Aura of a Genius Actor Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - We’ll see how it plays out

༺ We’ll see how it plays out ༻



  “The script is done.”


  “The script? Not just the plot, but the whole script? The final version?”




  The five group members incredulously flipped through the bundles of paper.


  About eight pages were filled with dialogues.


  Ryu Shin clicked his tongue.


  Of course, as a beginner who had briefly tried out for a theater club, he might not have considered scene transitions or pauses in the dialogue.


  Nevertheless, it was astonishing that he wrote a 15-minute one-act play script in just a week.


  “The title is… Love of His Life?”


  “Yes. There’s a song by Queen called Love of My Life, which is known to have been written by Freddie Mercury for Mary Austin. I borrowed it from that song’s title.”


  “You must have a clear picture of the scenes in your head. So are you going to direct, Yoomyeong?”


  Everyone seemed to agree, but Yoomyeong quickly interrupted.


  “No! I want to act.”




  “Yes. I intend to pass the script on to the director and step back. I will help with script modifications if the director requests, but I don’t intend to be involved in the directing itself.”


  Ryu Shin looked straight into Yoomyeong’s eyes. There was an unmistakable determination in his eyes that he would never concede.


  Why would such a guy initially go to the business department instead of the acting department?


  “Looking at the script, there are only three roles. You do realize that everyone here is an aspiring actor, right?” 


  “Yes. That’s why I’m going to suggest that we hold an audition.” 


  “Auditions? For a class assignment?”


  “We’re going to cast roles while reading the script anyways. If I don’t make it in the audition, I’ll just direct or do whatever.”


  “Which role do you want to play?”


  “It’s Freddie Mercury, of course.”


  Ryu Shin laughed as if he found it amusing.


  “Do you know that our group has two actors from <Oedipus>?”


  The Acting Department’s theater club <Oedipus>.


  Along with the Central Theater Club <Changcheon>, <Oedipus> was currently one of the two major theater clubs at Gwanak University.


  The two share a not-so-friendly rivalry. Or rather, <Changcheon> considered <Oedipus> as a rival, but <Oedipus> didn’t pay any attention to them.  Even though they were a college theater club, the quality of those who dream of becoming professional actors was different.


  In fact, <Oedipus> always overwhelmed <Changcheon> in terms of audience numbers during their annual autumn performances.


  Ryu Shin was the president of <Oedipus>.


  To him, Yoomyeong’s ambition was as cute as an eagle looking at a chick’s mischief.


  Moreover, <Changcheon> didn’t allow first-year students to act.


  In other words, this enthusiastic guy had no acting experience whatsoever.


  On the contrary, in <Oedipus>, where talent allows even a first-semester freshman to take the lead role, Ryu Shin had consistently played lead roles.


  However, the newbie casually crossed his arms and replied leisurely.


  “Well, we’ll see who’s better at the reading, won’t we?”




  “Yoomyeong! Why are you so late? I got your meal for you.”


  “Oh, thank you~”


  “That’ll be 1,800 won.”


  With her always cheerful smile contrasting her curt demeanor, Bora stretched out her hand, and Yoomyeong promptly pulled out the exact amount from his wallet.


  With a swift exchange of money, Yoomyeong settled his tray down and started eating.


  “Why are you always coming from that direction? Which class do you have before this?”


  “Oh, it’s the building for the Acting Department.”


  “You’re taking a course in the Acting Department?”




  Bora and Shinhee’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.


  “There must be a lot of pretty and handsome students in the Acting Department, right?”


  Yoomyeong thought about it.


  Surely… the visual appearance of the students from the Acting Department was impressive. Occasionally, some people who were likely to appear on screen in the future caught his eye.


  “Well, I’m not sure.”


  There was no need to speak the entire truth.


  Then Sang Jin spoke, chewing on his pork cutlet. 


  “Hey, do the acting students think of Shin Yoomyeong as their equal although he’s a business student? That’s a bit off.”


  “What? What’s wrong with Yoomyeong?”


  “How can you say something like that?!”


  As Bora and Shinhee seemed to get rather upset, Sang Jin quickly corrected himself.


  “No, I mean… He wasn’t originally someone who stood out. He changed after serving in the military, but he still hasn’t shed his habits from the army. I’m just worried that he might feel overwhelmed among the students in the acting department.” 


  It was a lame excuse. Yoomyeong quietly looked at Sang Jin and continued eating his meal without saying anything.


