Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero Chapter 95

Chapter 95- Imperial Palace Ball

༺ Imperial Palace Ball ༻



  I walked back to the Opal Black Dormitory. This was because my bike had exploded and disappeared along with the non-process.


  To be honest, it was true that I felt sorry for its absence after it was gone. I didn’t know that I would like Dr. Brown’s invention…


  Due to the explosion of the non-process, the system was still in chaos, and the central street and tram were crowded with people, so I deliberately avoided the crowd and came back a long way. Thanks to that, the sunset was already setting by the time I arrived at the dormitory.


  As soon as I entered the dormitory, I heard the voice of Titania welcoming me immediately.


  “Instructor Eon!”


  “Have you been waiting all this time?”


  “Yes! Because you told me to wait at the dormitory. I’m glad you’re safe!”


  All the students, including Titania, were gathered in the lounge without a single one missing.


  Their expressions surprisingly showed more relief than worry. It was as if they had heard the news that I saved Elizabeth in advance.


  Marian asked with a worried look, checking my condition.


  “I’m glad you don’t seem to have been hurt.”


  “It wasn’t a big deal. Have you already heard the story?”


  “Yes. The radio kept saying. They said that the third princess had safely escaped and there were no casualties. Thanks to that, the parade was forced… um, it was carried out as scheduled.”


  So they decided to go on with the parade after all. It was lucky I avoided the central street.


  Gwyn asked cautiously.


  “Instructor. So what exactly happened? The radio said it was an accidental fire… is that really true?”




  I wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate for me to talk about it directly. The ominous dispute surrounding the empire’s throne was not a good topic to hear about. Besides, it was questionable whether this information was necessary for the students who just turned 18 this year.


  Perhaps reading my hesitation, the quick-witted Schultz calmed Gwyn down.


  “Gwyn. If instructor Eon and Elizabeth think the time is right, they will tell us. The instructor must have had a hard time, let’s let him rest.”


  “Oh, right… I’m sorry, instructor.”


  “No, it’s okay.”


  Though I didn’t say anything, Marian and Schultz, who had experienced noble society, and Saladin, who was of royal origin albeit from a different nation, seemed to roughly guess what the situation was.


  Especially Saladin, perhaps due to his past experiences of being continually subjected to assassinations, looked particularly uncomfortable.


  Then, I made eye contact with Oznia, who had been quietly watching me.


  She opened her mouth in a calm voice, almost devoid of emotional change.


  “Did my magic help?”




  It was fortunate to have a wizard who could teleport in an emergency situation. If I had been alone, I would have had to endure a lot of trouble to get to such a high position.


  “It was a big help.”


  At my sincere tone, Oznia gave a faint smile.


  If my intuition was not wrong, the emotion contained in that smile was certainly pride.




  Only after my return did the students seem to genuinely relax, and they started to chat about various things.


  Titania suggested going to enjoy the parade belatedly, but most of the students showed indifference and she had no choice but to withdraw the proposal. In fact, Titania didn’t seem to regret it much, as she seemed to just want to change the atmosphere, not actually wanting to go.


  Marian and Schultz had to leave the dormitory to attend the Imperial Palace ball held after the parade. In fact, both of them should have started preparing for the ball by now, but they had stayed in the dormitory until the situation calmed down, following my order.


  Some students showed interest at the mention of the Imperial Palace ball, but Marian spoke with a troubled expression.


  “It’s better not to come.”


  “Why? It seems fun…”


  In response to Titania’s question, Marian answered with a disgusted expression.


  “It’s not simply a place to enjoy. It’s a place of power struggle where nobles’ dirty and sticky psychological warfare takes place. If you really want to go, I can bring a few of you at my discretion… but it’s a place where innocent kids like you get their eyes and noses cut off, you know?”


  “Uh-huh, uh-huh.”


  Schultz also seemed to agree silently.


  “Innocent… I’m not that innocent…”


  At Marian’s words, Titania had no choice but to concede in a small voice. Other students also lost interest in the ball.


  With that, the two left the dormitory to attend the ball.


  As everyone was going back to their rooms or scattering to do their things, I was also about to return to my room.


  Speaking of the ball…


  Hearing the word ‘ball’ inevitably brought back past memories. More precisely, it was a funny promise from my naive childhood.


  ‘I heard there’s a ball at the royal palace. I’ll take you to all of them.’


  I shook my head lightly to shake off the memory.


  While it was once one of the goals of my life and an object of longing, it is now a meaningless place for me. I’ve never once thought about wanting to go, and I’m sure I never will in the future. I probably will never go to a ball until the day I die.


  As I was thinking about this, Titania, who had gone out to tend to the garden plants, came in through the front door.


  There was a bewildered look on her face.


  “Instructor. There’s someone looking for you outside…”




  When I checked the front gate, I could immediately understand why Titania was flustered.


