City of Witches Chapter 115

Foolery (5)

༺ Foolery (5) ༻



  In truth, when the twins decided to go to the public bathhouse with Siwoo, they didn’t have any particular plans.


  They learned about sexual pleasure for the first time from him, but after he went into a coma, they couldn’t indulge in that sort of act with him anymore. Though, they never felt any dissatisfaction about it.


  If Siwoo had woken up in his normal state, they would definitely have indulged in such acts without hesitation.


  But, the young Siwoo didn’t have the ‘masculinity’ that they had fallen for.


  Rather, their feelings towards him was more of an adoration towards a puppy than anything.


  Yet, when they found themselves together with him in this private bath, the atmosphere took on a strangely alluring vibe, arousing the curiosity within them.


  “Mr. Assistant, let me clean this area too.”


  Odile’s hand slipped beneath the towel, firmly gripping Siwoo’s erect shaft.




  His eyes widened in surprise, as if he had been jolted by electricity.


  He could see her naked body crawling between his legs, but that wasn’t important.


  The important thing was the fact that her hand was holding his genitals.




  Meanwhile, Odile was also caught off guard.


  She had assumed that his rod would be significantly smaller due to his smaller stature.


  Though, after seeing the bulge, she reckoned that she shoulda expected otherwise.


  It wasn’t small at all.


  Compared to the monstrous rod she was used to, his current one was cuter, but it was still above average in size.


  That was when she found out that he had been well endowed since he was a child.


  “M-Ms. Odile, that…”


  “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”


  -Squish, squish.


  Odile began to meticulously wash his rod with the sponge in her hand.


  Well, the term ‘wash’ didn’t really fit the situation.


  She was moving her hand up and down, just like when she gave him a handjob in the past.


  Every time, his shaft throbbed, as if enjoying the sensation transmitted by her hand.




  Siwoo was embarrassed.


  Not only had Odile discovered his erect rod, she was also washing it with her own hand.


  He thought that he should stop her.


  “You need to wash your body thoroughly before entering the bath, you know?”


  But, the sensation he felt was too irresistible.


  With each stroke, his body quivered with delight.


  It was an ecstatic feeling he had never experienced before.


  “Mr. Assistant, even your twitchings are cute~”


  Meanwhile, Odette pressed her chest tightly against his back, embracing him from behind.


  This position allowed him to lean back comfortably as if he was reclining in a chair while fully enjoying Odile’s soapy handjob.


  “Let’s clean it thoroughly~”


  Odile added another hand.


  With her right hand, she formed a ring and stroked his rod while with her left hand, she gently cradled and fondled his testicles.


  When she looked up, she saw Siwoo trembling and squirming, not knowing how to respond to the overwhelming sensation coursing through his body.


  At that moment, the long-forgotten sensation surged back, engulfing him completely.


  He remembered the day when he first experienced this sensation. When he consumed the love potion, the day when the twins sneaked into his room to have fun and the day they indulged in sex inside the carriage.


  As if he was catching a fever, heat surged in his body.




  He let out a muffled moan.


  Odile had untied the towel tying his waist.


  Revealing the smooth-looking rod, without a single hair on it.


  Perhaps because his body had become smaller, even that slightly grotesque sight of his rod became cute.


  “Do you dislike what we’re doing, Mr. Assistant?”




  Odile asked for his opinion.


  However, instead of answering, he remained silent while blushing.


  It was a sight that was harmful to her heart.


  “Then, it’s okay to continue, right?”


  Taking his silence as an affirmative, Odile chuckled and poured water over his soap-covered body, thoroughly washing him with care.


  “If we stay like this, we might catch a cold. Let’s take a bath together.”


  Odette made that suggestion to Siwoo, who awkwardly covered his erect rod with his hand, in a gentle voice.


  Her voice carried a seductive tone, probably caused by the fact that she lightly brushed her nipples against his back.


  “She’s right. Let’s go inside.”




  Now that Odile also urged him, Siwoo ended up choosing one of the baths and entered it together with the twins.


  As soon as he submerged his body in the warm water, a warm and comforting sensation enveloped him.


  However, he could feel the heat intensifying on his already flushed face and head.


  He sat with his back leaning against the edge of the bath.


  Meanwhile, the twins were squeezing his body from both sides.


  The slightest turn of his gaze would make him see their naked body, leaving him with no option but to maintain a straight posture while looking straight ahead.


  Being naked together with them made him feel uneasy and he hesitantly voiced it.


  “D-Do we really have to stay like this, Ms. Odile, Ms. Odette?”


  “Of course!”


  “Do you hate to snuggle up close with us, Mr. Assistant?”


  What he was concerned about the most though, was the fact that they were holding his rod in their hands.


  Although they hadn’t moved their hands, the mere fact that they were holding it made him feel self-conscious.


  “I-I’m not talking about that… C-Could you let go…?”


  “Why? Do you hate it?”


  “I heard that if this part of a man’s body gets bigger, that means he’s enjoying it. I just want to make you feel good, Mr. Assistant.”


  Having expressed his thoughts, Siwoo had nothing more to add.


  Then something suddenly crossed his mind.


  Amelia’s words when she saw him off earlier today.


  “Ms. Amelia told me not to do something bad…”


  “Are we doing something bad right now?”


  “I-I don’t know, but it feels that way…”


  “Well, it can’t be helped then.”


  As Siwoo expressed his reluctance, the twins quietly released their hold on his rod.


  To his surprise, they obediently withdrew, leaving him with a mix of relief and disappointment.


