City of Witches Chapter 76

Self-Contradiction (1)

༺ Self-Contradiction (1) ༻




  “Let’s call it off for today. We don’t need to figure everything out today anyway, do we?”




  Amelia refused to acknowledge the reason why she had this feelings toward Siwoo.


  For example, when Sophia asked her, ‘Why don’t you want to let Shin Siwoo go?’ Amelia would only give her childish answers such as ‘Because he is mine.’ Even when Sophia tried different approaches, her answers didn’t change.


  No words of fondness, goodwill or love came out of her mouth.


  It seemed that her naive, prideful ego as a witch couldn’t accept the idea of her having special feelings towards a slave.


  No, actually, she probably didn’t even know what exactly those special feelings were.


  “Can I conclude your answers as you don’t want him to leave his post as your assistant?”


  “Yes, I can admit that much.”


  “He had been preparing for his escape for a long time, that means his desire to escape is strong. So, what do you think we should do?”


  After pondering over it, Amelia spoke up.


  “We can seize his research materials and mana water. Then we keep him under close surveillance to prevent him from doing anything reckless.”


  “Amelia, do you really think that’s the right approach to this matter?”


  Sophia’s expression turned sour.


  “He might be able to use magic, but at the end of the day, he’s still a slave…”


  “Yes, but what’s the point of doing that? Let’s say that we do what you just said to him. While it’s true that will make him unable to leave your side, won’t that make him resent you? I thought you wanted to get along with him?”




  Midway through their conversation, Sophia noticed something.


  No matter how young and inexperienced Amelia was, there was no way that she was unaware of such obvious facts.


  That meant, she was throwing tantrums over all Sophia’s questions and purposely gave out irrational answers like this.


  Sophia concluded that any further conversation would be meaningless.


  She also noticed that she might have been too hasty in her approach.


  “Alright, this is the last piece of advice I can give you.”


  “What is it?”


  “Do things that he likes. Show him that you’re reflecting and regretting your past mistakes. Show him that you genuinely want to get along with him.”


  “…Do you think that would work?”


  Among those who had lived in solitary for a long time, a distinct characteristic of them was their immensely strong pride.


  That was why Sophia never expected that Amelia would readily accept all her advice.


  But, that didn’t mean Sophia shouldn’t give her the push she needed to move forward.


  “Of course. But, the choice is still yours.”


  The consultation that went out much longer than expected finally ended.


  Standing by the small window, Sophia watched Amelia’s back as she steadily left the perimeter.


  It was clear that she was frustrated just by seeing her footsteps.


  When she stepped out of the door, Amelia also didn’t bother to conceal her frustration.


  Witches were unable to bear children, but Sophia felt like a mother trying to deal with her daughter who had just entered her rebellious phase.


  Amelia was emotionally immature.


  Years of living in solitude made her like this.


  Let alone forming proper relationships with other people, she couldn’t even understand how her own emotions worked. 


  Not to mention that she was dealing with love, one of the most complicated emotions for humans to understand.


  There was no way that Amelia could understand its complexities all at once.


  And there was no one who could teach her that either.


  No one told her how love would sometimes keep you awake at night with excitement, inflict immeasurable pain to your heart or throw your mind into confusion out of nowhere. She had to learn all those things on her own.


  That was why Sophia could only give her obvious advice.


  If she were to reveal all the answers to her, when similar problems arise, Amelia would keep seeking her for answers.


  “Well, I told her everything she needs to know, I could only hope things will work out well.”


  What she could provide wasn’t the correct answer.


  But rather a guidance toward a direction Amelia could take.


  Whether the witch would follow her guidance or not was entirely up to her.


  Doing it like this, it was inevitable that mistakes would happen along the way.


  Unexpected accidents might occur and the situations might develop differently than what she intended.


  “I’m still anxious, but…”


  ‘What else can I do?’


  “Such is love.”




  Amelia thought that meeting Sophia would improve her mood a little.


  Although she had a higher rank than Sophia in terms of magic, the other witch was wiser than she was, having traveled through the world and gained a lot of experience from it.


  However, after the consultation, Amelia’s mind turned even more complicated.


  It felt like she was shouldering an extra burden than she never considered before.


  As she returned to her mansion, she climbed the central staircase that was illuminated by the morning sun.


  To her left was her own room.


  And to the right was Siwoo’s room.


  Standing at the crossroad, Sophia’s advice came to her mind.


  Maybe it was because her gaze happened to fall upon his door without her realizing it.


  ‘Do the things that he likes.’


  Something that he liked.


  What played in Amelia’s mind was the image of Siwoo enjoying himself while receiving a blowjob from Odile.


  ‘Can I do that to him?’


  She replaced Odile’s image in her mind to her own image.




  Amelia approached her room with a furrowed brow.


  “No way I’m going to do something like that.”


  She huffed after muttering to no one else in particular.


  The act she enacted in her mind was a vulgar act.


  Kneeling in front of a man and sucking on his dirty part just for pleasing him.




  But Siwoo seemed to be enjoying that act.


  That was probably the reason why Siwoo, who had never even attempted to get close to a witch, suddenly became closer to one.


  Amelia was caught in a dilemma.


  She wouldn’t suck on his dick even if the sky was split open, that much was certain.


  The witch averted her glance.




  What caught her eyes was a glass bottle in the shape of a blunt cylinder. It was sitting inside her cupboard, filled to the brim with a certain liquid.


  An ingredient she needed to create her perfumes. It was an oil that was directly extracted from various plants.


  Amelia took it out of the cupboard.


  It’s round shape, thickness and length.


  Though it didn’t resemble a turtle’s head, the object looked similar enough to Siwoo’s member.


