Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability Chapter 36





  How much time had passed since I proposed to Rachel Watson with an all-or-nothing mindset??


– Ggueug…


  “… Rachel?”


  Watson, who had been staring at me so intently that it could even be deemed frightening, suddenly leaned toward me and began to softly hold down both of my arms.


  “Ow, it hurts.”


  Caught off guard by her abrupt actions, I tried to wriggle away slightly but she unceremoniously shoved me, who was sitting on the bed, against the wall with a blank expression on her face.


  “Um, excuse me.”




  Unless I used magic, my frail body stood no chance against Watson’s strong grip.


  “… I messed up.”


  Having been helplessly pinned against the wall, I could only look up at Rachel Watson, who had climbed onto the bed and was pinning me down, and whisper in as pitiful a voice as possible.


  “Tell me, what did you do wrong?”


  She then tightened her grip on my arms and posed the question in a quiet voice.


  “… Everything.”


  At that moment, I should have noticed that the look in her eyes had slightly changed from before.


  “It’s all my fault.”


  But consumed by the anxiety that the game might be over just like that, I continued to whisper while making a face that would hopefully evoke sympathy in Watson.


  “… Please forgive me.”


  In hindsight, that action of mine seemed to have awakened something within Rachel Watson.




  Heat started to rise in Watson’s eyes, which had been holding onto my arms until then, right at that moment.


  “Why do you keep making me angry?”


  “… Pardon?”


  While I was looking into Rachel Watson’s eyes with a bewildered expression, she suddenly leaned a little closer to me and whispered in my ears.


  “You keep making me worry then suddenly cut off all contact, only to reappear in such a dangerous place a month later.”




  “You risk your life to come here, and you’ve turned into the kind of idiot I hate so much. And then, out of nowhere, you even propose.”


  What followed were her all too reasonable words.


  “Do you know what makes me the angriest?”


  As I was lowering my figurative tail and bowing my head like a puppy who had done wrong, Rachel Watson, looking down at me, whispered into my ears in a soft voice.


  “… From the moment you put the ring on my finger…”


  When I lifted my head at those words, I saw that her cheeks were already dyed in a deep shade of crimson. 


  “… My heart has been pounding like crazy.”


  That was the moment when the atmosphere in the room started to shift to a strangely tense state.


– Whoosh…


  “Ra, Rachel.”


  By now, even Rachel Watson’s ears were turning red, as she began to climb on top of me.


  “Did you ask for forgiveness?”


  “I, I did…?”


  “Then stay quiet.”


  I felt a momentary inexplicable sense of unease and tried to get up from my position, but Watson, who had started to press down on me with her body weight, whispered to me to stay put.


  “Are you planning to make me angrier?”




  “Can you handle the consequences if you do?”


  The moment I heard those words, all strength left my body involuntarily.




  Before I knew it, Watson and I were lying on the bed holding hands and staring at each other’s eyes.


  “… I love you too.”


  How much time had passed like that?


  “Let’s get engaged.”


  Rachel Watson whispered that to me, her face now donning a bashful expression… quite different from her usual self.


  “… Hmm.”


  When I quietly nodded in response, she spent some time avoiding eye contact as if she were embarrassed and then she tightly closed her eyes.


– Whoosh…


  Not long after, she soon burrowed into my arms.


  “… So, you’re going to do it now?”




  As she asked me in a trembling voice from within my arms, I tilted my head and then heard a shy voice coming from Rachel Watson’s lips.


  “… You said you believed in premarital purity.”




  “You even said that we can’t even hug, let alone kiss.”


  My mind went utterly blank at that shocking statement. She lifted her head while wriggling within my arms.


  “But you just said it yourself, didn’t you?”




  “You asked to get engaged.”


  Her expression had changed into one I had occasionally seen on Professor Moriarty and Charlotte till now.


  “Engagement is almost the same as marriage, isn’t it?”


  “What does that mean…”


  “Do you want to make me angry again?”


  I tried to explain logically but seeing her icy expression and the words she spat out, I could only become speechless.


  “Do you know how hard it was for me to just hold hands with you?”


  “That may be true, but…”


  That’s when Rachel Watson started to lean her head closer to me.


  “Words are pointless now.”


  Her ragged breath reached me as she reached the vicinity of my nose.


  “It’s essentially the same as saying you want physical contact now.”


  Her warm and soft abdomen and her pillowy breasts, not quite as big as Mycrony’s but still fairly sizable, pressed against me— transferring their blazing warmth.


  “… There’s no way out now.”


  She who had coldly criticized me, suggesting I became a vegetable, whispered such loving words with a relaxed face and closed her eyes.


  ‘… This shouldn’t happen.’


  Hesitation rose in my head when I realized what might happen next.


  ‘Professor and Charlotte definitely…’


  But such hesitation lasted only for a moment. Upon checking the messages that appeared before my eyes, I had no choice but to close my eyes and accept Rachel Watson’s advances.


『Lady of London』
– Description: Complete one sham marriage with Watson.


  ‘… Just how many parts do I need to divide myself into for these women?’ 


  Right after that, her soft tongue began digging into my mouth.












  Rachel Watson and Isaac Adler pulled their heads back simultaneously after entangling on the bed, exchanging body fluids for quite a while.


– Drip…


  Then, a string of sticky saliva stretched between their lips and tongue, connecting them.


