Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Conflict (2)

༺ Conflict (2) ༻



  An icy silence engulfed the classroom.


  No one had expected this side of Oznia.


  It had only been a few days, but she had been emotionless and uninterested in everything, and now she was acting so aggressively.


  Saladin, who had almost been electrocuted, had a completely frozen expression.


  He glanced at the scorched wall and then looked back at Oznia.


  “Ha, ha…! Ha!”


  Lightning Arrow. A low-level magic, but if hit directly, it would not end with just pain. Depending on the affected area, it could even lead to death.


  “…What did you just do?”


  Naturally, Saladin would be terrified of having nearly been hit by such magic, but his eyes were filled with anger instead. It seemed as if his reason was cut off by the fact that someone had tried to kill him.


  “What’s your problem, causing a scene out of nowhere? Oh, was your master one of the Continent’s Seven Heroes too? Is that why you’re upset?”


  Marian frowned as she thought.


  Did Oznia react because she felt that the ‘Crimson Sage’ had been insulted?


  Well, she did seem a bit upset when they mentioned the Seven Heroes of the Continent, but that wasn’t the decisive factor. Her intense reaction began when Saladin mentioned ‘Malevolent Star.’


  Oznia glared at him with cold eyes and said, “Keep talking. Next time, I won’t miss.”


  “Ha! If you can, try it. I won’t just stand still!”


  The biggest weakness of magic is casting. A mage is defenseless while casting, so if someone approaches during that time, the mage can’t do anything.


  That was common knowledge in the world, and this was a small classroom.


  The distance between the two was only a few meters. That fact gave Saladin confidence.


  “Stop it, enough now!”


  “Oz! Calm down!”


  The voices trying to stop them from around didn’t reach either of them. One had lost their reason due to their idol being insulted, and the other had lost their reason due to the threat to their life.




  Violet currents crackled at Oznia’s fingertips. At the same time, Saladin lunged toward Oznia.


  Saladin was taken aback as soon as he lunged. The arrow of current, about to burst from Oznia’s fingertips, was casting much faster than he thought. However, it was already too late to turn back. He had to quickly subdue her and cancel her magic.


  Saladin’s hand reached out like a beast’s claw towards Oznia’s neck.


  Oznia’s magic aimed precisely at Saladin’s body and flew towards him.


  Several classmates tried to stop them at the last moment, but the distance between the two was already too close. In a situation where both could be seriously hurt with the slightest mistake, someone dashed in like lightning from outside the classroom.


  It all happened in the blink of an eye.


  Oznia cast her magic, and Saladin charged in.


  “What are you doing right now?”


  Instructor Eon was there to stop them.


  Eon quickly pushed away Saladin’s arm and caught Oznia’s magic with his bare hands.


  Even after catching the magic with his bare body, his expression wasn’t much different from usual. He just coldly looked around the classroom with his icy eyes.


  Neither angry nor reproachful, Saladin felt a silent pressure from Eon’s cold gaze and heavy voice, unable to look directly into his eyes.


  Eon was able to quickly figure out what had happened from the unusual atmosphere in the classroom, the scorched wall, and the actions of the two just moments ago.


  “Saladin Al-Kamil, and Oznia Hebring. Follow me to the faculty office.”






  The brief commotion ended all too simply with Eon’s arrival.


  Gwyn shivered as she looked at Eon’s departing figure.


  ‘I couldn’t follow him with my eyes…’


  Everyone in the classroom had a surprised expression. It was not only because of the aftermath of the fight but also because of Eon’s astonishing movement.


  Titania and Schultz muttered blankly.


  “Instructor Eon… He was so fast…”


  “I know, right? I knew he must be strong, but…”


  Hearing the two, Gwyn thought.


  Eon, who was outside the classroom, was much faster than Gwyn, who was right next to them. She hadn’t even noticed Eon coming in. In the blink of an eye, Eon was already there.


  Gwyn experienced her swordmaster’s movement, hailed as the Sword Saint, every day with her own body. She could follow an ordinary movement with his eyes, and she thought the instructors at the academy would be no different. Gwyn had seen and countered the examiner’s sword during the entrance exam.


  But just now, it wasn’t the case. It meant that Eon’s speed was at least on par with her swordmaster when he was truly serious.


  In this classroom, only Gwyn could accurately glimpse at the true strength that Eon possessed.




  “Why did you do that?”


  Oznia remained silent in response to Eon’s question.


  To explain why she had done it, she would have to bring up what Saladin had said in the classroom, and she would also have to talk about which part of that statement had made her angry enough to use magic.


  Oznia didn’t want to hear those words again, and she didn’t want to tell others the reason. It was too personal to readily disclose to others.


  So, she just didn’t say anything.


  “Oznia. Keeping your mouth shut like that will only put you at a disadvantage.”




  “Fine. You don’t want to talk.”


  Instead of pressing Oznia, who seemed to have no intention of answering, Eon threw a question at Saladin.


