Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 150

Chapter 150 - Last Class Standing (6)

༺ Last Class Standing (6) ༻


  The student council was happy to gain a manpower boost of +2, and Amelia and Olivia were relieved that they no longer had to go hungry. This was the creation of a world where no one gets hurt.


  But for once, I couldn’t bring myself to be happy about the prospect of recruiting future civil servants. All I could wish for was the happiness of those kids. As academy students, they were technically between nobility and commoners. And yet, they lived as if they were somewhere between the commoners and the poor.


  No, not in between – they were practically living like the poor. If the academy hadn’t provided uniforms for free, then they would’ve probably looked like beggars.


  “What happened, Carl?”


  After the two poverty-stricken sisters left, bowing and promising to work hard, Marghetta broke the silence.


  Although she agreed to accept them due to my request coinciding with the student council’s need for manpower, it was quite an out-of-the-blue suggestion. It would be even weirder to think that I did this all without a reason. 


  “It pains me to see Mar struggle. Wouldn’t things be easier with competent students around?”


  In reality, I had invited them in just so they could at least have a meal. But seeing Amelia’s reaction, it seemed they were afraid of having their situation exposed. They were probably worried about their reputation among the noble students.


  Of course, Marghetta wouldn’t look down on them for their situation. She’d likely treat them with nothing but empathy and kindness. 


  ‘But that’s exactly the problem.’ 


  Amelia had been mingling with the nobles for a year and a half now. She’d immediately notice Marghetta’s sympathetic consideration.


  That would be troublesome. It’s one thing to keep secrets, but quite another for someone else to spill them. Plus, the thought of Amelia panicking, believing that someone from a Ducal house had seen them in a shameful state, was frightening. 


  Olivia might even write a letter declaring her innocence and withdraw from the academy. Even the brief interaction I had with them today was enough to tell what would happen. 


  “Hmm, really?”


  Marghetta’s eyes narrowed, questioning the truth behind my excuse. 


  I gently stroked her hair in response.


  “The matter involves their personal lives, so I can’t share everything. I’m sorry, Mar.” 


  It was a cowardly way to dodge the question, but it was effective. Marghetta’s eyes softened, and she began to look more at peace.


  “Can you please understand?”


  “If it’s a matter of privacy, then there’s nothing we can do.”


  Her soft response eased my mind. I would have eventually told her everything if she pressed on, but Marghetta let it go.


  “Since you recommended them while thinking of me, I will take good care of these talents, Carl.”


  “That would be an honor.”


  I didn’t know the exact reason, but I appreciated that she was considering my dignity in her promise to look after them.


  I was truly indebted to Marghetta’s generous heart.




  Shouldn’t I just go home, wash up, and sleep after the sports festival?


  “This competition doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved anytime soon.” 


  “That’s actually better. It’s no fun if the outcome is decided too quickly.”


  “Haha! We’ve been getting along so well lately!”


  I don’t fit in, so those who do should just get lost.


  My precious little haven, the pastry club room, had been invaded by these evil forces. They technically had a right to be here since they’re members, but they’re still invaders.


  I really didn’t expect anyone to come during the inter-class competition. There was no club time, so why bother?


  But they all came, from the club leader to the five members.


  “Aren’t you tired? Why don’t you go back and rest?”


  = Get the hell out of my sanctuary, you damned idiots.


  I was especially addressing this to the loud red and blue duo. If I were to exaggerate, I wouldn’t have spoken in such roundabout terms and would have physically thrown them out by now.


  “How can we be tired when we didn’t even participate in the games? We just didn’t feel like going home yet!”


  I found myself nodding at Rutis’s words. Indeed, they were just spectators. If they had participated in other events in addition to the four-person event, escorting them would have been quite the headache. 


  That was a valid point. However, there was just a small difference between a valid point and a beating.


  ‘If I had to possess a body, then why didn’t I possess royalty?’


  For a moment, I even had the thought that I was suffering because I was just from a count’s family. Wouldn’t I get away with beating them up if I were royalty? In novels, reckless princes were quite common.


  …Come to think of it, that’s actually the second prince. Damn, so it wasn’t just in novels. It actually existed.


  “I see.” 


  I eventually gave up. While it hurt to have my expectations betrayed, it wasn’t unusual for the club room to be crowded at this hour. 


  I looked away, trying to distract myself, and saw Louise and Erich kneading dough.


  Was it just me, or had Erich and Louise gotten closer after he was dumped?


  Louise noticed my gaze and looked up.


  “Shouldn’t you take a break on a day like today?”


  “It’s no fun if we’re just watching, so I thought it would be nice if we had something to eat together.”


  I nodded again at Louise’s reply, smiling slightly.


  Indeed, just like watching a movie was more fun with popcorn, spectating was better with something to eat. Louise must be bored, too, since only the four members were participating in the four-person event.


  “You too?”


  “Me too.”


  A brief conversation was enough with Erich.


  “Do you want some, too?”


  “I’ll make something for oppa.”


  “Then, I guess I won’t need some.”


  It does seem like they’ve become closer after the rejection.


  Anyway, I should gratefully accept since she was offering to make something.


  “Alright, I’ll leave it to you.”


  “Count on me!” 


  It was nice to see Louise smile so brightly after a long time. I was worried because she had been avoiding me, but she seemed fine now.


  And for the first time in a while, I saw the cookie jar, which I used frequently in the first semester, filled to the brim.




  The inter-class competition proceeded smoothly until the last day.


  If Rutis’s class won, then the next game would be won by Lather’s class. Whenever the opponent won, the students in the class containing royalty would evolve into berserk warriors under the guise (and pressure) of encouragement. The other classes watched from afar, like bystanders watching a fire across the river.


