City of Witches Chapter 117

A Happy Daily Life (2)

༺ A Happy Daily Life (2) ༻



  After she finished playing, Amelia put her violin back in its case and changed her attire.


  She took off the heavy, extravagant dress and put on a light nightgown instead.


  Thanks to Siwoo, she found herself wearing nightwear quite frequently. Prior to this she used to wear it once a week at most.


  She made her way to the spacious bed where Siwoo was already waiting.


  Then, she rested her head upon one of the neatly arranged pillows.


  Siwoo, who had dozed off midway, stirred awake at the rustling sound.


  “Sorry, did I wake you up?”


  “No, I just closed my eyes while waiting.”


  She gently stroked his head before turning to face him.


  Even in this dimly lit room, only illuminated by the fading daylight, they could clearly see each other’s eyes.


  Being in such close proximity to him no longer made her feel awkward.


  On the contrary, she even felt somewhat comfortable.


  “Ms. Amelia, can I ask you something?”


  “Yes, go ahead.”


  “Do you remember when you apologized to me? When I first woke up?”


  Indeed, she had done that.


  Back then, Amelia felt glad, knowing that Siwoo had come to his senses.


  She felt relieved, knowing that she wouldn’t have to lose him.


  Despite that, she still shed her tears, for the irreversible sin that she had done for him.




  “So… Why did you apologize to me, Ms. Amelia?”


  Siwoo asked as his gaze was fixed on Amelia.


  It wasn’t a reproachful look, but a curious one, a gaze that was filled with a genuine desire to know.


  A mixture of warm affection and trust could also be seen within that gaze.


  “In my eyes, you’re an amazing and an incredibly kind person, Ms. Amelia…”


  She was the one who sang lullabies to him, who was afraid of sleeping alone.


  The one who’d bring him snacks when he was studying and teach him about the things he didn’t know.


  She’d also accompany him on walks and picnics so that he wouldn’t be bored.


  That was the Amelia that the current Siwoo knew.


  Amelia felt her heart sink.


  This was something she wouldn’t want to reveal, or at least, try to conceal as long as possible. It felt like her secret, which she had wanted to keep hidden, was exposed to the whole world.


  “B-Back then, I assured you that everything is fine, so me asking about it now doesn’t mean I’m going to go back on my words or anything like that… I’m just… Curious…”


  “I know. I understand.”


  Just like back when he was an adult, the young Siwoo was kind.


  He was also diligent, sincere and had a good heart.


  Compared to Amelia, who was a genuine troublemaker when she was his age, he was like an angel.


  But, this was the thing that made her speechless.


  If she were to tell her everything, he might really have forgiven her.


  After all, he had no memories of being mistreated by her.


  There was also a chance that this would serve as a cushion to make him forgive her easier when his memories finally returned.


  However, that outcome wasn’t something that Amelia wanted.


  No matter how scared she was, she wanted to face the consequences of her own actions properly.


  “Not now.”




  “I’ll let you know when you’re older.”


  “Okay, Ms. Amelia.”


  Siwoo obediently nodded without complaining or showing any doubt.


  He genuinely believed that there was a valid reason behind Amelia’s decision.


  But, even his obedient attitude bothered Amelia.


  “Good night. Thank you for taking care of so many things for me today.”


  Siwoo bid her a good night politely before turning around to get ready to sleep.




  At that moment, Amelia called out to him.


  Siwoo turned around to glance at her, as if he had been waiting for this.


  They had developed a certain routine in the past few days. They’d engage in this act until they fell asleep together.


  “Aren’t we going to do it tonight?”


  Although Siwoo never spoke first, Amelia always granted his request when he showed her his desires.


  It was because she was happy to see him acting like a child.


  “Are you okay with it, Ms. Amelia?”


  “Like I’ve said, if you want to do it, you can.”


  “But, it’s embarrassing…”


  Amelia subtly shifted her arm, making it easier for him to touch her breasts.


  Initially, Amelia let him touch her breasts because she wanted to imitate her teacher. But lately, she felt a tinge of disappointment if they didn’t do it before going to sleep.


  It wasn’t just because she wanted to fulfill his desires.


  The act of offering her precious body parts somehow made her lower abdomen tingle.


  Also, whenever he massaged her breasts, she always felt drowsy.


  It was as if she had received a very comfortable massage.


  As long as she could endure the slight embarrassment, it was a win-win situation for her.


  “…Excuse me.”


  Siwoo gulped and stretched out his arms toward Amelia’s chest.


  Her nightgown was essentially a sleeveless dress that exposed her cleavage.


  Moreover, due to the way she had positioned her body, the volume of her chest became emphasized. When he touched it over the clothes, the scene became even more alluring.




  Amelia let out a soft moan as Siwoo was absorbed in the texture of her breasts in his hand.


  He was well aware that this was wrong.


  As a man, he had been taught that he should never touch a woman’s body carelessly, especially her sensitive parts like her breasts.


  In fact, he was confused as to why Amelia allowed him to do this without making any fuss.


  He only did this to satisfy his desires and because he enjoyed it.


  This was the moment he was looking forward to the most ever since he started sleeping together with her for the past few days.




  Amelia’s closed eyelashes quivered.


  Every time Siwoo’s hand touched her chest, she let out a gasp while pretending to not care about the sensation she was feeling.


  Siwoo had a distinct feeling about what was going on from her breath.


  It reminded him of the time when he went to the bathhouse with the twins the other day.


