City of Witches Chapter 186

A Surprise (2)

༺ A Surprise (2) ༻



  Once upon a time, there lived a witch.


  With gorgeous black hair as smooth as silk, and eyes as enchanting as sapphires.


  Despite her formidable magical powers, she was loved by people.


  Because she had defeated and tamed the wicked monsters left behind by the Witch of Creation, thus earning the gratitude of the people.


  But that wasn’t all.


  The witch carried herself with humility, never once did she boast her extraordinary abilities.


  She was respected, not only by the citizens of the City of Witch, but also by other witches. They called her ‘The Witch of a Thousand Beasts.’


  Years passed, and the Witch of a Thousand Beasts realized that her magic had reached its limit.


  Like other witches, she picked an apprentice from her lineage.


  The days she spent with her apprentice, teaching her magic, sharing their time together, made their bond unbreakable, just like families.


  Just like that a year passed. Then five years, ten years…


  By now, the apprentice had already matured with her bowl ready to inherit the brand, to inherit everything from the Witch of a Thousand Beasts.


  And the witch too, had intended to transfer all her knowledge to her apprentice and let the young girl continue her magic research.


  However, during the inheritance ceremony, an unexpected fear gripped the witch’s heart.


  She realized that by giving away her brand, it meant she’d have to sleep eternally, and this fear successfully controlled her action.


  In the middle of that ceremony, she abruptly ended it, and by extension, she also ended her own apprentice’s life.


  The same apprentice whom she had nurtured like a daughter, her own disciple whom she taught magic to.


  Perhaps, that was the reason why God was angry at her.


  As the witch took back the brand that was being passed on her apprentice, her face began to contort in a grotesque manner.


  One side of her once beautiful face became horribly disfigured, as if burned.


  From then on, people stopped calling her the Witch of a Thousand Beasts.


  Out of fear for her own life, she killed her apprentice.


  For such a person, a coward and treacherous, referring to her by a noble title was too extravagant. 




  Due to her cowardice, people called her ‘The Cowardly Witch.’


  Even now she continued to harm humans and witches in a desperate attempt to fix her disfigured face…


  Horrifying, isn’t it?


  Oh, it’s already late.


  You two have a long journey ahead tomorrow, don’t you? Rest up.


  Right, right, have you brushed your teeth?


  Good job.


  Sweet dreams, Ms. Odile, Ms. Odette…




  A month had passed since Siwoo’s impressive feat of hunting down the deformed Homunculus.


  If it was a movie or drama, a plot line without any accidents would be boring, but in real life, it was common sense to avoid something as life threatening as that particular Homunculus hunt.


  Sure, it might be dull, but everyone would definitely rather choose to live out their lives peacefully.


  Lying halfway in the sofa while staring out the window, Siwoo let out a murmur.


  “It’s been raining a lot this year.”


  Sharon, who was snuggled up next to him, leaned her waist to the side before replying.


  “Mmh…it’s all because of the typhoon…haap!”


  As Sharon had said, a typhoon had hit Seoul ever a while ago, and ever since that heavy rain and strong winds had been covering up the summer sky.


  Recently the weather turned particularly worse than usual and thanks to that, the glass windows of a commercial building fell down.


  Currently, it was raining, and the raindrops hitting the dark window made popping sounds.


  Thinking that just a moment ago he would be standing in the middle of that rain, searching for a Homunculus…


  He couldn’t help but feel a little impressed with himself.


  It wasn’t only the weather that had changed.


  Sharon had also quit her part-time job.


  In exchange, she devoted her time to studying the real estate business.


  Due to the significant debt she needed to pay off, and the fact that she couldn’t rely solely on her savings, this was a wise choice on her part.


  Additionally, there was another change.


  She had become quite adept at both giving him titfuck and fellatio.


  Though she had not become so good that Siwoo wouldn’t last for five minutes under her mercy, she had at least become good enough that she wouldn’t accidentally graze her teeth on his glans.




  Even as they were watching the movie, sitting next to Siwoo, Sharon was tilting her upper body to the side as she carefully caressed his rod with her lips and tongue.


  It somewhat felt like he was receiving a blowjob from a lady in a massage parlor.


  Over time, Siwoo already managed to adjust himself to this peculiar relationship of theirs.


  While it seemed like this relationship was one sided, with only him receiving the pleasure, Sharon actually alleviated some of her indebted feelings to Siwoo through all the services she provided.


