Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 118

Lucky Opportunity

༺ Lucky Opportunity ༻





  This wasn’t exactly what I had planned when I decided to barge through the gate of the guesthouse where Namgung Jin was residing. 


  My original plan was more thought out. I had never planned to approach so violently as I have. 


  I was originally thinking of making a bet with him. Thankfully, I had something valuable on me that I could use as an exchange to prevent Namgung Bi-ah from returning to her clan. 


  It was the information pertaining to Namgung Bi-ah’s sword.


  To say it more accurately, it was the sword that the Demonic Sword Queen had used in my past life. 


  As mentioned before, the treasure of a clan not only had a sort of unique power in them but it also contained symbolism, representing the clan.


  This was also true for the sword that she had used in my previous life. It was a treasure that was formed by the mightiest figure of the Namgung Clan in the olden times. He was one of the five heroes who stopped the Blood King in ancient times— the Thunder Sword Namgung Myung. The sword wielded by that legendary figure was also considered to be one of the five greatest swords in the world.


  The Thunder Sword.


  The Lord of Heaven should have been the one in possession of the sword at this time, but it was highly likely that he didn’t have the sword on him. 


  It was probably in the possession of the Wudang Sect. 


  Monster of Wudang.


  The master of the Wudang Sect probably was in possession of the sword right now. 


  I didn’t know how such a thing could have happened, but I got this information from the Demonic Sword in my past life. 


  There was the possibility of her lying to me about this. However, would the Demonic Sword really lie to me, especially when she’s not someone like Zhuge Hyuk?


  I don’t think so.


  This was information about the lost symbol of a clan.


  And would a powerless lord of the clan like Namgung Jin just let this piece of information pass by? I had a firm belief that he wouldn’t. 


  How are you going to explain to him on how you got that information?


  ‘I have the plaque that the Immortal Healer gave me.’


  The plaque to the Beggars Sect could likely help him out in this scenario. I didn’t know how this wooden plaque was supposed to be used, but judging by how the Sword Master had been shocked when she saw it during the trip, I highly doubted that this plaque was worthless. 


  I could pretend that I got this information from the Beggars Sect by mixing in some lies with truths. 


  But then what would you do if that Namgung guy goes to the Beggars Sect and ask them about it?


  I did have two routes I could go if he did something like that, but it was pointless thinking about it now.


  “…What did you just say?”


  When the sun was about to set, I asked that question to the Second Elder. Seeing the Second Elder’s solemn expression, the matter seemed to be quite serious.


   “I heard that Lord Namgung had a chat with the First Elder.”


  I grimaced hard after hearing the Second Elder’s words. Just by hearing it, I felt like I was able to smell something nasty brewing behind the scenes. 



* * * *



  After returning to my residence, I started talking with Wi Seol-Ah. It was just the usual scene. 


  I had already sent a servant to Namgung Bi-ah’s guesthouse to let her know that I would be arriving soon. 


  I also had some extra time left over after the meal.


  I was now stroking Wi Seol-Ah’s hair while she was sitting on the floor, eating a yakgwa while smiling happily.


  “Twintails today?”


  “Sis did it for me! It’s pretty and I like it.”


  Wi Seol-Ah’s hairstyle seemed to be changing every day. Since the servants just did whatever they wanted with her hair. 


  It seemed like today was the time for twintails. 


  While I was immersed in stroking her smooth twintails with my hands, Wi Seol-Ah leaned her back against me.


  Seeing her antics I stroked her cheeks, Wi Seol-Ah didn’t seem to hate my touch either as she didn’t push back my hand. 




  While I was touching her soft and supple cheek, I felt a subtle difference in the sensations I received. 


  “Did you lose some weight?”




  Her cheek had never been big enough to fill my whole hand, but I was sure that it hadn’t been this small either. It felt to me that her cheeks had lost a lot of their volume. 


  ‘Now that I look at it…’


  I then grabbed Wi Seol-Ah’s arm with my hand. Immediately, I became certain that she had lost weight. 


  Even just a few months ago she had enough fat in her cheek that it made her look extremely cute. But now… I could even see a little bit of her jawline. 




  Was she eating less these days? But that shouldn’t be the case since I had seen her eat all three meals today with a bowl full of food. 


