City of Witches Chapter 113

Foolery (3)

༺ Foolery (3) ༻



  The first place the twins and Siwoo headed to was the Flora Tailor Shop in Ars Magna Town.


  Since they found his new appearance cute, they thought it was time to get his clothes tailored.


  “Can you tailor some clothes for a young boy?”


  “You just need to name your price!”


  Fiora, who was wearing her usual languid expression, looked at the mischievous twins fussing around with a wry smile.


  She had heard from the Countess that the twins were troublemakers.


  Seeing that they wouldn’t move an inch unless she moved to make the clothes they wanted, Fiora decided to grant their wish.


  “There’s nothing impossible for me.”


  Well, part of the reason why she easily agreed to their request was because of how incredibly cute the customer they brought.


  She took his measurements and made some tiny suits that looked appropriate for his age.


  A cute looking suit with pants, a white shirt, a blue tie and a vest.


  Lastly, she applied some oil to his hair and neatly combed it back.


  When Siwoo came out of the fitting room the twins screamed in excitement. It was to the point that they almost fainted.


  “Mr. Assistant, you’re so cute!”


  “Sis… I feel faint…”


  The twins spun around Siwoo.


  Fiora, too, wore a rare satisfied expression as she watched the spectacle.


  It was natural for a creator to feel elated when she received a positive reaction to her creation


  “The eyepatch is part of the service. Please send my regards to the Countess.”


  “Yes! Thank you!”


  “You’re so pretty, Ms. Arabesque!”


  The twins each held one of Siwoo’s hands.


  “No time to dawdle, Mr. Assistant!”


  “We have to show off your cuteness around the town!”


  “P-Please don’t do this…”


  “Even the way you say ‘Please don’t do this’ is so cute!”


  The twins were causing all sorts of commotion and mischief while Siwoo was struggling to keep up with their pace.


  Although he finally had nice clothes and felt happy about all the compliments, this was a bit too much for him.


  Besides, Siwoo was still a boy. He preferred to be called cool than cute.


  “Ngg…! I want to hug him until he bursts!”


  “It’s my turn to hug him, Sis!”


  The twins took turns hugging him as they walked along the sidewalk.


  “By the way, where are we going?”


  “Didn’t we tell you? The Grand Bath.”


  “A-A bathhouse?”


  “Yes, the Levana Grand Bath! The witches considered it to be the best bathhouse around!”


  “D-Does that mean we’re going to the bathhouse together…?”


  “Of course!”


  It was only now that Siwoo realized the meaning behind their words. He fell into contemplation.


  No matter how much they adored him, he felt that they were going too far.


  However, he decided to not say anything.


  While carrying a growing sense of unease, he silently followed them.


  When they arrived at the entrance of an immensely large building, Siwoo asked in his mind after seeing it, ‘Is this really the entrance to a bathhouse?’




  Levana Grand Bath.


  The most luxurious bathing facility in Gehenna, built by Countess Yesod in the 1800s.


  Unlike your run-in-the-mill bathhouse, it wasn’t a place anyone could visit as it operated in a strict membership system. Judging by its location; in the middle of Ars Magna Town, it could be inferred that people with average wealth couldn’t afford to enter it.


  On top of that, it also provided amenities that made its hefty price justified. It was to the point that the saying, ‘If you don’t have a membership to the Levana Grand Bath, you could only enjoy half of what Gehenna has to offer,’ popped out.


  It wasn’t just the bathhouse, the place was basically a haven for the witches. There were church-like halls that served as social hubs, a hall that functioned as a meeting place, a casino, a library housing a rich collection of books, a restaurant where one could enjoy variety of dishes, a bar where witches from around the world gathered, a theater that hosted plays, operas and orchestral performances. It was a paradise of entertainment facilities.


  Additionally, within its spacious ground, there were mansions built so that the witches could reside, serving as both accommodations and lodging business.


  As most witches without titles couldn’t reside in Ars Magna Town, this lodging facility was enough to accommodate their housing needs. Siwoo, who thought that he would be going to a modest bathhouse, naturally gawked at this view in surprise.


  “How is it?”


  “It’s beautiful…”


  “Isn’t it? Wait until you see the interior!”


  “Mr. Assistant with his mouth open is cute too…”


  Odette, who was still captivated by Siwoo, kept hugging him while Odile confidently took the lead.


  Siwoo’s eyes wandered around dazedly, feeling as if he had entered a museum.


  “Is this really a public bathhouse?”


