Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero Chapter 122

Chapter 122 - In the Gap (2)

༺ In the Gap (2) ༻






  It was a situation anyone would find astonishing. Hearing the voice of your own student coming from a monster the size of a house.


  Without realizing it, the moment I spoke while hiding my surprise, an even more flustered voice came from Titania’s end.


  [Eh? Eh? Th-this is Instructor Eon, right? Your voice is definitely Instructor Eon’s, but… what is up with that appearance?]




  Come to think of it, I was in my monstrous form. This was the first time a student had seen me like this since Elizabeth, who had known my true identity from the beginning.


  Rather than elaborating that I was in my monstrous form in this situation, I chose to change the subject. There was no time to explain it in detail right now.


  Instead of explaining in detail that I was in my monstrous form in this situation, I chose to change the subject. There was no time to go into details right now.


  “Let’s talk about that later. How did you get here in the first place? And what’s up with your appearance?”


  [Well, it’s a long story… I made a contract with a spirit of chaos to find you, Instructor. Right now, I’m sharing senses with the spirit? No, it’s more like being possessed? Anyway, that’s the situation… But where are you, Instructor? Everyone’s been so worried!]


  “Where am I? Don’t you know where this place is?”


  [Well, originally I was only going to explore the outskirts of the city, but suddenly the spirit moved on its own and before I knew it, I ended up here. But then I felt Instructor Eon’s energy, so I followed it. I was really surprised to run into you here of all places!]


  I didn’t know much about spirits, but the energy of the being Titania referred to as a “spirit of chaos” was certainly extraordinary. Even when compared to the spirits managed by notable spirit users in the last great war, including those in the human and demon armies, it didn’t fall short. it Rather seemed a level higher.


  The presence was so powerful that just by approaching, it made the lingering souls from the underworld that had filled the surroundings scatter and flee.


  Though I’d never heard of a ‘spirit of chaos,’ this dimensional gap was a mix of numerous worlds, practically chaos itself. So it made sense that it could fly freely even here.


  Meeting Titania in this situation was undoubtedly fortunate.


  “This place is a completely different dimension from the world we originally inhabited. If you could come to find me, then the reverse should also be possible. Titania, can you take me back to our original world?”


  [A different dimension? Then everything I saw while flying over here was all part of this dimension! My goodness, I never thought I’d get to explore another dimension in my lifetime…! Could the world rich with nature be the spirit realm? The places where light shines down, the celestial realm? Could I meet angels I’ve only heard of in stories? Maybe even goddesses…!]




  [Ah! S-sorry. I got carried away because it’s all so fascinating…]


  Titania rambled for a moment and then spoke in a somewhat hesitant voice.


  [Hmm, it’s a bit challenging, but it seems possible! Would you mind grabbing onto my body?]


  I lightly grabbed onto Titania’s form, no the spirit of chaos. The spirit seemed displeased by my touch, but it didn’t refuse Titania’s request.


  [Spirit of Chaos! Take Instructor Eon back to where he originally was!]


  Responding to Titania’s words, the spirit of chaos spread its wings wide and soared into the void in an instant. Then as if sailing through a turbulent storm, it commenced a dizzying flight through the gaps between dimensions.


  [Instructor, hold on tight!]


  Navigating through dimensions came with significant pressure. Just as the atmospheric pressure differs between highlands and plains, or as the water pressure varies between deep and shallow waters, the dimensional pressure felt while crossing each boundary was vastly different.


  A regular person would not have been able to withstand this intense pressure and would have died of their body bursting. However, my bodily durability exceeded that of an average human, and the energy emitted by the spirit of chaos mitigated the effects of dimensional pressure, so I could endure it with only a sense of slight difficulty in breathing. I was able to adapt to even that soon enough.


  As we skimmed past numerous dimensions with their diverse landscapes, the ruins of a city soon came into view. It was the former capital of the Kingdom of Ionia, Karia.


  I opened my mouth bitterly as I looked at the scene.


  “Thank you.”




  “I ended up needing your help again. It’s shameful as an instructor.”


  An instructor should be teaching and guiding students. Yet ever since I first arrived in the city, I found myself increasingly needing assistance from my students.


  If not for Titania’s spirit right now, returning to the original dimension would have been a great risk. I couldn’t even guarantee if it would be possible.


