A Variable Shows Up

Chapter 11 - A Variable Shows Up




  When I introduced myself as a hero, the kid asked again with a dumbfounded look on her face.



  “Yeah, that’s all you need to know.”


   “…All right!”



  She looked so cute that I had a fatherly smile on my face while stroking her hair. A moment later, the〚Inspect〛skill I used earlier showed her status window.

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  I immediately frowned when I saw that window.



Name: Glare
Strength: 1
Mana: ???
Intelligence: 5
Mental Strength: 6
Passive Status: Mysterious Potential
Disposition: Pure



  ‘…Is it a trend to have question marks on the status window these days?’



  The question mark that appeared again had me confused for a moment, but only after seeing her passive status, I realized the reason for the question mark.



  ‘…This kid is a hidden gemstone.’



  According to the words of my ancestor recorded in the prophetic book, the ‘Mysterious Potential’ passive is a trait that has a low probability of appearing in young children.



  If there is a trigger, the trait blooms into a powerful ability. 



  Of course, there is no way to know whether or not that trait exists unless one has a system. Hence, most children with that trait fail to blossom, but the kid in front of me seems to be lucky.



  ‘This kid’s mana status has question marks… Maybe she has a high aptitude for magic?’

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  I opened the item store to give the kid a last present before parting ways, but soon a realization hit me and I sighed.



– Elixir of Potential Lv1 (700pts)
Description: This mysterious elixir can draw out the potential of the person who drinks it.
(Purchase Limit: 0/1)



  ‘…that’s right, can I only buy this once?’



  In order to save Kania, whose curse is worsening fast, it is necessary to feed her younger sister the〚Elixir of Potential〛so she can quickly awaken her healing abilities.



  So… It’s a pity, but I don’t think I can give an elixir of potential to this cute little girl.







  “Now listen carefully to this brother.”





  Regrettably, the only thing I could do right now is give her a few hints about her ‘Mysterious Potential‘ to increase the possibility of her attaining enlightenment.   

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[Congratulations! You have successfully cleared 『Sudden Quest: Child Rescue』!]


[As a reward, you can choose one of the following three items!]



  Once more, a system prompt appeared in front of me with the list of rewards, and I silently browsed the list for a while.



[Rewards List]
  1. False Evil Points: 500pts
  2. Gold Coins: 150
  3. Ring of Good Fortune










  ‘…Ring of Good Fortune?’



  The item placed on 3rd in the reward list had a name which drew my attention. So, when I touched it without realizing, the description of the item popped up in front of my eyes.



– Ring of Good Fortune
Description: It may or may not bring good luck to the wearer…?



  As I stared at the item that had a question mark on the reward description, I immediately fell into deep thought.



  ‘…Still, this ring is worth 500pts and 150 gold, isn’t it?’



  I’m in an urgent situation right now where I need to earn false evil points as fast as possible, but I still have a bit of leeway since I’ve been working pretty hard lately.



  And there’s still plenty of gold. Today, I brought all my fortune to secure that ‘item’… 150 gold is not a big deal for me to begin with.



  Then all that’s left is this mysterious ring… Why don’t I give this to the little girl as a gift?



  Although it is not possible to give the〚Elixir of Potential〛as a gift… I can give her the ring of good fortune, which I obtained as a ‘Clear Reward.’ Even if it’s a bit ambiguous, it might bring good luck to her as described.



  And if that good fortune becomes a trigger to awaken her ‘Mysterious Potential’… then there is no gift more suitable than that.



  “…Um, Hero?”




  “What are you trying to say?”


  “Oh, sorry. I kept you waiting.”


  “Oh no! I’m not bored at all!”


  “Did I ever ask if you were bored?”





  When I said so, the little girl who was stabbed by my words slowly turned her gaze to the side.



  I smiled at her adorable appearance, and after choosing the 3rd item, the [Ring of Good Fortune], as my clear reward, I offered it to the little girl.



  “…Now, a present.”


  “Again, again!? P-Please don’t do that…! I can’t pay you back even if I die!”


