Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability Chapter 84

Behind the Veil

༺ Behind the Veil ༻


  Evening, the day when the outcome of the bet with the professor and Charlotte was finally settled…


  “Mr. Adler.”


  “Ah, I wondered who it was. It’s you, then?”


  Having finally gained his freedom and subsequently returning to his hideout in the back alleys, Adler greeted the first visitor after his release with a gentle smile.


  “Do you have a moment to speak right now? I hope you can make time if you don’t. It’s very urgent.”


  “Well, I am a bit busy and have a prior engagement, but how could I refuse a request from my one and only girlfriend?”


  The visitor, standing before him, was none other than Inspector Gia Lestrade. 


  “I think we need to clarify something before we start talking.”


  “Sure, what is it?”


  “I’m not here as your girlfriend, but rather as an inspector of the London Metropolitan Police Department. Keep that in mind.”


  Lestrade, fully dressed in her police uniform and donned with a gaze of frigid ice, spoke, prompting Adler, busy tidying the papers in his antique desk, to nod quietly in acknowledgment.


  “I understand.”


  “Then, let’s not dilly dally and get straight to the point.”


  Taking another step forward, she began her speech. 


  “The bizarre disappearance case that occurred in Hampstead a few days ago, you’re involved in it, aren’t you?”


  “… Hampstead?”


  “I’m referring to the disappearance of Caroline Augustus Milverton.”


  Adler’s eyebrows twitched ever so slightly, his head cocking to the side as he heard the name of the missing woman. 


  “The police have been keeping an eye on her for quite some time already. She is a villain of the worst kind.”


  “Is that so?”


  “We were aware that she possessed a large number of letters intended to be used for blackmail, and more than half of those were the result of seducing young boys.”


  Seizing the moment, Lestrade began her interrogation; voice sharp.


  “But a few days ago, when her house was searched following her disappearance, the documents that were presumed to be in the mansion’s secret space had all vanished without a trace.”




  “And that’s not the end. Valuable items were left untouched, and the servants have been reluctant to testify despite continuous questioning and interrogation by the police force.”


  Before long, she made her way right up to Adler’s desk as she continued her speech.


  “So, we are assuming that the person involved in this case either holds a high position or has a comparable level of influence.”


  “… I see.”


  “And I am aware of an individual who was transported from my house to somewhere else a few days ago.”


  “That’s quite a leap. Am I the only suspect in this case?”


  As she leaned against the desk with her hand placed on top, Adler casually posed a question to his official lover.


  “Rumor has it that there were a few witnesses…”


  “There were indeed a few suspicious people seen climbing over the fence and escaping from the mansion that day.”


  Frowning, Lestrade slowly recalled the rumored events.


  “… One person was rather short with an overall dark appearance. Another had a medium build and was well-built.”


  “That certainly isn’t me. Isn’t this just a vague description that could apply to anyone, even Charlotte and Watson?”


  “However, the mana forensics team found traces of at least four different people in the mansion in their investigation.”


  “If there are no fingerprints, no hair, no bloodstains, and no footprints, then it’s as if no one was ever there. Traces of a person’s presence can be manipulated by just about any skilled mage, Miss Lestrade.”


  “Like you, Mr. Adler?”


  At those words, Adler showed the slightest traces of irritation on his face. 


  “Why are you so desperate to blame it all on me?”


  “… Just now, I received pressure from above to swiftly close the case.”


  “Oh, that’s unfortunate.”


  However, as Lestrade leaned in with a stern expression on her face, it prompted Adler’s lips to stretch into an awkward smile. 


  “I can’t accept such an ending. I feel like I need to uncover the truth, even if by myself, otherwise, I won’t be able to clear up this suffocating feeling I’ve been having.” 


  “Always so righteous, aren’t you? Miss Lestrade.”


  “So, please tell me properly.”


  Quietly, she watched him for a few short and fleeting moments, before asking in a whisper, her whole body exuding a deep frigid aura. 


  “Where is Caroline Augustus Milverton right now?”


  A brief silence flowed between them at her question.


  “I’m starting to feel disappointed now.”


  Eventually, Adler’s voice broke the silence, a note of resentment lingering in his tone. 


  “What makes you so sure that I’m the culprit…”


– Crack!!!


  “… Ah.”


  However, his protest was cut short as Lestrade slammed her hand down on the desk with all her might, causing him to yelp in surprise.




  Caroline Augustus Milverton, who had been lying at Adler’s feet with a collar fitted on her neck beneath the desk, was staring blankly up at Lestrade through the fissures of the broken furniture.


