Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Rock Sword (1)

༺ Rock Sword (1) ༻



  The fact that the Opal Black Class student council was newly established didn’t bring about immediate changes.


  For now, the Opal Black Class student council, which only had a name, did not have a proper structure or system in place. As an advisor, it was still a long way off before I had any tasks to do.


  I don’t know what will happen later, but for now, my workload has not changed significantly.


  A day passed, and the combat training class approached again.


  About twenty students gathered at the outdoor training field, looking at me with a mix of worry, fear, and curiosity.


  Indeed, the last class must have left a deep impression.


  “Today’s class objective is group combat when facing a strong opponent.”


  Marian, who looked worried and had a fearful expression on her face among the students, spoke up.


  “Group combat?”


  “In simpler terms, it’s a chariot battle.”


  Marian, who has a grandfather as the Imperial Army’s commander-in-chief, and a few students with military knowledge nodded as if they understood, but students from lower classes or commoners tilted their heads at the unfamiliar term.


  “Chariot battle is an effective tactic when a weaker majority has to face a stronger minority. It’s faster to experience it firsthand rather than explaining it in detail. From now on, form teams of up to four people.”


  At the mention of using their own bodies, most students turned pale as if recalling the last class.


  However, they couldn’t refuse the Instructor’s command during class. The students began to form teams with classmates or people they got along with.


  “Gwyn and Batar. Come here.”


  “Huh? Alright.”


  “Heh. Only weaklings form groups.”


  “You want to keep talking nonsense? We’re weak right now. It’s just four people, so we don’t need to fit anyone else in, and we can form a team with just us. Is that okay with you, Elizabeth?”


  “I’m fine with it.”


  The Opal Black Class had just the right number of people, so Marian formed a team of four centered around herself.


  It seemed that Marian didn’t simply form a team with her classmates, but rather made a calculated decision to choose the three strongest-looking students.


  In total, six teams were formed.


  “From my perspective, the team on the left is Team 1. Come at me in order, starting with Team 1.”


  Team 1 consisted of Cornelius, Lucius, and Zaius, the Diamond Class trio. Cornelius, who was chosen first, pointed to himself with a dumbfounded expression.


  “Us? Against you, Instructor?”


  I nodded briefly.


  Cornelius’s expression turned grim. With a trembling voice, he swallowed and said,


  “If this is because of the slip of the tongue last time…”


  At that remark, a few students glared at the triplets with unfavorable looks.


  Upon reflection, wasn’t it the triplets who made the Instructor dislike them? Why do we all have to suffer for the mistake made by them? Their looks seemed to contain such thoughts.


  I sighed briefly. Did I look so petty as an adult?


  If this continues, I’ll be known not only as a devil Instructor but also as a bottom-feeder who beats students because they’re displeased. I rebuked Cornelius’s words before any unnecessary rumors spread.


  “What a ridiculous thought. Stop talking nonsense and focus on the class. Or should I go?”


  Gasp! No, no! I’ll focus!”


  “I’ll be gentler than last time.”


  I put both hands in my pockets and spoke.


  “I won’t use my hands during this class. Also, if any of you land an effective hit on me, or if I use my hands, I will consider it a win for you and grant each member of your team one bonus point.”


  If I push them too hard, the students won’t be motivated. Sometimes, a carrot is needed instead of just a whip.


  With the new conditions set, the students prepared for the group combat exercise, hoping to land at least one effective hit on me and earn their bonus points. The training session commenced, with each team putting their best effort forward to overcome the challenge I had presented them.


  Indeed, the promise of a single bonus point seemed to ignite a spark of motivation in the faces of some students who were previously filled with fear. The three brothers, including Cornelius, were no exception.


  “All I have to do is land one hit… just one hit… The Instructor can’t use their arms, right? I can do it.”


  Cornelius muttered to himself as if making a promise. The penalty of not using both hands and only needing to land a single effective hit seemed quite manageable, and he displayed a much more enthusiastic attitude.


  Of course, the battle was overwhelmingly one-sided, rendering the penalty almost meaningless.








  Cornelius, Lucius, and Zaius, the three brothers, all dropped their swords and rolled on the ground after being struck.


  Since I held back my strength this time, they didn’t immediately pass out. However, they seemed to experience intense pain as they clutched their stomachs and shivered all over.


  “Next, Team 2. Don’t stop, come in.”


  “Yes, y-yes!”


  Immediately following my command, three students charged at me.


  Theo Bailey from Garnet Red class.


  A stable type of swordsman who used a sword and shield, he took on the role of a tanker at the front, attempting to block my attacks first.


  Windy Schwartz from Emerald Green class.


  Taking advantage of the canine race’s characteristics, she employed agile movements and hand-to-hand combat using her claws, aiming for my flank.


  Kiara Oman from Sapphire Blue class.


  A typical support-type priest who used magic to create a protective barrier around Theo and Windy.


  The three attacked simultaneously, making a well-balanced and exemplary party composition with offense, defense, and support. However…








  All three of them ended up taking a knee to the stomach and rolling on the ground just the same. The protective barrier shattered with just one blow.


  As soon as Team 2 was defeated, Team 3 was immediately deployed and charged in. I effortlessly dodged all of their attacks using only my legs, and didn’t forget to impart lessons to the students.


  “The goal of a continuous battle is to exhaust your enemy as much as possible. No matter the opponent, facing multiple enemies will tire them out. Don’t give them any chance to rest. The more tired they become, the higher your chances of survival. Next, Team 4.”


  Team 3 fell in an instant. Team 4 hesitated for a moment, then charged in with a roar.


