Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 148

Chapter 148 - Last Class Standing (4)

༺ Last Class Standing (4) ༻


  The student, who had been twitching nervously, trembled more violently as I approached. It was initially just slight jitters, but now she was almost vibrating like a cellphone.


  ‘This is too much.’ 


  I admit that my first impression might be somewhat intimidating due to the nature of my job. However, it shouldn’t cause such pitiful trembling. Just avoiding eye contact or being cautious would be more appropriate.


  Unless they had a bad experience with the Prosecutors’ Office like Irina, there was no need for such an extreme reaction. The Prosecutors’ Office rarely bit without reason.


  ‘They must be commoners.’ 


  She wouldn’t tremble that badly if they were nobility, so they’re likely commoners. An ignorant commoner wouldn’t be scared, so she must have vaguely heard about the nobility. 


  “What’s your name?”


  “Ah, it’s Amelia!”


  I asked for her name just in case she was a timid noble, but she turned out to be a commoner. Nobles usually stated their family name as well. This avoided the mistake of mistaking a noble for a commoner.


  I surveyed Amelia, who had now stood up. She had long, purple hair and purple eyes, as well as a slightly small stature, perhaps due to malnutrition. Her pupils and body were still shaking.


  My gaze shifted to the younger sister sitting beside her, who was the opposite in everything except for her hair and eye color. She looked like she’d been eating her sister’s share instead, with a sturdy body and a nonchalant expression. Her hair, in contrast to her sister’s, was short.


  “Olivia, you should say hello.” 


  “Oh, okay.”


  The still-trembling Amelia nudged her sister, Olivia, who then stood up belatedly.


  “Hi, I’m Olivia! Nice to meet you!”


  Despite her lively greeting, I couldn’t open my mouth. My eyes were drawn to the object Olivia was holding, which she must have been chewing on earlier.


  ‘What’s that?’


  Isn’t that a turnip?


  An unexpected item appeared at an unexpected time. I had heard them talking about eating, so it must have been what she was eating, right?


  I thought that they were at least eating bread, but a turnip? A student at the academy is living like this?




  It would have been different if it were a potato. Eating potatoes wasn’t uncommon among commoners or soldiers.


  But, a turnip? They’re eating it not as an ingredient in a dish, but as a raw turnip? And it seemed like Amelia gave up her share as even that turnip wasn’t enough for both of them.


  “Um, you see, it’s a bit sweet, so she was just snacking on it.”


  Amelia tentatively spoke, interpreting my bewildered stare at the turnip.


  That was some quick thinking. I had heard that turnips, with their subtle sweetness, were sometimes a snack for commoner children.


  If it weren’t for the sound of hunger from Amelia’s stomach, I would have called it perfect quick thinking and not just acceptable.


  “Ugh, unnie! You said you already ate!”


  Shocked by the sound of protest Amelia’s stomach made, Olivia hastily split the turnip in half and handed it to her.


  I was overwhelmed by the beautiful display of sisterly love.


  Do these children even know what a proper meal is…?




  The Imperial Academy was practically a paradise for commoners. It might be a given for the high-ranking nobility and untouchable royalty, but for commoners, being admitted was a blessing from Enen.


  Unless they caused a major scandal, commoners who entered the Academy were guaranteed a bright future. Being there meant that they had the skills; proving these skills meant a secure job after graduation. 


  If they caught the eye of someone important during their school years, their future would become even brighter. Therefore, commoner students at the Academy focused on both grades and reputation.


  Their efforts determined their future. They could become more than just servants to a minor noble; they could be civil servants in regional or even in the Imperial administration. Some even received titles, and a few lucky ones were permitted to pass them down.


  “Guys! I got into the Academy!” 


  So when I first passed the Academy’s entrance exam, I felt like I owned the world.


  Having lost my parents and caring for four younger siblings, I had only blamed Enen for our hard life. But that was the end of it; now, my happiness begins.


  Commoner students get a full scholarship, including living allowances. Of course, I had no intention of using it for myself. I would send it all to my siblings. I could handle being a bit hungry.


  “Take care, Amelia.” 


  “Yeah, I’ve got this.” 


  “Are you sure? You can leave it to me.” 