  Moreover, she was also enjoying the yakgwas I had given her. Seeing my strange reaction, Wi Seol-Ah asked.


  “What’s wrong Young Master?”


  “Nah, it’s nothing.”


  …Why did she lose so much weight? Was she exercising secretly or something?


  I observed Wi Seol-Ah’s body, just in case, but she didn’t seem to have any Qi within her. 


  Nothing, not a single thing. Wi Seol-Ah’s body was still an empty vessel with nothing inside. 


  It doesn’t seem to be training, so is she just exercising then?


  Or… maybe she’s losing weight because she’s in her growth period? She did seem to have gotten a bit taller than before. 


  That was the same for me. I have grown up a lot this year. Of course, if it were compared to last year, that is. 


  ‘…Not that I’m really excited about it.’


  As I knew about the height I had reached in my past life, I didn’t really have any hopes that I would become really tall or something. Wi Seol-Ah had become much prettier since she lost some weight, however, she seemed to have lost the unique cuteness that she had going on for her due to losing weight. 


  “I just need to feed you more.”




  “Nah, nothing.”


  Just got to fill her up again. While I was having that thought, a servant came up to me with urgent footsteps.


  “Young master, the Second Elder is here.”


  “Second Elder?”


  The moment I heard those words, I could see a giant being coming toward me. It was none other than the Second Elder, donning a solemn expression on his face. 


  I can never get used to that body of his no matter how many times I see it.


  ‘You are a person from the Mount Hua Sect… How can that body look strange to even you?’


  What the hell are you saying? How does having muscles relate to the Mount Hua Sect when it’s a Taoist Sect…




  Is he really saying that because he doesn’t know? I was about to get a headache at that thought, so I quickly erased it from my mind. 


  I then proceeded to ask the Second Elder.


  “Second Elder, did something happen?”


  His expression looked extremely bad. Which was uncharacteristic of him since he always had a nasty smile on his face.






  “It seems like a problem has popped up.”


  “A problem?”


  I couldn’t help but fix my posture after hearing those words. Something major must have happened if none other than the Second Elder was speaking those words. 


  When I looked at him with the somberest look I could muster, the Second Elder spoke, a sigh leaking out in the process. 


  “I heard that Lord Namgung is having a talk with the First Elder.”


  “…What now all of sudden?”


  That’s just way too random. The First Elder and Namgung Jin? What kind of combo is that?


  “Where did you even hear that?”


  “This old man has eyes and ears, does he not?”


  “Everyone normally has eyes and ea… I get it so put your fist down, I’m just joking… JOKING…!”


  I was just trying to mess with him a bit but he was already making preparations to bonk me on the head, so I had no choice but to take my words back. 


  “…Do you brat even know how bad of a situation this is?”


  “I mean surely it can’t be that bad…”


  I spoke with a smile on my face.


  Considering how the Second Elder was acting so desperate, the problem must be quite serious.


  However, if I just thought back to what the First Elder wished to do, I couldn’t help but doubt if he would be able to accomplish his desires. 


  ‘Does he want the Gu Clan that badly?’


  This is actually the most surprising thing to me. Why is he so obsessed over some spot? Does the seat that my father sits in and I will occupy in the future look that high to him? 


  The First Elder had no idea— that the seat wasn’t one which housed a king. Did it really look that father was protecting the seat stubbornly? In my eyes, it seemed like he wanted to leave that seat more than anyone… but was unable to due to the duties he held. 


  The problem with the First Elder was that he was completely unable to realize the truth due to being blinded by greed. 


  If the Second Elder already knew about this situation then there was no way father didn’t know. Despite his knowledge about what’s going on right now, he didn’t bother stopping the First Elder, nor was he willing to say anything to him. 


  Does the First Elder not even stop for a moment to think why father isn’t doing anything regarding the fishy things he is cooking up?


  ‘…What a hardcore man.’


  I admit that the First Elder practically lived for the Gu Clan and did a lot for the clan, 


  However, his belief and vision were absolutely wrong. What he thought of the Clan Lord’s seat was far removed from reality. 


  And since I already knew the kind of end the First Elder faced in my past life, I couldn’t help but think that all of this was just meaningless struggles on his side. 


