City of Witches Chapter 111

Foolery (1)

༺ Foolery (1) ༻



  “Come, you can lay down here.”


  Amelia tidied up the disheveled bed she had been rolling around in and gestured for Siwoo to join her.


  The boy looked at her with a look of disbelief, as if he hadn’t expected this.


  “M-Ms. Amelia… A-Are going to sleep together…?”


  He had only thought that they’d be sharing the same room, not the same bed.


  This new revelation made him flustered.


  His eye was filled with embarrassment and discomfort and Amelia couldn’t bear to look at it for long.


  “Don’t worry, just lie down.”


  She gently pushed his back and helped him sit on the bed.


  Then, she took off his slippers and carefully tucked his legs under the covers.


  “You don’t have to do this! I can just sleep on the couch—”


  “If you dislike it, I can just sleep on the couch.”


  “No, that’s…”


  Siwoo sat there with his feet all fidgety, unable to settle on any particular posture.


  Amelia lowered her upper body and covered his body up to his chest with a blanket.


  “If it makes you uncomfortable, I can just stay by your side until you fall asleep.”


  “It doesn’t… It’s just… I’m sorry…”


  “Don’t be.”


  Amelia reached out her hand and firmly held his.


  His hand had become smaller than hers.


  She intertwined their fingers, making Siwoo look at her with wide eyes, an expression that reminded Amelia of a startled rabbit.


  “Just relax. You’re both a patient and a child. It’s only natural for children to receive care and protection.”


  After hearing Amelia saying those words earnestly, Siwoo couldn’t bring himself to turn her down anymore.


  Gazing at their tightly held hands for a while, he then comfortably rested his head on the pillow.


  “Thank you.”


  Amelia couldn’t help but stare intently at his face, captivated by his shy and soft murmurs.


  She knew that it wasn’t the time for such idle thoughts.


  This was merely a momentary tranquility, she knew that fact more than anyone, yet she couldn’t help but be captivated.


  ‘He’s so cute.’


  Even though she disliked children, his childlike appearance was so endearing that it melted her heart.


  After observing Amelia for a while, Siwoo shifted his body and lifted the blanket.


  Then, he tapped on the empty space next to him.


  “Please lie down here too, Ms. Amelia.”


  “I know you feel uncomfortable around me, Siwoo. There’s no need for you to be considerate of me.”


  As soon as he came to his mind, Siwoo displayed fear and maintained a sense of distance toward her.


  That was why Amelia suspected that his offer wasn’t sincere.


  “But, this bed is quite spacious, isn’t it? Even if two people lie down here, there will still be plenty of room.”


  However, just by mentioning the size of the bed, Siwoo effortlessly erased the sense of distance he had shown earlier.


  “If Ms. Amelia had to sleep somewhere else because of me, it would make me uncomfortable and unable to sleep well.”


  That was the reason why he made such a suggestion.


  Finding his demeanor both noble and somehow admirable, Amelia decided to climb on the bed.


  “Well then, I’ll sleep by your side tonight.”




  As they both settled into the bed and covered themselves with the blanket, Siwoo finally let out a faint smile.


  Amelia savored that smile as if it were a work of art, before she realized something that made her mind go blank.


  In the past, it was her impulsive actions that had driven him out from a comfortable accommodation.


  Of course, it wasn’t her intention to send him to live in a harsh environment like that old barn, but in the end, she was the entire reason why he ended up living like that.


  On the contrary, Siwoo was willing to endure his own discomfort for her sake.


  His innocent and selfless kindness contrasted sharply with her shameful actions, causing her face to flush with guilt.


  She started blaming herself for doing something that even a ten-year-old wouldn’t do and as a result, the guilt she felt overwhelmed her.




  While still lying down, she hugged Siwoo tightly.


  As the latter was much smaller compared to her, his body fit perfectly into her embrace.


  Amidst the floral fragrance composed of dozens of scents, including sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine.


  Her soft breasts, only covered by her nightgown, rubbed against Siwoo’s face.


  Not knowing the reason behind her actions, Siwoo stiffened like a log, unsure on where to put his hands.


  “U-Um, excuse me…? M-Ms. Amelia?”


  Even though he was just a young boy, he had a general understanding of certain things.


  One of them was the fact that a woman’s chest wasn’t something he should carelessly touch.


  His cheek was pressed against her slightly protruding soft chest behind that soft and thin fabric.


  In the center of her chest, something poked his cheek with an unexpectedly sharp jab.


  The moment he realized what it was, he experienced an intense impulse unlike anything he had ever felt before.


  It was an urge to grope, touch and feel her chest in his hands.


  Then, he felt a strange itchiness and discomfort in his lower abdomen.


  But, he desperately suppressed that urge.


  Instead, he twisted his body and freed himself of her embrace.


  “I’m sorry, do you dislike it?”


  Amelia realized that her sudden actions might have burdened him.


  “A-Ah, n-no… I-It’s not that I dislike it, but… I was a little embarrassed…”


  Due to her position, leaning sideways towards him, his eyes were drawn to her prominently visible white cleavage.


  He knew that it was wrong to have such thoughts, but he couldn’t help but want to reach out and massage it.


  “You don’t need to feel embarrassed. Even I used to sleep in my master’s arms back when I was your age.”




  He asked in surprise.


  From his perspective, it was hard to imagine Amelia, someone who always seemed mature and somewhat intimidating to have such a childlike side in the past.


  “Yes. My master used to hold me in her arms and sing me lullabies until I fell asleep.”


  Amelia told him that even herself, who always had trouble sleeping, would fall asleep within ten minutes while nestled in her master’s embrace. She’d listen to her master singing a lullaby while gently fondling her breasts.