  “Yes. Now, let’s change our clothes. Follow me.”




  Odile pulled the perplexed Siwoo’s arm and headed towards a room.


  As they opened the door and entered, a neatly dressed woman came forward to greet them.


  “Thank you for visiting Levana Grand Bath, Ms. Odile Gemini, Ms. Odette Gemini.”


  The polite woman bowed her waist in hospitality. When she saw Siwoo, she showed her surprised face.


  It was the first time the twins had ever brought someone to the bathhouse, catching her off guard.




  “Will this person enter with you? Or is he going straight to the private bath?”


  “We’ll show him the central bath first.”


  “In that case, please wear this.”


  Whether she was actually a hostess or a guide, the woman handed Odile a thin cloth belt. The latter accepted it as if she already knew what it was for.


  “We will take care of your valuables at our bathhouse. May you have a wonderful day at Levana Grand Bath.”


  After another slight bow, the woman disappeared.


  As soon as she left, the twins began to remove their dresses.




  Siwoo panicked and frantically waved his hands, clearly flustered.


  “What’s wrong? This is the dressing room.”


  “What? The dressing room?”


  “We paid a lot of money to them, so we have a private dressing room here. Oh, we also have a private bath.”


  ‘Are they some kind of VIPs?’


  But, the reason why Siwoo was flustered wasn’t because of them being in the dressing room or not.


  It was because he didn’t expect that they would be changing their clothes together.


  He didn’t even consider the fact that the dressing room looked better than most hotel rooms, so he was taken aback by them suddenly stripping in front of him.


  “I-I don’t think I should go in…”


  “Why? Don’t worry too much! I mean, we already—”


  As Odette was about to say something, Odile quickly interrupted her.


  “Shh, don’t say it. Let’s just watch his reaction! It’s cute!”


  “I guess so, huh~?”


  Siwoo covered his eyes with his hands, only hearing the sound of dress straps being undone and clothes falling to the floor.


  He was too embarrassed to even move.


  “Are you embarrassed, Mr. Assistant?”


  “The shy Mr. Assistant is also cute…”


  They touched his clothes while letting out a soft voice.


  He was taken aback by their actions.


  “Just keep your eyes closed.”


  “We are as naked as back when we were born, so you can’t open your eyes, Mr. Assistant~ You aren’t a pervert, right?”


  “I-I’m not!”


  Whether it was intentional or not, the way they whispered their words into his ears made his face turn red.


  Odile carefully pulled his hand down with a hint of laughter.


  She removed his eyepatch and wrapped a black cloth around his eyes.


  “You can open your eyes now.”


  “I don’t want to.”


  “It’s okay, I put a blindfold on you. You won’t see anything.”


  Unable to resist their insistence, he cautiously raised his head and opened his eyes.




  However, the cloth around his eyes was too thin to completely block his vision.


  He could faintly see the twins’ silhouette, standing side by side, seemingly naked. Immediately, he tried to lower his head again, as the twins let out a squeal of joy when they saw it.


  “Are you embarrassed, Mr. Assistant?”


  “It’s fine, you can take a look!”





  Feeling that they might be deceiving him, he raised his head once again.


  In truth, it would be a lie to say that Siwoo didn’t want to see the attractive and charming naked body of the friendly twins.


  He was at the age where his sexual curiosity was at its peak, after all.




  Finally, he was able to see.


  He caught a glimpse of their naked bodies through the blindfolds.


  However, he still couldn’t see clearly.


  He could identify their other body parts, but their crotch and breasts were obscured, as if covered by some kind of mosaic censorship.


  “It’s a magical blindfold. Amazing, isn’t it? Men have to wear one of those when they enter.”


  “The flustered Mr. Assistant is cute too…”


  Odile chuckled as she found Siwoo’s reaction amusing. Meanwhile Odette’s body swayed, as if she was about to faint.


  “You can get undressed now, Mr. Assistant. Tie this around your waist.”


  Odile handed him a large towel.


  Siwoo hesitated and glanced around before speaking.


  “Is it okay if I change by myself and come back?”

  “Hm, if that’s more convenient for you, go ahead!”


  After getting the twins’ permission, he cautiously looked around and went to a corner of the dressing room.


  He quickly undressed and wrapped the towel around his waist as instructed.


  Though it felt as if he was wearing a skirt as the towel swayed around, he found solace over the fact that he didn’t need to go completely naked.


  “So, shall we go inside?”


  “D-Do I really have to go in?”


  “Yes, of course!”