  “… Will you still deny your crime?”


  Looking down at the scene with clear contempt in her eyes, Lestrade then shifted her gaze to Adler and asked, her tone holding no emotions.


  “That’s not Caroline.”


  “Then what?”


  “… It’s my pet dog.”


  Adler, avoiding her gaze that seemed to be looking at a disgusting scum, nudged Caroline with his foot while responding.




  Then, after a moment of seemingly deep contemplation, Caroline, a look of resignation on her face,  let out a bark, not dissimilar to a trained dog.


  “Woof, woof.”




  Despite the shame on her face, she rolled over on her back and showed her belly to them both. Seeing the display, Lestrade’s face immediately changed colors. 


  “… Pant, pant.”


  “See? It’s a dog, just like I told you.”


  Meanwhile, Adler – stroking her head as she held up her hands and panted like a puppy, her face turning a deep shade of crimson in shame – spoke with a brazen expression on his face.


  “Are you now even resorting to forbidden mind control magic?”


  “Carol, go to your room.”


  “… Woof.”


  Ignoring Lestrade’s words, Adler tapped her on the belly, and Caroline leaked out puppy noises, her voice low, as she scurried into the room assigned to her.


  “This is a case for immediate arrest.”


  “No, you can’t arrest me.”


  “On what grounds?”


  Lestrade, after staring blankly at the scene for a moment, erased it from her mind and demanded Adler for an immediate explanation.


  “Because I haven’t engaged in any illegal activities.”


  “What kind of nonsense…”


  “I haven’t used any mind control magic. Caroline is perfectly sane and came to a compromise after a rather long discussion with me. We made a legal deal, Miss Lestrade.” 




  “I never do anything that someone doesn’t like or is against their will. Right now, Carol is acting as my dog on her own accord.”


  “How is that even possible?”


  She asked, unable to comprehend Adler’s explanation.


  “Even for someone like you, Adler, how can you turn a villain, a master of coercion on par with you, into… that, whatever in hell that is, in just a few days?”


  “It’s a matter of aligned interests.”


  Adler began his own explanation, hand resting on his chin. 


  “Caroline, having lost all her blackmail material and facing absolute ruin, needed a place to protect herself from her many enemies— people with considerable power and influence.”




  “And I needed someone to manage the organization… rather, I just needed a cute pet.”




  “Of course, we didn’t come to an agreement from the start. It’s the result of days of intensive training that led to the dramatic persuasion.”


  He gave a bright smile to Lestrade, who just looked at him, speechless. 


  “Anyway, as long as her signature is on the contract…”


  “… I don’t know how to deal with you.”


  However, Lestrade interrupted him and began speaking herself.


  “I am truly grateful to you for paying off my debt and protecting my siblings from danger.”




  “I will forever be indebted to you for doing me that favor.” 


  Her voice trembled ever so slightly.


  “But you are becoming a danger, far too quickly, for London.” 




  “The friendly forces we’ve identified from your side are not just one or two.”


  At her following words, Adler couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, keeping silent. 


  “The Kingdom of Bohemia, the Red Mana League, the Demi-Human Union. Even a commoner would know the names of these countries and organizations that support you.”


  “That is…”


  “Not to mention the funds coming from Colonel Rose, a big shot of the underworld, a certain landlord family from Reigate, and the ladies who dominate London’s social circles.”


  Intently, he looked at his lover, who was only making valid points for a change, and stopped speaking midway. 


  “Do you know how many inspectors have suddenly quit their jobs while investigating the recent flow of underworld forces that have begun to cluster around you and the professor?”


  Facing him, her fists clenched into tight balls, Lestrade took a deep breath and resumed.


  “Tell me honestly.”




  “Even the professor you’re supposedly following, in truth, is just another one of your pawns, isn’t she?”


  Adler didn’t answer, almost as if he could not. 


  “How dangerous of an existence am I posing as the lover of? Mr. Isaac Adler.”


  Then, with her head bowed deeply, she began to mutter to herself.


  “As someone who upholds the justice of London, will I inevitably be forced to confront you?”


  “If that is your duty, then you should, of course, stand against me.”


  “Yes, that would be the right thing to do.”


  Her voice started to trail off more and more.


  “It’s the right thing to do, but…”


  “Is there something troubling you?”


  Adler, his eyes gleaming, quietly inquired.




  “Miss Gia.”


  When she remained silent, Adler gently probed further.


  “What exactly is the justice you’re seeking?”


