The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 30

The Night Of The Setting Full Moon (4)

 ༺ The Night Of The Setting Full Moon (4) ༻


  “We are ready to go, My Lady.”




  A new morning dawned upon her, as the events of the last night were still engraved on her memory.


  Facing the dawn of a new day, Yuriel got in her carriage and headed to the Imperial Academy.


  ‘Last night sucked….’


  Leaning her head comfortably on the carriage’s window, Yuriel closed her eyes.


  That was the worst birthday ever.


  Why does that man have to show up and destroy our joyous celebration….


  ‘Euphemia El Lauren Louerg, huh?’


  Letting out a faint sigh, Yuriel crossed her arms.


  The glass window of the carriage reflected her fair face.


  ‘There’s no way that lowly Louerg family, who live in the middle of a frozen land, would be worthier than Alfred.’


  A long time ago, on the day her engagement was canceled.


  I wondered how such a vainglorious and egotistical man would ever manage to marry someone…..


  ‘Tsk…why am I even annoyed by this!?’


  Not that I still have feelings for him or anything, but isn’t it just plain rude of him to cancel our engagement and marry a random country-bumpkin girl……?


  If you asked someone, they would tell you that Euphemia wasn’t an ugly woman. However, she wasn’t a beauty either.


  In a word, her beauty lingered in the realm of ‘normalcy’.


  But Ferzen was not obsessed with her appearance.


  Ferzen was drawn to her perfect charm, something only he could understand.


  “I don’t like it.”


  I wanted to meet this woman, so I sent her an invitation to a tea party, but I didn’t receive a reply.


  ‘At least she is not useless….’


  Certain rumors are circulating that she designed the unique desks in Ferzen’s classroom.


  I can’t get that painting out of my head, no matter how much I try to forget it. I can’t believe that man could love someone so much.




  The same man who would probably die with a cold face just to maintain his dignity……


  Was smiling like a fool while looking at his wife.


  I still can’t believe it.






  As Yuriel was immersed in her thoughts, her carriage had parked behind the Administrative Building of the Academy.


  And as she got out of her carriage, she saw a familiar crest not so far away.


  ‘Why is he here when he doesn’t have any lectures today….’


  Or is he just here to deal with some trivial errands?




  It’s not like I care about what he does anyway.


  Deciding to forget about Ferzen, Yuriel proceeded towards her personal office as her lustrous black hair tied in a ponytail swung behind her.


* * * * * * * * * *


  “That should do it….”


  After scribbling with the pen enough times for today, I organized my papers.


  The plans for my public presentation, which will be held soon, and also the materials for my future classes.


  Although, as a professor, I shouldn’t have to prepare all of this by myself, the simple thought of me receiving or even giving an asymmetrical form… was distasteful, to say the least.


  And after delivering those papers to the administrative committee, I planned to return to my mansion since all of my business for today would be completed.






  As I strolled down the ramp, which was more comfortable to walk through than the stairs, I heard the heels of a woman near me.


  Since I am on the fourth floor of the Administrative Building, it’s probably a professor.




  I paused for a moment when the owner of those footsteps made herself visible.




  Unlike usual, Yurial wasn’t wearing the traditional wizard garb but a white blouse combed with a black skirt that reached her knees.


  “Hey you, just say hello or nod with your head. Don’t just freeze when you see someone. It’s bothersome.”


  I haven’t even said anything or done anything to you….yet.


  And the first thing you do when you see me is to start bickering with me.


  ‘Is it that time of the month….?’


  Hmm, she is certainly on edge today, so it’s possible.


  “Hey, you pervert, why are you gawking at my belly?”


  “Since you are particularly annoyed today, I thought it must’ve been that time of the month for you.”


  “Wha….. I can’t believe this…!”


  “If it isn’t, then explain it to me. Why are you annoying me first thing in the morning? Are you in such a desperate need of attention?”




  As I stared at her, Yuriel flinched and lowered her head, probably because she had nothing to say to me.


  “Sigh…..That’s enough. It’s becoming tiresome to even talk to you.”


  Sighing, Ferzen passed by the still frozen woman and went down to the first floor of the Administrative Building – the department office.


  “Alphonse, my next two lectures shall be held in the auditorium. And this time, some outsiders are also allowed to attend, so please make sure the layout of the auditorium follows these instructions…. Also, post a notice on the dorms, so my students know the lecture will be held in the auditorium.”


  “Ah?…..Yes sir! Leave it to me, Professor!”


