Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 136

Long Time No See, Brother-In-Law (1)

༺ Long Time No See, Brother-In-Law (1) ༻



  If I had to point out one thing about Moyong Hi-ah…


  She was more of a strategist rather than a swordswoman. 


  Alongside her icy demeanor, she possessed a talent for quick, rational decision-making. 


  And the decisions she made were always correct, even when she was in a difficult situation. 


  While talented young prodigies like Wi Seol-Ah played a significant role in rescuing people from the Abyss… 


  Realistically speaking, Moyong Hi-ah was probably the one who contributed the most. 


  She was a woman who did not hesitate to speak up when it came to making rational and logical decisions. 


  She was definitely an invaluable ally. 




  As an enemy, she instilled utter fear. 


  But what about her now? 




  I wonder what she was to me.


  “My name is Moyong Hi-ah.”


  As far as I could tell, she wasn’t on my side. 






  I began to think after closing my room’s door. What was that just now…?


  ‘Was it a dream?’


  I even thought this was a dream, since it was the first thing I encountered upon waking up this morning. 


  The sky-blue eyes that I looked into still lingered in my mind. 


  ‘She had her veil off.’


  Even just yesterday, she was covering her face, but the Moyong Hi-ah I had met was unmasked.  


  Her sharp eyes and beautiful cat-like face.


  Her movements filled with confidence, knowing better than anyone that she was beautiful. 


  The Snow Phoenix Moyong Hi-ah. It was undoubtedly her.


  “…What is it?”


  That’s why I was more curious.


  Why did she come to me?


  If she wanted to discuss what happened yesterday, she would’ve been better off going to Gu Jeolyub instead.


  Knock knock-


  As if she was rushing me, I heard a knock from the other side of the door.


  I wanted to just go back to sleep after closing the door on her, but this was Moyong Hi-ah we were talking about, so it wasn’t going to be that easy.


  In the end, I let out a sigh and slightly opened the door.


  “What is it…?”


  “I wanted to thank you for yesterday.”


  “If that’s what you want, then shouldn’t you-”


  “To you, wouldn’t that be the right thing to do?”


  Look at her.


  Moyong Hi-ah’s eyes were filled with certainty already. 


  Which was why it was even more strange. 


  What had led her to believe that she should be thanking me? 


  “I’m not sure what you are talking about.”


  I, indeed, didn’t do anything yesterday. So I didn’t get why she was acting this way.


  After staring at my reaction for a bit, Moyong Hi-ah spoke with a smile.


  “You aren’t surprised.”




  She then covered her mouth with a fan. It was a familiar fan. 


  Of course, it was familiar, since Moyong Hi-ah always had it with her, even in our past life. 


  “It has been a while since I’ve met someone who remains unfazed despite hearing my name or seeing my face.” 




  I frowned a little after hearing her.


  It seemed like I had chosen the wrong reaction to go for. 


  “Typically, this only happens with people who are completely oblivious to the world, but I don’t see Young Master Gu in that way.”


  “It seems like you know who I am.”


  “Yes, I researched a little yesterday.”


  Moyong Hi-ah just bluntly told me that she did a background check on me right in front of my face. 


  That meant that she was confident in dealing with any problem that could pop up and also was a way of telling me that she wouldn’t tolerate any lies from me. 


  Moyong Hi-ah continued to speak with the same expression.


  “It seems like you also know who I am, right, Young Master Gu?”


  Her sky-blue eyes gleamed as they locked onto me. 


  No matter how much I looked at it, this definitely was a woman that I did not want to get involved with.


  ‘She’s way too sharp.’


  She was smart, but there was something unique about how Moyong Hi-ah assessed people. 


  A woman with a smart brain that could back her sharp instincts. 


  It was already annoying enough when someone possessed just one of those traits. 


  “Would that be a problem?”


  “No. Not at all. Like I said earlier, I came here as I just wanted to thank you for yesterday.”