  “See, Yoomyeong understands. You’re being too sensitive. Hey, shall we guys hang out tonight? I heard that the vibe in Hongdae is great these days. Should we go to a club?”


  “I have something to do in the evening.”


  “What is it? You can come after you’re done.”


  “It’s the first meeting for the play. If we have an after-party, it will end late.”


  “A play? You’re doing a play?”


  Sang Jin waved his hand as if it didn’t fit. It was clear that the image of Yoomyeong as a freshman was still ingrained in his mind.


  “Wow~ Yoomyeong, are you in Changcheon?”


  “Are you there as an actor? Or as a staff?”


  “Let me know when the performance is. I’ll definitely come to watch it.”


  Bora and Sinhee waved goodbye to Yoomyeong and nudged Sang Jin’s side, standing up. They seemed anxious about what Sang Jin might say if they stayed any longer. 


  “We have to go to the library to borrow some books. See you tomorrow!”


  “Do well at your first meeting. Fighting!”


  The three quickly disappeared, and Yoomyeong’s lips twisted.


  To those who knew his old self, he was still a nerd. He had no thirst for revenge, but he would be lying if he said he didn’t want to turn the tables on them and make their jaws drop. 


  ‘Maybe I should go buy some clothes…’




  A men’s clothing store in front of Woonmyeong Women’s University near Gwanak University. 


  Minhee was eating a cup of ramen in the empty store.


  ‘Maybe I should have just opened a women’s clothing store…’


  The area around the university was a fashion mecca.


  Every alley was bustling with high school and college students buying clothes, ladies visiting beauty salons, and visitors looking for good restaurants. However… 


  ‘There aren’t many male customers during the day…’


  Unlike women’s clothing stores that were bustling with students even during the day, the men’s clothing store only had customers in the evenings or on weekends.


  Minhee, who opened the store with the concept of ‘a store to choose clothes for a boyfriend,’ soon realized her mistake.


  ‘But still, coordinating men’s fashion is fun.’


  She had worked as a stylist for a famous boy band until her mid-twenties and was recognized for her keen eye and sense.


  However, fearing that she would die without making a name for herself if she continued to live the unstable life of a stylist without being able to spend her evenings or weekends freely, she invested all her savings and opened this store three months ago.




  At the welcome sound of the bell, Minhee put aside the ramen she was eating.


  Standing at the door was a male student whose appearance was very rural by Minhee’s standards, but he had a likable impression.




  Her voice rose in pitch along with her excitement.


  Yoomyeong also looked at the shop owner with a warm gaze.


  It was the owner of a face he had seen many times in the media.


  Jeon Minhee.


  Having opened a men’s clothing specialty store near Woon University and gained a word-of-mouth reputation, she became the queen of the fashion world who later made a hit with a men’s only online shopping mall concept that turns ‘ordinary’ men into ‘hunks’. 


  That person was greeting him with a broad smile, showing her teeth tinged with chili powder.


  “I came to look at some clothes.”


  “What kind of style are you looking for?”


  “In your opinion, which style would suit me?”


  Minhee looked at the audacious male student with a strange expression.


  ‘What kind of mischief is this kid up to?’ 


  She crossed her arms, scanned the male student from head to toe, and then brought out two pairs of trousers, a shirt, a tee, and a jacket.


  “Try these on.”


  Without a word, Yoomyeong headed to the fitting room.


  In 2018, the participation fee for a styling coaching session by ‘Jeon Minhee’ was 200,000 won for two hours.


  With a capacity of 50 people, the total revenue for the lecture was 10 million won. Even after subtracting food expenses and rental fees, her hourly rate would still be over 3 million won. 


  He was receiving such coaching for free right now.




  Minhee was surprised when she saw Yoomyeong come out of the fitting room after changing his clothes.


  ‘Even though I chose it, it’s a masterpiece, isn’t it?’


  The purple color looked great against his unusually fair skin.


  It was a high-end fabric tee that was pricey for a college student, but that’s why it exuded a subtle sophistication in its color, and most of all, the fit fell perfectly. Hidden under the baggy clothes, he had a more athletic body than expected.


  The jacket he wore over it was checkered.


  Although the pattern was a bit bold for an ordinary person, his clean-faced style made it look stylish rather than excessive. The fact that he had broad shoulders also played a part.


  In addition, the indigo jeans that Minhee gave, who didn’t prefer the trending wide-leg or boot-cut trousers, added a sophisticated finish to the clean look.


  “Even though I chose them… they really suit you well.”