  About ten maids, each carrying a heavy-looking bag, were waiting outside the dormitory. Among them, one maid, who looked the most elegant and composed, stepped forward and addressed me.


  “Hello. I am Luisa, the chief maid of the princess’s palace. Are you Instructor Eon Graham?”


  “…Yes, I am, but what is all this about?”


  “Her Highness the Princess has invited Instructor Graham to the Imperial Palace ball. Also, considering that you might not have appropriate attire, Her Highness has tasked us with helping you dress, along with your grooming.”


  What did she just say?


  I tried hard to suppress my surprise and said,


  “I was not informed of this.”


  “Her Highness asked us to convey her message to you, she said she has prepared a good seat for you and would very much appreciate it if you could keep the promise. Of course, it’s not an absolute demand, and if you wish to decline, we are prepared to leave as we are… what do you say?”




  So, this is what Elizabeth meant when she said she would ‘prepare an appropriate place’.


  When she asked me if she could spare some time, I said I would. I didn’t think I was agreeing to something this troublesome…


  A promise is a promise. And if asked whether I loathe the idea of attending a ball so much that I’d break my own word, I really don’t.


  Sure, there are people whose faces I’d rather not see, but honestly, I had no reason to avoid them.


  If anything, they might have a reason to avoid me.


  In the end, I made a decision in my mind.


  “I will attend.”


  Chief maid Luisa bowed politely in response.


  “Thank you, Instructor. We should prepare for your grooming now, if you’ll excuse us.”


  “No, something simple would suffice… I can wear my instructor’s uniform.”


  “That won’t be suitable. There’s a dress code for the ball. Honestly, to see you, with your appearance, not making an effort to groom yourself is like throwing a gem on the ground… um, I mean, you would look much better with a bit of grooming.”


  “You seem quite excited.”


  “Not at all. Please come inside. We don’t have much time before the ball. Every moment is critical.”


  At Luisa’s gesture, the maids led me swiftly inside. They weren’t particularly strong, but the peculiar commanding atmosphere they exuded made it hard to resist.


  “Eh… Instructor?”


  Titania watched with a shocked expression as I was led away by the maids, half willingly and half reluctantly.


  Not knowing how to respond to her expression, I chose to maintain silence.




  The maids’ grooming was truly fast and efficient. They could only be described as professionals in their field.


  It would have been fine to take the tram and travel on my own, but a luxurious carriage adorned with the Imperial crest was waiting at the academy entrance. It was a massive carriage pulled by no fewer than eight horses.


  Compared to the luggage wagon I rode when I first arrived at the academy, it felt like the difference between a soldier’s tent and a royal palace.


  This was my first time going to the Imperial Palace, Emperatos, but there was no time given to leisurely look around. The maids rushed because time was pressing before the start of the ball.


  I thought I’d be taken directly to the ballroom, but that wasn’t the case.


  The place I arrived at was the Princess’s Palace. Luisa bowed politely and said,


  “Her Highness the Princess is waiting for you inside.”


  Luisa knocked lightly on the door.


  “Your Highness, Instructor Graham has arrived.”


  “Come in. The door’s open.”


  At Elizabeth’s reply, Luisa carefully stepped back as she opened the door. At her gesture for me to go in, I nodded and entered, wondering what was going on.


  Inside, Elizabeth was in a silvery white dress.


  The softly shimmering silver fabric contrasted with her pale skin. The dress for the occasion, which neither revealed too much nor covered too much, exposed Elizabeth’s elegant figure while still maintaining her dignity.


  Upon seeing me, Elizabeth’s eyes widened slightly, and she lifted her red lips into a charming smile as usual.


  “Oh my… you look quite dashing in your formal attire, Instructor.”


  I didn’t know how to respond to this.


  After a moment of thought, I ended up speaking honestly. There was no reason to lie.


  “You look quite nice in your dress too.”


  “I didn’t expect you to say such things… but it is nice to hear.”


  Without a word, Elizabeth stretched out one of her hands towards me, and I stared at it blankly. I didn’t understand why she suddenly extended her hand.


  Assuming that she wanted me to hold her hand, I placed my hand on top of hers. Then, Elizabeth smiled lightly and said,


  “Hehe… Instructor, that’s not how you escort someone. I guess I’ll have to help you.”




  After saying this, Elizabeth boldly looped her arm through mine. It was the so-called arm-in-arm.


  Being this close while wearing thin dresses, parts that should not touch between a man and a woman were distinctly felt… whether Elizabeth was unaware of it or not, she seemed not to care at all.


  Her eyes twinkled as she lifted her eyelashes neatly.


  “Shall we go, Instructor?”




  Was this how an escort was supposed to act?


  Being completely ignorant about escorting, I had no choice but to do as Elizabeth wished.


  And so, arm in arm, we climbed into the carriage.


  Our destination was the Imperial Palace’s ballroom.







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Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

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