Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 199

Marble of Celestial Captivation (2)

༺ Marble of Celestial Captivation (2) ༻



  A battlefield was a trace left by a calamity.


  It was proof that it had happened in the past, thus many argued that the world’s hard-earned peace was far from perfect. 


  With the Gate of Demons left open the lands would be ravaged by demonic forces. In such environments, normal humans would find it impossible to thrive. 


  These lands were dangerous because they were filled to the brim with demons.


  In order to solve this issue, the Murim Alliance had been working with other martial artists of the Orthodox Faction for the past few years, looking after the battlefields. 


  Coincidentally, one of such battlefields wasn’t too far away from Shanxi.


  As such, the Second Elder was able to arrive on the battlefield not long after he got a letter from Gu Huibi. 


  “I can definitely see the crack.”


  He observed, standing before the gigantic Gate of Demons that loomed before him. 


  Unlike other battlefields, this land was exclusively managed by the people of the Gu Clan. 


  This was because only the Gu Clan was assigned to look over this land.


  “How come you were the one who came, Second Elder…?”


  It had been one month since the Second Elder arrived in this land, after receiving the letter from Gu Huibi. 


  Gu Huibi, who returned late due to dealing with the demons on the other side of the land, asked the Second Elder when she saw him. 


  The Second Elder burst into laughter at Gu Huibi’s question. 


  “You called this old man, Huibi. How could I not come when my precious granddaughter is calling for me!”


  “…I recall calling for a professional since there seems to be a problem here.”


  “And that’s why this old man came! If you are looking for a professional, then Gu Ryoon is the one for the job.”


  ‘Seems like he did something so that he could leave the clan.’


  ‘I really wonder how an elder of a clan could be like this.’


  ‘I’m scared my little brother will learn from him…’


  “Hmm? Did you say something?”


  “Nothing. Thank you for coming even though you must be busy, Second Elder.”


  Whatever the situation was, someone like the Second Elder was considered a professional.


  As a martial artist who had reached the Fusion Realm, he brought valuable martial force to the table. 




  The Second Elder brushed his beard while looking at the Gate of Demons in front of him.


  “This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this.”


  Usually, a Gate of Demons would be a mixture of different colors, but the one before his eyes was different. 


  It wasn’t just deep black; it also seemed to be forming cracks in the air around the gate. 


  “Are other gates in other areas like this too?”


  “No. It’s only this one.”




  The Gu Clan oversaw three lands in total. 


  And this place, in particular, was known for having the smallest Gate of Demons. 


  “Any problems other than this?”


  “Other than cracks forming in the air and its color changing, there were none.”


  The Second Elder nodded after hearing Gu Huibi’s explanation.


  “I should first let the lord know about this. Since this might be that period of time where a True Gate of Demons opens.”


  “Did Shaolin say anything about this?”


  “Even if the Heavenly Eye didn’t mention anything about this, we still have to prepare for an emergency.”


  After all, they shouldn’t fully trust Shaolin and the Heavenly Eye.


  With that, the Second Elder fell into a contemplative silence. 


  ‘How strange.’


  It seemed like random things were occurring these recent days.


  They included both good things and bad things at the same time.


  The family troublemaker he had been most concerned about had awakened latent talent, soared into the sky, and was already stepping into the realm of masters after overcoming his wall. 


  A kid like him would certainly show his worth in the tournament and gain fame from it as well. 


  ‘I did tell him to go cause trouble, but I am worried.’


  The Second Elder felt a twinge of regret for suggesting such a thing. 


  After all, that young troublemaker would have done it without him telling him to do so.




  As the Second Elder was lost in his thoughts, Gu Huibi called out to the Second Elder with a polite tone. 


  Without hesitation, the Second Elder responded. 


  “Yangcheon is doing fine.”




  After hearing the Second Elder’s response, Gu Huibi’s expression changed right away, wondering how he knew what she was going to ask.


  “Weren’t you going to ask about that?”


  “No, it’s… yes.”


  After seeing Gu Huibi make an awkward expression, the Second Elder clicked his tongue.


  This child was also special.


  She was famous for having a nasty and fiery personality in the world, but if it was anything related to her brother, she completely changed. 


  “You need to stop worrying already. You’re not his parent, and you can’t be worried about Yangcheon forever.”


  “How come you are saying that when you were the one most concerned about Yangcheon?”


  “That’s back when he still wasn’t in the right mind.”


  “But my little brother is still a child.”


  That was true.


  Despite the recent actions that made Gu Yangcheon seem more mature, he was still a child. 


  However, the Second Elder didn’t change his words.


  “What I’m trying to say is that he will soon become the Lord and thus he needs to be let go if he’s trying spread his wings and soar.”




  It seemed like Gu Huibi understood this as well because she didn’t say anything else afterward.


  Gu Yangcheon’s impending role as the Lord had all but been confirmed.  


  While the Second Daughter, Gu Yeonseo, and the First Elder might hold differing opinions, such disagreements wouldn’t alter the outcome.   


  Even if Gu Yangcheon himself had a different opinion…


  Even if Gu Huibi possessed remarkable talent and abilities, she wasn’t a replacement for Gu Yangcheon. 


