Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability Chapter 20

Wagging Tail

༺ Wagging Tail ༻



  “Professor, I’m sorry but I’m quite tired right now.”


  Having been under Professor Moriarty’s eerie grey-hued gaze for a while, I slowly opened my mouth.


  “It seems you’re enjoying a drink too, Professor.”




  “So, can we postpone the answer to that question and the report on this case for a later time?”


  Even to me, it didn’t seem like a suggestion she would accept but I needed to buy some time right now, dammit!


  If I misspoke even slightly or let the fear I felt surface, my life could be in danger.


  Being worn out from various events, even a single slip of the tongue could be the end for me.


  Thus, I desperately needed a moment to gather my wits.


  “Oh, if that’s the case, there’s no problem.”


  However, seeing the chilling smile that appeared on Professor Moriarty’s lips I couldn’t help but abandon that thought.


  “I always carry a confession drug with me. You can talk even in your sleep.”




  There wouldn’t be a second chance. 


  If my response was even slightly delayed, I might have to say goodbye to this world forever.


  ‘I was still practicing that trick.’


  So, I began to gather mana in my eyes using all my might, bringing to mind the magic circle I had devised recently.


  “If you’re that curious, I’ll just tell you now.”


  “Good judgment.”


  I walked over to Moriarty in front of me and began speaking in a quiet voice.


  “To be honest, there’s not much to it that calls for a tedious thing like an explanation.”


  It was time to begin the pivotal maneuver that would determine the fate of this world.








  “You are everything to me, Professor.”


  Isaac Adler, having said that, continued his speech while resting his hands on Professor Moriarty’s table.


  “The core principle of my actions and the irreplaceable nucleus is Professor Jane Moriarty sitting right in front of me.”


  His heartfelt voice reached her ears.


  “I want to make London a kingdom of crime, Professor. And I want to see you sitting on top of the throne of that kingdom.”


  “Why me?”


  “Because I knew it the moment I laid my eyes on you. That you’re the most suitable person for that position.”


  The pupils of Isaac Adler shone, reflecting the dim light of the room.


  “And that thought, you see…”


  Watching Adler intently, Professor Moriarty tilted her head in curiosity as Adler began to rub his eyes.


  “It has never changed, not even once.”


  A moment later, when Adler lifted his head, his eyes which had originally been blue now appeared clouded and of a grey hue.


  “…Mana Corrosion phenomenon. I think this is proof enough.”


  At the same time, Adler, pointing at Professor Moriarty’s deep gray hair, spoke those words.


  “I’ve already been tainted by you, Professor.”


  Upon hearing that, Moriarty silently looked at Adler.


  Even faced with such a situation, her expression was remarkably unchanged.


  Even if it had been Charlotte in front of her instead of Adler, deciphering her innermost feelings would have been impossible right now.


  “Do you also have a ‘curse’?”


  “Well, I’ll keep that a secret for your amusement, Professor. But what’s important is that I act solely for you.”


  However, upon hearing the curious tone emanating from the professor’s lips, Adler sensed a sliver of hope for himself and continued his speech. 


  “For instance, in this case, I risked my life to secure Lady Joan Clay. Not to mention, acquiring the powers of a vampire was also part of building an organization for you, Professor.”




  “Thanks to that I overextended myself, but I’m not dead yet. At least not until I make you the Napoleon of crime that I have mentioned before.”


  Upon hearing this, Professor Moriarty’s eyebrows subtly twitched.


  “The events involving Charlotte Holmes were also solely for you, Professor. She has the potential to be your arch-nemesis.”


  “That immature girl?”


  Meeting her gaze head-on, Adler responded.


  “Professor, she will undoubtedly become our foe. She’s London’s hope, the one to fully alleviate your boredom and desires. That is what Charlotte Holmes’ purpose is.”


  “You seem to be overestimating her, quite uncharacteristic of you.”


  “If you were observing this case from afar, you’d have had a decent grasp of her abilities.”


  Professor Moriarty replied with an intrigued smile.


  “I did watch. She’s indeed impressive. However, she’s still raw. To become a ripe fruit she needs quite a lot more time.”


  “You saw it accurately.”


  “So, did you start tending to that fruit for an early harvest?”


  “To be precise, not for me but for you, Professor. Perhaps this incident has shortened the time of harvest.”


  After pausing to catch his breath, Adler, with a playful glint in his eyes, looked back at Professor Moriarty and resumed speaking.


  “Do you understand now?”




  “I am solely your possession, and everything I do is entirely for you.”


  And then, there was silence.


  “I heard you, Mr. Adler.”


  After staring intently at Adler for a while amidst the silence, Moriarty raised the glass she had been swirling in her hand.


  “How about a drink?”


  “Professor, you’re offering alcohol to a student?”


  “I want to see you in a more vulnerable state.”


  And then, she displayed her usual radiant smile to him.


  “In that state, perhaps what you say might differ from now.”


  “Professor, I…”


  “But for now, I will choose to believe your words.”


  Before Adler could say anything, Professor Moriarty continued with a delighted expression on her face.


  “I’ll say it again, I’m choosing to believe your words. After all, you’re my adorable assistant.”


  Feeling a chilly sensation run down his spine, as if he was being toyed with by someone far above him in the food chain, Adler forced a smile.


  “Oh, and I recorded everything you said.”




  However, as Moriarty continued her words that smile began to slowly crack.


  “I quite liked it. What you said to me.”