  The voice and gasp that he made was similar to the one that Odette made back when she rubbed her bare chest against his back.


  That enigmatic and enticing sound which made his rod went hard.


  Of course, his current rod was softer than back then and it would be hard for Amelia to notice if she didn’t go out of her way to look.


  As he focused on the sensation on his palm, he could feel the soft thing at the center of her breasts hardened.


  It was naturally her nipple.




  ‘What’s behind that thin fabric?’


  ‘Did her nipples go hard just like the twins?’


  ‘If I take off her clothes, what will her breasts look like?’


  Feeling her breath that was brushed against his hand, Siwoo’s curiosity was fueled even further.


  There was a bulge between his legs, eliciting a surge of guilt within him.


  Regardless of their past, Amelia had been a kind master to him.


  He felt guilt for feeling such impure thoughts towards her.


  But, even that feeling of guilt couldn’t overcome his impulsive curiosity.


  Siwoo could feel that guilt slowly fading away.


  He deliberately pretended to accidentally twist his fingertip against the part that she had warned him to not touch, her nipple.




  Amelia’s delicate eyebrows furrowed.


  Her breaths became even more heated as it wafted through the air, carrying sweet aroma with it.


  Siwoo halted his movements and held his breath while intently observing her reaction.


  He was afraid that she might open her eyes and reprimanded him. Instinctively, he hunched his shoulders. But, contrary to his expectations, she only laid there quietly as if nothing had happened.


  The boy could feel his heart pounding.


  He could no longer control his instinct.


  Although he knew deep down that what he was doing was wrong, he couldn’t bring himself to stop.


  “Mmh… haah…”


  Siwoo began to move in earnest.


  He pushed aside the guilt and surrendered to the sudden impulse that had emerged.


  As he gently lifted the lower part of her breasts, his index finger grazed against the alluring nipple that had started to reveal its shape through the fabric.


  Each time, Amelia’s body trembled.


  Her hot breaths accompanied by her sensuous moan were like an added bonus to him.


  During their first night, even the slightest touch had startled her, prompting her to resist his touch. Yet now, she remained silent despite him going even further than back then.


  Her breathing became more irregular as she kept her eyelids shut.


  Siwoo couldn’t help but interpret her reaction as a subtle form of approval.


  ‘Maybe Ms. Amelia wants me to do this?’ A sense of guilt crept into his thoughts.


  He gulped once again as his actions grew bolder; he began to earnestly touch her nipples.




  Every time he twisted her nipples with his fingertips, her straight eyebrows furrowed in response.


  Her body quivered and stopped intermittently as it went through a repetitive cycle.


  At that moment, she ceased to be the gentle and composed master he had always known.


  Instead, she became a mere puppet that was manipulated by his fingertips.


  A strange sense of domination surged within him, tearing every kind of moral restraint.


  However, that didn’t last long.


  After approximately thirty minutes of listening to her gasps and feeling the softness of her chest in his hands, drowsiness began to envelop him.


  His initial enthusiasm waned as he drifted off to sleep while holding Amelia’s chest. 




  As his hand movements stopped and the room was filled only with the sound of her soft breaths, Amelia slowly opened her eyes.


  They glistened with sensuality, unusually moist like dew on leaves at dawn.




  When Siwoo, who was fondling her breasts as usual, moved his hand towards a more sensitive area of her chest, she didn’t resist him.


  This left her feeling a little confused.


  ‘Why did I do that?’


  That was a bold and audacious act.


  An action she wouldn’t have allowed under normal circumstances.


  ‘Maybe it was a spur of the moment thing?’


  ‘Maybe I was trying to indulge him?’


  ‘Has my sense of duty towards him distorted to a willingness to fulfill all of his whims?’


  ‘Or maybe, I was pretending to resist when deep down I actually wanted to let him do it?’


  Amelia belatedly sensed a burning sensation on her face.


  It wasn’t just because of the fact that she allowed him to caress her breasts without any reservation.


  Rather, it was because his caress had ignited an undeniable pleasure within her.


  A euphoric sensation that resonated from her chest to her womb.


  An unfamiliar tingling sensation and a dizzying feeling that she had never felt before.


  The reason why she initially tolerated his action was uncertain, but she knew the reason why she continued to accept his touches.


  Because she also went along with it.


  This realization made her feel so embarrassed that it was almost too much for her to bear.




  Amelia, who was quietly clutching the pillow to endure the unbearable embarrassment, felt a damp sensation between her thighs as she tossed and turned.


  Feeling confused, she slipped her hand beneath her nightgown.


  Her panties were so damp that she could feel its moisture from outside.


  She widened her eyes before slipping her hand into her panties, cautiously.


  It was incredibly wet.


  As if dozens of snails had passed through.


  She pulled out her hand and observed it with trembling eyes.


  A thick, sticky fluid stretched between her fingers.


  She knew what it was, a lubricating secretion produced by the vagina during sexual arousal.


  Her own vaginal fluid.




  She forgot to blame herself for her action and instead was completely consumed by self-loathing.


  Although she had knowledge about sexual activities, she had never even tried masturbating before. Seeing this much vaginal fluid coming from her own body was a first.


  And the reason for this was because Siwoo, the younger one, not the adult one, was playing with her nipples.


  She bit her lips tightly and quietly left the bed so that she wouldn’t wake Siwoo up by accident.


  It was time to change her panties.




  After returning to the bed, she laid down once again, but the strange state of arousal kept her tossing and turning throughout the night.




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