  Gu Huibi knew this as well.


  Though Gu Huibi never held greed for the Lord position of the clan to begin with.


  Gu Huibi would rather leave the household than deal with the burdensome responsibilities that came with that position. 


  “I just don’t want the child to carry heavy burdens.”


  “I, too, hope the same, but it’s not something anyone else could carry for him.”


  That’s what it meant to be a lord.


  While they might stand by his side, they couldn’t shoulder his burdens. 


  This applied to the current Lord, Gu Cheolun, as well.


  He accepted the heavy burdens on his shoulders.


  “The thing you are doing right now, that child will also have to do in the end.”


  “I know that.”


  Gu Huibi just hoped.


  That her brother lived a comfortable life.


  While observing her lost in thought, the Second Elder spoke to Gu Huibi in a spiritless tone.


  “…Why don’t you show some of that love to Yeonseo as well?”


  “Huh? I am showing it.”


  Gu Huibi believed she gave her love equally to Gu Yangcheon, Gu Yeonseo, and Gu Ryunghwa. 


  When Gu Huibi made a confused expression wondering why the Second Elder said that to her, the Second Elder couldn’t help but shake his head. 


  ‘Doesn’t seem that way.’


  He could tell by the way Gu Huibi spoke to Gu Yangcheon compared to Gu Yeonseo. 


  And Gu Yeonseo likely sensed it too, which might explain her dislike for Gu Yangcheon. 


  “We are sending letters to each other often. It seems like she’s doing fine.”


  “…It’s just, no. Never mind.”


  Knowing it wouldn’t lead anywhere, the Second Elder decided to drop the topic. 


  As he continued observing the Gate of Demons, Gu Huibi added.


  “He’s not really matured yet, so I hope he doesn’t cause any trouble in Hanam.”


  After hearing her speak with a worrying tone, the Second Elder responded back, feeling absurd.


  “…You also caused lots of trouble there, Huibi.”


  He had been greatly shocked to hear that she almost turned the Dragons and Phoenixes Tournament into an ocean of flames. 


  The news had even led the usually reserved lord of the clan to scold Gu Huibi. 


  To this, Gu Huibi responded back in a frustrated tone.


  “…They kept annoying me without knowing their place, so I just dealt with them a little.”


  “Do you know how surprised I was? When I heard the news that you burnt all their hair away?”


  “I should have sent them to Shaolin while I was at it.


  “…Who did you get that personality from for you to… wait.”


  As the Second Elder was letting out a sigh, he noticed something strange within that conversation. 


  Fixing his gaze on Gu Huibi, he asked.


  “But also, how do you know that Yangcheon went to Hanam?”




  “I don’t think I told you about that?”


  Gu Huibi made a rare expression of her being shocked after hearing the Second Elder speak with a sharp tone.


  The Second Elder noticed that she avoided his eye contact even though she was completely fine doing it before, with cold sweat running down her cheek.




  “What I’m saying is that he might be-!”


  Attempting to offer an excuse, Gu Huibi was abruptly silenced as the Second Elder forcefully pushed her to the ground. 




  “Second Elder…! What are you…!”


  As Gu Huibi regained her footing, her gaze locked onto the Second Elder, only to freeze. 


  It was because darkness was brought upon this dried land. 


  It wasn’t there before, and it was a sudden appearance.


  Furthermore, she could sense a very eerie presence. 


  Gu Huibi didn’t notice that presence up until now. Which meant that she was only able to notice that giant presence only after the darkness appeared. 


  She wondered what would have happened if the Second Elder didn’t push her back and protect her.


  Because of the chilling sensation that climbed up to her shoulders, Gu Huibi tried to draw her sword immediately, but her frozen body refused to listen to her.  


  Within the deep darkness, she saw light from far away.


  It was the Second Elder charging his heat. 


  His body, which became red due to heat, made it seem like he was engulfed in flames.


  Struggling to breathe amidst the overpowering presence, Gu Huibi only found relief once the Second Elder unleashed his energy. 


  As the Second Elder charged up his Qi along with heat, a voice appeared.


  “It has been a while, Flaming Fist.”


  This was said by a man surrounded by darkness.


  The Second Elder clenched his teeth upon recognizing the man surrounded by darkness. 


  “…Why are you here?”


  “I didn’t expect you to be present.”


  “You bastard!”


  The Second Elder’s roar echoed.


  Then, the land started to form cracks.


  The Second Elder’s steel-like body started to become bigger, and even Gu Huibi, who learned flame arts, started to feel hot due to the heat that the Second Elder was producing. 


  “I could’ve sworn that you promised you won’t ever show that disgusting face of yours.”


  To the Second Elder’s words, the man became silent for a bit, then smiled. 


  “Oh, are you talking about that little promise? I decided to break it, as I have far too many tasks at hand.” 


  “…What did you say?”


  Despite the Second Elder asking, the man started to look around, seemingly unconcerned. When the man’s two eyes reached Gu Huibi, his face morphed into a huge smile. 


  “Found you.”


  Not a single speck of light could be seen in his black eyes.


  Just like the darkness that was surrounding him, the man’s eyes seemed strangely black.