  “This early in the morning.”


  “Morning… Well, it’s more like noon now, Young Master Gu.”


  Was it already noon? Why did no one wake me up?


  [A few did pass by you.]


  ‘Elder Shin.’


  [But when they saw you sleeping and snoring, they simply let you be.]




  I had been exhausted lately. 


  Constantly stabilizing the energy within my body, combined with lengthier training sessions and camping outdoors, had taken its toll. 


  I was a bit concerned about how no one came to wake me up,


  ‘…But do I really snore?’


  That was the most shocking thing to me. 


  […Out of everything, that’s what surprises you? Seriously, you brat, you really are a dumbass.]


  I mean, it was quite important though.




  Moyong Hi-ah interrupted my thoughts. 


  “I just came here today to introduce myself.”


  The cold atmosphere I felt after hearing her, probably wasn’t solely due to the weather. 


  “Now that I met you, I can indeed feel something different about you compared to others.”


  “You must be mistaken. Maybe you became a little dense because of the cold weat-…”


  I wonder what she felt from me in such a short amount of time.


  And I had to shut my mouth because I unconsciously spoke to her rudely out of habit. 


  Thankfully, Moyong Hi-ah didn’t seem to care much.


  Well, to be more specific, rather than her caring, it seemed more like she didn’t find it important for her to care. 


  “I shall see you next time.”


  “You really don’t need to bother- …Never mind.”


  Again and again.


  I almost uttered the same words I used to say to her in my past life whenever I saw her face. 


  I thought I fixed that habit, but my tongue must’ve malfunctioned due to the cold weather.


  Moyong Hi-ah then spoke while smiling. 


  “Yes, I will bother and see you next time.”


  She heard me. Dammit. 


  Moyong Hi-ah turned away, seemingly unaffected by my words. 


  Then she started to go upstairs, which was the Golden Floor of the building, with me still in her line of sight. 


  That meant that I was a potential target of hers. 


  What was the problem? Every time, something occurred that hadn’t happened in my past life, making it difficult to deal with. 


  After she left, I was able to smell the scent Moyong Hi-ah left behind. 


  The small cold breeze was left by her.


  As expected, she still had that annoying trait of hers. 




  Moyong Hi-ah’s expressions and movements appeared entirely natural. 


  Her charm was different from Wi Seol-Ah’s cuteness, or Namgung Bi-ah’s elegance.




  It was a sexiness that ordinary guys wouldn’t be able to resist, falling right into her trap.


  Her soft hand gestures and seductive stare complemented Moyong Hi-ah’s beautiful face, making her incredibly seductive. 


  But I knew that it was all an act. 


  ‘She’s a girl with a mouth that is sharp like a sword, but seeing her act like that…’


  It made me feel uneasy rather than making my heart stir. 






  Elder Shin interrupted as I was thinking.


  And for some reason, it sounded like he was in a heated mood.


  [You’re telling me that you did the ‘you know what’ with that woman?]


  “Why are you suddenly bringing that up?” 


  [This is an important matter.]




  [It’s a matter that decides if I should kill you or not, so how is it not important?]




  I rubbed my temples, overwhelmed by the headaches that were coming to me all at once. 


  Did Elder Shin get dementia or something?


  Judging by how Elder Shin didn’t seem to be right in his mind, I began to truly worry that even spirits could suffer from dementia. 




  Since it became noon, I quickly washed my face and headed to the dining room. 


  It was thanks to Wi Seol-Ah calling me after she noticed that I woke up. 


  “Young Master.”




  “You are eating dumplings again…?”




  Wi Seol-Ah asked me with a confused face as I ate.


  “Aren’t you tired of them?”


  “You also eat yakgwa all day, every day.”


  “I-I don’t eat it all day!”


  “Really? Should I ask Hongwa then?”




  Wi Seol-Ah became silent after I used this special move on her.


  It seemed like she was sulking as her lips pouted a little bit.