  Nevertheless, that made him calm down a little. 


  “Up we go!”


  Odile suddenly stood up.


  Water flowed down her body, revealing her alluring figure.


  Siwoo reflexively averted his gaze.


  Meanwhile, Odile just stood there, unaffected by his reaction.


  “So, is there anything you want to do, Mr. Assistant?”

  “We can do anything you want! As I mentioned before, you saved our lives twice!”


  ‘Something I want to do…’


  If anything he wanted to run away from here.


  Though, when he looked past his embarrassment, he felt a desire to closely observe Odile’s body.


  “Hm? Do you really not want to do anything?”


  Odile bent her waist, resting her hands on her knees and locked eyes with Siwoo.


  Because her upper body was lowered, her glistening nipples came to his view.


  He unconsciously stared dazedly at them.


  “…I-I have the feelings that you’re just teasing me.”


  But in the end, he averted his eyes again.


  Noticing that their plan was working, the twins’ voices grew louder.


  “No, we aren’t! You can be honest with us, really!”


  “That’s right! You don’t need to hold back! It isn’t something to be embarrassed about!”


  After thinking for a while, he shook his head.


  He couldn’t shake off the sense of guilt if he were to indulge them even after thinking.


  “I just want to finish bathing and leave.”




  Odette expressed her disappointment.


  “Well, that’s that.”


  Odile also seemed to be dejected.


  However, since Siwoo was younger than them, they had no intention of forcing him if he found the situation uncomfortable.


  They hadn’t come here to do anything strange to begin with, so they decided that they wouldn’t cling to any lingering regrets.


  Besides, he had pretty much recovered already.


  As soon as he returned to his normal state, they could enjoy their time with him as much as they liked.


  “Then, let’s have some fun instead! Are you good at swimming, Mr. Assistant?”




  “Then, let me teach you! I’m a better swimmer than my sister!”




  The tension faded, replaced by a lively atmosphere. The three of them played together until they were exhausted.




  Inside a street cafe that also served as an antique shop in Ars Magna Town.


  Amelia was drinking while wearing a complicated expression.




  She had sent three letters to Duchess Keter.


  However, the latter hadn’t responded to her, so she personally visited Ivory Tower this morning.


  Her goal was to inquire about Siwoo’s condition.


  Though his body had been restored, his left eyes hadn’t healed, so she wanted to know the exact progress of his recovery. Additionally, she wanted to ask her about the favor the Duchess would be asking for her.


  However, the Duchess didn’t show up at all.


  She was known to be indifferent towards worldly matters.


  Even concerning important matters such as the Homunculi or the Exiles who had been gathering influences.


  While it was good that she had healed Siwoo, Amelia was still wary about owing her a favor because her intentions remained unknown.




  As she lit her cigarette, her gaze landed on the familiar trio before her.


  Two girls dressed in glamorous dresses with a little boy holding their hands between them.


  Weaning a neat-looking tailored suit, his expression radiating pure joy.


  Their constant chatter indicated that their relationship had grown quite positively.


  Well, their relationship had been good since the beginning.


  The sight of the three of them going naked in the carriage with Odile sucking Siwoo’s rod remained etched in Amelia’s mind.


  And to make matters worse, she even tried to reenact that scene by sucking on a glass bottle, only to be caught by Siwoo.




  Amelia vigorously shook her head, attempting to rid herself of the unnecessary memories that followed.


  If she were to bring up the most embarrassing memory of her life, that moment would be it, so she had no desire to dwell on it.


  The trio, who were walking in the distance, seemed to have noticed Amelia’s presence.


  With bright smiles, they ran towards her, seemingly delighted to meet her by chance.


  “It’s nice to see you again, Ms. Professor!”


  “The weather is really nice today!”


  “Nice to see you too…”


  Amelia nodded slightly in response as she returned their greetings.


  Trying to satisfy her curiosity, she asked them.


  “Did you have a good time?”




  “Where did you go?”


  “Ah, um…”


  Although her questions sounded casual, devoid of any intent to pry, the twins exchanged awkward glances.


  While the twins didn’t possess detailed knowledge about romantic relationships between  a man and a woman, they were aware of Amelia’s fondness for Siwoo.


  That was why they hesitated to reveal that they brought him to a public bathhouse.


  Seeing their evasive response, Amelia tilted her head in both confusion and perplexion.


  “W-We were just playing around!”


  “Y-Yeah! We weren’t doing anything strange!”


  Their responses only added to her suspicion.


  However, she had no intention to dig deeper into the matter.


  “In any case, it’s good that we bumped into each other. Let’s go back, Siwoo.”




  “B-But, we were planning to have him stay at our house…”


  The twins, who had anticipated a night of playfully doting on him as they lay in bed after the bath, became disheartened.


  Nevertheless, they didn’t put up significant resistance.


  Even though Siwoo was no longer a slave, the impression that Amelia was his guardian remained deeply ingrained in their hearts.


  “No. Shin Siwoo is still young and immature, both physically and emotionally. I can’t allow him to spend the night outside.”




  “I understand, Ms. Professor…”


  Their faces filled with sadness, the twins said their goodbyes to Siwoo.


  “We’ll be going now, Mr. Assistant…”


  “We had a great time today, didn’t we? Let’s go out and have fun together again next time!”


  “Yes. Thank you for taking such good care of me today.”


  They hugged him tightly from both sides before returning him to Amelia.


  Together with Siwoo, Amelia boarded the gate and returned to the mansion.




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