Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability Chapter 57

The Organization

༺ The Organization ༻


  “Hey, you, you… What are you doing…!”


– Crackk…!




  Colonel Hayter, who was trampled till his leg twisted in a grotesque manner, screamed so loudly that it echoed throughout the dark room. 




  “…! ….!!”


  Then, Isaac Adler kicked the Colonel’s abdomen with a smirk, silencing him instantly.


  “… No matter how many times I see such a scene, I can never get used to it.”


  The Colonel, who was trembling and writhing on the ground, turned his eyes and looked terrified when he heard Adler’s eerie voice.


  “As expected, being a programmer was indeed the most suitable for me.”




  “… Can’t help it now, can we?”


  The glow in Adler’s eyes, whose face had already turned red from the influence of alcohol, was chillingly cold.


  His notorious, libertine gaze, and the somehow cute look that had recently become popular among the women of London, presented a strikingly different image with his current gaze.


  “Given the circumstances, it’s understandable…”


  “I, I was just… under the orders of Professor Jane Moriarty…”


  “I really don’t want to know that.”




  When Adler, with such a chilling gaze, placed his hand on the Colonel’s head, he started to froth from his mouth as his pupils rolled up and only the white of his eyes were now visible to the world.


  “… No, now that I think of it, I should have asked just how far the professor had planned…”




  As the Colonel lost consciousness and fell to the ground, a silence began to pervade the surroundings.


  “Celestia… Did you say you were Miss Moran?”


  In that silence, Isaac Adler, his eyes glowing in a red hue, rose from the ground.


  “What a cute little lady you are…”


– Shiver, shiver, shiver…


  He looked down at Moran, who was shivering violently while holding her sniper rifle tightly against her body, with a smile in his eyes.


  “How old are you?”


  “I, I’m twelve years old.”




  And then, Adler began to quietly tilt his head to the side.


  “The youngest design among the designs I’ve reviewed for the game.”




  “Alright, I like it.”


  He soon wore a satisfied expression and began to sway his tail. 


  “There’s no way the curse of this body would reach such a young child.”


  Upon witnessing that peculiar and eerie sight, Moran, holding the sniper rifle, hugged it tighter than ever before and began to tremble even more violently.


  “Is that an heirloom from your father?”




  “It’s constructed with an artificial circuit made from mana stones, sending out air itself as a lethal projectile instead of traditional bullets. Impressive. It’s a unique method not found anywhere in the world.”


  “How do you know that?”


  Her mouth opened wide as she spoke in response to Adler’s penetrating voice.


  “Who knows, really…”


  “Are you the devil?”


  “Maybe it’s because you’re a little girl, but your questions are truly innocent.”


  Upon seeing her round and cute appearance, Adler couldn’t help but burst into laughter and squatted down in front of her.


  “No one on this earth has ever dodged my sniping twice.”




  “Also, being alive even after a headshot… and that tail too…”


  “I’m not a devil, but I can grant you a wish if you want.”


  Moran, who had been muttering and stepping back with slightly fearful eyes, turned blank upon hearing those words.


  “Mr. Devil.”


  “I told you, I’m not the devil.”


  Then, she murmured with dark eyes.


  “Please take my soul.”


  “… Why?”


  “I want to go to hell.”


  Upon hearing those words, Adler quietly smirked.


  “I killed people…”


  “I see.”


  “I will probably be arrested and go to prison very soon.”




  “So, I have already given up on going to heaven.”


  Moran began to murmur in a faint voice, gazing into the distance with blank eyes.


  “And my father always said that he was going to hell because he killed many people in his life.”




  “If I go to hell, I can meet my father again.”


  Her dark gaze was blankly fixed on Adler.


  “And I can kill my father one more time.”


  “… What do you mean by that?”


  “I was the one who killed my father.”


  Then a bombshell slipped from the lips of the girl, who still appeared youthful but somehow worn out by life like an adult.


  “You’re the one who killed Colonel Sebastian Moran?”


  “… When my father was drunk, he would always become a monster.”




  “I had no choice but to avoid being devoured by that monster.”


  Adler, gazing at the girl, who had become twisted at such a young and tender age, with a slightly compassionate look, quietly reached out to Moran’s head.




  She, who was gazing at that sight with a pale face, flinched and unconsciously closed her eyes…


– Swish…




  But Isaac Adler, wearing a smile, merely gently stroked her small head with his hand.


  “Miss Moran is a bad girl.”


  “… Yes, I’m a bad girl.”


  To his uttered words, Moran, tilting her head, responded with a slightly expectant voice.


  “So, Mr. Devil, please take my soul…”


  “But, what to do…”


  However, Adler, shaking his head side to side, interrupted her words midway.


  “Upon checking now, I can see that there is still a pure corner left in your soul.”


  “That can’t be possible. I killed countless people…”


  “But when you’re a child, one’s soul doesn’t darken, damage, and corrupt as easily…” 


  “… Huh.”


  Hearing that, Moran opened her mouth wide and wore a bewildered expression on her youthful face.


  “So, if I take your soul as it is, you might go to heaven instead.”


  “Ah, no…”


  “Would that be okay, though?”


  Then, she shook her head urgently in denial. 


  “Um, so what should I do about this…?”


  Adler’s eyes fondly gazed down at her adorable appearance and began to quietly shine in an eerie light.


  “… There’s nothing we can do really.”


  And then, Adler gently began to stroke her cheek with his finger.


  “Give me your soul, and become mine.”




  “Then, I shall defile you forever.”


  Moran’s pupils began to widen at those words.


  “Become a shadow that loyally serves only me, an existence that will sever all dangers that approach me.”