  I smiled slightly after seeing her like that and then I put some food on Wi Seol-Ah’s plate as an apology, but someone unexpectedly reached out and touched the back of my head. 


  “What is it?”


  I didn’t even check who it was. 


  Since there was only one person who would do that while sitting next to me.


  “…Your hair…”


  “Is it weird?”


  “It feels spiky now…”


  Namgung Bi-ah touched my hair, attempting to tame the unruly strands. 


  I allowed her to continue, finding her touch rather pleasant and Namgung Bi-ah focused harder as she got more and more into it. 


  “…Hey, wait.”


  I suddenly became aware of something peculiar happening. I shifted slightly, causing Namgung Bi-ah to back away in disappointment, but it was already too late. 


  Tang Soyeol, who had been eyeing me strangely, burst into laughter. 


  “Ahaha! Young Master Gu…! It suits you so well.”


  “How could you say such an insulting joke…”


  “But… it really does suit you. It’s so cute.”


  It felt like there was a ponytail on the center of my head. 


  I quickly tried to untie my hair as I felt it dangling whenever I shook my head around.


  However, Namgung Bi-ah and Wi Seol-Ah kept stopping me playfully. 


  “Are you not gonna let go?”


  “Can’t you just stay like this… for a bit?”


  “What do you think?”


  “It suits you well, Young Master!”


  Even Muyeon, who was in the back while working as an escort, tried his best to hold in his laughter, but you’re telling me it suits me?


  Gu Jeolyub, too, held his mouth shut while looking away.


  “Hey, are you laughing at me?”




  “I don’t think that’s a no. It seemed like you were.”


  Even Gu Jeolyub, who had been feeling down because of what happened yesterday, was on the verge of laughter because of this.


  ‘You all…!’


  In the end, I tried to force my way out of this with strength. However, I glanced in the direction of an unexpected presence I felt. 


  The person descending the stairs was Moyong Hi-ah, her mask back on once again. 


  Then she approached my direction. 


  Moyong Hi-ah, who walked with calm steps, looked around but flinched when she noticed me. 


  Even though she had her face covered, I knew that she was staring at my head. 


  So I quickly untied my hair.




  Even though it seemed like she had something to say as she approached, the silence lasted a while. 


  [Her shoulders are shaking.]


  I looked at Moyong Hi-ah’s shoulders after hearing Elder Shin.


  I saw it. Her shoulders were definitely shaking.


  ‘…Is she laughing?’


  I found it funny that even Moyong Hi-ah was trying to hold in laughter, 


  But that also meant my appearance just a moment ago was that ridiculous, which was more humiliating. 


  “…Do you have something you want to say?”


  “Pffb… It’s nothing.”


  “It sounds like you’re laughing.”


  “No way. You must have misunderstood.”


  Her voice returned right back to normal after hearing my suspicious remark. 


  Moyong Hi-ah then softened her voice and turned her attention away from me to address Tang Soyeol instead. 


  “It has been a while, Lady Tang.”


  Tang Soyeol frowned a little because of the sudden greeting, but her eyes widened after. 


  It seemed like she recognized her. 


  “…Lady Moyong.”


  “It seems like you know who I am.”


  Judging by how they called each other, they didn’t seem that close.


  Was it like that in my past life too?


  It was indeed rare to see them together in past life. 


  “…Did you arrive yesterday?”


  “Yes, I was coincidentally able to get help from Lady Tang, for which I’m grateful.” 


  It seemed like she was talking about how Tang Soyeol made Hwangbo Cheolwi back off yesterday. 


  Tang Soyeol averted her gaze from Moyong Hi-ah, as if she was bothered by something. 


  Despite that, Moyong Hi-ah continued to talk to Tang Soyeol.


  “If you are okay with it, is it possible that I join you for a meal, considering we’ve all crossed paths here by fate? I haven’t eaten yet.” 


  “Don’t you usually skip lunch?”




