City of Witches Chapter 182

Pleasant Daily Life (4)

༺ Pleasant Daily Life (4) ༻



  ‘Siwoo wasn’t lying.’


  ‘He did defeat Della…’


  After Sharon gathered her thoughts and regained her composure, she realized that she had finished her meal already.


  Somewhere along the way, Siwoo had caught on to why she was acting weird.


  “So, you didn’t believe me, huh?”


  “H-Huh? W-What did you say just now? I-I didn’t hear you!”


  “You never believed that I beat Della.”


  Back then, he was surprised that she didn’t even question him about how exactly he defeated Della.


  Now he knew the reason why; She just didn’t believe him in the first place.


  Though, he understood why that was the case.


  There was a considerable gap between his and Della’s skill, and it was by extraordinary stroke of luck that he managed to beat her in the first place.


  “N-No? I-I really believed you!”


  Trying to reassure Siwoo, Sharon waved her hands wildly in the air.


  But soon enough, she ended up confessing anyway since it was obvious that she couldn’t keep up her lies anymore.


  “S-Sorry… I-In truth… I didn’t believe you…”


  “No need to apologize.”


  Siwoo said, showing her a small smile.


  Considering that she still played along even though she thought that he was lying, she didn’t need to feel sorry at all.


  “But, why didn’t you say anything?”


  “Huh? What?”


  “I mean, you could’ve bragged about knocking her down, but you didn’t… So, I thought you were just lying…”


  “Ah, well… It feels embarrassing if I were to brag about it, you know? Besides, you didn’t ask for details, so I figured that it’d be better to leave it be… Ah, right, there’s something…”


  He rummaged through his wallet before pulling out a business card.


  On it was a brief statement, a pledge to not reveal Siwoo’s true identity and to not harm Sharon in any way.


  It was written in Redcliffe’s name, emphasizing the seriousness of the promise.


  After seeing that, Sharon finally fully believed this surreal story.


  “I told her to stop bothering you since it seems like she has been giving you tough times.”


  He had heard her complaints multiple times, so he requested Della to stop bothering her.


  Without batting an eyelash, Sharon suddenly pressed herself against him.


  “W-What are you doing, all of a sudden?!”








  With her lips pouted as she averted her gaze, she stuck to him, refusing to let go.


  He tried to call her out, but she didn’t respond, and she also didn’t say anything.


  She was currently feeling extremely embarrassed about overthinking the whole situation, and all the futile actions she ended up doing because of it. The fact that Siwoo effortlessly handled everything well only further her embarrassment.


  But, the strongest feeling she currently felt was the fact that she didn’t need to suffer through all the abuse anymore.


  No more worrying about Della suddenly showing up and taking her money, or worrying about getting chased out of Sinchon, wandering like a beggar to God knows where.


  All this time, those worries had been occupying her heart. The fact that it was all gone made tears well up in her eyes.


  “T-Thank you…”


  She hugged him tightly while sobbing, refusing to let go for a long time.


  Except this time, her tears came from her joy and relief.


  Amidst her downpour of tears, she couldn’t help but notice how often she found herself crying these days.




  After finishing their errands; Exchanging their crystals at the Witch Point, and eating their pasta, they both headed back home.


  “Ugh… I did something stupid to myself without realizing it…”


  “Now I know why you’ve been acting so strangely lately.”


  “I really thought you lied to me to make me feel better…”


  Siwoo could understand why she berated herself over her misunderstanding.


  After all, despite what actually happened, she brushed over his words, drawing a conclusion on her own without thinking twice.


  ‘I probably should’ve talked more about it even if I’d end up sounding like a braggart. That should be better than her ending up underestimating me…’


  Siwoo thought.


  “A-Anyway, it isn’t like I thought of you as a weakling or anything! I-I mean, you know how I feel about you, right?”


  Sharon knew that Siwoo didn’t hold anything against her. And Siwoo also understood the reason why she doubted his words in the first place, that was why he wasn’t particularly angry with her or anything.


  “I still feel a little disappointed, though…”


  “You… Do…? Really…? W-Was it that bad?”


