City of Witches Chapter 10

Twin Witches (4)

༺ Twin Witches (4) ༻




  The owner of the tavern served dish after dish of unknown delicacies.


  Unfortunately, Siwoo simply didn’t have the appetite to take another bite.


  Odile left most of the food alone after taking one or two bites from each plate, thus leaving large amounts of food piled up on the table after the meal.


  “Shall we get going now, Mr. Assistant?”




  There was obviously no way for Siwoo to refuse.


  Not while Odile had his weakness in her grasp. 


  According to Odile, if Siwoo was simply capable of using magic and merely concealed it, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. The issue with the situation was that he had intended to escape from his slavery.


  The magic that had been discreetly placed onto Siwoo, was the root of all his problems.


   It caused him to be unable to shut his mouth, even after spilling all his secrets to her.


  “Wait! Does that mean that if I think of anything right now, I’ll just say it out loud? Fuck! What the fuck? It really does that!?”


  “You fucking bitch of a fucking witch! 5 years of effort, GONE! Just like that? I was so close to escaping so fucking close. Fuck!”


  “Why are all the fucking witches like this? First Amelia, now her. For fuck’s sake.”


  No matter how hard Siwoo tried to keep his mouth shut, in the end, it was all futile.


  Odile laughed for 15 minutes while Siwoo kept spitting out his inner thoughts. She had laughed so hard in fact, that her face had turned into a shade of red.


  He pondered if he was lucky for Odile overlooking the constant barrage of curses that spewed from his mouth.


  “Ms. Odile.”


  When Odile didn’t respond, he called again.


  “Ms. Odile.”


  “Huh? Oh, my apologies. Did you call me? If I recall correctly didn’t you just mention that I and my sister were two rude twin bitches who hid behind our cute faces right?”


  The blood drained from Siwoo’s face as Odile smiled softly.


  He hadn’t expected how dangerous having his thoughts broadcast to the surroundings could get.


  Siwoo couldn’t believe that there was actually magic that could even influence human behavior.


  “Isn’t that because of what Ms. Odile cast on me? Mind control or something…”


  “I believe that you mentioned something like why your inner thoughts came out when you were blabbering on earlier?”


  “That’s, then…”


  Siwoo sighed in defeat and surrendered to his circumstances.


  “Ah, fuck it. I don’t give a shit anymore. Fuck it. Hell if I care if you roast me or boil me.”


  ”Really? Mr. Assistant, which would you prefer medium rare or well done?”


  Odile began to burst out in laughter at her own joke.


  “Oh yea, you were curious about the type of magic I used, weren’t you?”




  Siwoo wasn’t able to feel any waves of mana that the spell might’ve caused.


  Although he had some elementary knowledge of magic, Siwoo never had any formal magic training and thus was unable to detect the properties of the spell Odile had cast.


  He would’ve naturally been curious to find out more about a type of magic he had never come across before.


  “♪ ♫ ~”


  Odile opened her mouth and began chanting.


  The song sounded more like a melody from a string instrument as opposed to a human’s voice.


  Siwoo was about to fully immerse himself in the music when he noticed a small tendril of magic wriggle about. Siwoo would’ve missed it if he hadn’t been focusing on her voice.


  “Did you manage to get a feel of it?”


  “No way…”


  Siwoo thought back to the time when he first got charmed.


  Only then did he realize that Odile had been humming throughout the meal.


  What if she wasn’t singing out of joy? What if…


  “That’s the answer, the Gemini witch’s Self-essence Magic. Pitch, beat, passion, and breathing are all a part of the spell.. It is also known by the name the ‘Poem of Confession’.


  I couldn’t sing it perfectly because Odette isn’t here, but it wasn’t bad to hear, right?”


  “…You tricked me”


  “Well, yes.”


  Odile wandered through the complex alleyways of Tarot Town.


  Judging by her steps, it didn’t feel like she was unfamiliar with the alleyways, and instead, it felt like she was moving with a destination in mind.


  That means…


  “You also lied about being in Tarot Town for the first time.”


  “Yup! Although it is true that my teacher is strict, I sneak out about once a week to get some fresh air.”


  Siwoo felt a deep sense of betrayal.


