City of Witches Chapter 28

Inn (5)

Small warning: The chapter has a little lewd surprise I made so don’t read it in public. Enjoy  ^^



༺ Inn (5) ༻




  The current situation could only be described as chaotic.


  The towering flames created from the fuel of the lamp acted as a barrier, shielding both Siwoo and Amelia from their enemies. Beyond the wall of flames were Larissa, who was aiming her gun at Siwoo, and her crew members which included Fyodor, who was trying to subdue and kidnap the currently unconscious Amelia.


  Siwoo, however, wasn’t panicking at all; his ability to concentrate had always been unparalleled, even as a child.


  Once he set his mind on something, he was able to focus without being distracted by anything going on around him.


  As Siwoo concentrated on the entire scenario, he felt as if he was drowning in the ocean that was his consciousness, the great ocean of consciousness engulfed him more and more until he was fully submerged in its embrace. The more he concentrated the more the deafening sound of water muffled his agitation and nervousness, this quiet and somber atmosphere allowed Siwoo to carefully consider his next move.


  Siwoo quickly calculated that the mana generated by relieving his lust was insufficient to maintain the barrier and make a safe escape from the scene. 


  He would, therefore, need to arouse himself sexually using Amelia’s body as a medium in order to generate mana.


  This was because the amount of mana generated by an erection directly correlates with the level of sexual excitement. It would take longer and provide less mana if he merely masturbated while not feeling very sexually stimulated. Therefore, using her to boost his arousal was a wise move.


  Amelia’s beauty was a bonus since it made her a desirable person.


  Her hair was so thick and lustrous that the spring wind would be unable to sway it like it did curtains.


  The blue hue of her eyes appeared to be taken from the autumn sky itself and her lips were moist as if the summer’s heavy rain had washed them away leaving only the winter snow to take the form of her white and smooth skin.


  Even if you visited the best painters in Gehenna, you would not find one who could accurately capture Amelia’s beauty. No matter how skilled they were, their depiction would inevitably fall short of her divinely bestowed attractiveness. Their talents would be evident in their sketches, but it would be clear that they were not sufficient to fully capture her beauty.


  Just looking at Amelia’s bare body was enough to excite Siwoo.


  As the barrier of fire hid the sight from onlookers, he began to scan Amelia’s body at the speed of light before moving on to the next stage.


  He felt bad about doing this to an unconscious Amelia, but it was the only option for both of them to survive and escape from the current situation together.




  Siwoo grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it upward, exposing Amelia’s semi-naked figure to his eyes.


  He began by scanning her lower body first.


  He began to scan her lower body, he could spot a pink tattoo etched into Amelia’s lower abdomen, which was whiter than a field of snow.


  The tattoo was proof that a Witch’s brand had been passed down to Amelia.


  As he slightly lowered his gaze, he noticed Amelia was wearing a sexy thong that barely covered her pussy.


  The Witch’s brand, which was in the shape of a heart, was clearly visible on Amelia’s womb since the underwear was unable to cover it.


1Illustration was made via AI

  Unfortunately, he did not have time to pull off her thong in this emergency situation despite his desire to peek at her pussy.


  Since he was embracing her with one arm anything beyond this would either be too difficult or take too long.


  Siwoo continued to explore Amelia as his gaze rose to her soft tummy.


  His eyes arrived at Amelia’s upper body after glancing at her cute navel which was located in the center of her slim waist.


  Siwoo couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Amelia’s petite chest moving in sync with her breath, highlighting not only its great shape but the sensual black underwear gently wrapped around it.


  He could easily cover her soft and tiny chest with only one of his palms if he really wanted to.


  A sense of triumph engulfed Siwoo at the realization that he was the first man to ever lay his eyes on Amelia’s exposed body.




  He instinctively glanced at her left breast after noticing something.


  Did the position of her bra change, when she collapsed after the drug took effect?


  First of all, Amelia’s bra didn’t have enough fabric to conceal her areolas, and as one side of the bra fell down, it revealed her left nipple.


  The way her soft nipple gently rested on the brassiere cup made the sight undeniably alluring.


  Moreover, the fact that the owner of the nipple was Amelia only served to heighten Siwoo’s excitement.


  Perched on top of Amelia’s plump bosom was a nipple that was a slightly deeper shade of pink than the areola underneath whose hue was akin to that of a weaved cherry blossom.


  As his sexual excitement grew, he wondered if the mana generated was enough.


  Unfortunately, when he measured the amount of mana generated, he found that it was considerably short of the desired amount.


  First of all, he hadn’t yet masturbated, and erections were the least efficient way to generate mana.


  Increasing mana generation should be his top priority at the moment and so with this in mind, he needed to increase his arousal as much as humanly possible.


  He was burying his nose in her soft chest while sucking her nipple.


  As Siwoo rolled his tongue over the nipple he was amazed that a person’s skin could be so soft.


