lifestyle.


“Well, let’s go inside. It’s almost time for dinner.”


“Oh, yes.”


Renee trembled at Vera’s hand, reaching out and then gently lifting her up.


A slow walk. Vera was consistently walking at Renee’s slow pace so that Renee wouldn’t get tired.


Renee felt elated for some reason that he was walking according to her own pace, and as a smile appeared on her lips, she suddenly felt a thought rushing through her head.


‘Now that you mention it….’


Vera will soon become an adult. Turning 18 years old, I heard that he was born in winter, so he will be legally old enough to enjoy the Nightlife this winter as well.


In other words, Vera may also go drinking in the next four months.




Rene’s body froze when that thought flashed through her mind.




Vera called out. However, Renee couldn’t answer as that thought filled her mind, and her woes followed suit.


‘What if…’


If Vera follows Rohan to the nightlife district, and indulges himself in drinks throughout the night.


‘Women, too…!’


If he meets them.


Creak, creak. Renee’s movements became stiff like a wooden doll.




Vera called out once again. Renee was startled and, while her body trembled, she spoke in a stiff stone.




“Any inconvenience?”


“Oh, none!”


Renee answered briefly and once again trudged her cane forward and moved on.


Vera’s questioning didn’t go on. Instead, he silently held her hand and moved on.


In that silence, Renee suddenly spat out a question due to the restlessness caused by the delusion that came to her mind.






“Ugh… Does the Knight like to drink?”


Soon after, Renee reflected on what she had asked and uttered an ‘Oops’ inwardly.


Vera was still a minor. He wouldn’t have even tasted alcohol.


Finding it to be a ridiculous question, Renee couldn’t bear to not wince at what she said. What am I doing right now? She almost covered her eyes due to the rising shame.


“I enjoy it to a certain extent.”


But an unexpected reply came. Of course, Renee’s jaw dropped to the floor with a blank look.




“I haven’t had a drink ever since I came to the Holy Kingdom, but I have enjoyed it from time to time. Especially on days when I can’t sleep, when I don’t have any sleeping pills.”


For Vera, it was an answer he uttered while reminiscing the events of his past life. In addition, this nonchalant comment was made while being woefully unaware that he was still a minor at this point.


Of course, from Renee’s point of view, who did not know much about his circumstances, it sounded like, ‘I lived drowning in alcohol until I was 14 years old.’ Consequently, her face naturally hardened at that fact.


“… Is that so?”


“Yes, um… Saying that reminds me of that time again.”


Renee’s fingers quivered. This time her trembling worsened to the point that even Vera felt it.




“No, it can’t be true. It’s not…”


Oh my God. Confusion flooded Renee’s mind. What did I just find out?


‘A de-delinquent…’


The terrifying people that only exist in big cities. Vera was a delinquent youth.


Her heart was pounding. Thud. She felt like she was drowning. She felt like she learned something she shouldn’t have.


Of course, it had nothing to do with Vera meeting a woman who liked to drink! However, Renee felt upset when she thought about it!


Renee’s grip holding Vera’s hand tightened up.


“Sir… Knight?”


“Yes, Saint.”


“Liquor is… Bad…”


She feels nauseated for some reason. When she spoke to Vera in that brooding tone, Vera tilted his head and replied.


“Ah yes, I should always be on my guard, otherwise I’ll end up like Rohan while drunk.”


Sparkle. Renee’s face brightened. She was depressed earlier. However, the next moment she became happy. Although tired of the constant flip-flopping of her emotions, Renee responded to Vera’s words, basking in the immediate feeling of elation.




“Yes, but why are you suddenly asking about liquor?”


“Huh? Nothing!”


The cane touched the ground. Renee walked with a smile on her face.


Seeing Renee smiling, a thought crossed Vera’s mind.


‘Does she want to drink?’


Perhaps it was too early for Renee, who was only 14 years old. Vera was pondering such a thought.


‘…No. She may want to.’


Recalling that Renee’s age was just right at the age of puberty, he lightly nodded and quickly understood.


Is she at the age where she wants to look mature? It’s fitting for a girl just at that age to be curious.


Vera continued to worry.


If Renee wants to, should I bring her a drink? Either that or should I stop her?


Vera, who had been thinking for a while, shook his head quickly to shake off such thoughts.


‘It’s up to her to decide.’


He was supposed to follow Renee in any direction she wanted, no matter what.





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