  “… You didn’t hear any noise, did you?”


  “No, I didn’t.”


  Holding each other in that state, they both directed their gaze toward the closed door. Then they wiped their lips with their hands and sat down.




  Soon after, both of them looked at each other with their cheeks flushed.


  “It seems like there are quite a few prying eyes around here.”


  “It appears so. This place is not of great quality to begin with.”


  “… I would’ve liked to go all the way, if possible.”




  Adler tilted his head with a dubious expression at Watson’s murmur. In response, she just blushed and returned to whispering in a polite form of speech.


  “Anyway, let’s leave now. It’s too dangerous here.”


  “Yes… You’re right.”


  As she began to get up, a bewildered Adler also stood from his seat.


  “… You.”




  As he was about to head toward the door, Rachel Watson momentarily stopped him.


  “Cut all ties with Isaac Adler.”


  And then, she spoke with a serious expression.


  “… Why?”


  “Because he’s human trash.”


  When Adler, who was disguised as Neville, scratched his head and asked, she began to explain without a hint of hesitation in her eyes. 


  “I’ve seen some unexpected sides of him recently… but that doesn’t change his innate character.”


  “Uh, um…”


  “And I can’t bear to see someone like you getting involved with him.”


  Saying that, she folded her arms around Adler, and her mouth was once again adorned with a gentle smile after momentarily going cold while thinking of the trash of London.


  “… Because I love you.”


  Staring blankly at Watson’s completely melted expression, Adler bowed his head in silence, caught between guilt and treachery.


  ‘What should I do?’


  The Isaac Adler she so despised and disdained was the same person as Neville St. Clair, with whom she had just been intimately sharing bodily fluids mere moments ago.


  “Do you know?”


  “… Huh?”


  “That was my first kiss.”


  Whether she knew of his troubled heart or not, Rachel Watson murmured softly into Adler’s ear.


  “Take responsibility.”


  “… Rachel.”


  “Once we get married, you’ll have to take responsibility anyway.”


  Adler, who was about to say that he was clearly the one who had been kissed, closed his mouth quietly at her continued whisper.


  “So when shall we have the engagement ceremony?”


  Gazing at Adler with a loving look, Watson started to mumble with a slightly elated expression.


  “Tomorrow? Right away? No, that would be too hasty. How about in a few months then?”




  “What do you think?”


  Adler, who had been slightly sweating, merely responded with a smile.


  “Let’s start with dating and take it slowly from there.”


  Upon hearing that, Watson blinked her eyes and stared at Adler.


– Swish…


  Then, she fidgeted and reached out and held Adler’s hand.


  “… Can I look forward to it?”


  With that said, she asked in a quiet voice, gauging his reaction.


  “It’s fine to look forward to it now, isn’t it?”


  “… Perhaps.”


  Seeing her demeanor that was unusually timid and cute, something one couldn’t find in her usual strong-willed persona, Adler turned his gaze aside and responded.


  “… Hehe.”


  Then, with lighthearted giggles, she rested her head on Adler’s shoulder.


– Squeeze…




  Of course, since Rachel Watson was taller, she ultimately ended up burying her cheek not on Adler’s shoulder but near his neck. However, Watson, who had her eyes gently closed and was wearing a shy smile, seemed to not mind that at all.


  “It made me so happy just holding hands, but this is definitely far better.”


  After nestling her head against Adler’s neck for quite some time, she lifted their entwined hands and began to mumble.


  “… Everything suddenly escalating like this, my body is getting hot.”


  She, who had been looking up at Adler, began to walk while leaning on him.


  “We can stay like this throughout the date, right?”


  “… Of course.”


  Simultaneously, Isaac Adler began to walk forward matching his steps with hers.


  “… Even until the moon rises?”




  Thus began the intensely emotional date between Isaac Adler and Rachel Watson.


  ‘… How much time is left before the disguise wears off?’








– Squeak…


  Realizing that not much time remained to maintain the disguise, I left the opium den with a headache-inducing expression on my face.


  “….. Ah.”


  I soon realized that wasn’t the main issue here.




  It was because Charlotte Holmes, who had hidden her form in a cloud of black smoke, was staring intently at me while holding a pipe between her lips.


  “What’s the matter, dear?” 




  “Are you not feeling well?”


  Watson, who was wearing a worried expression while leaning on me, asked the question as I stared at Holmes’ empty eyes with a pallid face.


  “Do you want to have a check-up before going on the date?”


  “… No, I’m fine.”


  I hastily answered back and started to move forward, when a chilling voice suddenly echoed in my ears.


  “Isaac Adler.”


  Charlotte Holmes, who had been walking beside me before I knew it, tilted her head and asked the question.


  “… You can see me right now, can’t you?”


  ‘Save me…’


  Her questioning continued throughout the date.



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Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

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I fervently critiqued the development of a Sherlock Holmes-based mystery gal game.   Villain Maker: Fulfilling the probability of Professor Moriarty's appearance. Love-Hate relationship: Becoming 'that man' for Holmes. Lady of London: Completing one sham marriage with Watson. Freeze: Receiving a confession from Inspector Lestrade. Phantom Thief's Treasure: Getting kidnapped by the Phantom Thief Lupin.   In doing so, become this twisted world's very probability.   Best wishes, Mr. Isaac Adler.   I’m screwed.


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