  ‘What a venomous old man.’


  Those two are having a talk, huh…


  Hearing that news, I became certain about something that I had my doubts about till now. 


  I knew that the reason that Namgung Jin even bothered to come all the way to Gu Clan wasn’t just to talk about the engagement and bringing Namgung Bi-ah back to the clan. 


  It seems like talking to the First Elder was a core reason behind his willingness to come to our clan. 


  ‘I knew that he was being a bit too quiet.’


  I didn’t really pay much attention to the First Elder as it seemed like he was keeping quiet after I beat the hell out of Gu Jeolyub…


  But I guess he wasn’t being completely quiet or anything. 


  “It feels like I’ve been backstabbed.”


  “Did something happen?”


  “I was finally able to convince the Elders from the Namgung Clan for this engagement, but now it’s a bit of a problem since the lord doesn’t seem to be happy about this arrangement.”


  “…I always wanted to ask, but how did you do it?”


  “Do what?”


  “The engagement with Namgung Clan.”


  It was none other than the Namgung Clan. They were not the type of clan to involve themselves with other families. That’s why, I was always curious about how he was able to arrange an engagement with a direct blood relative of the clan. 


  Furthermore, not only did I already have a bad rep due to breaking off an engagement, but there were also rumors about me that painted me in an awful image. For all of these reasons, there was no way that the Namgung Clan just readily accepted the engagement. 


  The Second Elder was seemingly in thought after hearing my question and responded after some time. 


  “Knowing it will only hurt ya.”


  The Second Elder was smiling as he said those words. He was definitely teasing me right now, but I didn’t pry further. For some reason, I had the feeling that he didn’t apply the usual method of arranging an engagement. 


  “Anyway, I should do something about this.”


  “What do you mean you’ll do something…”


  “How can you be so calm when you don’t even know what could happen!”


  “I mean, what are you going to do about it then? It’s not like you can fight with the Lord of the Namgung Clan or something, nor can you go fight with the Elders.”






  What do you mean, ‘Oh?’, why are you impressed…?


  As if proving my nervousness, the Second Elder immediately stood up on his feet. 


  “Yangcheon, I didn’t know you could be this smart, I’ll be back in a bit.”


  “Hey, where are you going? Lord Second Elder, please calm down for a second. Where are you going this late at night? Let’s slowly think about it rationa— Wait, I told you not to go!”


  I quickly tried to grab his hand but the Second Elder instantly disappeared in front of my eyes, leaving only a trail of fire behind. 


  I even tried to chase after him using my Qi, but his presence had already vanished. 


  “This… This crazy old man…!”


  Even after reaching this level, I was still no match for the Second Elder.


  “Surely he didn’t actually go to Namgung Clan, right?”


  There was no way that he was about to go there.


  And even if he did go there, what could he even do?


  ‘…I hate how I’m still sweating cold sweat despite having such thoughts.’


  That crazy old man was capable of doing something like that. 


  How much backup does he have for him to act this recklessly every time?




  I leaked a tired sigh and lifted my body up in the end. It was about time and I realized that sitting here and doing nothing would gain me nothing but frustration. 


  When I moved, Wi Seol-Ah, who had already fallen asleep while leaning on me, asked while rubbing her eyes.


  “Young Master, are you going out?”


  “Yeah, it seems like I’ll have to.”


  “Should I come with you?”


  “How can you ask that without knowing where I’m going?”


  “I don’t mind wherever you go…”


  I patted Wi Seol-Ah’s head and messed up her hair while she was talking, holding in her yawn from leaking out.


  “Just get some sleep before Hongwa comes to you for work. I’ll be back right away.”




  Without being able to win against her drowsiness, she just collapsed on the floor. 


  I could already see that she’ll be caught by Hongwa soon enough. 


  After watching her for some time, I started on my way. 


  At that moment, Elder Shin suddenly spoke up to me.


  …There is not even a single normal guy with the last name ‘Gu.’ 


  ‘I know right? Everyone except me is just—‘


  Stop your nonsense and continue walking.




  I had no choice but to shut my mouth with an awkward expression on my face. 






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Childhood Friend of the Zenith

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