Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero Chapter 68

Chapter 68 - Victory Celebration Day (2)

༺ Victory Celebration Day (2) ༻




  The next day.


  I was summoned by Dean Heinkel and headed to the conference room.


  I wasn’t the only one gathered in the conference room. All the first-year instructors were present without exception.


  Upon entering the room, I noticed Instructor Lirya waving at me from a distance. It seemed like a signal to sit next to her.


  Since there was no reason to refuse, I took a seat next to Instructor Lirya.


  Glancing around, it seemed that Dean Heinkel had not yet arrived. It appeared we had some time before the meeting started, so I spoke to Instructor Lirya in a low voice.


  “Good morning, Instructor Lirya.”


  “Good morning to you too, Instructor Graham.”


  “It’s unusual to have a full meeting in the morning.”


  Despite his fame and position, Dean Heinkel was not an authoritarian person, so he did not interfere with the instructors unless there was a special reason.


  During the semester, the only time I was summoned by Dean Heinkel was when I made a student pass out on the first day.


  The Titania-related issue was something I sought out, and the Oznia incident was an exceptional case since the forest was destroyed and couldn’t be helped.


  Instructor Lirya smiled and said,


  “It’s not always like this. If it’s a full meeting around this time, it happens every year.”


  “Is that so?”


  Instructor Lirya seemed to have already guessed the purpose of today’s meeting.


  Looking around, the other instructors, excluding myself, appeared to have already surmised the contents of the meeting and had calm expressions.




  Instructor Lirya was about to explain to resolve my curiosity, but before she could, the conference room door opened and Dean Heinkel entered with his usual long beard.


  As the principal entered, all the instructors, including myself, stood up, and the most senior instructor of the Diamond White class, Instructor Reich, greeted him on behalf of everyone.


  “Hello, Dean Heinkel.”


  “Heh heh, nice to see you all. I hope I’m not too late?”


  Dean Heinkel spoke with a faint smile.


  “Actually, when I tried to leave my room this morning, I noticed that I had put on socks of different colors. I hurriedly changed them, and it took a bit of time.”




  “Oh my, Dean.”


  Laughter spread softly through the faculty room, creating a gentle atmosphere. I was the only one who didn’t laugh and glanced at Dean Heinkel’s socks.




  Honestly, I wondered what difference the color of the socks would make when they were covered by the robe down to the toes.


  “Come on, everyone, let’s sit down.”


  As Dean Heinkel suggested taking a seat, everyone sat down and waited for him to speak.


  After a moment, Dean Heinkel began the meeting with a calm voice.


  “First-year instructors, as you all know, Victory Celebration Day is just around the corner. Especially for first-year students, who are experiencing the festival as academy students for the first time, extra care is needed.”


  Victory Celebration Day.


  That was the reason why Dean Heinkel had called the full meeting.


  This year marked the 5th anniversary of Victory Celebration Day.


  Of course, I had never been interested in it before. Enjoying the festival was not something for me, and it was awkward for me to mingle with the soldiers who gathered to enjoy it. I had always been acting alone as a member of the special forces.


  I had turned down all invitations to attend the Victory Celebration Ball held by Marquis Kalshtein. Naturally, this would be my first time attending the Victory Celebration Day festival held by the academy.


  I had no idea what they did and had no interest in it, but how was it related to the instructor’s duties?


  Dean Heinkel continued to speak, answering that question.


  “You all probably know this, but let me explain for those who might not.”


  The principal’s gaze was on no one else but me, and his intention to explain to me in detail was evident.


  Dean Heinkel’s explanation was as follows:


  The students of Philion Academy must strive to grow into outstanding talents of the empire, continuously proving their abilities even during their time at the academy.


  Civilian support tasks were also part of this effort.


  During Victory Celebration Day, people from all over the empire and even the continent flock to the area, making it difficult to manage with the existing number of Imperial police.


  To help with this, academy students assist the Imperial police in maintaining public order throughout the city.


  Naturally, during the festival, students not only had to deal with fatigue from their duties but also lack the time to enjoy the festivities.


  Thus, on the first day of the five-day festival, the first-year students were in charge, while the fifth-year students took on the last day when most people gather.


  Of course, even on the first day of the festival, the instructors’ roles were important to ensure that students could perform their support tasks smoothly, even on relatively less crowded days.