  He regretted thinking that Odile was a small bird trapped in a cage and also for feeling a smidge of pity for the twins.


  “So, what are you trying to get out of me? I’m just a slave; at best, all I can do is entertain you like a clown.”


  “It’ll spoil the surprise if I gave it away so easily. You don’t expect a lady such as myself to give away all her secrets now do you?”


  Siwoo inwardly thought she acted more like a bitch than a lady.


  After a long period of time, Odile finally slowed her steps to a halt.


  Amidst the shabby buildings, stood a five-story mansion that looked brand new, almost as if it had just been built.


  The high-rise building looked out of place, being constructed in a poor hillside village.


  Odile grinned as she opened the door.


  “Come on in, I’ll explain everything to you here. This villa belongs to both of me and Odette. It’s meant to be an output for us to learn about the world.”


  “Huh, as if it wasn’t blatantly obvious…”


  Siwoo shut the door behind him as he followed Odile into the building.




   It seemed as if the mansion had no maids or butlers to welcome guests upon their arrival.


  Large chandeliers covered in beautiful golden leaves lit up as Odile and Siwoo entered the mansion.


  The exterior of the building did not match the run-down alleyway that led to its entrance.


  Looking at the interior of the place, Siwoo noticed that floating wine glasses were used to decorate the space. 


   Siwoo hesitated to step onto the marble floors that were so shiny that even his reflection was visible.




  Her shout seemed to summon Odette as Siwoo could hear the sounds of footsteps scurrying their way toward them.


  It wasn’t long before Odette’s head could be seen propped up on the second-floor stair’s railing.


  The twins could be seen with different accessories, hairstyles, and clothing, completely contrasting their image in the academy.


  “Do you not play the swapping games with each other at home?” 




  ”Huh? Don’t you swap places with each other sometimes to mess with Amelia?”


  Odile pursed her lips.


  Her expression resembled a criminal that had been caught red-handed after committing what they thought was a perfect crime.


  “Wait, how did you know that? We have the exact same mana signature.”


  “Everyone’s noticed it… Hell! I think even Professor Amelia noticed it but she just chose to not bring it up.”


   Odette came rushing down the stairs as Odile stiffened at Siwoo’s sulky response. 


  “Hello, Assistant Siwoo! It’s so nice to meet you outside the academy!”


  Odette came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs, giving Siwoo a curtsy and greeted him politely.


  Odette was a little less tomboy than her sister, Odile.


  She had a cheerful personality and always gave respect to everyone, including slaves.


  That thought disappeared in a flash the moment Siwoo heard the next words that left her mouth.


  “How did you capture him? You really managed to drag him here, didn’t you?”


  Was it accurate to use “capture” for humans?


  Odette’s eyes sparkled as she circled around Siwoo, she was like a researcher who had just found a long-extinct species.


  “What did I say? Didn’t I tell you that if you trust this sister of yours, everything will go as planned. That’s all you needed, right? With his weakness in my grasp, he’ll definitely cooperate with our experiments.”






– Psst, psst.


  The twins began whispering among themselves.


  Siwoo could hardly believe his ears when he heard the word experiment.


  Meanwhile, Odette’s eyes started glowing, as Odile continued recounting the things that had happened.


  “As a slave, you not only broke my sister’s barrier but you’re even studying the magic required to open the gate?”


  “Yeah, it’s amazing and all but it doesn’t really have anything to do with us, does it?”


  “That’s true.”


  Odette nodded meekly.


  “Anyways, follow me. You know what’ll happen if you don’t, right?”


  “My apologies, Mr. Assistant. But I was so curious that I couldn’t help but ask some questions.”


  “Wait a minute.”


  He wasn’t paying attention to the other things that were mentioned in the conversation but there was a question that scratched the back of his mind.


  “What in the fuck will I do in the experiment… Will I even be able to survive the things you do to me?”


  The twins responded to him between their giggles as Siwoo became increasingly upset at the situation.


  The mere thought of placing his body in harm’s way scared him.


  “Will we harm Mr. Assistant?”


  “We don’t think we’re going to hurt Mr. Assistant?”


  “Oh thank god…”


  “We would never do that!”


  “We would never do that!”


  “But only if you promise to cooperate with us!”


  “But only if you promise to cooperate with us!”