  The realization that the man’s target was Gu Huibi prompted the Second Elder to unleash a powerful punch. 




  With just one thrust of the Second Elder’s fist, the entire surrounding environment was changed. 


  He was powerful enough to change the landscape in just one attack. 


  The Qi of the Fusion Realm martial artist, imbued with intense heat, continued its assault on the man.




  But before this fist could land, the man’s darkness engulfed both him and the Second Elder.


  The calamity that appeared like this was far too sudden.




  – But in the end, I wasn’t able to save Huibi.


  That was what the Second Elder had said to me before leaving.


  The Second Elder’s expression was indescribable in words because of how despairful he looked. 


  ‘…The Palace Lord appeared on the battlefield?’


  The Black Palace Lord was known for not leaving the Palace.


  He wielded an art that cloaked him in darkness, a technique unique to the Palace Lord. 


  Though I only heard about this and never witnessed it firsthand. 


  ‘But putting that aside, why Gu Huibi?’


  The Palace Lord appeared himself to bring Gu Huibi to his palace. 


  Putting aside the fact that something like this never happened in my past life again, it nearly cost the Second Elder his life, prompting Father to leave the clan with an army. 


  ‘I don’t get it…’


  This was quite a serious situation.


  After all, there was nothing I knew. 


  [Because of that, you weren’t able to ask anything.]


  ‘…It wasn’t the right time for me to ask.’


  Despite my curiosity about the Dishonored Venerable’s letter, the mysterious ring, and the reasons behind the Second Elder’s actions, the gravity of the situation and the Second Elder’s expression prevented me from seeking answers. 


  ‘About Gu Jeolyub as well…’


  I also wanted to ask what was happening outside, but I couldn’t right now.


  ‘It won’t be that dangerous even if other elders started to move.’


  But the problem was that I was confined here, unable to take any action. 


  [Then why don’t you just leave?]


  As Elder Shin said, I could break through and leave whenever I wanted.


  It wasn’t like my Qi was restricted and no restraints were put on me either.


  This was just a temporary punishment, as stated by the Steward.


  But no matter their intentions, in the end, it was true I killed the First Elder.


  And until they found a good reason why I did that or until Father returned back to the clan, I had to stay in here.


  The formations set by the First Elder in his basement were very hard to break through.


  Since the current force of the clan was weaker than usual, breaking through these formations wouldn’t be easy, but I believed it wouldn’t take too long either. 


  ‘I wonder if they are doing fine.’


  All of this happened as soon as I returned to the clan, so I didn’t even get to see their faces.


  According to the Second Elder, Wi Seol-Ah was crying every day because of this.


  Despite her usual back-and-forth between smiles and tears, thinking of her crying nonstop concerned me quite a bit. 


  Namgung Bi-ah and Tang Soyeol were staying calm though, right?


  I prayed that was the case.


  “But the problem is…”


  Father might have left the clan, but I wondered if he was capable of finding them.


  My knowledge about the Black Palace was limited, and I basically had no information about their whereabouts. 


  The little information I possessed about them wasn’t even about the Main Palace, rendering the details I currently held nearly useless. 


  I only heard that the Black Palace was destroyed by the Murim Alliance in my past life.


  ‘What should I do…’


  I started to contemplate what I should do in this situation.


  It was midnight already, but instead of sleeping, I thought it’d be better for me to train my martial arts, but it was impossible to focus right now.


  As I kept moving my body around, struggling to come up with things, the charm attached to my waist fell on the floor. 


  It wasn’t due to my movement, but because the string securing it had worn down.  


  Right as I was about to pick up the charm back up, a marble rolled out of the little pocket.


  It had a scarlet hue. 


  “Oh, this is…”


  Recognition struck me immediately. 


  It was the item Gu Huibi gave me, telling me to have this on my waist at all times. 


  She said that she would kill me if I didn’t, so I automatically ended up just having this on me at all times.


  However, I had forgotten about its presence until this moment. 


  As I was about to pick up the rolling marble, my hand flinched and stopped.




  It was because of the stinging pain and blood that was coming out of my hand.


  Although I noticed it just now, it seemed to be a wound I got while fighting the First Elder.  Well, it wasn’t that deep, so I just ignored it and picked up the marble.


  “It looks expensive even though she said she bought it from some random merchant.”


  [Agreed. It doesn’t seem like complete junk.]


  This marble seemed way too brilliant for me to call this mere junk. 


  After examining the marble for a moment, I prepared to put it back in the charm bag, when… 








  The marble emitted a peculiar sound, followed by rapid vibrations. 




  “What’s up with this little thing…?”


  Concerned it might explode, I contemplated throwing it away.


  But the marble let out a small light and ceased its movement as if nothing had happened. 


  Observing the marble, I couldn’t help but speak with a sense of absurdity. 


  “…What did that crazy woman buy this time?”


  Despite her claim that it was a lucky charm, it turned out to be a vibrating marble. What an odd item. 


  It sent shivers down my spine for some reason. 


  After clicking my tongue, I was about to put the marble back into the charm, but my body froze when my eyes caught something unusual. 




  It was because my field of vision had completely changed. 





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