  Last night wasn’t the first time she had seen his erect penis. During their lessons, she had multiple chances to observe it closely.


  ‘Do the things that he likes.’


  ‘Do the things that he likes.’


  ‘Do the things that he likes.’


  ‘Do the things that he likes.’


  Sophia’s advice echoed in her head.


  Neither cigarettes, clothes nor cakes could bring her closer to him.


  ‘What about this then?’


  ‘Maybe Sophia was right. I’m just being stubborn for no reason.’


  Amelia gulped before opening her mouth slightly.


  This wasn’t a practice.


  As a witch and a Baroness, there was no way that she’d kneel down to do such a vulgar act for him.


  This was just a way to satiate her curiosity.


  With that thought in mind, Amelia extended her tongue and licked the bottom of the bottle containing the oil.


  Her soft tongue glided over the glass’ smooth surface.


  But, she didn’t feel anything from doing it.


  So, she increased the intensity of her own action slightly.


  Using Odile’s actions as a reference, she began to move.


  She held the bottle with both hands before carefully pushing it into her mouth.


  It was hard.


  She had to open her mouth wide enough to the point that her jaw ached. Since there was less space in her mouth for air to come in and out, she could only breathe through her nose while doing it.


  “Mmf… Mm…”


  ‘Is this the right way to do it?’


  Amelia tilted her head slightly while keeping a firm grip on the bottle.


  If she were to ignore the unpleasant sensations from the glass brushing against her mouth, the movement itself wasn’t difficult to perform.


  -Slurp… Slurp…


  Speaking in terms of difficulty, the action wasn’t particularly hard.


  After thoroughly licking the whole thing, all she needed to do was pretend that this glass was his member and start to suck on it.


  His hard, large and strangely erotic member. She could still remember its sensation from the time when she held it in her own hands…


  Suddenly, she felt a strange feeling.


  A feeling she had never experienced in her life.


  A tingle, as if a horde of insects were crawling through her veins.


  The tip of her fingers tingled as she felt a strange twisting sensation in her lower abdomen.




  With the glass bottle still in her mouth, she pondered.


  Then she began shaking her head back and forth vigorously.


  -Sluurp! Smack! Slurp!


  Sounds similar to when Odile sucked on Siwoo’s member began to emerge.


  Due to the discomfort caused by the glass touching her teeth, she was forced to keep her mouth wide open while moving her head.


  With each movement, the strange sensation that she felt grew stronger.


  Amelia used her imagination to perfectly recreate last night’s intimate encounter, a feat that a first-rate witch like her could effortlessly do.


  As Odile moved her head back and forth like this, Siwoo’s face would contort in delight.


  If she were to keep stimulating him, he would scatter his seeds soon enough.


  Perhaps it was because she had been moving while holding something in her mouth.


  Her breath started to become ragged.


  It felt as if the air only entered half of her chest.


  She wasn’t aware of this, but she had assumed a somewhat unsteady posture as her thighs clenched tightly together.


  Her hand instinctively reached toward the area between her legs.


  For some reason, she felt a sudden itch coming from that area.


  Scratching such a place wasn’t something considered dignified for sure, but she had a feeling that she would feel pleased if she were to do so.


  Just as she was about to reach her hand over the thin fabric of her nightgown…


  A sudden voice came from behind her.


  “Ms. Amelia.”




  Then, suddenly she was dragged back into reality.


  Amelia hastily removed the glass bottle from her mouth and turned around.


  There stood Siwoo, too startled to finish what he was about to say.






  How distracted had she been?


  She hadn’t closed the door after entering the room.


  Not only that, she also failed to hear his footsteps as he walked down the hallway.




  Her grip on the bottle weakened, making it slip from her hand and shattered to the ground.


  It should still be fine.


  Her back was facing the door where Siwoo was standing.


  Chances were he didn’t see what she was doing when he entered the room.


  “I’ll clean it up.”


  Seeing the shattered bottle, he rushed over in a flustered manner.


  “A-Ah, d-don’t! I-It’s fine!”




  Embarrassed, Amelia raised her voice to stop him.


  Siwoo was taken aback by her unusually jumpy reaction and stopped in his tracks.


  Since the bottle was completely shattered, there wouldn’t be any evidence remaining of what she had done.


  But, she had coated it thoroughly with her saliva and there was a chance that he might discover that fact if he were to clean up the glass shards.


  If that were to happen, even if he hadn’t seen what exactly had transpired, he could make a guess from that.


  “I’ll clean it up myself.”


  Amelia casted her spell and the scattered shards and oil puddle on the floor were transported into the trash bin.


  She let out a sigh of relief inwardly.


  “What happened?”


  Amelia tried to maintain a composed expression as she crossed her legs and sat down.


  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a chair that she sat on, but a small table. And in the part of the table she was sitting at, there happened to be a lamp.




  The poor lamp was pushed by her buttocks and fell to the floor like the shattered bottle.


  Unluckily for it, the floor it fell into was part of the floor that wasn’t covered by a carpet.




  After letting out a sigh, Amelia once again used her magic to tidy up the mess she caused.


  Then, she casually crossed her arms again before looking at Siwoo.


  Siwoo had been hesitating since earlier, but after a while, he decided to speak up.


  “I have something to tell you, but, since you seem busy, I don’t think this is the appropriate time for it… Sorry, I’ll tell you about it later…”




  “I’ll take my leave for now. Please excuse me.”




  He closed the door.


  Seeing Siwoo’s awkward behavior made Amelia think of a possibility.


  The possibility that he actually knew what she was doing.




  She was thrown into the worst possible situation.


  Amelia felt the urge to cry as she stared at the floor with a deeply flushed face. 




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