  “The reason you were crushed without a fight in the last lesson is not only because you’re weak. Be wary of being picked off one by one. Humans can work together in groups, and the weaker you are, the more important it is to stick together. Have all team members attack simultaneously. Next, Team 5, come in.”


  As Team 4 was knocked out, Team 5 was immediately deployed without rest.


  “Having more people doesn’t mean everyone should charge in at once. On the contrary, the more chaotic the battle becomes, the more likely you are to accidentally attack your allies. A coordinated attack with up to four people is the most efficient. The rest should conserve their energy in the back.”


  Soon after, Team 5 was also swiftly defeated.


  The only remaining group was Team 6, consisting of four members from the Opal Black class.




  Batar charged in fiercely on his own from the very beginning.


  The sight of the giant, well over 2 meters tall, charging at full power was quite threatening. It was as if punching a wall of rock that was charging towards you would make no difference.


  That would have been the case if the opponent wasn’t me.


  Instead of deflecting Batar’s charge like last time, I decided to face his strength head-on this time.


  I threw a simple roundhouse kick without any tricks, and Batar didn’t try to dodge it. He probably planned to absorb the blow with his body and launch a counterattack.


  However, even with his massive size and strength, Batar couldn’t withstand my kick. He was sent flying, crashing to the ground.


  As I stood in the training area surrounded by the defeated students, I continued to teach them the important lessons they needed to learn.


  “Remember, teamwork is crucial. You must learn to rely on your teammates and coordinate your actions. Only then will you have a chance to overcome your enemies.”


  The students slowly picked themselves up, nursing their bruises and aching bodies. Despite their pain, their eyes shone with determination, eager to apply the lessons they had learned in their next challenge.


  Crash! Batar flew across the training ground and slammed into the wall. He wore an incredulous expression, unable to believe that he was sent flying by a barefoot kick without using any physical enhancement.


  But Batar’s charge wasn’t the end.




  As soon as Batar was sent flying, Gwyn lunged with her sword in a surprise attack. Using her relatively small stature, she hid behind Batar’s body and approached me.


  However, the surprise attack was meaningless to me, as I had known from the beginning that there were two sets of footsteps.


  Gwyn’s sword aimed for my torso. I tried to dodge it by lightly twisting my shoulder, but my body froze like stone when I suddenly heard a voice.




  Both of Elizabeth’s eyes were elongated like a snake’s, emitting a dark glow.


  It was a power that every Galateia royal possessed since birth.


  The Dragon’s authority, derived from the bloodline of Bai Long Albinisis, to suppress the minds of lesser beings.


  Ordinary people would be unable to resist the moment they were caught in it.


  But I.


  I had experienced this before.


  “It’s been a while.”


  Just before Gwyn’s sword reached me, I broke the dragon’s authority with my mental strength and bent my waist back dramatically.


  Gwyn’s sword barely grazed my torso.




  It was my first time seeing Elizabeth’s shocked expression, but instead of paying attention to that, I threw a kick at Gwyn’s exposed side.




  Gwyn tried to follow my movement with her eyes and retrieve her sword, but my leg was much faster at digging into her side than she was at blocking the attack.




  Gwyn let out a short scream and rolled on the ground like a toy.


  Elizabeth tried to use the dragon’s authority again, but my leg was much faster than her opening mouth.




  Elizabeth, struck in the abdomen, collapsed powerlessly to the ground.


  Everyone was down, and once again, only Marian was left, staring at me blankly.


  “Don’t you have anything?”


  “…Actually, I’m in charge of strategy.”


  “I see. It was quite a good combined attack.”


  “Ah, wait! I surrender-!”


  There was no such thing this time. I fairly drove my knee into Marian’s abdomen as well.


  Marian clutched her stomach and writhed on the floor, struggling to speak.


  “Instructor… this doesn’t seem like the Chariot Battle I know…”


  “I told you to come at me one by one, not to fight until you’re knocked down.”


  “But you knocked everyone down in one hit…”


  “You should’ve endured.”


  Or dodged.


  Of course, it wouldn’t be easy, but it wasn’t an impossible task since I had accepted the penalty of not using both hands.


  I wouldn’t have suggested an impossible task from the beginning. As long as I only used my legs, my movements were inevitably larger than usual.


  If the students hadn’t confronted me directly and had focused on dodging, dragging the fight into a long battle, there might have been a chance for them to win. Of course, it’s meaningless to speculate after everything is over.


  I explained these points to the students.


  At that moment, Theo Bailey from the Garnet Red class, who had been lying on the ground until now, cautiously raised his hand as he barely recovered.


  “Um, Instructor.”


  “What is it?”


  “I understand what you’re saying, but the lesson is too difficult. Is there no other way to teach this content? Is there a more comfortable and easier method?”


  “An easier method?”


  “A way to survive when encountering a formidable enemy. Like targeting the opponent’s weaknesses, or a secret technique that can be used on the battlefield?”


  I nodded and replied.


  “Of course, there are.”


  “Oh. It would be nice if you could teach us those things.”


  “Spit at them.”


  “Excuse me?”


  “Throw sand in their face. If their vision is blocked, they’ll panic. Suddenly shout loudly to surprise your opponent. Then strike their weak points.”


  “Uh, no, that’s not… isn’t that a bit off?”


  Theo Bailey wore a flabbergasted expression.


  “Do you think it’s despicable?”


  “Well, yes, a bit…”


  “Only the strong have the privilege to choose their means of fighting. You guys are weak. The weak should not be picky about their means and methods. In that sense…”


  I let out a deep breath and calmly opened my mouth.


  “Gwyn Tris.”




  “If you’re going to do something like that, get out of my class right now.”


  The atmosphere around us turned cold in an instant.







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Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

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After experiencing heartbreak from being abandoned he enlisted in the military. And then, he became a war hero.


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