  With this, my business was concluded, so I left the department office and the Administrative Building…..






  However, as soon as I turned the corner, I collided with a wheelchair.




  What an unpleasant day.


  As I looked down at the only student who used a wheelchair – Lizzy – I saw her dumbfounded face.




  Then like a fearful dog with its tail curled back, she growled.


  Lizzy raised her head and opened her mouth, letting out a pathetic, trembling voice.


  “That…..we both were in the wrong….”


  Since I didn’t pay attention, it could be said that I was also at fault.


  “So… if you’ll excuse me….. please stand aside…….”






  Lizzy then instructed her corpse servant to push her wheelchair, but as I didn’t vacate the hallway just yet, her knees brushed past my leg.


  Rather than passing by as a defiant person, this act only seemed like the pitiful growls of a fearful dog.


  And so I made way for Lizzy.


  Then Lizzy continued to be pushed by her corpse servant as the squeaky sounds of her wheelchair echoed in the hallway.




  Looking at her back, I was momentarily lost in my thoughts.


  ‘Hm….. her backbone improved a little.’


  Because of the past incident, I half expected Lizzy to break down once again, but she didn’t.


  ‘No, that’s not it….’


  We weren’t alone this time.


  She maybe would have panicked if we were truly alone, but as I moved to the parking lot behind the Administrative Building, I concluded that she managed to stay relatively fine because of the influx of people around the building.


* * * * * * * * * *


  Today, March 9th, marked the second week after the entrance ceremony.


  At 5 PM, when all lectures were over, Laura didn’t return to her room at the Academy’s dorms.


  She had already received permission to leave the dorms for tonight.


  Yes, it wasn’t a simple leave.


  It was a night out.


  Laura had no intention of being in the Academy for this night.




  Before the sunset, Laura was already inside a luxurious hotel, which she reserved in advance, and she thoroughly locked the door.


  Today was Laura’s 17th birthday.


  This day has finally arrived.


  It was her birthday and also the day when the full moon would rise.


  Could it be a coincidence?


  ‘It could be a coincidence, but…..’


  Laura couldn’t rid herself of her anxious feelings.


  A body where the Genova bloodline wasn’t present.


  So there was nothing to worry about.


  She didn’t carry the curse anymore, so surely, there won’t be a psychotic episode.


  “I…..Do-don’t have it…An-nymore… so…. so… eve-verything is go-going to be fi-fine.”


  Sitting down on the cold hard floor, Laura hugged her knees as she whispered those same words over and over again, as if she was trying to hypnotize herself.


  And just like that, the sun gradually faded as darkness engulfed the Imperial Capital.


  It wasn’t long before she started to have seizures.


  One of the main reasons why Laura dreaded this day was because, no matter what she did, she would never be able to avoid the curse.


  Even when one was drugged or knocked out.


  Even when your body is on the brink of a collapse from not having any sort of food or water for days.


  The moment those seizures start, the body goes into a state of extreme arousal and hyperactivity, and no matter what, you won’t feel tired or lose consciousness.


  Even if you cut your body into pieces.


  You will simply die because you won’t be able to fulfill the curse.


  Even if you lock yourself in a solitary prison with no way out.


  The curse then will demand that you fulfill it by breaking your own body instead of others.


  The curse of the full moon, passed down to all of those who shared the blood of the Genova Household, was terrifying.


  The only way to break the curse is death.


  Only that…..


  As Laura’s body continued to tremble, the setting sun had disappeared entirely.


  And now, in the starry sky, the full moon emerged.




  At that moment, her fears reached a dangerous peak.


  Laura grabbed her chest as she felt a small amount of pain start to flare up, causing her body to tremble even more as her breath became unsteady.




  At first, the scared girl wondered if that pain was caused because her heart was beating too fast.


  But that wasn’t the cause of her pain.




  Like a fever, her body then began to get dangerously hot.


  She felt an extreme feeling of thirst.


  So Laura staggered to a nearby counter, grabbed a bottle of water, and drank the whole bottle in one go.




  Water leaked from her mouth, traveling down her chin and neck, dampening her clothes.






  But no matter how much she drank, her thirst could not be quenched.




  So Laura grabbed another bottle, opened it, and poured it down into her whole body.


  The now wet dress was glued to her skin and glimmered faintly.




  Soon afterwards, the cold breeze of the night clashed against her soaked body, but the heat didn’t fade away.