  In contrast to her usual appearance, the Amelia in his arm appeared even more seductive and lewd as her nipple twitched and was slowly getting erected with each touch of his tongue.


  Epidemics, wars, and natural disasters.


  The only thing that had pushed the future of humans in whatever circumstance was their instinct to overcome these frightening circumstances. 


  If humans were driven by the instinct called ‘fear’.


  What was the name of the instinct that drove someone to sow seeds in attractive women?


  It was ‘libido’.


  Siwoo’s body responded to the call of this old instinct, and as if it had been lying in wait for this very moment it propelled his sexual arousal as high as humanly possible.


  Like a ferocious tsunami, the blood in his body rushed to his shaft causing it to not only become harder but hotter as well.


  His breathing became rapid and ragged like that of a hungry beast, and his blood pressure began to increase as a result of his arousal, making his entire body hotter than a raging fire.


  His boner was so hard it even began to hurt. 


  Suddenly, Siwoo felt more mana surging within his body than ever before.




  Even though he wanted to remain in the embrace of Amelia’s soft bosom, Siwoo forced his mouth off her chest and stretched his hand open towards the sky.


– Ping!


  Through his hand, the mana that had surged into his body burst and shot forth with a powerful wave toward the sky.


  He quickly returned Amelia’s dress to its original state and put out the mana-made wall of flames that had been protecting them both.


  An eerie silence swiftly followed.


  He heard the footsteps of people coming up the stairs. 


  Perhaps the crew members that Fyodor sent down earlier brought an innocent citizen of Gehenna who would take Amelia to the ship in Siwoo’s stead. 


  “Khahahaha, the slave kid is done with his magic.”


  Fyodor regained his confidence when the wall of flames, which appeared as if it would devour him if he approached recklessly, suddenly disappeared. Now with nothing to stop him, he tried to attack Siwoo once more.


  “This bastard is of no use anymore.”


  “Wait a minute!”


  Finally, Fyodor snatched the pistol from Larissa, who was panicking next to him, and pointed it at Siwoo’s head before pulling the trigger.


– Bang!


  With a deafening roar, the bullet flew faster than the speed and sound and collided with Siwoo’s forehead.


  Siwoo, who wasn’t prepared for such a development, felt a heavy blow to the forehead.


  The wounded Siwoo slowly fell back onto the floor as blood splattered on the spot where he was shot.


  He had never before encountered death, but after being shot, he felt as though he could understand what death truly was.


  Did other people experience such a phenomenon? The only thing he could compare it to was how people always said that before death a person’s entire life would flash before their eyes.


  Instinctively, Siwoo embraced Amelia in his arms as he collapsed on the ground ready to accept death… Something was off.




  Siwoo was alive and even his forehead was perfectly fine. 


  “What, what happened?”


  Fyodor was more puzzled than Siwoo about what had happened.


  It’s not easy to miss from this range, even if he was using a pistol.


  He thought it was unbelievable that Siwoo was still blinking his eyes even after receiving a headshot.


  “What a naughty boy.”


  A carefree voice rang out alarming everyone of the presence of a newcomer who sat across the bed as if she had always been there. The newcomer was a Witch that Siwoo was familiar with because of his friend Taksho.


  Sophia Avenega, a senior professor at Trinity Academy.


  Siwoo used the mana he generated from sucking Amelia’s breast to cast the spell ‘skyboard,’ which allowed him to write words in the sky.


  That spell was a primitive method used by Witches to communicate with each other over long distances.


  Due to it being a primitive spell, however, it had obvious limitations such as its poor mana efficiency and some safety concerns, but the effect was clear.


  He was able to quickly ask a Witch for assistance by casting it and she urgently rushed to save them.


  “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”


Bang! Bang! Bang!


  Fyodor pulled the trigger one after another at the Witches who suddenly appeared.


  He knew he wouldn’t make it out of here alive now that a Witch had interfered with their mission, but he couldn’t let himself die without putting up some form of resistance.


  Siwoo realized how he had survived when he observed Sophia being shot by Fyodor while remaining unharmed.


  As soon as the lead bullet was fired from the pistol, it slowed to the point where it was visible to the naked eye.


  The slow bullets transformed into snowflakes by the time they touched Sophia’s clear white skin and this wasn’t a metaphor at all, they literally turned into real snowflakes. 


  “You’ve done everything you can, Janitor Siwoo. Thanks to you, I found the location right away.”


  It was clear that the title of witch wasn’t only for show as even after being indiscriminately shot by a pistol, she remained unharmed without feeling the slightest bit of danger.


  “I sincerely appreciate it, Senior Professor Avanega.” 


  “By the way, your idea of using ‘Rune’ there was really good.” 


  Unfortunately, due to the poor mana efficiency of the ‘skyboard’ spell, only one letter could be drawn in the sky with the mana generated by Siwoo.


  It was a situation where he could neither write ‘help me’ nor “HELP.” He couldn’t even use “SOS,” which was the universal morse code for seeking help in an emergency.


