City of Witches Chapter 107

The Price of a Loss (6)

༺ The Price of a Loss (6) ༻



  Humans were incredibly wicked and worthless beings.


  There was a time when a devastating famine plagued more than a half of a certain village.


  The ditches were littered with the bodies of those who had exhausted themselves digging for roots to eat. People captured the crows that descended to feast on the corpses to eat them.


  Even the wild beasts had to seek penance from the gods and resorted to gnawing on the flesh and bones of their own kins to survive.


  And there was a young girl, being dragged into a half-filled potato sack by a kidnapper, forcing her to understand the world’s cruelty at a tender age.


  When she had to wear a collar around her neck and was forced to stand before the aristocrats who wore ‘nobility’ as a facade, she cursed the world.


  She wished for everything to burn into ashes.


  From her parents, the people who pushed her into this agony, the slave merchant, to the twisted world as a whole.


  She prayed, not to the gods, but to the devils.


  However, the one who came before her when she was on the verge of being violated by an elderly man wasn’t a devil.


  Sadalmelik, her future predecessor, came forward and introduced herself as a witch.


  With a mere flick of her hand, she transformed the elderly man into a pool of blood.


  Her overwhelming power was more than enough to captivate the girl, who was tired of being helpless.


  After she started to learn magic while observing the world alongside her master, the girl, Ea, realized something.


  ‘I am the chosen one.’


  She realized that she was a ruler, who, unlike the petty humans, would come to live eternally and rule over their heads.


  To her, those humans were no different than insects or any other lowly creatures.


  Particularly male humans.


  The group of people who’d cast sinister and lecherous gazes at her whenever she passed them by. With a mere eye contact, those lowly creatures would be drowning in their lust and obediently follow her to a hotel.


  Luring unsuspecting men into her bed, taking pleasure in hearing their screams as they met their unexpected demise had become one of  her hobbies.




  -Clap! Clap!


  “Oh god…! Ahh…! Y-Yes…!”


  At the moment, she was on all fours like a bitch as she took in Siwoo’s thick rod.


  Her once fiercely glowing red pupils were now clouded with pleasure. Her breasts, hanging down, swayed back and forth to the rhythm of his thrusts. Even her partially exposed crimson tongue danced gracefully over her lips as her breath matched the pace Siwoo was going.


  The man ravaged her body vigorously.


  In his forceful thrusts, he aggressively shoved his cock up to her belly button. She could feel his intense determination to sow seeds inside her womb.




  ‘Who is making such raunchy noise?’


  As the incoherent voice escaped from her tightly pursed lips, Ea, who became aware of her own voice, once again sealed her lips shut.




  At first, she could only feel pain.


  As the hot rod penetrated the hole in between her legs, the pain she felt was as if her body was being split in two.


  In the midst of such agony, she endured.


  She reminded herself that one day, she’d repay this pain and humiliation. That she had to endure even if she had to shed tears of blood and clench her teeth because of the pain.


  “Enough…! Stop…! Just…for a moment…please…! Let me rest…!”


  Her submissive act had vanished at this point, revealing her true nature.


  That was how desperately she wanted to catch her breath.


  His shaft pierced deep into the folds behind her cervix.


  That, too, caused her immense pain.


  The repeated assault on such a sensitive area made her feel nauseous.


  However, after thirty minutes had passed, Siwoo hadn’t rested even for a moment. Instead, he rammed his rod into her with a stronger force. The intense pleasure that she felt became even more poignant with each of his thrusts.


  To the extent that she cried out in a pitiful, animalistic voice.


  “I…am still a woman…! Why can’t you…treat me with…a little more care…!”


  Regardless of whether she had the right to say such a thing or not, those words were something that the original Ea would never have said.


  Ultimately, she was a witch, a being that everyone, regardless of gender, should regard with reverence.


  ‘How dare a mere human, dare to press this body down!’


  ‘A mere human, to dare to attempt to defile my sacred womb with his filthy fluids!’


  ‘Forcing me to let out such vulgar sounds!’


  Ea tried to shoot him a resentful glare as she grinded her teeth, but…


  “Mmph! Ahhh…yes…!”


  His thrusts grew more intense, causing her inner walls to contract tightly and her cervix to convulse, squeezing his shaft with all their might.


  A stream of love juice mixed with cum flowed from her once tightly closed lower mouth that had turned into a soggy mess, it clung to her erect clitoris before dripping down.


  Siwoo kept on vigorously thrusting his massive rod, ripping open the hole that had never been touched for 300 years, forcibly bringing out the dormant femininity within Ea.


  She felt good.


  Undeniably so.


  The pleasure overwhelmed her to the point it turned her mind blank, making her unable suppress her body’s convulsion due to ecstasy.


  That ignited a fierce conflict against her pride.




  At that moment, she felt something like a spark spreading within her womb.


  It was tiny, but it possessed an abundant and pure essence of mana.


  The quality it possessed was pristine, even a witch like her, who had absorbed mana from various brands, had never found such mana.


  It extended from Siwoo’s rod, passing through her narrow cervix without any hindrance.


  Spreading all the way through her fallopian tubes to her ovaries, giving her an indescribably refreshing sensation.


  It was as if cold crystals were flowing through her veins.


  “Ahh…please stop for a moment…! Are you…listening…?”


  If the pleasure she felt from the sexual intercourse was hot and intense, this one felt cool and refreshing.


  Like ocean currents of different temperatures colliding, overwhelming her senses and flipped her mind upside down.


  Something was coming.


  She had such a hunch.


  The sensation would give her pleasure she’d never felt before.


  And it would turn her into an insatiable bitch.


  “Stop…! Please…stop! Haaang…haah…!”


  Siwoo paid no heed to her pleas, completely disregarding her desperate cries.