  And so, Siwoo figured that since both of them benefited from all this, it would be fine to go on like this.


  “Sharon, I think I’m going to cum soon…”


  “Mmm! Sluurrp…sluuurrp!”


  Hearing his words, Sharon picked up her pace.


  With one of her hands on his thigh and the other one on her own chest, she vigorously moved her head.


  He could see her lips forming a smooth ring around his rod, producing a slurping sound as she slid it back and forth.


  Right before he blew his load, she focused everything on his glans, trying to give it extra stimulation.


  Recently, she had been using this technique on him.


  As she performed it successfully, Siwoo couldn’t help but surrender to the pleasure.


  -Spurt, spurt!


  “Mm—! Mmh!”


  Strong, thick stream of semen was spurted out into Sharon’s mouth.


  When Siwoo started to ejaculate, Sharon paused all her movement except for her sucking, as she eagerly sucked on his glans as if sipping through a straw.


  This increased the unique pleasure of a blowjob that Siwoo felt, incomparable to normal sex.


  Her sucking force only intensified by time, and he felt an ecstatic feeling as every drop of his semen was being squeezed from his balls.


  Though he had been doing this, splattering his sperm on either Sharon’s mouth or chest at least once a day, the excitement of climaxing never got old.




  Sharon spat a handful of semen on the wet tissue she had prepared beforehand, then wiped Siwoo’s rod thoroughly with a wet towel.


  “Thank you again today.”


  “Hehehe, don’t mention it.”


  She responded with a playful laugh, revealing her white teeth, prompting Siwoo to gently stroke her head.


  Their situation was quite peculiar.


  Though they weren’t officially dating, and they weren’t in a committed relationship, Sharon still gave him blowjobs daily.


  As they casually and quietly engaged in this series of actions, it naturally became a part of their everyday lives.


  They had come to accept this as a little bit of naughty fun between two friends.


  ‘It feels more like friends-with-benefits though.’


  But, he still occasionally felt perplexed about this situation.


  “Can you pause the movie for a moment? I’m going to wash my mouth then I’ll come back.”




  After finishing the cleanup, Sharon stood from her seat.


  Meanwhile, Siwoo absentmindedly stared at Sharon’s butt.


  Not long after, he could hear the sound of water coming from the bathroom, but it didn’t come from the faucet, rather, the shower.




  Siwoo mused, realizing that things went differently than usual today. Just now, Sharon had only been using her mouth, she hadn’t used her breasts at all.


  Which meant, she didn’t need to use the shower.




  And for some reason, she was taking longer than usual.


  At first, he assumed that she might be brushing her teeth or doing something else, but those things wouldn’t take over ten minutes.


  ‘So, what is she doing then?’


  Then, he recalled the sight he had seen two weeks ago.


  The sight of Sharon’s soaked pussy.


  After he gave a little bit more thought to it, there was a possibility that her lower part was also getting a little bit messy due to arousal.


  Which meant, there was a possibility that she took a while in there because she was in the middle of ‘cleaning up’.


  This thought turned Siwoo’s mind into a mess.


  He found it hard for him to draw a clear line when it came to Sharon.


  Though he had somehow lost his virginity, he had never been in a proper romantic relationship before.


  In the case of the twins, for instance…


  The beginning of their relationship was him giving them sexual education due to them forcing him to do so, and their relationship only actually turned more physical and relaxed because of the Eros Potion.


  Though there were occasional cute moments that he remembered fondly despite him getting coerced by them.


  In Yebin’s case, she was the one who suggested the one-night stand.


  He only agreed because he felt emotionally empty after parting with Amelia.


  But with Sharon?


  He wondered what would happen if their connection were to grow deeper. How exactly would they interact with each other?


  This was an unknown territory to him.




  Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened, and the sound startled Siwoo.


  That was when he realized that the reason behind his contemplation was the question of whether he could have a relationship with her beyond what they already had.


  As he contemplated, he was staring at Sharon for quite some time.


  Of course, the person herself noticed this, and she stopped what she was doing.




  But for some reason, she seemed a little flustered.


  From her subtle glance at the way she clenched and unclenched her fists nervously showed her discomfort.


  Noticing this, Siwoo glanced at her face.


  Of course, it wasn’t like he could ask him, ‘Hey, does sucking my dick make you wet?’ So, he chose his words carefully.