  “That is…”


  “Is it to save Caroline, who chose to degrade herself into my pet to survive?”


  Silently, Lestrade’s eyes began to waver at the mention of those words. 


  “Is it to send back the women who have mortgaged their whole lives to me, by their own free will for the first time in their miserable lives, to the very hell they have escaped from?” 




  “Or to disrupt and forever doom the solidarity for the future of the vampires and demi-humans who have faced discrimination and rejection at every turn of their lives?”


  Her lips twitched as if trying to speak, but ultimately, she could not voice her thoughts and cast her gaze downwards.


  “Your definition of justice is, perhaps, wrong.”


  “… You could say the same for yourself.”


  “I admit it. You could be right, and my actions could be terribly wrong.”


  Adler responded softly to her retort.


  “But then, Miss Lestrade, why the hesitation?”




  “Honestly, any reason would suffice to forcibly arrest me, if you so wished for it.”


  Deeply, his eyes bore into Lestrade’s own. 


  “So if you think you’re right, then go ahead, even now…”


  “Don’t sway me…”


  Lestrade closed her eyes, then began speaking with a resolute expression.


  “My sense of justice remains firm.”


  “… Hmm.”


  “I still like you, as per our agreement that day, but I cannot and will not like your actions.”


  Her voice, previously wavering, soon became clear and confident.


  “So as an inspector, I will confront you.”


  “That’s unfortunate.”


  “… I will strictly separate personal from professional. Please distinguish between Lestrade as your lover and Lestrade as the Inspector of London Metropolitan Police.”


  At her words, Adler started to show a sincere smile, one he had never shown her before. 


  “Miss Lestrade is indeed a difficult woman.”




  “And that’s what I like so much about you.”


  Lestrade, momentarily dazed by his demeanor, quickly turned her head and walked towards the entrance, her voice frigid as she spoke. 


  “Let’s see who will win, shall we?”


  “We have a date tomorrow evening. Just to remind you.”


  However, at Adler’s response, she halted her steps with a startle.


  “… I know.”


  “Don’t you hate it? To have a date with someone you ideologically oppose?”


  His voice, teasingly playful, prompted Lestrade to turn her head slowly toward him.


  “That’s alright.”


  Then, looking at Adler with a peculiar intensity in her eyes, she spoke.


  “… Because I like you.”


  With those barely audible words, Gia Lestrade turned her head back and quietly left the hideout.










  Minutes had passed since Lestrade left through the front door, but the lingering feeling still remained.


  “She’s impressive, as expected.”


  Yet, facing the situation at hand, I shook off the remaining sentiment with a brief murmur.


  “… Now, please come in.”


  With a smile, I addressed the figure who had been waiting at the back door.


– Creeeak…




  Then, with an antique smile, the veiled client of this case, now somewhat familiar to me after the frequent encounters, entered the mansion.


  “As per your request, I’ve taken care of all the subordinates in the surroundings. Even Charlotte Holmes and Professor Moriarty are unaware of what’s currently happening here.”


  “Your lover seems to be a bit of a prude, isn’t she?”


  “… I beg your pardon, but let’s get straight to the point.”


  Looking directly at the veil that obscured her face, I gently posed the question.


  “What is this unfinished business from this morning that warranted a personal visit to my hideout by a royal emissary?”


  “Oh dear. Aren’t we in a hurry?”




  “I was hoping we could sit down and have a chat over tea, take it slow…”


  With that, the royal emissary, who had come without even an escort, naturally took a seat on the sofa and whispered the suggestion.


  Observing the woman, who was clearly a member of the British royal family, I smiled and rose from my seat.




  “You really know how to handle a woman.”


  With that acknowledgment, I headed towards the kitchen, where the tea cups and tea leaves were ready.


Jill the Ripper shows interest in you.


Probability of being Killed — 99.99%


  Surprisingly, the freshly restored system was sending me a glaring red warning that I could clearly see before me.


Be careful.


Erosion Rate — 25% → 33


  It was no easy task to casually inquire about the tea preferences of the worst serial killer in history, who was sitting behind me with a smile behind her veil.


  “… Do you have a preferred type of tea leaf?”


  If it hadn’t been for the subordinates I had previously stationed in the alley outside the hideout, I might have already slipped up.








  “Oh, by the way, I asked the guards outside for a moment of understanding and put them to sleep.”


  “… I beg your pardon?”


  “Now, finally, it’s just the two of us. Fufufu~”


  Oh, fuck!


Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability

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