  It was as if she was treating her like an object.


  With a steady rhythm, he relentlessly pounded the back of her cervix, causing her hands, which were already resting on the ground, to clench and tear at the moss beneath them.


  Her entire body convulsed.


  “Mmh! Aahh…! ♡”


  The moment the pleasure she felt surpassed a certain threshold, Ea arched her back.


  Her inner walls enveloped Siwoo’s rod, greedily trying to squeeze it dry off its semen.


  She writhed in the depths of ecstasy while letting out vulgar moans.




  As Siwoo’s hard shaft contracted, hot liquid began to rush into Ea’s womb.


  The latter knew that it was the filthy seed of a man, but she lacked the means to resist it.




  Her arms that were barely able to support her upper body, finally gave out.


  She collapsed onto the dirt-covered ground, pressing her cheek against the exposed moss as she gasped for breath.




  Because of how narrow her vagina was, a tiny crevice formed where Siwoo’s member met her delicate membranes, allowing streams of milky semen to trickle out.


  She felt a sense of humiliation that made her body tremble, but there was nothing she could do about it.


  “You are done now…right…?”


  Nevertheless, she managed to satisfy the predator.


  She cautiously looked over her shoulder.




  At that moment, she felt something slipping out through her reproductive organs.


  Taking advantage of the languid afterglow she felt after the sexual intercourse, that something was rolled around as it moved out.


  The non-existent mana that she had was being sucked out through Siwoo’s rod.


  At the same time, she could feel something else.


  The object that had been roaming greedily within her uterus was being pulled out.


  Realizing its true nature, she hastily focused her mind.


  She closed her eyes, concentrating on a single point and made contact with her Ain.


  The realm of her consciousness where various structures were mixed in disharmony.


  Perhaps because of the Cocoon of Rebirth, over half of the original structures had disappeared.


  While she was already aware of this happening in her mind, she still felt flabbergasted after seeing it with her own eyes.




  Trying to ignore her shock, she frantically tried to grasp on the situation.


  “What is this…?”


  Then, she saw it.


  A colossal structure in the form of a loom.


  An abnormal phenomenon had occurred in the space where the ‘Maiden’s Loom’ was placed.


  A distortion.


  Like quicksand that sucked everything in, a distortion shaped like a sunken concave dish was slowly sucking the loom.




  She hurriedly ran towards the Maiden’s Loom.


  Her magical asset, something that was as precious as her life, was disappearing somewhere.


  Like a building collapsing into a sinkhole, the massive loom shattered into pieces.


  The funnel-shaped loom sucked it in until it vanished.


  If she didn’t see it with her own eyes, she would have thought that this would be impossible.


  “Aahh! M-My loom…!”


  She had done similar acts before.


  Stealing someone else’s magical assets.


  However, back then, she’d extract them straight from their wombs or use other forceful methods.


  She had never witnessed or heard of a phenomenon where one could extract a specific asset without taking the user’s life and without having any effect on other assets.


  As if she was snapped out of her daze, she returned to reality.


  “No, it can’t be…!”


  When she regained her senses, Siwoo once again started to thrust his hips.


  She couldn’t determine the exact cause why her loom disappeared.


  But, her instinct knew the cause.


  Everything started from the intercourse she had with him and if she didn’t stop him now, he’d take even more of her assets.


  -Squelch, squelch!


  The semen that filled her lower mouth spurt out with foamy bubbles each time Siwoo moved his hips.


  Her body, which was in a sensitive state to begin with, made her erogenous zones fervently respond to every small movement that he made.


  “No…no…! Stop…!”


  She tried to crawl away from him.


  But, almost immediately, her limbs were bound by ribbons made of pitch-black shadows.


  Her previously loyal subordinates, which once faithfully served her like appendages, were now stripping her of her freedom.


  “No, please…! Stop…!”


  The magic that made her special, that allowed her to become a ‘chosen one’ was being taken away.


  There was no greater terror to her than this.


  She looked at the ribbons with a pale face.


  “Stop, please…! I beg you…!”




  With a dissatisfied expression, Siwoo added more ribbons to wrap around her body.


  It was because he couldn’t properly shove his rod in thanks to her constant squirming.


  Her limbs were spread open, hung in the air by the ribbons.


  Looking satisfied, he rubbed the head of his rod against her entrance, where semen was dripping out of it before thrusting it inside.


  Ea’s pale and horrified face alternated between looking at Siwoo’s expressionless face and the thick shaft penetrating her body.


  “Isn’t this enough? Can we stop now? Ahh… I’m sorry…! I-I’ll reflect— Ahh…!”


  Now penetrating her deeper parts in a much easier way, his rod forcefully made its way into her cervix.


  The wave of pleasure made her feel faint.


  She compared this pleasure to poison.


  A poison that would take everything from her.


  -Slap, slap, slap!


  “S-Stop, please…! S-Stop!”


  While savoring the pleasure from scouring through Ea’s inner walls, Siwoo also acquired new magic abilities.


  Since the magic abilities were practically worth everything for him, he didn’t stop.


  Not to mention that they belonged to the witch he hated, so he could just take them away without any remorse.


  “F-Fine…! I’ll give you all my possessions! Y-You know I’m rich, right?! H-Haah! S-So, please, stop!”


  Despite her words, Siwoo didn’t stop.


  “I’m sorry! I was wrong! I acted arrogantly—-!”


  Since he hated the noises she made, he wrapped the ribbon around her mouth.


  “Mmph…! Mmmh…!”


  Ea shook her head in protest, but Siwoo disregarded it and began pouring his pure mana into her womb.




  Experiencing waves of pleasure one after another, Ea opened her eyes wide as her body experienced multiple orgasms in succession.


  This continued for two hours. Siwoo ended up pushing his thick semen inside her three times in total.



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