Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 221

Omen (8)

༺ Omen (8) ༻



  I wonder how many days have passed, ever since I’ve been trapped in this forest. 


  I couldn’t really tell because it was a nasty space where I couldn’t tell whether it was night or day. 


  Which meant that I was only able to wait until more time passed, and couldn’t really do anything to change my situation. 


  -What’s worse, is that I’m with you right now. 


  -Why are you provoking me when I didn’t do anything? 


  -You do it from time to time too, so just bear with it. 


  -Have you finally gone crazy? Oh wait, you always have been. 


  We walked for an eternity as we argued pointlessly. 


  We couldn’t even leave this space even if we walked, but she insisted that we do it anyway, so I didn’t know what she was thinking, but if I didn’t listen to her, I knew that she would stare at me fiercely for an eternity.


  As such, I let myself be under her command.  


  -Ugh… Crazy bitch. 


  -I can hear everything you’re saying. 


  -I’m saying it so that you could. Please hear me. 


  After the Snow Phoenix, Moyong Hi-ah and I became trapped in this forest, we used whatever methods we could think of, but in the end, we failed to find a way to escape this space. 


  Food was a matter that we could solve by hunting demons or insects, but us walking around in circles without being able to leave the forest, made my anger reach its limit. 


  -This is fucking ridiculous. Why do I always end up in such crappy situations? 


  -Do you really have to use those lowly words every time? 


  -Lowly words my ass. Must you really stay noble even in this kind of situation? 


  -Wow I really don’t want to associate myself with you… Are you really a blood relative of a noble clan? It doesn’t seem that way no matter how much I look at it. 


  -I feel the same way you bitch. Stop talking to me and keep on walking. 


  I was really irritated, and this bitch was responsible for most of it. 


  Why did I have to be stuck with this annoying girl when there were so many other options? 


  No, maybe she was better than the Water Dragon. 


  After all, the Water Dragon was a disgusting guy. 


  In some ways, they were both equally bad. 


  -What do you keep mumbling to yourself for the past few minutes? 


  -Just ignore it and keep on looking forward. Why do you keep sticking to me? 


  -When did I ever stick to you? Do you want to die? 


  -How could you use such lowly words? Please speak nicely, lady. 


  -…Wait right there. Don’t move. 


  -Yeah, I’m not listening to you. 


  This back and forth was so pointless that it was hard to even call it a conversation. 


  We had nothing in common, so there was no way that we got along. 


  As I moved my feet as if I was running away from her, I turned around and asked. 


  -Seriously, why do you keep on trying to stick to me? 


  -…When? Why would I want to stick to a person like y- 


  -Exactly, why do you keep on trying? Do you have a crush on me or something? 


  -I will kill you by ripping your mouth off. 


  -Alright, at least it doesn’t seem like it’s that. 


  The murderous aura I felt just now was real. 


  She showed that much killing intent just for a little joke I made…


  -Then why do you keep acting this way? 




  -I have eyes too, you know? For you to say that you are not… 


  -You do? 


  -Are you a crazy bitch? 


  I turned my head around after clicking my tongue. 


  Seriously, why is she acting this way? 


  It felt like she had been doing that ever since we entered the forest. 


  It strangely felt like the distance between me and the Snow Phoenix became extremely close. 


  The Snow Phoenix that used to not even come close to me while looking at me like I was an insect was, for some reason, sticking closer to me which bothered me a lot. 


  After thinking hard about this, I asked the Snow Phoenix. 






  -Are you scared? 




  The Snow Phoenix frowned as if she misheard me, but I was able to notice that something was off about her from that reaction. 


  -Darkness. Are you scared of it? 


  -Are you sick or something? Why are you speaking nonsense all of a sudden?


  For her to deny my claim, the Snow Phoenix’s pupils were shaking which was a rare sight.


  Moreover, her hand rubbing her shoulders due to her feeling cold became faster as well. 


  After seeing that, I had to frown. 


  -No wonder why you were sticking to me like that. 


  -…I told you that I’m not. 


  -Then screw off. And don’t stick to me anymore. 


  Her coming closer to me unlike the usual couldn’t be more uncomfortable. 


  I didn’t care if I was right or not, and only hoped that she backed off a little. 


  -…But what if we lose each other if I get further away from you. 


  -We already are lost, and what changes if we stick to each other? 


  After all, we would end up back at the same spot anyway. 


  When I responded to her with a frown on my face, the Snow Phoenix’s eyes narrowed even further.


  -As expected, you don’t seem to have any concern for anyone other than the Celestial Sword. 


  -What the hell are you talking about all of a sudden? Why are you bringing her up now? 


