City of Witches Chapter 6

Slave of Witch City (6)

༺ Slave of Witch City (6) ༻




  “Do you know how the cake was made?”


  Amelia’s long eyelashes flickered slowly.


  Looking into her entrancing blue sapphire-like eyes, one could swear that they could see through her thoughts and feelings.


  “Is it poison?”


  Judging from the look of sheer disbelief on her face, it seemed to be the wrong answer. It was almost as if she couldn’t believe that one could arrive at such stupid conclusions.


  “If I wanted to kill you, a mere Janitor, don’t you think that I would’ve already done it?”


  “Th-that’s true.”


  Indeed, a witch, especially one of her caliber, wouldn’t resort to using such dull methods like poison to kill Siwoo.


  In fact, all it would’ve taken was a flick of her wrist for Siwoo to drop dead on the floor.


  But in that case, why did she bring it up?


  “Then why are you asking me that question all of a sudden?”


  “Janitor Shin Siwoo, it’s been almost 6 years, right?”




  “Did you know that slaves that belong to City Hall are assigned to different workplaces after six years of service at one institution?”


  The question greatly puzzled Siwoo and he wondered where Amelia would go with the question as this was knowledge both of them knew.


  “The cake you just ate was created in Tarot Town by a bakery called ‘Kipushi’.”


   She continued on without an explanation. 


  “Since the creation of Gehenna in 1338, the citizens have been making this exact cake for seven centuries, with the recipe that was being passed down from one generation to the next.”


  Siwoo sympathized with them. Neither the generations before nor after them will ever gain any semblance of freedom. They were just like him, forced to live in a cruel world with no chance to change their cruel fate.


  “For sweeter chocolate, for more fluffy whipped cream. Every waking moment, improving on their craft, simply living to fulfill the desires of us witches.”


  Citizens who were not witches in Gehenna were nothing more than machines that lived for the convenience of witches.


  “That’s what a witch is.”


  Amelia ended her speech with her chin pointed toward the sky, seemingly proud of her lineage.


  Witches are beings that are worshiped, and the citizens of Gehenna are the worshippers.


  He frowned.


  It was a fact so common that no one really questioned it anymore.


   Truly, an extremely authoritarian and aristocratic way of thinking.


  “Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”


  Amelia’s fingertips lightly grazed past Siwoo’s scrunched-up forehead.




  Siwoo knew what she was implying.


  It was one of the reasons why he hated this city and the witches that ruled over it.


 Siwoo couldn’t sit still and tolerate the blatant disrespect that Amelia had dealt to him.


  “Understand? What do you want me to say? That you witches are a bunch of arrogant, self-righteous, selfish pricks? Or that you are being oh-so generous by not being like the others.”


  His voice steadily rose.


  Regardless of his status, Siwoo simply could not agree with her way of thinking.


  His anger was palpable and as Amelia stared at him, she spoke calmly. “I don’t think you understand the advice that I have given you.”


  “You aren’t taking my advice at all.”


  “Advice? Do you witches call this advice?”


  “Of course, do you think I’m saying this to brag or for the sake of something as petty as pride?”


  “That’s what it sounds like to me.”


  In Siwoo’s opinion, she had essentially just said that a witch was an almighty god, so as a slave and someone beneath her, Siwoo was forced to obey her orders. What else could she have meant?


  Touching her forehead, Amelia scrunched her eyes shut. 


  A look of irritation clung to her face as she opened her eyes.




  Amelia sighed. Looking at Siwoo, she couldn’t help but click her tongue in annoyance.


  Hesitating for a second, she reluctantly continued.


  “Contrary to your belief, I’m not sure if you are even aware of how tolerant I have been with you.”




  Was that really tolerance? Siwoo could not help but scoff at that statement.


  “Go home. I’ll overlook your transgression for today. Return to your normal duties from tomorrow onwards.”


  “…Got it.”


  Siwoo turned his back towards Amelia, cleaning tools in hand and was stopped before he could reach the door.


  “Janitor Shin Siwoo.”


The calm tone stopped Siwoo in his tracks.


Amelia’s words were a whisper that Siwoo could barely hear.


  “If you continue acting the way you do in your next department…”


  The words that left her mouth were quiet but Siwoo could still hear them clearly.


  “You might die.”


  Siwoo closed the door and walked away without a word.




  Returning with a worn-out bucket in hand.