  Moyong Hi-ah looked at me after I spoke without even realizing it. 


  ‘Fuck… I messed up.’


  This damned tongue of mine acted again on its own. 


  It was because of the memories that I kept being reminded of. 


  – Are you not going to eat that?


  – If I eat around this time, my stomach tends to feel sick, so I always skip lunch. 


  – Then I’ll eat it.


  – Don’t touch it. How annoying of you, I plan to have it for dinner. 


  – Then you should’ve said something sooner!


  – You didn’t ask.


  – Ugh, my head hurts. What is Wi Seol-Ah doing, not keeping this bitch in check?


  I certainly couldn’t call it a pleasant memory. 


  “How does… Young Master Gu know that?”


  “You just look like it. I took a guess and it seems I was right.” 




  It seemed like Moyong Hi-ah also had that habit at this point of time, as she made a shocked expression, so I had to react swiftly. 


  [You really aren’t right in your head, huh.]


  Elder Shin spoke in a worrying tone. I too was starting to feel out of sorts. 


  Why was I like this all of a sudden? 


  Moyong Hi-ah stood awkwardly and without saying much, she looked back at Tang Soyeol.




  Due to Moyong Hi-ah’s request to join in our meal, Tang Soyeol couldn’t help but feel pressured and she looked like a nervous puppy. 


  The way she looked at me wasn’t because she was looking for help, but because she was more concerned about how I would feel if she let her join us.


  After some hesitation, Tang Soyeol asked me.


  “Young Master Gu… Is it okay if Lady Moyong joins us for the meal?”


  I began to wonder, judging by her cautious reaction.


  I wondered if Tang Soyeol had her weakness caught by Moyong Hi-ah.




  That word came out from Moyong Hi-ah’s mouth.


  It seemed like she was surprised by how Tang Soyeol was asking for my permission.


  I assessed the situation and nodded. 


  “It is fine.”


  Tang Soyeol let out a quiet sigh upon hearing my response.


  Was it a sigh of relief?


  But then again, it seemed like that sigh had both relief and nervousness in it.


  Personally, I would’ve originally denied her.


  Since I had no reason to involve myself with her.


  However, there was one reason why I changed my mind. 


  Because Moyong Hi-ah was the one who approached us first.


  It was that simple. 


  When Moyong Hi-ah was the one who approached someone first, it meant she had a good reason for doing so. 


  Judging by Tang Soyeol’s response, it seemed that refusing her request would pose some problems for her, which was why she was acting that way.


  [So you did this for the Tang Clan’s girl?]


  ‘I guess you could say that.’


  [Then just say you did it for her. Why beat around the bush?]


  I’m not entirely sure myself. 


  I chuckled insincerely and then glanced at Wi Seol-Ah and Namgung Bi-ah, who were still engrossed in their meal. 


  I wanted to gauge their reactions since I let Moyong Hi-ah join us without asking for their opinions,  


  But thankfully, they didn’t seem to care that much.


  Though both of them were keeping an eye on Moyong Hi-ah.


  Gu Jeolyub, who had played a part in yesterday’s events, froze like a rock when Moyong Hi-ah sat next to him. 


  Unlike his handsome face, it seemed that he wasn’t very adept at dealing with women. 


  “Lady Namgung… correct?”


  Moyong Hi-ah ignored Gu Jeolyub, and directed her words to Namgung Bi-ah.


  Namgung Bi-ah nodded in response to Moyong Hi-ah.


  It wasn’t too weird that she knew, since Namgung Bi-ah definitely looked like she was from the Namgung Clan. 


  Putting aside her eye-catching hair color and eyes…


  She always wore the same blue uniform of the Namgung Clan, making me wonder if it was her only attire. 


  “Nice to meet you.”




  “I apologize for suddenly joining you like this. Did my presence bother you in any way?” 


  “A little…”




  Moyong Hi-ah asked again as if she had just misheard her, but Namgung Bi-ah didn’t change her answer. 