  The twins responded firmly, each holding one of his hands as they made their way towards the central bathhouse.






  As Siwoo stepped into the hallway connecting the dressing area to the central bathhouse, he couldn’t help but let out a gasp of admiration.


  The bathhouse was incredibly spacious, tall and well-lit.


  Its floor was as spacious as a soccer field, covered with marbles imported from Egypt. Its high-domed roof was adorned with octagonal decorative glass panels that transformed sunlight into a dazzling array of colorful lights.


  The ceiling and walls were adorned with elaborate fresco murals, adding to the luxurious atmosphere. Sculptures and fountains were placed around the hot tubs, where hot spring water gushed and bubbled.


  Misty steam filled the bathhouse, carrying the pleasant scent of water and fragrant herbs, creating a serene ambiance.


  “His reaction is similar.”


  “Yes! He looked exactly like back when we went to the Spirit Mountain to play!”


  No matter what the twins said or did, Siwoo couldn’t take his eyes off the bathhouse.


  Despite it being a large-scale facility that could easily accommodate two thousands people, there were only a few individuals present.


  Perhaps there were only a dozen or so people here.


  “Can I go around for a bit?”


  “As long as you don’t gawk at other witches, it’s fine~”




  “We’ll be enjoying our Vin Chaud here!”


  Leaving the twins behind, who were happily sipping their drinks through straws, Siwoo walked on the smooth floor while looking around.


  The witches in the bathhouse were dressed in various attires, each enjoying the place in their own way.


  Some were wearing dresses, lying leisurely on sunbeds while reading books, others were completely naked, lounging in rose-filled bathtubs while drinking alcohol.


  There was a maid holding a brush made of herbs, dipping it in scented oil and applying it to the witches’ body. There were also a few witches who were engaging in friendly conversations.


  Peace, opulence and an overwhelming sense of luxury permeated every nook and cranny of the place.


  As Siwoo wandered around, a witch approached him.


  She had striking red hair and a voluptuous body.


  Despite the blindfold obscuring his vision, he could still perceive the prominent curves of her body.


  “Are you lost, little one?”


  She bent her waist down to his eye level, gently brushing her hair beneath her ear.


  For some reason, she licked her lips, which was in the same alluring color of her hair, in a seductive manner.


  “A-Ah, no… I was just admiring the surroundings…”


  “I see. Just admiring, hm? It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”


  “Y-Yes. It’s stunning…”


  “What do you like the most about it?”


  “I think the murals are…”


  The red-haired witch squatted down on the spot, starting a conversation with him.


  “By the way, if this Sister is in trouble, would you be willing to help?”


  “Is there something I can help you with?”


  “I need someone to apply some fragrant oil on my body. On every part of my body. E~ve~ry~ part~”




  As Siwoo stuttered in confusion, several other witches gathered around him, trying to satiate their curiosity.


  “Hm, who is this child?”


  “He said he’s here to sightsee. I was teasing him because he’s cute.”


  “What do you mean teasing him? You’re going to take him home and raise him, don’t you? Well, he does have a rather pretty face…”




  The surrounding witches began stroking his hair. Their fingertips gently grazed his shoulders.


  Their touches carried an unmistakable sensuality.


  “Where is your master, Little one?”


  “O-Over there.”


  The witches followed his fingertips with their eyes. As soon as they saw where he pointed to, they became startled and immediately dispersed.


  Reason being; the twins were striding towards them with an angry expression.


  While the twins were merely apprentice witches, they were the apprentice witches of Countess Gemini. Those witches didn’t have the power to contest against someone of the Countess’ stature.


  “What’s going on, Mr. Assistant? I swear, I looked away for a second…”


  Because he was on the verge of getting caught in mischief by unfamiliar witches, Siwoo happily ran towards Odile, like a lost child who had found his mother.


  “Did they do something bad to you?”


  Odette asked worriedly as soon as Siwoo reached their side.


  “N-No, I was just a little surprised.”


  “I’m sorry, I should have stayed close to you, Mr. Assistant…”


  “It’s okay, they were just trying to talk to me.”


  “Come here, it’s alright.”


  Odile said, pulling him into her embrace.


  As Siwoo unexpectedly came into contact with her bare skin, his body stiffened.


  “This place is too dangerous, we can’t stay here. Let’s go to the private bath.”


  “Yes, let’s have a bath together there, Mr. Assistant!”


  “I-Is that really okay?”


  Siwoo asked in bewilderment as the twins took his wrist and led him towards the private bath rented by the Gemini Household.




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