  A few sacrificed for the peace of many. The greatest happiness for the greatest number. From a utilitarian perspective, it was the right outcome.


  The students in Rutis and Lather’s classes might feel like it was unfair, but what could they do? That’s their fate.


  ‘Luck is also a skill.’


  I thought about it during the last practical exam, but luck was indeed a skill. There’s an ability score for LUCK in character status screens, isn’t there? It was a legitimate skill. There was even a concept of a ‘luck thief’ in games.


  And if you thought about it positively, being in the same class as royalty was a precious opportunity to build connections. When else would they get such a chance?


  Of course, I would decline such an opportunity even if it were offered to me.


  “I’m glad it didn’t happen to my class.” 


  Turning towards the voice, I saw Olivia gazing blankly at the field.


  I hadn’t planned to meet her, but I bumped into her while wandering around. I intended to just greet her and pass by, but she suddenly clung to me.


  ‘How pitiful.’


  She was a poor child without parents. This was especially true since Amelia, who played the role of a parent, entered the academy, leaving her to take care of her younger siblings.


  She must have suffered from a lack of affection at an age when she should have been receiving it. Yuris and Sophia went through the same thing.


  That was probably why she’s so clingy… I meant, why she came running to me just because I gave her some food… even though I was someone others usually tried to avoid. 


  ‘She’s like a dog.’ 


  It might sound strange, but Olivia really was like a giant dog. Like a purple retriever, if you will.


  “Where’s Amelia?”


  “She was with me until a moment ago, but I can’t see her now. Unnie sometimes gets lost.”


  That sounded more like you’re the one getting lost.


  I firmly closed my lips, which were twitching, as I pictured Amelia desperately searching for Olivia. It was a sad sight to imagine. 


  When I remained silent, Olivia turned her gaze to me. Or more precisely, to my hand.


  “Excuse me, Executive Manager. May I have some of that too?”




  “Wow! Thank you!”


  Noticing her interest in Louise’s homemade cookies, I willingly handed over the jar.


  That’s strange. I’m sure she’s been eating well after joining the student council… Maybe she was trying to make up for the times she went hungry by eating whatever she saw. 


  Regardless, Olivia’s expression quickly changed from a beaming smile to a grimace as she bit into a cookie. 


  ‘Did it taste like the old ones Louise made?’ 


  I guess Louise reverted to her first-semester recipe, knowing that I’d be the only one eating. The taste was supposedly so challenging that even members who liked Louise wouldn’t dare to eat it back then.


  “…I guess noble tastes don’t suit me.”


  Olivia muttered dejectedly after a few hesitant bites.


  No, that’s an understatement. Some people couldn’t even swallow those cookies.


  “Everyone’s taste buds are different. There’s nothing strange about that.”


  After that, Olivia never looked at the cookie jar again.


  Before long, a panting Amelia appeared and whisked Olivia away. As she led her away, she bowed her head to me several times.


  It seemed like her wariness towards me had lessened a bit since joining the student council, but she still seemed scared. Well, that was normal. Olivia was the odd one out.


  I moved on after the purple meerkat finally collected the purple retriever. The four-person event was about to start, and I needed to find a spot where I could watch the field.


  “Did you just arrive?”


  “Oh, yes. I’m a bit late.”


  When I arrived, not only the Principal but also the Vice Principal and the student council were there. Since it was the final event, everyone seemed anxious. If this went smoothly, then the inter-class competition would finally be over.


  That was exactly the problem: I think something was happening. 


  “Something seems to be going on.” 


  As I said that while looking at the somewhat chaotic field, the Principal let out an awkward laugh.


  “That’s because—”


  — Instructor Alberto, a member of the faculty and a participant for 1st year, class 3, had to leave urgently due to a summons from the Magic Tower.


  “That’s what happened.” 


  “I see.”


  The announcement echoed appropriately. It seems that Louise’s class had managed to recruit an instructor from the Magic Tower. 


  ‘That was a strong addition.’


  An instructor from the Magic Tower would undoubtedly be skilled.


  However, the downside was that they must prioritize the summons of the Magic Tower over academy affairs in situations like these. And it was just their luck that this downside had to come into play right at this moment.


  “The most capable faculty members would have already been recruited by other classes by now.” 


  The Principal’s face showed a subtle hint of regret as he stroked his beard. 


  It was indeed a troubling situation. The students were facing setbacks not due to their own mistakes, but because of circumstances outside the academy’s control.


  — The four-person event will be delayed until 1st year, class 3 finds a new staff member. We ask for your understanding.


  It was a nice gesture, but it didn’t really make a difference. Honestly, any faculty members still available at this point would likely not be the best for strengthening their team. 


  ‘It’s a shame.’


  Regardless, the victory in the four-person event was probably destined for Rutis or Lather’s class. It was just sad that Louise’s class seemed to be doomed to fail without even showcasing their strength.


  A few minutes later, another announcement came through.


  — 1st year, class 3 has nominated a new staff member.




  “In such cases, the procedure of seeking the faculty member’s consent is bypassed. It’s a measure of consideration for the class suffering from an unexpected turn of events.”


  That made sense. There was already a significant gap in their lineup. Starting from scratch to persuade someone would be too harsh. 


  — Th-th-the, f-f-faculty me-member… t-the 1-1st year, c-c-class 3 has n-nominated, is… 


  What was going on?


  The announcement suddenly stuttered. This had never happened before.


  — …the advisor of the pastry club!




  Was there another pastry club advisor I wasn’t aware of?




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