  After a long silence, Titania spoke cautiously.


  [No, please don’t say that.]




  [I’ve always wanted to be of help to you, Instructor, that’s why I worked so hard. So did Oz and the other friends…and me too. You’ve helped me so much all this time, and I never really had a chance to repay you. I didn’t want to say goodbye like this.]


  “Like I said… It’s not your fault that I’m quitting my position as an instructor.”


  [Even so, we should at least try something, right? Everyone thought so. Leaving like this doesn’t feel right.]


  Titania tried to sound upbeat, but a hint of bitterness underlay her voice.


  [Even if it’s unavoidable, farewells are always sad.]




  It had only been a few months. There was neither a special mission nor a strong motivation. I had become an instructor almost incidentally and these were the students I had also incidentally been assigned.


  So I treated it as a casual relationship. I tried not to think too deeply about it. Because becoming closer would only make the inevitable future farewell feel more impactful.


  But perhaps the students took this relationship more seriously than I thought.


  Instructor and students. While it might be a trivial relationship to some, for Titania it was the first relationship of its kind she had ever had. Wanting to keep that wasn’t unreasonable.


  Had I been taking farewells too lightly? Even if we had to part ways, was it wrong to force such a sudden and hollow farewell on my students?


  Despite having had a bitter experience with Ella and Charlotte.


  A bitter taste began to circulate in my mouth. Just as I was about to respond to Titania, it happened.


  The moment we exited through the dimensional gate, the spirit of chaos violently twisted its body.


  [What? Wh-what’s going on, Chaos? Why are you doing this all of a sudden?]


  Before I could even ask what was happening, the spirit of chaos forcefully flung me away from itself. I could have held on tightly, but I had to let go for fear of burdening Titania.


  I plummeted uncontrollably towards the city.




  Titania’s cry echoed in vain and the spirit of chaos had already disappeared. I looked down at the rapidly approaching city and let out a hollow laugh.


  It seems it had literally thrown me back to the capital, Karia as I’d requested. And having granted my wish, it could no longer bear my presence, thus casting me away.


  I wish it would have just dropped me in Shubaltsheim.




  Given that I was wearing armor, there was no need for a special landing technique. A  plume of dust shot up into the air as I brushed off the gravel and dirt clinging to my shoulders. As I climbed out of the crater and looked around, it hit me.


  I didn’t see any of the numerous undead. Although I had cleared out a significant number during my days of exploring the city, it was strange not to sense even a trace of the undead that once filled the capital.


  “…Could it be?”


  A gut feeling prompted me to survey the area. Scattered footprints, and scrape marks on walls and floors, it was evident that a multitude of undead had moved in one direction. The lingering smell of corpses suggested this hadn’t happened long ago.


  The gap between dimensions is a space that can distort even time. By my reckoning, only a few minutes had passed since the Immortal Corps Commander crossed the dimensional gate before me. However, there was no way to know how much time had passed in the real world.


  In a single bound, I leapt over the buildings to the top of the city wall. From there, I could see a cloud of dust rising over the horizon. It wasn’t a sandstorm. It was the dust kicked up by the movement of millions of undead.


  If such a force were to strike, no amount of preparation would enable the city to hold out. Especially if it wasn’t just a horde of regular undead but an army led by the Immortal Corps Commander himself…!




  I vaulted over the city wall in a single leap and landed on the ground and immediately started running towards the border.


  With each step, the capital city of Karia grew more distant.


  As I ran without stopping, my mind was consumed by worries.


  Arriving this way would inevitably lead to combat with the Immortal Corps Commander. Regardless of how weakened he might be, I couldn’t face him unarmed. At some point the dark mana and my sphere Ajetus would be needed.


  This would mean revealing my true identity to people, and to my students.




  The life as a malefactor that I so wanted to leave behind.


  The lives of my students, fellow instructors, and the citizens of the city.


  The scale tipped in favor of the latter.


  If it came to that, I’d deal with it when the time came.


  ‘Please, hold on just a little longer.’


  All I hoped for now was that it wouldn’t be too late.




TL NOTE: There are 4 chapters left that were released by the author 3 months ago which I will release soon.
Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
After experiencing heartbreak from being abandoned he enlisted in the military. And then, he became a war hero.


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