  I did everything for our future. I worked hard to get noticed by the noble students. If I could make an impression on the nobility, I’d do anything.


  I would have preferred to speak formally rather than informally, but that was against school rules.


  “Unnie! I’m here, too!” 




  A year later, Olivia enrolled. Unlike me, she got in through martial prowess.


  I didn’t know that she had such talent. If I had been a better sister, I would have recognized it sooner.


  I was on the verge of tears, but I forced a smile because I didn’t want to ruin Olivia’s good mood. It was a good thing. Olivia’s future was secured now.


  There was no need for the four of them to share the money I sent anymore. Olivia would receive her scholarship and living allowance. She could live comfortably.


  But strangely, Olivia always looked shabby.


  “Money? I sent it to our siblings, too.”




  I was furious. Why was I working so hard? I was doing all this to provide for them. Why didn’t they understand? Did she think I was doing this just to see her walk around like a beggar? 


  I told her to stop immediately, to either drop out or cut ties with me, and I hit her back several times.


  “But I wanted to help you, unnie!”


  Olivia, who was bigger than me, took the hits and cried out. I wanted to scold her, but I couldn’t.


  Seeing her tear-filled eyes stopped me. Instead, tears welled up in my own eyes.


  In the end, I couldn’t change Olivia’s mind. I told her to send less money since there were now more senders and fewer receivers, but she refused. She said that our siblings were still growing and were now eating more.


  Then, it can’t be helped. We’re already grown up, so it’s only right to send everything to our siblings.


  “There’s a lot to eat in the nearby forest!”


  “You’ve been to the forest, too?”


  “Yeah! I even made a small vegetable garden!”


  “That’s impressive…” 


  I feel like I can survive any hardship with Olivia by my side. 


  “What’s your name?”


  But I didn’t wish for this kind of hardship.


  As usual, Olivia and I were eating in a secluded area today. Nobles valued dignity and decorum, so they’d be displeased if they saw us eat. I can’t risk getting on the bad side of our potential future bosses.


  But instead of a future boss, someone who wielded immense power in the Empire appeared.


  ‘It’s over.’


  It was a mistake. The cafeteria was empty because of the inter-class competition, and we let our guard down. We tried to eat quickly and leave before anyone saw us, but we were caught in the act by the most dangerous person.


  Even as a commoner, I knew who this person was. In fact, it was even more important for a commoner to be aware.


  While the nobles were the people I had to be cautious around, this was the Executive Manager, whom even the nobles avoided.


  ‘What do I do…?’


  Moreover, the Executive Manager also held the position of the Academy’s Prosecutor. What if he got angry? What should I do if he said that an Academy student wasn’t maintaining their dignity?


  Will I be referred to the Disciplinary Committee? If rumors spread, what about my reputation? What should I do if I’m expelled?


  My mind raced with negative thoughts. When my stomach growled in front of the Executive Manager, I thought the sky was falling.


  “Follow me.”


  After a moment of silence, the Executive Manager spoke and then turned away.


  Running away would only add to my offenses, wouldn’t it?


  With my still trembling hands, I held Olivia’s and followed the Executive Manager.


  ‘Enen, please protect us.’


  I don’t mind what happens to me, but please allow Olivia to graduate safely.




  I only planned to eat quickly and leave, but I never expected to end up sponsoring starving children. 


  “Unnie, unnie! Try this too!”


  “Uh, okay…”


  But who could just walk away after seeing that? Even the Crown Prince would have cried and fed them something.


  The fact that it was turnips and not even potatoes was heartbreaking. Not being able to afford potatoes in this continent was no different from being unable to eat kimchi in my past life…


  ‘What will happen to the future of the Empire?’


  Being a commoner and being admitted to the Academy meant possessing significant talent. They could become high-ranking officials or key retainers based on their conduct.


  But two such talents were nibbling on mere turnips? This was something the Ministers of Education and Welfare should be held accountable for. 


  I suppressed a sigh and looked at them. Olivia was eating happily, while Amelia was quickly and cautiously eating.


  “…Eat this too.”


  I pushed some food from my plate towards them.


  “Thank you!”




  “It’s okay. I gave it to her, so let her eat.”


  I felt like I would cry if I let my guard down, so I couldn’t even eat.




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