City of Witches Chapter 184

Pleasant Daily Life (6)

༺ Pleasant Daily Life (6) ༻



  -Squish squish squish!


  The sound that echoed in the room was strange, yet erotic.


  It was caused by the sticky lube, smearing and rubbing, creating a lewd squelching noise.


  Now, Siwoo was feeling the clear difference between using an actual lube and lotion during a titfuck; Both the sensation and the sound it made were completely different.


  Sharon’s warm and supple breasts, snuggly confined by her bra, pressed firmly together, squeezing his erect rod.


  Each movement she made provided a different sensation from her blowjob, sending waves of pleasure through his body.


  “…Even the sound is arousing…”


  While using her breasts to make him cum, she stared at Siwoo’s rod while muttering those words.


  Meanwhile, Siwoo was struggling with a feeling of guilt that suddenly crept over him.


  Despite the enthralling scene and the exhilarating pleasure he felt, Sharon’s innocent face made him question the morality of their actions.


  It felt as if they were engaging in something that should have never been done.


  The fact that they were doing this in a strange position, where she was lying beneath him, only added to his guilt.


  But, just like his time with the twins, any kinky act could easily blur the line between reason and pleasure.


  Contrary to his thoughts, he firmly grasped her breasts.


  Normally, her large breasts would fall down, following the law of gravity, but thanks to her bra, they maintained their supple shape.


  When he pressed them together, he felt an even greater pleasure.


  Involuntarily, a gasp escaped his lips.




  “Your expression is really arousing…”


  “Does it bother you?”


  “Oh, no, not at all! I just felt like saying it…”


  Sensing awkwardness in his response, Sharon used her wrist to cover her own mouth.


  As things continued, a lovely blush appeared on her face.


  In truth, Sharon was fully aware of the obscenity involved in this act.


  -Squish squish squish!


  As Siwoo quickened his pace, the sound and foam created by the entangled lube intensified.


  Within the initially transparent lube, small bubbles formed, and a misty liquid seemed to flow through the valley between Sharon’s breasts.


  And Siwoo had a full view of the scene.


  Due to him firmly holding on Sharon’s breasts, the fabric of her bra stuck closely to her skin, exposing her already protruding nipples through the thin fabric.


  Not only that, he could also see a part of her nipple peeking on the hole of the bra.


  Both the fact that her tits was already a sight to behold to begin with, and this kind of discreet exposure, further fueled his lust.


  He had heard a saying, how things hidden from view were often more beautiful, and in this moment, he found himself agreeing to that saying.




  Siwoo moved, teasingly pinched Sharon’s nipple, and she let out a moan in response.


  Seemingly embarrassed by the unexpected sound she made, she looked at him.


  Thinking that she was disturbing the mood somehow, she awkwardly apologized. 




  This was the first time he had ever seen a girl apologizing while his rod was nestled comfortably in between her breasts.


  “A-Ah, i-it isn’t like it hurts or anything, it’s just…tickles…so I was surprised by it! Anyway, if you want to continue, go ahead!”


  Though she casually brushed it off, normally he wouldn’t have insisted on continuing.


  But now that she gave him permission…


  A mischievous desire arose in his mind as he became curious what kind of voice she would make.


  “I can keep going?”


  “Yeah, of course. You’re just using part of my chest anyway, what’s the big deal?”


  With her giving him the green light, he dove in, moving his hips while squeezing her chest firmly.


  All this while, he had been playing it safe, avoiding direct contact with her nipples while only holding on her chest gently, but with her nod of approval, he decided to toss all those cautions aside.


  He grabbed her sensitive parts, playfully teasing her nipples with his fingers.


  “Mmh—! Yes…ahh…”


  With her nipples responding to the stimulation, she couldn’t hide her reactions.


  It was as if her nipples had grown bigger, now they turned pointy and hard, as if assessing their presence.


  Unable to hide her pleasure, Sharon’s eyelashes trembled as she tried to cover her mouth with her wrist.


  Letting such lewd sounds out of her mouth made her feel awkward, but she didn’t ask him to stop.


  Looking at her expression, a mix of embarrassment and confusion, it seemed like she was taking it all in stride.




  And Siwoo wondered whether this would be the kind of face she’d show him if they were to have sex.


  Though, when that happened, maybe she’d be too overwhelmed with pleasure, squirming while eagerly accepting everything that he had to offer.


  He imagined himself going deep into her wide-open legs.


  The result of that imagination showed itself almost immediately.


  Even though the titfuck he received didn’t stimulate him as much as a handjob or a real sex did, thanks to the scene that he imagined, along with Sharon’s stifled moans, he was about to reach his climax.


  “Can I come here…?”




  Breathing heavily, he asked. Sharon, with her eyes tightly shut, nodded in agreement.


  At that moment…


  -Spurt spurt spurt!


  He squeezed her breasts hard as she shot loads of semen forcefully between her bouncy chest.


  Following the flow of his thrusts, her breasts trembled like huge puddings.


  The feel of her amazing breasts in his hands, combined with his explosive release amped up his satisfaction.


  “A-Ah…i-it’s hot…”




  His semen began to ooze out like cream from between her breasts that were pressed together.


  Because he didn’t want to make a mess on her face, he had tucked his manhood before shooting his load out. His semen still made a little pool on her chin and collarbone though.


  “I-It’s dripping! Siwoo, grab some tissues, quick!”


  Except due to her lying down this time, it started flowing sideways.


  In a bit of panic, Sharon called out to him as he quickly snagged a bunch of tissues from the table. He swiftly cleaned up the mess caused by his cheeky little buddies before they could dirty Sharon’s sheets.