  Odile and Odette were wonderfully synchronized.


  They spoke in unison and Siwoo’s worries were strangely relieved by their response, up till the last sentence. Where they hinted at the possibility of bringing harm to Siwoo if he chose not to cooperate.


  “Then what about the fact that I’m going to use magic and escape…”


  “We’ll keep it a secret!”


  “Fine… I’ll trust you.”


  He felt a little relieved.


  He thought that it was a small price to pay for the twins to keep their silence.


  Guided by the twins, they arrived at a comfortable-looking bedroom.


   A large bed with two pillows appeared in view and was probably where the twins would often sleep together.


  This caused Siwoo to become flustered.


  He had been expecting to enter a workshop full of magical ingredients but what he didn’t expect was to be led into a bedroom with two girls.


  An ominous chill ran down his spine as he looked around.

1[Left is Odette, right is Odile]

  “Take it off.”




  “You said you’d help with the experiment so take it off.”


  Siwoo had a hunch regarding what was to come.


  The twins displayed an amazing amount of concentration when they were asked for comments regarding the creation of mana through ejaculation during their lessons.


  What was clear to Siwoo was that they weren’t just interested in studying magic.


  The twins probably used up 90% of that concentration, examining and questioning the male body.


  “This is the reference book for the experiment that Siwoo will help us with today.”


  Odette brought out a thin book, her face had turned into a shade of red.


  The book was titled “A First Night Guide for Ladies”.


  “We snatched it from the maids when we saw them gathered to read it. That must mean that it really is a book that every true lady has to read.”


  Odette smiled brightly. 


  “Come on! Take it off quickly!”


  “Ho-Hold on a second!”


  “If you don’t take it off now, I’ll expose your secrets to Professor Amelia.”


  “You promised to cooperate, right? We’ll take good care of you.”


  The twins, who were protruding from both sides, grabbed Siwoo’s collar and hung down. The twins flanked Siwoo, grabbed him by his collar and began trying to undress him.


  Realizing the severity of the situation, Siwoo desperately clung on to his clothes.


  “No! Wait! Please stop!”


  Of course, it wasn’t because Siwoo had magically turned into a eunuch. 


  Being able to enjoy two ladies, who both possess a level of beauty greater than any other models on earth, would naturally seem alluring to any man.


  But no! Siwoo was able to restrain the lust that slowly brewed within him, his pride wouldn’t allow him to have sex with a witch, what more two apprentice witches such as Odile and Odette.


  The lower abdomen, where the uterus was located, was where the witch’s brand was engraved.


  The mark marked where mana was stored in a woman’s womb.


  It was also the reason why males couldn’t become wizards.


  If an apprentice witch, whose body had not fully matured yet, was to receive the mana created by a man’s sperm, she would never be able to bear the brand of a witch.


  For an apprentice witch, who had been carefully raised in a glasshouse environment, to be unable to bear the brand of a witch because of a stray dog? 


  How would their master react?


  If Gemini, the twin’s master, was to hear about the time they had spent in the bedroom, Siwoo would probably be burned at the stake.


  “No! I can’t do it.”


  “All right, sister.”


  The twins began chanting in sync with one another.


  Even with only 10% of the brand being inherited by each of the twins, they were capable of casting a spell so complex that it exceeded Siwoo’s understanding and rendered him unable to resist.


  “Hey! Come on! I’m not the only one who will get fucked by this, you’ll be fucked as well! Stop!”


  ”Don’t you think we know that too?”


  Siwoo was unable to control his limbs and plopped onto the bed as his clothes started sliding off him. The absurdly powerful spell had left him naked with the only article of clothing left on his body being his shorts.


   “I’m a little curious… Should I just shut you up?”


  “—-! —–!”


  An unknown spell was cast on Siwoo, rendering him mute.


  “Come up, Odette.”


  “…Huh? Yeah, sister.”


  A strong body that was trained through hard work and forced diet control lay on the bed.


  Odette, who had often been forced to examine his body during Amelia’s lessons, crawled onto the bed silently as she stared at Siwoo’s body.


  “Let’s begin with the first chapter.”


  Siwoo watched on, terrified as Odile licked her lips.



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    [Left is Odette, right is Odile]
City of Witches

City of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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