  He showed her a sulky expression, but only because he found her reaction amusing.


  She kept overreacting to every single little thing, just like the Gemini twins.


  Watching how her face occasionally turned red, either by her own embarrassment because of her own blunders or by her worry that he might think poorly of her, triggered Siwoo’s mischievous side to come out.


  “Y-You aren’t mad, are you?”


  “Well, it isn’t like I can be mad. After all, according to the future Great Witch Sharon, I wouldn’t be able to beat someone like Della… Sigh…”


  “No! I believed in you, I really did! It’s just…”


  “Just a while ago you thought that I was lying to you…”


  “T-That was just… Um… A test! Yeah, just a test! I actually believed your words! Well, I didn’t fully believe it, but still! You know, what you did was an extraordinary feat! Someone who has only been practicing magic for less than ten years defeated a Great Witch! Amazing, Siwoo! You’re amazing!”


  After rambling on for a while, she suddenly started praising him.


  Seeing that her excuse of ‘I actually always believed in you’ wouldn’t work on him, she opted that it would be better to lift his mood by showering him with compliments instead.


  Of course, Siwoo could tell her intentions easily. If anything, her trying to play it off only added the hilarity of this situation.


  “Fine. I believe what you said… The part when you said you didn’t actually believe me back then.”




  After expressing his ‘disappointment,’ he couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore.


  Her reaction was way too funny for him to keep his poker face.


  Perplexed, she looked at him, her expression turned blank as if she couldn’t understand what was going on.


  Then, as if she finally understood what happened, her brows shot up sharply.


  “Shin Siwoo! Did you just trick me?!”


  “You tried to do the same to me, so we’re even.”


  “I really thought you were mad at me!”


  Feeling upset for being deceived, she clenched her fists with an angry expression.


  Seeing her reaction, Siwoo laughed while rolling on the sofa.


  At that point, Sharon just gave up to her frustration and pulled out her phone.


  “Ugh! You, wait here!”


  “Of course I’ll stay here. This is my house, where else would I go?”


  While grumbling, she went to the front door, picked up a box and swiftly disappeared into her own room.


  Curious about what she was up to, Siwoo quickly sat up.


  “What are you doing?”


  “Wait! Don’t come in!”


  Her voice echoed from behind the door. After three minutes, the door swung open abruptly,


  As Sharon reappeared, she was draped in a thin summer blanket, resembling Dracula’s cape.


  The contrast between her expression and her slightly comical appearance made him burst into another laughter.


  “What the hell are you doing?”


  “Since you keep making fun of me, I’ll make you regret it!”


  She confidently unwrapped the blanket, revealing her outfit.


  And when he saw what she was wearing underneath, Siwoo let out a gasp unintentionally.




  “…How do I look?”


  Previously he noticed that there was some rustling sound in her room.


  Apparently, that was coming from her putting on her secret weapon.


  To put her appearance into one sentence, she looked like a black cat.


  Not just any black cat, a very alluring one.




  Mesmerized by the sight, Siwoo couldn’t come up with any words.


  What she was wearing seemed to be a lingerie set for some kind of a special occasion.


  Her provocative attire showcased a mix of a childish design, similar to a children’s underwear and her appealing curves, creating a striking combination.


  In the center of her chest, there was a cat-shaped hole, revealing her stunning cleavage.


  The black panties she was wearing only covered a little part of her skin, making it seem like a bikini.


  One wrong move would expose the lips that were hidden underneath.


  For the finishing touch, there were large cat paw gloves covering her hands, a cat ear headband on her head, and a thin choker decorated with a bell on her neck, creating a captivating ensemble.


  The contrast between her vibrant hair and black fabric created a sense of sensuality in her look.


  Seeing Siwoo’s reaction to her lovely outfit, she smirked, feeling triumphant for successfully enacting her revenge.


  “Isn’t this too revealing?”


  “This is exactly what you asked for, isn’t it?”


  What she was doing required more courage than getting completely naked.


  The black fabric, starked against her fair skin, was incredibly seductive, evoking lust in Siwoo toward her soft and supple skin underneath those fabrics.