  Of course she didn’t tell him that last part. As she recalled the tender and warm memories of those days, the corners of her mouth loosened.




  The sternness that made others steer away from her disappeared, replaced by a relaxed face that could break into a smile at any moment.


  She lingered in her memories for a while before returning to her usual self.


  Meanwhile, Siwoo was stunned after seeing her charming appearance.


  “It’s okay to be a little spoiled.”


  Amelia slightly opened her arms, creating a welcoming space for Siwoo to nestle in.


  Siwoo, who had been hesitant up to that point, wiggled and entered her embrace once again.


  And then…


  His hand moved towards her chest almost instinctively.


  It wasn’t an intentional act, even Siwoo himself was surprised that he had done this.




  Startled by the sudden touch, Amelia’s body trembled.


  The sensation of her chest touching someone else’s body and her chest being held by someone else’s hand were distinctly different.


  At the same time, Siwoo, who was captivated and fell into contemplation, came to his senses.


  “I-I’m sorry!”


  “It’s okay.”


  Although she was surprised for a moment there, her demeanor quickly softened.


  After all, she herself was aware of the cozyness that someone’s chest provided.


  She also knew that it was natural for a child of his age to seek maternal affection.


  “Do you want to touch it?”


  “N-No! M-My hands just… Without me realizing it…”


  Besides, it wasn’t like the one who did it was the adult Siwoo.


  ‘Maybe this is how a young child who’s scared to be alone usually acts?’


  It would be vulgar of her if she were to have strange thoughts in this situation.


  She gently pulled Siwoo’s wrist and placed it on her own chest.


  Then, with a soft voice, she said.


  “Go ahead, if you want to.”


  Her soft and plump breasts were held in Siwoo’s small hands.


  The sensation he felt was incomparable to when his cheek was brushed against them.


  Overwhelmed by this captivating sensation that made him feel like he could rub them all day long, Siwoo once again forgot to seek her permission as he absentmindedly grabbed her breasts.




  He felt the soft sensation in his hands.


  Behind the thin nightgown, he could distinctly feel the beating of her heart.


  Though he knew that this wasn’t an appropriate thing to do, he couldn’t bring himself to stop.


  “Does it calm your heart a little?”




  Amelia gently brushed Siwoo’s hair with one hand.


  His eyes lit up as if he had discovered a treasure, making him look incredibly adorable.


  -Squish, squish.


  His fingers would sink in as he touched them. Whenever he eased up the force he used, her elastic breasts would return to their original shape.


  The alluring way her cleavage changed its shape captivated his eyes.


  ‘How long has it been?’


  Suddenly, Amelia felt a shiver run through her body.


  If she were to make a comparison…


  This was the similar feeling she felt back when she saw Odile sucking Siwoo’s dick with her mouth.


  It was a strange feeling, as if her body was falling down then bounced back up by a trampoline.


  Her chest grew hot.


  She suddenly felt a tingling sensation between her legs.


  Then, suddenly, she became aware of the sensation of Siwoo’s palm touching the tip of her breasts.




  Siwoo, completely engrossed in what he was doing, continued his actions even though he noticed Amelia’s body tensing up.


  Initially, he had been kneading her chest gently, but over time he started to squeeze it.


  Thoughts like whether it was appropriate or not to touch his Master’s chest blatantly like this didn’t even cross his mind.


  He was too bewildered by this unfamiliar and peculiar sensation.


  However, the most important thing here was…


  Amelia didn’t seem to hate what he was doing.


  Her breath became shallow and her heart grew restless, but Amelia felt a contradictory feeling of calmness and comfort.


  She was engrossed in those feelings to the point that she couldn’t tell him to stop.




  Amelia let out a small cry, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.


  Siwoo, who had been caressing her chest, inadvertently brushed his fingertips against the erect nipple that had been swelling slightly.


  It happened in an instant, the sensation of tingling electricity running from her chest to her abdomen made it impossible for her to stay still.


  The sound she made was quite loud, even Siwoo was taken aback by it.


  “I-I’m sorry…”


  Siwoo apologized to Amelia in a frightened voice.


  When his palm gently roamed through her chest, he twisted the resilient bump by accident, not knowing the effect that action had on Amelia.


  “I-It’s okay…”


  Amelia fixed her disheveled collar and reassured Siwoo with a pat.


  Never in her wildest dreams that she expected this would happen.


  This was an embarrassing situation for both of them.


  “Siwoo, it’s okay to touch my chest, but that area is off-limits. Do you understand?”


  “Y-Yes, I-I’m sorry…”


  “It’s fine. You didn’t know.”


  In truth, Amelia didn’t know that she’d react like that either.


  She cleared her throat, trying to brush it off, before straightening her shoulders, offering her breasts again for Siwoo.


  Seeing how much he enjoyed it, she felt an even stronger desire to indulge him.


  His sparkling eyes as he caressed her chest were incredibly adorable.


  After that, Siwoo gently cupped her chest from underneath without touching her nipple, massaging them from below.


  This continued for fifteen minutes, in which he fell asleep with a peaceful expression on his face.






  Amelia confirmed that Siwoo had indeed fallen asleep.


  ‘Had his continuous touching really generated such heat?’


  For some reason, her chest felt hot and tingling.


  She didn’t show it when Siwoo was awake, but her breathing had become slightly erratic.


  It was a strange sensation for her.


  Especially when he lightly pinched the tip of her breasts, she was so surprised that she ended up letting out a weird noise.


  She instinctively raised her hand and lightly touched her own nipple, as if trying to compare the sensation.




  The sensation she felt was completely different than when he touched it.


  When she did it on her own, she just felt ticklish.


  She then put her hand down in embarrassment and soon fell asleep with her head leaning against Siwoo.




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