  Siwoo couldn’t stop thinking of the conversation between himself and Amelia.


  As Amelia mentioned, in a year, both he and Takasho will be assigned to different workplaces.


  What surprised him was that Amelia was aware of the department that he would be heading to, this was something far more difficult for even a noble to know.


  The advice she gave was anything but easy to accomplish.


  Siwoo realized that he had let his emotions get the better of him inside the laboratory when he thought that Amelia was either simply toying with him or trying to scare him into obeying her demands.


  However, Siwoo could sense feelings of genuine concern for him coming from Amelia’s parting words as he walked to the door.


  Perhaps it was just a figment of his imagination but Siwoo couldn’t help but feel like Amelia wasn’t being herself at that moment.


  “I must be going insane.”


  Perhaps due to Takasho’s statements about Amelia, Siwoo seemed to have become overly conscious of her words and her actions.


  There was no reason for Amelia, a witch with a noble title, to be concerned over the well-being of a mere slave.


  If she was truly worried for him, she would’ve already made him her exclusive slave and thus saved Siwoo from the troubles he might face in his future workplace.


  After organizing his thoughts, Siwoo cursed under his breath.


  “As expected, a witch will always be a bitch.” 


  The sky cleared up as he walked towards the dormitory.


  Where he happened to meet Takasho, his neck was covered with kiss marks and his face was wearing a shit-eating grin.


  “Bro, are you still working overtime?”


  “I was three minutes late, so I was instructed to clean the research laboratory by that evil hag.”


  Takasho’s lazy figure perked up at the words ‘research laboratory’ which seemed to pique his interest.


  “In the workshop? Just the two of you?


  “Oh yeah! I want to ask you something regarding that.”


  “Did you?”


  Siwoo smacked him on the back of his head.


  And then proceeded to tell Takasho about the conversation that took place in the laboratory.




  “What’s up with you? Trying to be serious? It doesn’t suit you.”


  “No, that’s not the case.”


  Takasho’s expression turned grim as soon as he heard the contents of the conversation.


  Siwoo had hoped to learn something useful from Takasho, who was a self-proclaimed expert on all matters pertaining to women.


  But he started to ponder if he should have said anything after seeing the state Takasho was in, lost in his own world.


  “From what I’ve heard, I’m 100% certain of it now.”


  “Certain about what?”


  “I’m telling you, man. I’m positively, absolutely certain that she’s fallen in love with you, the Janitor of the academy.”


  “That’s nothing new coming from you.”


  Takasho gripped Siwoo’s shoulder tightly.


  His grip strength reflected his frustrations toward Siwoo.


  “No, I was only half joking until now. How’d you make a witch like Amelia fall in love with a slave like yourself? Tell me your tricks, you player. In any case, I’m sure of it now, Associate Professor Amelia has fallen head over heels for you.”


  “You’re saying it as if it’s someone else’s business.”


  “Sigh… you still don’t understand. Listen to me.”


  Takasho, who had already told Siwoo of Amelia’s feelings, whispered in his ear.


  “Keep it to yourself, alright? Is there any other witch that has taken a fancy to you? “


  “Senior Professor Sophia?”


  “Yep, I recently heard from Sophia that even if you’re not as handsome or attractive as me, don’t you still have an above average looking face?”


  Siwoo had never once considered his facial features to be attractive.


   “Do you know how witches like to invite slaves that tickle their fancy into their chambers? Why do you think none of the twelve Trinity professors has ever invited you into their chambers?”


  “What are you getting at?”


   “It seems like the rumor that Amelia, the Associate Professor, has been paying close attention to you has been spread among the professors.”


  When thinking back on his past experiences, Siwoo realized that it really did seem like Amelia was the only witch that ever spoke to him.


  He had initially thought that it was due to his status as the campus’s janitor. But now he was beginning to second guess himself.


  Was it truly not the case?


  “That could mean anything right?”


  “That’s definitely not the case. Amelia only knows the both of us, but instead of approaching me, she invited YOU to her chambers.”


  “So? What would that even mean?”


  “What it means is that Amelia’s affection towards you was so obvious that other witches have noticed it and avoided making any moves on you.”


  Siwoo, however, having experienced a great deal of pain at the hands of Amelia, was unable to relate to Takasho’s excited delusion.


  Siwoo thought that it was better to think of her being romantically interested in him as a dream rather than the reality of the situation which could be cruel at times.