  “Naturally, you’ll be stained with blood. And it does not just end with that. If you’re with me, you will be entangled in all sorts of filthy and vile matters going forward.”


  Adler’s soft voice began to whisper into her ear, almost akin to a devil.


  “Perhaps for a lifetime…”




  “A tamed hunting dog that serves and obeys its master, executing every command without hesitation. Because that’s what I want…”


  Looking at his dark gaze, Moran began to quiver slightly.


  “Can you, Miss Moran, become such a being for me?”


– Gulp…


  “If you can, I will gladly defile your soul.”


  Suddenly, the contract summoned by Adler was quietly hovering in mid-air.


  “You’ll have to decide quickly.”


– Isaac!!


  “People are coming…”


  Moran’s hand, pausing momentarily in mid-air, slowly reached forward.


  “… Will you feed me?”


  Subsequently, her timid question, as she held the pen rang in Adler’s ears.


  “You will have to eat well to hunt well now, won’t you?”


  Upon Adler’s natural answer, her hand began to move slowly.


– Zzzzzzzz…


  And, after who knows how long, a familiar shape of a golden seal began to be engraved on Moran’s being.


  “An excellent choice.”


  Moran, who absentmindedly gazed at the seal as she slightly lifted her top, blankly stared at Adler again as he leaned his face into hers.


  “I will raise you with utmost care.”


  “… Mr. Devil.”


  Then, she tilted her head and opened her mouth…


  “Shall I kill the people coming here now?”




  Upon hearing that, Adler let out a mischievous laugh and snapped his fingers.


– Zzzzzz…


  “… If you don’t want to die, leave this place first.”


  Then, Moran’s body began to become transparent in real-time.

  “I’m the only one who can handle those people.”


  Adler, who had been gazing distantly at the silhouettes of Charlotte Holmes and Jane Moriarty that began to appear in the distance, quietly started muttering with a corner of his lips lifted ever so slightly.




Celestia Moran has pledged her allegiance to you!


  The fruit of this incident was floating before his eyes.


3 or more Regular Characters have now become your subordinates. 
The 《Organization》 is thus established!








  Several days later.


  In a back alley of London, where night had descended with the setting of the sun… 


  “….. Ugh.”


  A girl with a fierce expression on her face, tenderly holding something rolled up in a newspaper, could be seen walking in an alley that even the most violent criminals would hesitate to enter.


  “It’s cold…..”


  Then, she gloomily murmured those words while rubbing her hands together.


  Although the rainfall was quite significant, the girl, drenched like a drowned rat, was walking without even a raincoat, let alone an umbrella.


  “Hey, kiddo…”


  “Can you stop for a moment?”


  As she gritted her teeth and moved forward in this perilous state, all of a sudden, mischievous voices registered in her ears inside the alleyway.


  “… Why?”


  “You’re brave, little one.”


  “Hand over everything you have.”


  Into the girl’s now lifted view came two thugs, each holding a knife in their hand.


  “I have nothing on me.”


  “Then you’ll just have to pay up with your body.”


  “Are you serious? No matter how you look at it, that kid’s just a tot!”


  “Idiot, I’m talking about organs. The younger they are, the more premium they are said to be.”


  Listening quietly to those words, the girl quietly raised her finger.


– Fwip…!


  A moment later, two bodies soundlessly fell into the puddle of the alleyway.


– Thud, thud…


  Gazing indifferently at that scene for a moment, the girl quietly began to step over the corpses and continued walking forward.


  “I found it.”


  Although her entire body was soaked with blood and rain water by now, the girl, who kept walking forward without a care in the world, suddenly stopped in her tracks; her eyes beginning to sparkle in the darkness of the night. 


– Knock, knock, knock…


  Then, she began knocking on the door of a shabby house.


– Creeaak…


  Soon after, the door opened and a scraggly girl with a shaved head, dripping blood and rainwater onto the floor, entered the house.


  “Mr. Devil.”


  And then, after scanning inside the house for a moment, the girl found the blonde-haired boy she had been searching for all along. The girl was none other than Celesia Moran.


  “As you commanded, I have escaped my pursuers.” 


  She spoke with a pure and innocent smile on her face.


  “…….. Yes?”


  However, Isaac Adler, the blonde man, looked at Moran with a bewildered expression on his face.


  “Who are you?”


  As he spoke, seemingly genuinely confused, Moran’s previously beaming face stiffened instantly.


  “You promised…”


  Tears began to pool in her eyes.


  “… You’d defile me.”


  Soon, a languid word oozed from her mouth, and an eerie silence began to envelop the shabby house.






  From behind Adler, Silver Blaze, wearing a maid’s outfit, fluttering her ears and tail, and Princess Joan Clay, adopting the appearance of a vampire with a collar around her neck, had their gazes simultaneously aimed at Isaac Adler.


  “… It’s a misunderstanding.”




  Then, the atmosphere began to grow chilly at a frightening rate.


  “So Master had that kind of preference…”


  “Go die, you piece of trash.”


  “No, this is really a misunderstanding!”


  The first meeting of the three executives, who would later become Adler’s closest confidants, was not off to a good start…



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Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

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I fervently critiqued the development of a Sherlock Holmes-based mystery gal game.   Villain Maker: Fulfilling the probability of Professor Moriarty's appearance. Love-Hate relationship: Becoming 'that man' for Holmes. Lady of London: Completing one sham marriage with Watson. Freeze: Receiving a confession from Inspector Lestrade. Phantom Thief's Treasure: Getting kidnapped by the Phantom Thief Lupin.   In doing so, become this twisted world's very probability.   Best wishes, Mr. Isaac Adler.   I’m screwed.


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