  Did she really go crazy or something because she hasn’t eaten for a while? Why did she bring up the Celestial Sword? 


  -Everyone else knows it except you, that you are quite weak when it comes to the Celestial Sword. 




  I stayed away from her because it was uncomfortable around her. What did she mean I was weak against her? 


  -Oh, I don’t mean martial arts when I say weak. Because everyone already knows that you are the weakest in that regard. 


  -You piece of… 


  I really wanted to turn around and smash her just now, but I barely managed to hold myself back. 


  Though even if I did try, I wouldn’t have won. 


  -It feels sickening being with you. 


  -What a coincidence, because I feel the same way. 


  The Snow Phoenix turned her head around and spoke more, but I fiercely moved my feet and changed my direction. 


  If she’s really not following or sticking to me, then she automatically would be separated from me. 


  After walking through the foggy forest for a long time, I quietly mumbled to myself. 


  -What a crappy world. 


  That was the only thing I was able to say. 


  Because those words fit my situation the best. 


  -Am I gonna die like this? 


  Those words that I mumbled were very scary for me to casually say, but I didn’t really feel anything when I spoke those words. 


  It had been at least a week. 


  I believe it’s been that long ever since I entered this forest. 


  Even though I wasn’t able to see if it was night or day, it felt that way. 


  If I really don’t end up escaping the forest and die like this…


  -Then it was a pointless life. 


  I chuckled without myself noticing. 


  After all, such death felt way too pathetic. 




  I walked through the bushes. 


  I didn’t really have a destination in mind. 


  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to escape no matter how much I walked, so I was just looking for a place to rest. 


  Then suddenly…




  For some reason, it felt different. 


  It was because the path seemed different compared to the paths I saw for the past few days. 


  Why is that? 


  The path that I got so used to, to the point that I could close my eyes and would still know where I’m going… 


  For some reason, it felt like it changed. 


  I continued to walk. 


  I had hopes that the forest changed, giving me the chance to escape, so it made me a bit urgent as well. 


  After I walked past the trees and through the bushes…


  -What the…? 


  A space I saw for the first time was waiting for me. 


  -What is it? Did something happen? 


  Shortly after I stopped, the Snow Phoenix hurriedly ran towards me. 


  And she said she wasn’t gonna follow me… 


  Of course, I wasn’t in a situation where I could be nitpicky about such a thing. 


  When the Snow Phoenix looked in the direction that I was looking in, her eyes widened like a circle. 


  -…A cave? 


  In front of us, there was a cave that we encountered for the first time. 


  It wasn’t all that big and it was very dark because no light entered. 


  I walked towards it right away. 


  -W, Wait.


  When I headed towards the cave, the Snow Phoenix hurriedly stopped me with her voice. 


  I slightly turned my head around and asked her. 




  -…You are thinking of going there right now? 


  -Can’t you tell just by watching? 


  -How can you go without knowing what’s in there? 


  A dark space that nothing could be seen in. 


  It was just as she said. So, when I tried to enter the mysterious cave, she stopped me. 


  The Snow Phoenix had a fair point, but it was something that I couldn’t understand. 


  -Then, are you just gonna wait here and die? 


  -That’s not what I’m saying. We should first learn abo- 


  -Learn about it, my foot. You can do that yourself, I’m gonna go insi- 


  I was about to go in after ignoring her words, but the Snow Phoenix’s face seemed a bit strange. 


  -But why is your face red? 


  After hearing my question, the Snow Phoenix quickly covered her cheeks with her hands. 


  As if she couldn’t let it show.  


  -It’s nothing… I just feel a bit hot. 


  -Hot? You? 


  She was feeling cold when she was the type of person to wear others’ coats they threw away in boiling hot weather? 


  -Bullshit. Stay here if you are feeling unwell. 


  -…I told you I’m fine! Don’t concern yourself with me. 


  -Why shout at me for it…! 


  Jeez, what a weird personality she has. 


  After putting aside that Snow Phoenix, I headed towards the cave. 


  I had no answer if I stayed here anyway, so I had to look inside for a chance to find something useful. 


  -No… Wait…! 


  When I threw myself into the darkness, the Snow Phoenix, who was left alone, bit her lips. 


  -…Why did I have to be left alone with him out of all people…! 


  After putting aside the feeling of something boiling inside her, the Snow Phoenix hesitated for a bit, then also headed towards the cave. 


  After all, she didn’t want to be left alone in this darkness even if she died. 


  That’s where the problem began.  




  “Screw off.” 


  I covered my mouth with my hands right away after I responded to her. 


  ‘…I made a mistake.’


  It was because the original response I was going to respond to her with, had switched with my inner thoughts. 