  As a result, Siwoo chose to write the runic letter ‘(ᛇ).’


  It was a character that was essential to any magic circle no matter the simplicity of its design.


  It served as an emergency shut-off mechanism that stopped mana’s effects from short-circuiting in an unwanted direction.


  ‘The situation is twisted and It’s an emergency, so please help me.’


  Since Witches were familiar with that rune, he shortened its writings to a single runic letter, like emergency morse code. Then he cast the spell so that the witches in the area could see it.


  ” Fuck! Aaaargh!”


  When Fyodor realized shooting her randomly with a pistol wasn’t enough to harm her, he desperately charged at Sophia with a knife while screaming at the top of his lungs.


  Sophia’s reaction to his actions was plain.


  “How cute,”


  She only chanted a single spell while extending her hand forward, turning Fyodor into a fish.


  Incidentally, the species of fish he turned into was Mackerel.


– Flap Flap Flap Flap


  Fyodor, who was turned into a Mackerel without any distinguishing characteristics, flapped on the floor.


  He hit the ground with his tail, but it didn’t make much of a difference how hard he hit it.


  “How dare you harm our Amelia! Now suffocate to death.”


  Sophia, who turned a man into a fish in a second, stretched her arms at Larissa without even looking at Fyodor, who was bouncing around on the floor.


  Larissa was certain that she would meet a similar or even worse fate after seeing Fyodor turn into a fish. She accepted her demise by sitting on the ground and tightly closed her eyes, awaiting the judgment of the grim reaper that was the Witch.


  If Sophia used her magic would Larissa turn into a fish like Fyodor?


  “Senior Professor!”


  “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”


  Siwoo held Sophia’s hand reflexively.


  Sophia stopped what she was doing and turned to face Siwoo, her bright purple hair fluttering in the wind.


  As expected, all Witches were stunning.


  Amelia had the elegant and regal beauty of an Empress from a faraway land, while Sophia had a deep, warm beauty that one could feel emanating from a goddess.


  “I have a favor to ask of you.”




  “Yes, I know how deeply the Senior Professor cares for Amelia.”


  “That’s right.”


  “I demand compensation for that.”


  “You want to be praised for saving Amelia? Got it, you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll do as much as you want.”


  Sophia puffed up her chest and assured him that there was nothing to be worried about.


  “Let’s get this over with…”


  “I’d like to be rewarded right now.”


  Siwoo cut her off, and Sophia stared at him with a puzzled look. 


  At the time, Sophia assured him that she would give him his reward later, which was mostly like what she usually did with other slaves.


  And if she remembered correctly, Shin Siwoo was once offered by Amelia to serve her at night, if Siwoo was a simple snob, he wouldn’t have declined Amelia’s offer.


  He wanted to take his reward right away, and taking into account the timing of it all…


  “No way, do you want me to spare her?”


  Siwoo replied without avoiding Sophia’s gaze.




  Larissa’s eyes expanded in shock when she heard Siwoo’s declaration since she had already mentally prepared herself for death.


  He knew that he was doing something outrageous and he himself couldn’t believe he was begging a Witch to spare the person who threatened his life.


  However, what he did was not on the same level as forgiving the fraud that was the magic tool store owner, since he could empathize and even somewhat understand the reasons behind Larissa’s actions. 


  Even if she had been fighting for freedom in the wrong way, Siwoo didn’t blame her and instead blamed the Witch who built this city in the first place. 


  By killing Larissa in this situation, Sophia would only be reinforcing the corrupt laws of the city, and besides, didn’t Larissa try to save Siwoo in the end? 


  But contrary to his expectations, Sophia nodded obediently. 


  Additionally, she was grinning broadly as though she had seen all the things that the world had to offer. 


  Her expression was akin to a mother’s warmth. 


  “Well, if there’s anything else you want, tell me in detail.”


  Siwoo didn’t hold back and said all the things he wanted. 


  “Considering the severity of the crime she had committed, she deserves punishment, but I don’t want you to take her life.” 


  “I accept this request, but as a Baroness, I simply can’t overlook what she did so I’ll leave the judgment up to City Hall.” 


  “What will happen if she is taken to the City Hall?”


  “I’ll make sure she isn’t sentenced to death since you want her to live, right? They’ll confiscate her property and she will be reduced to a slave, however, she is also pretty so she will most likely be sold to a brothel.


  “I see.”


  Being a slave wouldn’t be a good thing, but isn’t it better than dying?


  “You really are a unique child. Is there anything else you want?”


  “I’ll let you know when the situation is settled.”


  “Well, it’s a little chaotic”


  Sophia reached out to grab the mackerel, which was gasping for air and choking on its gills.


  “Do you want me to spare him too?”


  No matter how hard it was for Siwoo, he couldn’t let the guy off.


  “No, leave him where he was.”


  Sophia grabbed the mackerel by the tail and lifted it up.


  “When I get home, I’ll give the cat a snack.”


  It was a frightening remark, but Siwoo forced himself to ignore it.




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