  “You don’t have to pay me back. all right?”


  “Uh, my mom taught me that one must repay their debt…”



  Hearing her sullen response, I was about to ask the whereabouts of her mother, but I paused when I recalled the fact that children wandering around the market have all been abandoned here.


  Obviously, this little girl’s mother either abandoned her since she eventually couldn’t hold out anymore, or she might have left her deceased mother’s side to beg here in the market streets. 



  So, I better not remind her of that trauma again.



  “Later, when I become famous, come visit me to pay me back.”


  “…When you become famous?”


  “Yes, soon the time will come when the whole Empire will hail the Hero’s name. If you really want to repay me, you can pay me back then.”


  “Y-Yes, yes!! No matter what!! I will definitely find you and pay off my debt.”


  “No, don’t force yourself to pay me back if you can’t afford it…”




  “Well, will you accept the present now? Come on, give me your hand.”



  The little girl hesitated when I asked her to give me her hand, but soon she cautiously held out her hand. 


  After briefly staring at her hand, which was thin as a rake from lack of food, I carefully put the ring on her bony finger as if to not hurt her and said. 



  “…this is a ring of good fortune.”


  “…Ring of good fortune?”


  “Yeah, if you keep wearing it… eventually, you’ll have a stroke of good fortune.”





  I responded in a confident voice when she asked me with her eyes wide open.



  “Indeed, as a hero, I can assure you of that. So, keep wearing it from now on.”



  Hearing my confident tone, the girl stared at the ring on her finger, then immediately asked a question while tilting her head.



  “Um… Since you’re a hero, don’t you need this more than me?”




  “If you’re a hero… you’ll have to fight bad guys… don’t you think you’ll need more luck?”



  I replied to her with a liberated expression on my face.



  “It’s fine, because I’m the bad guy.”




  “N-No… I mean, I have a lot of these rings. You know I’m quite rich, right? So you don’t need to worry about it.”



  Hearing that, the little girl quietly nodded, and after stroking her hair gently one last time, I gave her one last piece of advice before heading towards the exit of the tavern.

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  “Also, you have a talent for magic.”




  “Yeah, and it’s an exceptional talent at that. So, after you treat your brother and find a house, work hard to learn magic.”


  “…W-Will I be able to do well?”



  As I entirely went outside of the tavern, the little girl rushed behind me to ask one last question. I also gave her my last response. 



  “Yes, as a hero, I guarantee. You’ll do just fine.”




  “Then, take care.”



  With those words, I left my brief encounter in the back alley behind and started rushing my steps to return to the plan I had originally set up.









  The wandering girl, Glare, stared at Frey’s gradually fading back in a daze, and muttered quietly as he disappeared completely from her field of vision.



  “…I have a talent for magic.”



  Saying so, she started caressing the ring on her finger. A gift which was given to her by her savior, the Hero.



  “I’ll give it my all. Hero.”



  After a while, the girl stopped caressing the ring and took it off her finger to check in case it got damaged. 



  “I’ll work hard…”



  Eventually, she put the ring back on her left ring finger.



  “…When you become famous, I’ll definitely find you to repay my debt.”



  She concluded her speech with a gentle smile.



  “…Will it be fine if I repay you with interest?”



  Meanwhile, a faint glow was emanating from her body.



It was at this moment when a new turning point, which neither the previous Hero nor Frey, nor even the system could have predicted, was engraved in this world line.








  “Frey!! Where the hell have you been?!”


  “…I went out to get some air.”





  I’m being scolded by Isolet right now.



  Because I have kept her waiting for a long time.



  In reality, I received a quest from the system which will aid in saving the world. It was to raid illegal human traffickers. In addition, I managed  to get rid of the Succubus Queen, one of the Demon King’s Executive, and rescued all the abducted women and children. However, if I tell Isolet the truth, my life span will be cut off.  



  “Really, you are…!”


  “Why? Were you worried?”


  “…Shut up. I’m not in the mood to humor your nonsense right now.”