  “I came here after hearing the rumors that you have a discerning eye, and you didn’t disappoint.”


  Minhee didn’t even hear the student’s cheeky joke.


  Something… more subtle than expected…


  “Turn around once.” 


  At Minhee’s command, Yoomyeong did a full spin.


  It was then that Minhee realized the true nature of her discomfort.


  ‘No wonder he looks better than expected. This guy has…’






  His movements exuded an elegant feeling. The way he placed his fingertips and crossed his legs subtly captivated people. 


  Why was she feeling the sense of trained body movements that she used to see from stars in the entertainment industry from this ordinary kid?


  “By any chance… have you learned dancing or something?”




  Minhee ordered him to try on another shirt, hiding her confusion.


  The changed appearance did not disappoint her expectations.


  “Wow, it looks great.”


  “Yes, it really does. But these items are a bit pricey.”


  “How much are they?”


  “Twenty for those four.”


  At the time, with one hundred thousand won, one could buy four bottoms and more than ten tops in the thrift alley in front of Woondae. 


  Considering this, it was not a trivial price, but Yoomyeong didn’t seem surprised.


  “This T-shirt is the most expensive one, isn’t it?”


  When Yoomyeong pointed to the purple patterned T-shirt and asked, Minhee was surprised again. Usually, one doesn’t think that a T-shirt would be more expensive than a jacket or pants.


  ‘What is this guy up to?’


  His next words surprised her even more.


  “Pick out more clothes that you think would suit me.”




  That day, Yoomyeong spent seven hundred thousand won all at once.


  He cleaned out his golden military salary account as well as the money his relatives gave him after his discharge.


  He spent most of it on clothes and also got his hair trimmed at the hair salon that Minhee recommended.


  ‘Phew… This is the first time I’ve spent so much on shopping. I think I did well, though.’


  To be an actor, a sophisticated image was also important.


  Fashion does not progress without an initial investment. Since he had a reliable coach, there wouldn’t be any money that was wasted.


  ‘Besides, I’ve become friends with Jeon Minhee.’


  Minhee was still in a position where she worried about monthly rent.  


  This customer, who spent tens of thousands at once and had a knack for dressing well, swept Minhee off her feet.


  In addition to a few shirts and accessories from her personal collection that she offered as service…


   It’s really satisfying to dress you up.  I will take responsibility for your style from now on! If you have any items you’re worried about buying, ask me.




  Yoomyeong proudly looked at the newly saved number.




  <Engineering and Art Lecture Room 101>


  A considerable number of students were gathered in the large lecture hall.


  “This next production is ‘Ambitious Dream’, right?”


  “I heard that Wonyoung is studying really hard for the lead role.”


  Amid the hustle and bustle, a man entered through the back door, and all eyes instantly turned to him.


  It was a face they hadn’t seen before.


  ‘Who is that? Is he a freshman?’


  ‘Wow, did we have such a guy in our school? Look at his style.’


  ‘Who is that guy? He’s my type…’


  The person who first broke the silence and spoke to the stranger was Seo Mun-sik, the planner of this play.


  “Are you from the Engineering Department? Our club has reserved this room from 6 to 10.”


  “Hello, I’m Shin Yoomyeong. I was active in Changcheon during my first year before I went to the army, and I’ve just returned to school.”


  “Shin Yoomyeong? Shin Yoomyeong… huh?”


  Mun-sik was taken aback.


  Searching his memory, he vaguely recalled a freshman like that three years ago. 


  He was always quiet and did only what he was told to do. Among the lively theater team members, he was a guy who didn’t stand out at all, as if he wasn’t there.


  ‘Can a person change this much in two years?’


  A few seniors who remembered Yoomyeong were also taken aback. While it was true that some people undergo a change in atmosphere after serving in the military, this was beyond that. He looked like a completely different person. 


  Park Hansang, a third-year student who couldn’t recall Yoomyeong at all, stretched his neck and chimed in.


  “You’re a returnee? I can’t seem to remember you. Anyway, what are you aiming for this time? The costume team?”


  “No, I aspire to be an actor.”


  “Really? There are so many aspiring actors this time, so it’s going to be tough for a newbie to get a role.”


  At Hansang’s overly straightforward warning, Yoomyeong chuckled.


  And he blurted out one sentence, thinking that he would have to repeat this statement several times today.


  “We’ll have to see how it plays out, senior.”




Aura of a Genius Actor

Aura of a Genius Actor

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