  “I wanted to keep it as compelling evidence, just in case you decide to renege on your words.”


  Saying so, Moriarty chuckled softly.


  “So, Mr. Adler, whose possession are you?”


  “…I am the possession of the Professor.”


  In response to Moriarty’s playful question, Adler answered thoughtlessly.


  “But why did you deplete your lifespan without my permission?”


  Her voice suddenly turned sharp and piercing at the mention of the recent event.


  “Professor, that’s…”


  “Your remaining lifespan and life are entirely mine. Our agreement dictates as such.”


  “As I said before, everything is within my calculated range. So you don’t need to worry…”


  “That’s not the issue here.”


  At that, Adler closed his mouth and Moriarty quietly added more words,


  “The very fact that a single minute or second of your lifespan, which belongs to me, was expended for someone else is quite displeasing and distasteful.”




  “Especially since it was wasted on that bratty and shadowy detective— it’s all the more irritating.”


  Moriarty then flashed him another sly smile.


  “Do not do it again.”


  “…Yes, Professor.”


  As Adler nodded with a weary expression, Moriarty gestured for him to come closer.


  “Mr. Adler. Come and sit by my side.”




  Although looking rather baffled, Adler dragged a chair next to her and sat down as she commanded. Moriarty then whispered to him in a soft voice,


  “Just stay seated next to me.”


  “…For how long?


  “Until you’ve reviewed all these reports.”


  As she handed the entire stack of reports that were in front of her to Adler, a flicker of dismay passed through his eyes.


  “Are you joking?”


  “The door won’t be unlocked until you’re done with them.”


  Thus began what felt like an endless hellish ordeal for Adler.


  “Mr. Adler.”


  “…Hmm? What is it?”


  Half-asleep while stamping the reports in front of him, Adler reflexively responded to Moriarty’s voice from the side.


  “End things with Diana Wilson.”


  “…I was already thinking of doing just that.”


  And then, Adler looked at Moriarty with sleepy eyes and spoke,


  “We’ll have numerous cases waiting for us in the future. I can’t possibly have a romantic relationship with every client now, can I?”




  “Except for special cases that might benefit the organization, like the Queen of Bohemia or Princess Clay, I plan to clear out any and all relationships after each case.”


  “That’s wise. Otherwise, I might have had to kill again.”




  At Moriarty’s words, Adler let out a deep sigh. Looking straight into her eyes, he began to speak in a calm tone.


  “I’m not sure who you’re implying you’d kill, but if it’s me, then that’s not much of a threat.”




  “Because dying at your hands would be nothing short of an honor for me.”


  Jane Moriarty, who had maintained a neutral expression until then, started to intently gaze at him and her face shifted ever so slightly.


  “If you really wish to threaten me, you should say you’d break our contract and discard me.”


  While stretching and seemingly missing her reaction Adler continued, his voice growing drowsy.


  “Speaking of which… I’m truly at my limit now…”


  Adler’s head then began to droop.


  “Professor… I apologize but…”


  “Mr. Adler?”


  “I need to rest just a bit…”


  Having been pushed and pulled by various people all day, it took mere moments for him to succumb to sleep.




  A palpable silence thus ensued.


– Whoosh…


  In the midst of that silence, Jane Moriarty began to tenderly caress the sleeping Adler’s eyelids.


  “Indeed, upon closer look, they’re clearly grey…”


  She continued to stare intently into Adler’s eyes until dawn. Just before leaving the room for her lecture, she murmured in a soft voice,


  “…except for the specks of black mixed in.”


  An image of a detective with short black hair, representing the space between her and Adler, floated in Moriarty’s mind.


『Villain Maker』
– Progress: 51% → 75%                       








『Villain Maker』
– Progress: 51% → 75%                       


  “…Is this for real?”


  Early in the morning, upon waking up in Professor Moriarty’s office, I found that the first main quest had once again progressed by a significant margin.


  「It’s cold outside. Take care of yourself.」


  And then, I was able to see the message from Professor Moriarty which was left in the palm of my hand, and her coat which was draped over my body.


  “This is embarrassing.”


– Ding!


  Rubbing my somewhat stiff eyes and muttering to myself, I suddenly heard a cheerful sound ring out in front of me.


 Would you like to check your current karma?
YES                    NO


  Having postponed checking the message from yesterday, I sleepily gazed at it and without much thought, reached out to press YES.


  ‘There’s no harm in checking.’


  After all, it’s just the beginning; there shouldn’t be anything significant, right?









  (… truncated …)

– Gia Lestrade is following your trail.

– Mycrony Holmes is keeping an eye on you.

– Phantom thief Lupin acknowledges your existence.

– ??? feels a strong animosity toward you.



Probability of being Imprisoned 36% 

Probability of being Kidnapped 21%

Probability of being Killed 69%

Probability of Getting Involved in a Crime 99%


  “…What the hell, seriously.”


  I should’ve just not checked.



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Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I fervently critiqued the development of a Sherlock Holmes-based mystery gal game.   Villain Maker: Fulfilling the probability of Professor Moriarty's appearance. Love-Hate relationship: Becoming 'that man' for Holmes. Lady of London: Completing one sham marriage with Watson. Freeze: Receiving a confession from Inspector Lestrade. Phantom Thief's Treasure: Getting kidnapped by the Phantom Thief Lupin.   In doing so, become this twisted world's very probability.   Best wishes, Mr. Isaac Adler.   I’m screwed.


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