  “Did you know? Amelia has never allowed anyone into her chambers.”




  “I secretly asked the professor about it just now. Amelia is known to be a conservative witch who is only interested in magic and is an absolute klutz in other fields. I heard that she doesn’t even frequent the velvet window at all and chooses to wash her body alone at the Levana Grand Bath. Even after all I’ve told you, you still don’t get it? Are you kidding me?”


  Takasho glanced at Siwoo with envy.


  “I’ve been called to different chambers here and there, but I’m just a rattle toy for the witches. Or, at best, a pet. But you, you are unique. Amelia is a deer-like pure, innocent maiden amongst a sea of carnivorous witches!”


  “As you say, even if Amelia was a deer, I think she’d be a deer that enjoys nibbling on human flesh.”


  “No! You’re just biased towards her, give her a shot man! As the saying goes, people with pretty faces usually have pretty hearts.”


  Takasho placed a hand on Siwoo’s shoulder.


  “Shin Siwoo, I’m so envious of you… If things go really well, you might even get to say the infamous line, ‘Magic is first class, but the view is third class’ while pounding Amelia, pouring your seed into her in the mating press position.”


  “You’re fucking sick man. Are you sure you aren’t fucked up in your head?”


  Much to Siwoo’s annoyance, Takasho imitated Amelia’s voice and acted out the scene he had just depicted in vivid detail.


  It wouldn’t end with mere overtime work if someone overheard their conversation.


  “If all goes well, could you please do me a favor? “I don’t want to go back to Japan, so I’m begging you please just promote me to a second-class citizen. I want to have a future here man!” 


  Takasho gave Siwoo a pat on the back and left, acting as if his work was done here.


“…You really should just listen to what other people have to say.”


  Siwoo truly believed that witches were incapable of love even more so if it was love towards a mere slave and that they were nerfed by God to only feel trace amounts of happiness.


  It wouldn’t have made any logical sense if Amelia was in love with Siwoo. In fact, her actions and words towards him were the opposite of love and did not reflect feelings of love or affection.


  As the thought of Amelia being in love with him flashed across his mind, another image of her towering over him whilst glaring at him scornfully overlapped.


  Siwoo shuddered. 


  It was rather scary to think about and sent shivers down his spine.


  Takasho suddenly dashed back to Siwoo and said.


   “Oh, I almost forgot. I’m going to ‘Tarot Town’ tomorrow, you want to come with me?”


   Thinking of it, Siwoo realized that tomorrow happened to be a Sunday.


  Sundays were the only days that Siwoo had half the day off when he was free to do whatever he liked.


  Since the daily necessities were so cheap, purchasing them was a must.


  The academy is located in ‘Lenomond Town’, a well-developed town from which many high-ranking witches gather, so daily necessities were costly and luxurious.


  Since a Janitor’s salary is not enough to cover the price, Siwoo had no choice but to shop in Tarot Town, which is relatively cheap.


  The problem was that it would take Siwoo half a day to walk from Lenomond Town to Tarot Town.


  If it hadn’t been for Takasho, he wouldn’t have dreamt of going there to shop.


  “Yup, I’ve gotta head down and buy some things. Thanks for asking.”


  “What’s wrong with you? I’ll buy you some peanuts if you tell me what you’re up to.”


  With that, he was able to secure a carriage to Tarot Town thanks to the help of Takasho, who was conveniently called to Professor Sophia’s mansion every weekend for ‘special activities’.


  One of the reasons for heading into town was that Siwoo required materials to continue practicing his magic and he couldn’t tell Takasho about it due to safety concerns.


  “By the way, what are you going to Tarot Town to buy? Are you actually going to a brothel?”


  “But there are only men there.”


  “What exactly are you on about? Do you honestly believe that there are no witches who enjoy female company as well??”


  Siwoo trusted Takasho in keeping secrets, but regardless of their relationship, Siwoo had to keep his ability to use magic a secret, the walls around them had eyes and ears.


  When he would escape, Siwoo decided that he would definitely take his only buddy along with him.


  …However, that was something for the future, for now, he’ll have to keep it on the down.


  “Anyway, I’m looking forward to our journey tomorrow.”


  “Alright. Meet me at the fountain by 1:00 pm.”


  “All right,”


  Siwoo reassured him and went back to the dorm to lay his weary head and get his much-needed sleep.



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City of Witches

City of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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