  I tried my best to not involve myself around that damned girl.


  ‘I really am an idiot.’ 


  But it seemed like my instincts that had already been deeply embedded couldn’t contain itself. 


  My emotion towards her exploded. 


  ‘Wait, it’s not the time to think about this.’ 


  I first had to quickly take back what I said. 


  “Uh, that’s not what I meant… I didn’t really have a good breakfast this morning, so…” 


  When I tried to take back my words while flapping my hands and feet around, 




  I started to hear laughter in front of me. 




  When I checked to see what it was…




  It was Moyong Hi-ah, who couldn’t hold in her laughter.


  She was laughing with one hand covering her mouth and the other grabbing her belly. 


  “…It seems like I’m not the one that had a foul breakfast.” 


  Why was she acting this way? 


  She just burst out laughing after I cursed at her, did she really eat something foul? 


  “Uh… Lady Moyong.” 


  “Ha… Haha… Ah… I’m sorry.” 


  After finally regaining herself, Moyong Hi-ah fixed her posture. 


  However, it didn’t seem like she was able to completely stop her laughter. 


  Because I noticed her forcing her lips from going up. 


  “I couldn’t help it… I apologize.” 


  “…No problem. I apologize as well.” 


  “It seems like Young Master Gu had a misunderstanding.” 


  “A misunderstanding?” 


  Her asking me to spend the night with her was something that could be misunderstood? Those words were self-explanatory in the eyes of literally anyone. 


  [A misunderstanding huh… I’d like to hear her explanation as well.] 


  ‘Elder Shin, please calm down…’ 


  Elder Shin’s rather serious voice sounded piercing, as if he was quietly sharpening his sword. 


  If it wasn’t a misunderstanding, I wonder what she was up to. 


  Moyong Hi-ah responded with a smile to solve my curiosity.


  “I just wanted to ask you to spend some time with me.” 


  “Some time? Didn’t you clearly say night?” 


  “True. It seems like I made a mistake.” 


  Moyong Hi-ah smiled as if she made a mistake in choosing the right words, but I knew that it wasn’t a mistake. 


  That girl intended to say those words. 


  “Isn’t it hard for you to mistake that word with night?” 


  “I ate something foul for breakfast.” 


  “Aha, so you’re gonna use that against me now?” 


  This is why I don’t like clever people… 


  “…Whatever. How about you explain to me what you meant by spending some time with me?” 


  “Young Master Gu really is unique.” 




  “It’s strange that you don’t know. Is it because you have the Sword Dancer around you…” 


  Why was she bringing up Namgung Bi-ah all of a sudden? 


  When I looked at her with my narrowed eyes, Moyong Hi-ah let out a fake cough and said something different. 


  “I wanted to buy your heat.” 




  “I already got the approval from Gu Clan’s Lord.” 


  “Wait… You want to buy my… No wait, you got approval from my father?” 


  What kind of nonsense was unfolding right now? 


  She wants to buy my heat? 


  “Yes, the Lord gave me the approval… and I wanted to buy a little bit of your heat.” 


  “…What do you mean by buy my heat. What are you going to pay with?” 


  “I prepared something expensive, but if that cannot satisfy you…Then I guess with my body?” 


  The way she spoke those words with her head tilted seemed like she wanted to pretend that she was innocent, but to me, it was anything but. In fact, it made me step back a bit. 


  [I heard that kids that are born lucky get it even if they don’t do anything. What a crappy life this is.] 


  ‘Is this really important to you in a situation like this?’ 


  [Only you will find something like this unimportant, you rotting piece of shit…!] 


  I was already used to Elder Shin’s rage, so I put him aside briefly.  


  Though he did sound harsher now compared to usual… Oh, is it because she has the Moyong surname? 


  “So you want to… buy my… No.” 


  “Is it not possible?” 


  “I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but what do you want to do with it?” 


  “Then I suppose it’s fine. I will come back later.” 


  “What kind of nons… where are you going…? Where are you going rig- Hey! Where are you going!” 


  After only saying everything that she needed to, Moyong Hi-ah left along with her servants. 


  I wondered if I should stop her and ask, but I knew that she would only spin her words around even if I stopped her. 


  “She wants to buy my heat…?” 


  Buy it, my ass. Did she think my heat was an object?  


  I saw Wi Seol-Ah running towards me from afar with a towel for me to wipe my sweat, but who cared about mere sweat?


  I had to go visit Father right now.




  “What is it.” 


  When I entered the Lord’s room after almost kicking the door open, Father made a curious expression on his face as he stared at me. 


  I then asked Father. 