  “Haah… I owe you so much, so I dressed up like this to repay you in some way~ But seeing how much fun you’re having teasing me, I can’t help but put it on early. Now, it’s time for a revenge~”


  Triumphantly, she crossed her arms and walked towards Siwoo in light steps.


  With each step, her curvaceous hips swayed enticingly, as her chest bounced seductively. The bell on her choker jingled along.


  “Now I’ll be wearing this outfit all day long~ I won’t leave you by yourself, Shin Siwoo~ You’ll be touching my breasts until you’re sick of it~”


  She had only been teasing him about giving him another breastjob, but from her tone, it seemed like she was going at it for real this time.


  As the situation took an unexpected turn, Siwoo looked as if the sky was falling as he saw her coming up closer. He was actually anticipating the moment though.


  With her dressed like that, his rod was all stiff just by looking at her. There was no way he would be able to stand it if she didn’t allow him to touch her.


  “Okay, that’s that. It’s time for our magic lesson. Let’s head to the study room, my dear student~”


  “Now, that’s just too far.”


  “Too far? After all your teasing, you called this too far?”


  She approached him with a smile, prompting him to stand by using her cat gloves that were clearly made out of a cheap material, and guided him to the study room.


  With every step she took, the cat paw print on her buttocks flickered, making Siwoo felt even more miserable.


  As usual, they sat down at the desk, with Siwoo sitting down straight while Sharon squeezed next to him.


  By the way, her outfit seemed to be imported from Japan, and it followed the standard-size of average Korean women. Thanks to that, her large chest looked especially stuffy beneath her bra.


  “Now, we’ll delve back into studying the elemental properties of earth, something we haven’t finished exploring yet the last time we held our lessons.”


  “Suddenly acting formally like that… What are you doing?”


  “Hm? I don’t quite understand what you’re getting at, my dear student. As far as I’m aware, I’ve always been professional whenever I’m teaching you, haven’t I?”


  “Yeah, sure, sure.”


  Clearly teasing him, she playfully snuggled up next to him.


  He knew that everything was part of her plan.


  She was having a good time, enjoying his reaction.


  While she might have felt a little embarrassed, it was worth it because this made him feel extremely awkward.


  Every time he glanced at her, she always returned a taunting look, a seductive look that was enough to arouse him.


  “Oh my, Mr. Siwoo, you shouldn’t stare at your teacher’s chest in the middle of the class, okay?”


  “Your dress is inappropriate, why is a teacher wearing something like this during class?”


  “I’m just wearing it because it looks cute on me. Mr. Siwoo, you need to control yourself, you aren’t a pervert, are you?”


  Whenever he responded to her taunts, she could feel a tinge of excitement in her heart.


  After some time had passed.


  “Well, well, Mr. Siwoo, look at you, acting like this during class. What a bad student you are.”


  Suddenly, Sharon, who had been subtly caressing his thigh, boldly moved her hand and touched his fully erect rod.


  This unexpected physical contact caught him off guard.


  She had already removed her gloves at one point, so now she was teasing the bulging rod beneath his pants with her bare hands.


  “This is unfair!”


  He expressed his dissatisfaction.


  Just being next to her was enough to make his rod throb in pain, let alone her touching it with her hand.


  “Are you giving up already?”


  “…Uh, can you please put on some proper clothes?”


  He couldn’t focus on today’s lesson, feeling like it was a waste of time.


  Obviously it wasn’t his fault for that, even if Buddha was sitting there, the result wouldn’t have been much different.


  Sharon let out a mischievous chuckle and pulled Siwoo up.


  “Fine, let’s go to my room now. We’ve decided that we’d do it earlier, no? Let’s do it now.”




  “I’ve had enough fun seeing you squirm.”


  ‘So suddenly?’


  In front of the bewildered Siwoo, Sharon shook her chest, as if she was showing them off.


  “What? You don’t want to do it?”


  And then she gave him a mischievous smile.


  Urged by a strange mix of confusion and bewilderment, Siwoo followed her into her room. All while accompanied by a suppressed desire to banish his inner demons.




City of Witches

City of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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