  “Hehe… enjoying your youth, aren’t ya?”



  I stared at Isolet, who was being dishonest, then turned my attention to the dying voice coming from behind.



  “Good times… Good times…”

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  The shop owner was lying on the floor while speaking in a lifeless tone. He looked towards me and spoke with a smirk on his face.



  “So, who is this wife of yours?”


  “…Academy professor.”


  “Ah, forbidden love. But the more you do, the more… Keuhok!”



  The owner, who was still struggling to speak with a faint voice, was eventually knocked out when he got hit in the head by Isolet’s scabbard.



  “…You didn’t kill him, did you?”


  “…Knocked him out for a while.”


  “Isn’t it overkill?”


  “…It was a justified measure.”



  The moment, Isolet coldly replied, the magic tool store which was standing on its legs collapsed in a heap.



  After momentarily staring at the pitiful owner, who suddenly became homeless, I realized that Isolet’s chilly gaze was still on me.



  “…Tell me where you’ve been, Frey.”


  “Well, I told you I went to get some fresh air, didn’t I?”


  “If you don’t, I’ll tell your father about the brooch.”


  “…It’s not fair.”



  As I grumbled with a frown on my face, Isolet opened her mouth with a stern look.



  “You’d better tell the truth. I can perceive even with my eyes closed whether someone is telling the truth or lying.”


  “…Fine, all right.”



  I started narrating the scenario I had prepared in advance while feigning a helpless expression. 



  “Actually, I’ve been to the intelligence guild…”


  “Intelligence Guild?”


  “Yes, it’s a place where one can buy and sell information. There are other legitimate places, but the intelligence guild in the back alley has the most extensive network of information.”


  “…So, what information did you get?”


  “Uh… Today, the largest annual auction will be held in the back alley… I have received information that there is a possibility of a terrorist attack there.”





  When she opened her eyes at the word ‘Terrorist‘, I smiled inwardly and refined the tale by adding a few more details.



  “No, I have far too much wealth, don’t I? That’s why I asked them to sell me the most advanced information they got. Each piece of such information is a weapon.”




  “By the way, why is this the most advanced piece of information? The auction is going to start in less than a few minutes… It was a total waste of money.”



  Isolet spoke with an absurd expression on her face after hearing my words.



  “There is a possibility of terrorist attack and many people might actually die… and you’re here  regretting the fact that you lost money?”


  “I blew away 11 gold coin pouches! This is a serious matter…”


  “Just tell me where the auction house is right now. And you’ll be leaving this place right now.”


  “Why, you worried about me…”





  Her shout momentarily stopped me from speaking, but soon I scratched my head and opened my mouth again.



  “…No, but I don’t think there’s anything you can do even if you go there?”


  “What do you mean?”


  “There is a powerful magic that only allows those with a pass to enter. Even if you want to dismantle it, it will take hours for the imperial mages to arrive, right?”





  Hearing my words, Isolet quietly bit her lips. Realizing that she was on the verge of taking the bait, I started my final act to put the last nail in the coffin. 



  “…Ah! Come to think of it, there is one way to get in…”


  “W-What is that?”



  When she asked urgently, I responded calmly.



  “Me and… the professor have to become lovers.”

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  As soon as I finished speaking, there was a moment of silence between the two of us.



 – Schwing…



  “Wait, wait! It’s not a joke, I’m serious! It’s for real!!”



  Soon, in that moment of silence, she slowly drew her sword, and I reflexively stepped back as I urgently tried to explain.






  Sheathing her sword, she gave me a command, as I sighed in relief and spoke.


  “Actually, I have a pass.”


  “Very well. Give it to me right now.”


  “It’s no use taking it with you. I’m the only one who can use the pass.”



  I continued speaking while staring at Isolet with a sly smile.



  “However, if I register the two of us as lovers or a married couple in the auction house system, the two of us can enter together.”

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  “…Isn’t the system too lax regarding security measures?”