  “Lady Moyong came over to me, then said that she wanted to buy something from me. Do you know what she’s talking about?” 


  I came here to ask Father because Moyong Hi-ah told me that she got approval from him. 


  ‘Though there was no way that father would have done something like this…’ 


  How could someone so randomly buy heat? 


  It was strange even to me. 




  “Right? It’s something you don’t know as w- …What?” 


  “I told her that she may.” 


  “That she is allowed to buy my heat?” 


  “There is no buying or selling. Because the deal has already been made.” 


  “Why didn’t you ask for my opin-”


  Right as I was about to argue without holding back my frustration that I got from him doing all of this without my consent, Father took out a letter from his drawer and handed it over to me. 


  “These are all the deals made with the Moyong Clan.” 


  “…Why are you suddenly giving me this?” 


  “All of the things that are written inside that letter are about your heat.”  


  After hearing father, I moved my gaze over to the letter.


  What kind of grand trade did he make… 




  I had to shut my mouth as soon as I read the letter. 


  After all, the trade that was made was that overwhelming.  


  The trade involved their silk that they barely traded with other clans and even their business that sold clothing made with those silk. 


  ‘…Has the Moyong Clan gone insane?’ 


  Unless that happened, it was hard for me to understand this. 


  “The details will be told to you later separately.” 


  “…Wha, do I have to light my flame the whole day or something? You know that I will soon be confined, right?” 


  The trade was so worth it for our clan to the point that it didn’t seem weird at all for me to act as a human bonfire. 


  But putting this aside, not only was I going to enter closed-door training soon, but I also had to go to the frontlines afterwards. As such, I couldn’t fathom why the Moyong Clan made such a deal with the Gu Clan. 


  “The deal has been made after all of those issues were solved, so it is fine.” 


  “I don’t know how you could say that it’s fine… Furthermore, no matter how I look at it, this is…” 


  “A certain amount of the herbs and money mentioned in that letter will go to you.” 


  “It is fine then. I will work hard.” 


  […What a crazy bastard you are.] 


  After thinking about it again, I don’t think this was something that I needed to be so concerned about. 


  ‘But why me out of all the people?’ 


  I knew a little bit about Moyong Hi-ah’s condition. 


  Her body was slowly being eaten up by her Ice Qi. 


  It was a condition that even the Immortal Healer couldn’t cure, let alone other healers. 


  Does she want my heat because of that condition? 


  ‘But for me to make that claim…’ 


  If I looked at the clan’s Fire Arts, Father was currently in the clan right now and there were lots of other martial artists that used Fire Arts, so I didn’t know why she bothered to choose me out of everyone. 


  ‘My heat probably wouldn’t even help Moyong Hi-ah.’ 


  I knew this because of the experience I had in my past life. 


  My heat didn’t reach her. 


  Even if it somehow did, it won’t help enough to melt her coldness away… 


  ‘Did she find something else in me?’ 


  After all, I had the Heavenly Demon’s power after I regressed and the ability to cleanse Demonic Qi or the ability to absorb other energy.


  Since I had all of these absurd changes, a thought of my heat being changed passed my mind for a moment. 


  ‘Is that why Moyong Hi-ah chose me out of all the options?’ 


  If by any chance, my heat helped Moyong Hi-ah’s condition…


  I understood why the Moyong Clan used this much money to buy my heat.


  But what I couldn’t understand was Moyong Hi-ah’s reaction. 


  Her reaction that made it seem like she was somewhat enjoying it, seemed way too different compared to her in my past life. 


  It made me flinch. 


  ‘If this is really happening, does this mean that Moyong Hi-ah is going to stay here for that long?’ 


  Just imagining it made me feel like I was getting the chills. 


  ‘…No, with the closed-door training and the occurrences of the battlefield, it should be fine since I have lots of places to run off to.’ 


  The Moyong Clan also said that they would deal with it themselves, so it should be fine at least during those times. 


  As I was lost in my thoughts…


  Elder Shin suddenly mumbled. 


  [It reminds me of something I said in the past.] 


  ‘What is it?’ 


  [When I said that you are collecting all kinds of hair colors from girls.] 




  [That exact thing is happening right now. This crappy world. A lucky guy like you can’t even chew because you are lacking teeth, but you literally get spoon fed anyway.]  


  Elder Shin began mumbling to himself as if he went crazy.


  Meanwhile, I had to think about Moyong Hi-ah.


  About whether I should tell Wi Seol-Ah or Namgung Bi-ah about her. 


  ‘…Whether I tell them or not…’ 


  I couldn’t see a good outcome from it either way. 


  So much to the point that I preferred to go into my closed-door training earlier than planned.




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