  After cleaning up her neck and cleavage, he finally pulled his rod out.


  Now, a gap was created between her two breasts.


  They fell sideways, making a bouncy sound.


  In between them, there were strands of semen and lube, mixing together, creating something that looked like spiderwebs.


  “Wow, that’s a lot of semen… I thought everything had dripped out already…”


  “Most of them should be lube.”


  “No, look at this. It’s clumped together, this is definitely your semen.”


  Siwoo grabbed another tissue and made sure to clean up every bit of cum that nestled deep in her spread breasts.


  Strictly following the saying, ‘Clean up your own mess.’


  Touched by his caring touch, Sharon put her hands together and stood up.


  “Thank you for helping me clean up!”

  “I swear everything will get a little awkward after all this…”


  “No, I doubt it. Am I not doing something helpful for you?”


  He let out a bitter laugh as he heard her bold answer.


  As she sat up, her eyes wandered down to his rod, which was still standing proudly between his knees.


  It was twitching, and its glans was coated in sticky pre-cum.






  “Do you want me to help you clean up too?”


  “Huh? Ah, nah, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it myself.”


  “No. Stay still.”


  She stopped Siwoo, who was about to wipe his shaft with tissue as she leaned forward like a cat.




  She fixed her hair, tucked it behind her ears before swallowing the dirty looking rod.


  Her sudden move caught Siwoo off guard.


  After all, he didn’t expect her to go this far to help him.


  “You don’t have to do this…”


  “But I want to…mmh…slurp…”


  Sharon teased his swollen and sensitive rod with her tongue.


  Compared to his full erection, its size was somewhat shrunken, so he could feel her tongue touching every nook and cranny.


  Caught up in the pleasure, he didn’t even think of stopping her anymore, as he just went with her whims.




  Her long, shallow tongue, lapped at the shaft, peeling away its sheaths and collecting every last drop of cum and lubes in her mouth.


  As she moved down, she finally replaced all the semen and lubes remaining with her saliva.




  After their fun time, she gave him a thorough clean up, commonly known as a clean-up blowjob.


  Though, while she really wanted to clean his rod up, the sensation he received was a little bit more than that.


  The overwhelming sensation of ejaculation and the trembling of his legs were both clear indications that this wasn’t a simple cleaning service. It was as if she was trying to extract his very soul, leaving him in a state of pure bliss.




  His fully engorged shaft slipped out of her mouth with a plop.


  With her cheeks puffed up like a chipmunk, she looked at him.


  There were traces of semen coming out of the corner of her lips.




  At that moment, she gestured to her own mouth repeatedly.


  ‘Is she asking me to praise her because she did a good job?’


  “Yes, you did well. Thank you.”


  “Mmm! Mmm!”




  That was just a guess.


  Nevertheless, that was exactly what she wanted, so he handed her a tissue. After he did, she spat out the mix of her saliva, lube and semen, making a disgusted face.


  Since she had been holding something so tasteless in her mouth, she rinsed her mouth while making a disgruntled voice.


  “Yuck, it tastes really bad…”


  “Why did you do it then?”

  “Look, I started it already, so I might as well…besides, you seemed to enjoy it!”


  “I mean, it does feel good. But yeah, they did say that semen tastes bad.”


  “It’s sour and salty…a mix of both. There’s also the lube, it tastes like diluted starch. Not only does it feel sticky, it also tastes disgusting.”


  ‘Yeah, that sounds about right.’


  ‘I did hear that it isn’t as tasty as it looks.’


  “Anyway, I licked it clean~”


  “Hm? Ah, yeah you did.”


  In response to Siwoo’s remark, Sharon stuck out her tongue as she licked up the semen around her lips.


  She definitely didn’t mean to, but the sight was a little bit too erotic even for Siwoo.


  The gap between her innocent look and her lewd act made it even more so.


  “Ugh, it feels sticky. I’m going to wash up.”


  Sharon lowered her disheveled bra, revealing her chest that looked pretty dirty.


  Her nipples had returned to normal, but the fabric of her bra was damp and sticky, so she couldn’t wear it anymore.


  Then again, it wasn’t anything surprising. Such an undergarment was often made out of cheap materials.


  “You should throw it away.”


  “I should. It’s a cheap one anyway. I’ll just buy a better one from Dongdaemun street market.”


  “Anyway, thank you for everything today. It was really something.”


  Hearing Siwoo’s honest reaction, Sharon smirked as she got up from the bed.


  Following the flow of the conversation, Siwoo casually glanced at her underwear.


  That was when he noticed something.


  Her bra wasn’t the only thing that turned into a mess.


  As his gaze traveled up from her straight legs to her thick thighs, he noticed her plump buttocks.


  To be more exact, he was seeing the black cloth wedged between her buttcheeks.


  It seemed like he could shift her panties aside effortlessly and easily insert his rod right in.


  As he looked around for a little bit more, he caught a glimpse of her plump labia. That was when he realized that she had shaved everything clean.






  “It’s nothing.”


  “I’ll be taking my shower first, okay?”


  “Sure, go ahead.”


  After she left, he could finally catch his breath.


  Her panties were clearly and visibly soaked.


  With her being that wet, it would be easy for him to slide his rod in between her juicy lower lips.


  “Fuck, there must be something wrong with my head.”


  ‘Does she even want to go further than this? Like, does she even want to have sex with me?’


  He pondered as he stared at his still rock-hard rod, refusing to stay still even after it had shot loads of cum.




City of Witches

City of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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