Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 154

Chapter 154 - Freedom in Prison (1)

༺ Freedom in Prison (1) ༻

  The Crown Prince seemed to feel sorry for the long journey I had to make and spared no effort in sending a teleportation mage. To think that he would extend such consideration to a mere subject; he was really someone with the qualities of a sage king.


  Although to be more accurate, it was more like he was trying to pick up the traitorous bastard who caused a major accident so he wouldn’t be able to run off to some strange place. 


  ‘As if I had anywhere to go in the first place.’


  Since I was being summoned over an incident of assaulting a royal, running away would instantly make me a wanted person with a bounty on my head. In fact, I sometimes do wonder how long I’d last after being declared a fugitive for hitting royalty. Was I supposed to become a shooting star starting today? 


  Of course, that was the last thing I wanted. I’d rather live as an unemployed person in my humble, precious home.


  ‘This is driving me crazy.’


  However, after seeing the Crown Prince’s palace, I couldn’t help but envision myself living not as an unemployed person but as a prisoner. Although I doubt that this incident would lead to my imprisonment, being under probation wasn’t that much different from being locked up.


  “His Highness the Crown Prince is expecting you.” 


  I stifled a sigh and approached, and the knight guarding the crown prince’s palace immediately opened the door for me. 


  Honestly, I was half-hoping for a ‘No unscheduled visitors allowed!’ kind of scenario. But of course, the Crown Prince had already given the order for my free pass.


  The bowing servants and guards I encountered made me feel awkward. After all, I might be soon bowing my head just like them.


  No, it wasn’t just that. I’d be having my head stuck to the floor.


  “Executive Manager.”


  “You’ve been working hard.”


  Upon arriving at the Crown Prince’s office, his knight saluted and welcomed me. It had been a while so it was nice to see him, but the reason for our meeting was far from pleasant.


  Knock, knock—


  “Your Highness, the Executive Manager has arrived.”


  “Let him in.”


  The knight reported, and the Crown Prince responded briefly.


  “You may enter.”




  Ah, I really don’t want to go in.




  The door opened shortly after I gave permission. As I shifted my gaze from the documents to the door, I saw the Executive Manager cautiously stepping in.


  ‘He knows he’s done something wrong.’


  Normally, the Executive Manager exuded annoyance, as if he’s been forced to deal with something as trivial as a bug. The way he looked so wary now showed that he was clearly aware of his disadvantageous position. 


  Of course, he should be. If he wasn’t, then he wouldn’t be human but rather a creature with both the bravery and intelligence of a beast.


  “Ah, the Empire’s loyal servant has come.”


  “It’s an honor, Your Highness.”


  “Weren’t you so worried about my weariness from my duties that you even went so far as to share such unique news? Could there be another as loyal as you in this world?”


  The Executive Manager quickly bowed his head as I said this. After all, bothering me with such nonsense amidst my busy life was no different from cursing me.


  Well, it was indeed news that injected some vitality into my monotonous routine of work. The absurdity of the report from the Ministry of Education had me seriously wondering if my fatigue had damaged my hearing.


  He had already killed an imperial family member, so did he think that assaulting a member of the royal family was merely exercising restraint?


  ‘It still sends shivers down my spine.’


  I’d like to grill him further considering how I felt at that time, but the current state of the Executive Manager suggested that he didn’t need not be provoked further. Agitating someone who was already admitting to their guilt would only lead to an outburst.


  It might be a different story if the situation had turned sour, but this incident was fortunately smoothly resolved. Therefore, there was no need for me to get angry. 


  However, openly acknowledging that there was no issue would only embolden the Executive Manager, so I maintained a displeased demeanor.


  “Take a seat. This isn’t a conversation to be had while standing.”


  “Yes, Your Highness.”


  A strange anger welled up within me as I watched the Executive Manager quickly take his seat. If only he was half as compliant on a regular basis.


  But I held back. After all, I was the one who placed him in his position, fully aware that he was not naturally compliant. It would be odd to start fuming over his personality now.


  “I’ve heard about yesterday’s incident.”


  Besides, there was no need for anger when I held an overwhelming advantage.


  “It seems that unfortunate accidents happen often when energetic students gather together. It was the same when I attended the academy, and it appears nothing has changed.” 


  Of course, this incident wasn’t merely the result of overflowing energy. How did things escalate to this point?


  A vacancy unexpectedly arose just before the match, and the Executive Manager filled it, with royalty also participating in that very game. When coincidences stacked up like this, it almost felt like fate. 


  “Fortunately, it seems to have ended with only minor injuries.”


  Thankfully, the Armenians didn’t make an issue of it. 


  Participating in the match was the choice of Armein’s prince, and getting injured during a game was not unusual.


  Injuries during academy events were an unavoidable part of being a knight and a student in the academy. It would actually be more awkward if complaints were made about a voluntarily participating prince getting injured. 


  Protests would publicly demand sympathy and call for the culprit’s punishment. However, behind the scenes, there’d surely be murmurs of ‘It happened because of his skill issue.’ From Armein’s perspective, it’d better not to stir things up.