  Then Laura moved towards the windows as if she was drawn to them.


  ‘It’s fine….Everything is going to be fine…..’


  When the curse activates, the body’s impulses go out of control.


  But I don’t feel it.


  The current state of her body was exactly the same as before the curse activation, but she was still in control……


  ‘It has to be some sort of hallucination…. or phantasmal pain.’


  Grabbing her throbbing head, Laura’s breath hastened.


  Then suddenly, she looked up at the night sky.




  The full moon was obscured by the clouds.


  Seeing this, Laura clenched her fists.




  Since the Genova clan’s curse was closely connected with the full moon, those impulses were lessened when the full moon was temporarily covered by the clouds.


  ‘No….Everything is going to be fine….. it’s going to be fine…..’


  The shivering girl constantly whispered those words while trying to hold on to the last shimmer of hope.


  So Laura waited anxiously.


  Soon the clouds that were obscuring the moon passed by, and a portion of the moon became visible to her.




  The heat in her body soared as a powerful urge to kill clouded her mind.


  Laura looked at those people walking on the street…..


  A caring mother holding her child’s hand while smiling softly.



  —What if I open that woman’s belly and put her child in there… Oh, I can even strangle the kid with her mother’s intestines…



  A pair of lovers hugging affectionately.



  —Ahhh, I want to twist her body, squeeze all of her blood, then mince her flesh… Ahhh, then I could make him devour her fufu……





  When those twisted desires flooded her mind, Laura vomited immediately.


  Wasn’t the curse of the Genova something carried by their bloodline, but could it be something engraved on their very souls?


  All her fears were once again confirmed, and Laura’s body began trembling, but….


  Soon, her fears were replaced by something else.




  As the full moon, once obscured by clouds, was gradually revealed.


  The thought of torturing and killing those people was enough to bring Laura an intense orgasm.


  The curse had awakened……


  And the effects had started to show themselves.


  The curse granted one heavenly pleasure as they fulfilled the most twisted and corrupted deeds.




  Twisting her body, Laura barely managed to get up as she grabbed the doorknob and turned it.


  At least Laura was grateful that her particular desire of defiling and killing those who held goodwill for her didn’t appear.


  And so, with the remaining reason she had left, Laura decided…..


  She would leave the Imperial Capital and move to the outskirts.


  At least there, she could find those who deserved to die.




  Yes…. she would rip and tear them apart.


* * * * * * * * * *


  “Have a good night, My Lord!”


  What a shame.


  I had to stop by the Association for a while, so I thought that maybe the portrait would have been ready by now, but it seems I was mistaken.


  Even though four days had already passed.


  ‘I should have ordered a simple watercolor painting instead of an oil one…..’


  With this meaningless sense of regret, I walked out of the atelier.


  As Ferzen was walking towards his carriage, carefully avoiding any uneven tiles.




  But a woman in a long robe crashed into him as she ran quickly, stomping on his left foot…..




  Her fall was so thunderous that people all around the street turned their attention to her.




  Whether because of her shame or because she was distracted, the woman got up with trembling legs and continued to run towards the other side of the street, without even apologizing for her mistake.


  I wondered what kind of crazy woman she could be.


  Perhaps she tried to pickpocket me?


  Just to be sure, I tapped my pockets, but all my personal items were still there.


  The fact that she left without even apologizing was quite rude, but I didn’t want to stand in this crowded street any longer, so I boarded my carriage.






  “My Lord, are we returning to the mansion?”


  “No….Not yet.”


  Shaking my head at the coachman’s words, I touched my throbbing forehead and got off the carriage as I rolled up my sleeves.


  “You can go back for now. I have an urgent business to attend to.”


  “Yes?….. As you wish, My Lord.”


  “Also, inform Euphemia to eat dinner and go to bed. There is no need to wait for me.”


  “It shall be done, My Lord!”


  Not long after that, the coachman led the horse and disappeared from the busy street.


  My left foot throbbed.






  If the left foot is stepped on, then the right shall be stepped on too.


  So I walked down the street to find the woman who stepped on my left foot.




  It was something very crucial.


  At least, Ferzen’s ego seemed to have thought so.


* * * * * * * * * *


  On the 15th day of the lunar calendar, the full moon rose.


  The moonlight was extremely bright on this date. As those rays of moonlight sparkled scintillatingly, especially on a certain man and woman, each one soaked in their own lunacy….


  For the moon, those two individuals seemed particularly important.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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