  “I was a little bothered, but it’s fine…”


  I had to hide my shock after hearing Namgung Bi-ah, who was sitting next to me.


  Namgung Bi-ah actually answered her, when it was just a question that wasn’t meant to be answered. 


  ‘I didn’t think she’d do that.’


  Judging by how Namgung Bi-ah usually was, I thought that she would’ve ignored the situation. 


  Moyong Hi-ah also appeared somewhat taken aback by her response. 


  “…Oh, I apologize. But I’m thankful that you understand.”


  However, she gave a quick apology with a smile on her face. 


  Considering how she didn’t leave the spot even in this situation, it indeed seemed like she had a valid reason for being here. 


  ‘I wonder.’


  I wonder what it was for Moyong Hi-ah to be here out of all places. 


  I don’t think it’s for Tang Soyeol.


  Lost in my thoughts, a tingling sensation pricked at my back. 


  It seemed like I wasn’t the only one that felt it, as all the martial artists in the room looked towards the entrance of the building. 


  The sensation everyone felt was definitely lightning Qi.


  I couldn’t be more familiar with it at this point.


  Since there was always someone right next to me who possessed lightning Qi.  


  Compared to Namgung Jin’s lightning Qi, it was a level lower, and it was much more unstable than Namgung Bi-ah’s as well. 


  But even so, it was enough to make all martial artists concentrate on it.


  “Oh, this Qi is…”


  “I heard that he would participate this year, and he really did come.”


  I heard everyone talking around me.


  “It’s not too surprising, since the Poison Bee is here too.”


  “But still, I thought that he wouldn’t come because of what happened with the Sword Dragon.”




  As people chattered, the door creaked and someone came in.


  At the same time, I checked on Namgung Bi-ah.


  As expected…


  Namgung Bi-ah seemed visibly disturbed. 


  The one that came in while attracting everyone’s attention, was a remarkably handsome young man. 


  He bore a striking resemblance to Namgung Jin and had the same hair color as Namgung Bi-ah.


  He was one of the Five Dragons and Three Phoenixes, and also the man who was certain to inherit the position of the lord of the Namgung Clan. 


  The Lightning Dragon, Namgung Cheonjun.


  His arrival in the building commanded immediate attention. 


  Judging by how different he looked, it seemed like he had improved compared to the last time I saw him.


  “Seems like his genitals also recovered.”


  I stared at him and felt a little bad, thinking about what happened in our last meeting. 


  ‘I did go a little overboard back then.’


  He was being so annoying at the Military Exhibition of Tang, so I broke his arm and kicked his critical spot. 


  Reflecting on it now, breaking his arm was understandable, but the kick had been a bit too much. 


  And thinking about that, I think I was able to understand a little bit of Moyong Hi-ah’s motives.  


  ‘Is it because of him?’


  Moyong Hi-ah, too, was looking at Namgung Cheonjun.


  It wasn’t too weird, given their history in my past life. 


  ‘So the reason why she wanted to join us for our meal was because…’


  Not for me or Tang Soyeol, but for Namgung Bi-ah.


  That seemed most likely and this conclusion seemed to fit perfectly with all the pieces of the puzzle. 


  Namgung Cheonjun, exuding confidence as he displayed his lightning Qi, came to a halt. 


  It seems like he noticed us.


  More specifically, he noticed Namgung Bi-ah, who was sitting next to me.




  When Namgung Cheonjun called, Tang Soyeol abruptly turned her head and started retching. 




  “Lady Tang?”


  “…Sorry. I get sick when I see something so greasy like that.”


  She retched for a while and fixed her gaze on me. Then, she let out a sigh before going back to her normal expression.


  “…I feel better now.”




  It looked as if she had been suffering from a hangover, but miraculously recovered after consuming something refreshing. 


  No matter how one looked at it, this girl definitely could not be considered normal.  

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Childhood Friend of the Zenith

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