  “Ah, no, you took longer than usual, so I was wondering what you were up to.”


  “D-Did I? I-I didn’t really do anything…!”


  Her reaction was quite intense though.


  She was like a cat getting sprayed by water as she jumped in surprise.


  It was a suspicious reaction and Siwoo clearly noticed this, but he decided to drop the matter instead of probing it any further.


  “Don’t mind me. Anyway, thank you for today.”


  “No problem! It’s my duty to do these things.”


  Trying to ease any discomfort she might have, Siwoo thanked her first and Sharon responded nonchalantly.


  Then, she sat beside him, settling herself in.


  Maybe because she felt relieved for being released from such a predicament or some other thing, she let out a small sigh.




  As they wrapped up their daily routine, they settled in to enjoy a movie together.


  Today’s movie was chosen by Sharon.


  But, Sharon herself couldn’t focus on the movie because she desperately tried to calm her racing heart.


  Her mind was filled with concerns and anxiety as she wondered if Siwoo had noticed something unusual about her.


  At first, she had only been trying to repay his kindness by doing all sorts of things to pleasure him, but over time, she found the actions to become increasingly awkward.


  Whenever they engaged in their naughty plays, she couldn’t help but feel aroused, causing her panties to turn damp.


  So, under the guise of rinsing her mouth and breasts, she went straight to the bathroom where she had prepared a change of underwear in advance.


  Also, to prevent Siwoo from feeling suspicious if he were to notice that the number of panties she had to wash suddenly increased, she made sure that she magically pre-wash them, kept them separate from her other dirty clothes and hand-washed them.


  But this time, her prolonged time in the bathroom wasn’t solely for cleaning up.


  There was something she discovered when she was cleaning her pussy with the showerhead.


  By turning it on strong and using the water pressure to cleanse her pussy, she found that it created a pleasure similar to when she scratched the spots.


  Normally, it didn’t give her this kind of pleasure, but whenever she felt aroused after licking and sucking Siwoo’s rod, this act would give her an unbelievable sense of pleasure.


  And so, she had made it a routine to indulge in this act while cleaning up.


  This time, too, she had done the same thing. After she was done, she returned to the living room as usual.


  But this time, Siwoo asked her an abrupt question, leaving her wondering if he had discovered her secret.




  However, given his lack of skill in hiding things and his usual behavior, it didn’t seem like he had noticed her little escapade.


  But, while she felt relieved that he hadn’t exposed her, she still couldn’t shake the disappointment she felt.


  ‘It feels like I’m stuck in one place…’


  If Siwoo were to let himself loose, just like when he kissed her the other day and demanded more intimate acts with her, she was confident that she could play along, pretending that she was unable to resist him.


  ‘Does he not want to advance our relationship further?’


  ‘Or maybe he’s respecting my words the other day? When I said something about wishing for us to have an equal relationship before going any further?’


  ‘If it’s the latter…can I tell him that I’m taking my words back…? Wait, what will he say to me if I were to do that?’


  Lost in her thoughts, she couldn’t grasp the plot of the movie on the TV.]




  -Ding dong


  -Knock knock


  The doorbell rang.


  Followed by the sound of knocking.


  This unexpected disturbance threw both Siwoo and Sharon into confusion. It was in the middle of the night and somehow someone was visiting them.


  “What? Did you order something?”


  “Me? No?”


  The two of them exchanged bewildered looks.


  Siwoo’s expression showed signs of tension.


  Meanwhile Sharon wore a serious expression.


  “Then, who?”

  “Based on what has been happening so far, it smells like trouble. The fortune-teller I visited a while ago said so. Considering my bad luck earlier, I need to be cautious…”


  “What? Did the fortune-teller say this kind of thing would actually happen? No way.”


  “…Well, maybe it’s just our neighbor…”


  ‘Maybe she’s here to complain about the noise…’


  “Should I go check?”


  “I’ll go with you.”


  They paused the movie before quietly standing up.


  In case of trouble, Siwoo discreetly pulled out a ribbon and hit it behind his back.


  Sharon opened the door, and found herself face to face with a certain someone she recognized.


  “It’s been a while.”




  It was none other than Countess Gemini. More specifically, Deneb Gemini.


  Seeing her face, Sharon’s face turned instantly pale.




City of Witches

City of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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