  “Saladin. Do you admit to trying to assault Oznia in the classroom?”


  “Well… She used magic first, so I did that!”


  “Is that true? Oznia.”








  In terms of the points, Oznia, who used magic first, was at a much greater disadvantage.


  Fights between students happened more often than one might think. When people are gathered, conflicts naturally arise.


  However, using magic against a person is a completely different matter. People might swing their fists in anger, but they usually don’t cast magic. If a magic spell that requires casting time is used, especially first, it wouldn’t be strange for disciplinary action or even expulsion to be considered.


  Eon hesitated for a moment before speaking.


  “Saladin. Tell me, what was the reason for the fight?”


  “…I made some aggressive remarks in the classroom. I think she got angry about that.”


  “Aggressive remarks?”


  “Yes. Gwyn and Schultz were being noisy, so I meant for them to be quiet. But I guess she didn’t like that.”


  Saladin omitted the most important part about insulting the Seven Heroes of the Continent.


  It seemed he wanted to avoid letting the instructor know he had insulted the hero in front of a royal. Oznia didn’t add any words to that.


  Oznia didn’t care either way. Using magic on a person was an indisputable fact. She didn’t want to lie, and she didn’t think she had done anything wrong, so she didn’t feel the need to make excuses.


  Even if she were expelled because of it, it wouldn’t matter. People in the tower might find it ridiculous that she was expelled in just one day, but even if she could turn back time, Oznia would act the same way.




  Eon furrowed his brows slightly and tapped his fingers on the desk.


  Saladin made aggressive remarks, and Oznia reacted sensitively by using magic. There was even evidence that she tried to use magic again. Saladin only responded to that….


  Since the facts were clear, the discussion on disciplinary action could have been concluded here. Oznia thought it would end at this point too. Based on the revealed facts, her mistake was clear to anyone.


  However, Eon didn’t let it go.


  “Saladin. Exactly what did you say and how?”


  “Wha-? It, it was nothing special.”


  “I’ll be the judge of whether it was special or not. Do you want me to call any of the many witnesses?”


  Saladin’s pupils trembled.


  Everyone in the classroom had heard his comments about the Seven Heroes of the Continent. Moreover, as far as Saladin could see, there was no one in the class who would cover up or defend his remarks. On the contrary, they might be even more honest if they were called out.


  And if, by any chance, Instructor Eon brought in Elizabeth and formalized the charge of insulting royalty, there would be no greater disaster. It was better for him to confess now rather than letting that happen.


  “…W-well, Gwyn and Schultz were talking about the Seven Heroes of the Continent, so I said that since they’ve never been to the Al-Kamil Kingdom, it’s wrong to call them ‘of the Continent.'”


  “Is that really all?”


  A calm voice with no ups and downs. To anyone, it seemed like an ordinary question.


  But Saladin couldn’t stand the penetrating gaze that seemed to see through his inner thoughts. He clenched his eyes shut and opened his mouth.


  “Ugh…! A-and… I also made insulting remarks saying they were not heroes….”


  “I see.”


  Eon nodded and said,


  “As far as I know, among the Seven Heroes of the Continent, the master of the magic tower, who is also Oznia’s teacher, is included.”




  “It’s hard for anyone to bear when their teacher is insulted. Using magic is clearly a violation of the rules, but Saladin, who provoked the incident, also bears some responsibility.”


  Oznia, who had been listening quietly, felt strange.


  Is he defending me now?




  Is there a reason for that? Even the person involved had no intention of making excuses.


  It’s not like there was any gain or loss for him if he imposed a punishment as is, and no one would have said anything if he had just let it go.


  She thought he was the type who didn’t care much about the students.


  Is that not the case?


  Oznia looked at Eon with a puzzled expression. It was difficult to understand the instructor’s intentions.


  “Saladin gets 1 demerit point and dormitory cleaning duty for a week. Oznia gets 2 demerit points and will assist me in instructor duties for a week. Let’s conclude the punishment with this.”


  2 demerit points. And assisting in instructor duties for a week.


  It wasn’t suspension or expulsion. It was a very light punishment compared to using magic on a person.


  “Return to the classroom now.”


  “…Yes. Understood.”


  Saladin left the office immediately with a trembling expression.


  However, Oznia did not get up and remained in her seat. She just stared at the instructor’s face.


  Eon asked her, who was looking at him like that.


  “Is there something you’re curious about?”




  A sudden question with no context before or after.


  Despite the unexpected question, Eon calmly answered as if he knew what Oznia was curious about.


  “One side showed a sullen face even though they’re the victim, and the other side looked confident even though they’re the perpetrator.”




  “If you’re done with your business, you can go now.”


  Oznia immediately got up from her seat and headed for the door of the office. Then, as if she had suddenly remembered something, she turned around.


  And she bowed to Eon.


  Eon did not look at her, but Oznia felt as if he had accepted her greeting.







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Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

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After experiencing heartbreak from being abandoned he enlisted in the military. And then, he became a war hero.


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