  One by one, the instructors in charge of each class started to speak.


  The first to speak was Instructor Akeron.


  “Let’s have Diamond White take care of districts 2 to 6. It’s where a lot of nobles and people of high-status visit.”


  “Garnet Red will be in charge of areas with large crowds, such as the central road and the city gates. And I think it’s a good idea for Garnet Red to take care of District 7, the market street as well.”


  “Then, Sapphire Blue will take care of the cathedral and its surrounding areas. Many of the followers of the Goddess will be visiting, after all.”


  “Emerald Green will patrol the outer districts.”


  Instructor Lirya thought for a moment and then asked,


  “How will we handle the areas with poor security?”


  “The Imperial police will be in charge of those areas, Instructor Lirya. If necessary, we can also deploy the academy’s security forces.”


  “If the Dean says so, there’s no need to worry. The students can focus on maintaining order in the areas where tourists gather.”


  With that, the first-year instructors established an overall plan and began discussing the details to determine the areas each class would be responsible for.


  Which class and which section would be in charge of which area… Unlike classes with only eight members like Opal Black, Diamond White, and Garnet Red classes were composed of several sections within the first year. That’s why there were more details to discuss.




  I silently listened to their discussions.


  I didn’t even know what responsibilities I should take on in the first place.


  I was not familiar with the city of Shangria, and unlike other classes that had common backgrounds, religions, and hometowns, Opal Black had such distinct personalities that I had no idea where they should be in charge.


  The only thing worth considering was the fact that there were three high-ranking nobles.


  Maybe they would be suitable for District 1, the Imperial Palace Emperatos.


  However, if the princess were there giving directions, the guests visiting the palace would be shocked and wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.


  Noticing my troubled expression, Instructor Lirya, who was sitting next to me, raised her hand and came to my aid.


  “Um, Dean! Since it’s Instructor Graham’s first time at the festival, would it be okay for him to accompany our class?”


  “Hmm, that’s a good idea. Since Opal Black is a newly established class, both the students and the instructor need experience. There’s nothing more reassuring than having Instructor Lirya help by his side.”


  “Thank you, Dean!”


  Saying that, Instructor Lirya winked at me.


  I also sent a grateful gesture with my eyes.


  To be honest, it was true that I was at a loss as to where to go. As always, Instructor Lirya was the only one to help in difficult times.


  I felt sorry for thinking that she might have to raise her hand like that every time she spoke, perhaps because if she didn’t appeal in that way, nobody would pay attention to her due to her small stature.


  As the meeting was nearing its conclusion, Dean Heinkel suddenly spoke up.


  “Although it has not been officially announced yet, a very special guest will soon be coming to the academy to give an invited lecture.”


  “A special guest?”


  “Hehe, that’s right. Don’t be surprised, but it’s Dr. George Von Brown, the developer of the Shangria Tram and the anti-gravity system.”


  At those words, my shoulders tensed, and a look of surprise crossed the faces of all the instructors gathered in the faculty room.


  That’s how astonishing the name George Von Brown was.


  The news of last night’s anti-gravity system demonstration had already been widely reported throughout Shangria via the morning newspapers. And it had boldly adorned the front pages of all the papers.


  It meant that the interest of all the citizens was focused on the soon-to-be-unveiled anti-gravity system.


  Instructor Helga of Emerald Green, unable to hide her surprise, pushed up her glasses and said,


  “Are you talking about the reclusive genius, George Von Brown, who is famous for being difficult? That he will give a lecture at our academy, despite not engaging in any external activities? It’s both astonishing and great news. How on earth did you invite him, Dean Heinkel?”


  “Hehe, it’s a bit different from an invitation. Actually, Dr. Brown himself expressed his desire to come to the academy.”


  “Dr. Brown himself!?”


  Behind Instructor Helga’s voice, filled with astonishment, Dean Heinkel quietly looked at me.


  “Dr. Brown specifically requested Instructor Eon to assist with the preparation for his lecture. Instructor Eon, may I ask for your help?”




  At that moment, all the instructors in the meeting room turned their attention to me.


  Their gazes were filled with surprise, suspicion, and doubt about whether I could possibly know such a famous person.


  However, in my heart, there was only a growing sense of foreboding.





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Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

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