  “It’s because not everyone can receive a pass. Only those who come from proven families, and that too with wealth and honor, are carefully selected and given such a privilege.”




  “In other words, if you want to go to the auction house, you have to pretend to be my lover while we’re inside. Otherwise, I will be suspected.”



  I smiled and said a few words to Isolet, who suddenly started blushing shortly afterwards due to her chronic illness being triggered.



  “Then, please take care of me, Isolet.”



  And the next moment, Isolet struck my head hard with her scabbard.










  “Register Frey Raon Starlight and Isolet Arham Bywalker as lovers.”


  “…Wonderful. Have you finally reconciled?”


  “If you sell this information to the intelligence guild, I assure you the next day, the Duke will put you in your grave.”


  “I’m getting scared since it doesn’t feel like you’re joking. Please come in.”



  Me and Arham Bywalker passed the manager safely, and entered the auction house wearing the black robe we had brought in advance and the mask given to us by the manager.



  “…D-Do we really need to have our arms crossed together like this?”


  “Look at what the guys who came in pairs are doing… They’re totally embracing.”





  Seeing the couple’s affectionate behavior, Isolet groaned and struggled to avert her gaze.



  “…You’re too stiff. Try to cross your arms naturally.”


  “…D-Don’t you know I’m trying?”





  So, feeling like I was wearing a hard piece of wood on my side, I took a seat in the auction house and started examining the people inside.



  Of course, the people were disguised in black robes and masks, but my〚Inspect〛skill has no issues with that.



  ‘…Countess, Elder of Mage Tower, Imperial Finance Officer…the key figures of the Empire have all gathered in one place.’



   As I quietly scanned the auction house,I muttered inwardly with a laugh when I realized that all the famous people in the Empire have gathered in this cramped auction house.



  ‘Well, at this point in time, the worth of the item I’m aiming for is still unknown… It’s not the internal competition that matters, but the external ones.’



  The reason I brought Isolet here today is to prevent the Demon King’s forces from attacking me while I’m aiming for the item.



  I’m already having a hard time these days, not to mention if I use my ‘Blessing of the Stars,’ I might suddenly die screaming in agony.



  This is because the Demon King’s force, which will soon attack this place, is not a small elite group like before, but larger in terms of numbers, so it will drain a lot of my power.



  Of course, because of how large the force’s size will be, it’s easier to let Isolet deal with them, while I comfortably secure the ‘item’. 



  If I can secure that item here, I can definitely succeed in the ‘Raid on the Commoner’s Dormitory’ quest…








  In the process of searching for people, I was startled when I spotted someone unexpected, and when I yelled out in surprise, Isolet, who was frozen stiff by my side, let out a strange scream as well. 

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  As a result, the people in the auction house silently glared at us, and both of us had no choice but to bow our heads for a moment.



  “…What in the world is wrong with you?”





  Eventually, Isolet whispered to me in a resentful voice, but I ignored her and grabbed my head with a dumbfounded look.



  ‘…Why is Kania here?’



  I don’t know why, but Kania’s status window popped up in front of me when I scanned the person sitting next to Isolet. 



  I wished it was just a coincidence and their names were similar, but even the stats and passive were the same. How the hell did this happen?






  I was so exhausted that I thought I might have been mistaken, so I looked up to check the status again, but this time the status window of Saintess Ferloche appeared in my mind when I looked at the person sitting in front of me. 



  “…Excuse, let me have a seat.”


  “…Ah, yes. Sure…!”



  As I was idly staring at her status window, someone tried to sit next to me, so I pulled myself to the side and looked at the person. This time, the status window of the Imperial Princess Clana popped up in front of my eyes.  



  “…Is there a problem?”


  “…No, no.”

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  I hastily responded to the Princess, who glanced at me questioningly. I looked at Isolet, who was staring at me with a puzzled expression, and then cursed inwardly when I glanced at the Main Heroines who appeared at the auction house one after another.  



  ‘…….It’s truly a dog shit game.’



  Something’s wrong. Not just wrong, but seriously wrong. 


The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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