  “Is the prince alright?”


  “Yes. He has fully recovered.”


  I nodded at that response. Such assurance meant the prince was indeed alright.


  I had already received news of the prince’s recovery through the Ministry of Education, but it was still important to hear the perpetrator’s side.


  ‘There’s no need to worry, then.’


  Making a fuss about this incident would only further tarnish the reputations of Armein and the prince, especially since the prince’s injury had already been fully healed. Moreover, the prince himself had stated that the incident was just an accident during the game.


  Thanks to this, the major incident involving an assault on royalty was quietly resolved. It was truly fortunate.


  Well, if it were truly fortunate, then such an incident wouldn’t have occurred in the first place.


  And now that it was over, it was time to tie the loose ends. 


  “Executive Manager.”


  “Yes, Your Highness.”


  “You were careless.”


  The Executive Manager’s gaze dropped to the floor again.


  “It’s fortunate that Enen’s intervention prevented this from escalating into a major issue.”


  It was sheer luck that the situation was resolved by Armein’s forces at the academy before the empire could act.


  Well, framing it this way would make the Executive Manager think I was greatly displeased with how the situation unfolded.


  “Still, considering the dignity of the royal family, shouldn’t we show some gesture?”


  In reality, there was no need. If Armein wanted to pretend the incident never happened, having the empire say, ‘We’re sorry, take this,’ would only cause more problems. The more the empire did, the more attention the incident of the prince getting hit would receive.


  Naturally, this would make the Executive Manager believe I was considering a gesture of goodwill towards Armein.


  “Take some time to reflect on yourself.” 


  “I will heed your command.”


  The Executive Manager’s calm acknowledgment was almost surprising. Was this the same person who submitted a furious scribble when asked for a report?


  “Considering the Executive Manager’s hard work, a week should suffice.”


  “Thank you, Your Highness.”


  The Executive Manager’s face brightened at the mention of a week-long probation.


  Even if it was a disciplinary action, being under probation meant taking a break from work and staying at home. A week away from work could provide a much-needed breather. 


  It might provoke a backlash if it were longer than a week, saying it was long enough for the Executive Manager to have a vacation. 


  ‘Not a chance.’


  Why would I grant such a conventional probation for anyone’s benefit?


  “Still, the role the Executive Manager plays at the academy is significant, isn’t it?”


  Indeed. The Executive Manager was responsible for monitoring important figures from other countries at the academy. It wouldn’t do to tie such a talent down to their home for a week.


  “Your probation will take place at the academy’s lodgings.”


  Probation usually occurred at the individual’s home.


  But couldn’t the Executive Manager’s home also be his workplace? How dare he try to cheekily leave work? From today onwards, the Executive Manager’s home is the academy.




  I raised my hand to stop the Executive Manager as he began to object, and he immediately closed his mouth and fell silent.


  This is it. This is what I wanted. I wanted the Executive Manager to accept the arbitrary outcome without protest.


  Didn’t I send a short summoning order and show my anger for this reason? It was to make sure that the Executive Manager would comply with the punishment I imposed.


  ‘Not bad at all.’


  Of course, I was genuinely close to cursing out loud when I first heard about the major incident involving the assault on a royal.


  But as time passed and I calmed down, it only made me laugh. The fact that the Executive Manager participated in the event was amusing, and it was funny that he tried to control his strength but failed.


  Most importantly, it didn’t escalate into a diplomatic issue, so I could enjoy the situation with ease.


  “Since the probation’s location isn’t your home, you’ll need to prepare. I can extend that much consideration. Your probation will start tomorrow.”


  “…Thank you for your consideration, Your Highness.”


  A sense of satisfaction filled me for the first time in a while.






  Damn damn damn damn…


  ‘That fucking bastard.’


  I hope he lives a long life plagued with illness.


  Hearing the Crown Prince’s insane punishment nearly drove me mad. What kind of punishment is this? Who had ever spent probation at their workplace?


  ‘It’s right here.’


  That would be me, damn it.


  ‘No rest for me, then.’


  As if I could rest while being stuck in the academy. I’ll likely spend my time anxiously waiting for something to go wrong. And if something did happen, I’ll have to figure out how to fix it.


  I wouldn’t even be able to take direct action since I was technically under probation. I’d have to find roundabout ways to handle things.


  ‘Damn this.’


  It’s so unfair. This is so unfair that it’s driving me insane.


  Working at the academy wasn’t the issue. After all, doing my job wasn’t something to complain about.


  But being under probation and still not being able to rest was something to scream about from the rooftops. If I was going to be under probation anyway, might as well let me get some rest. 


  ‘I can’t even argue.’


  I was the clear perpetrator in this incident. The Crown Prince must’ve been out of his mind because of the news, so any careless word from me could escalate this from a simple probation to something much worse.


  ‘This is my third penalty…’


  After the frustration came the overwhelming sense of helplessness. With this, my record now included three penalties and nine written reports.


  ‘…Just one more to go.’


  One more written report and I’d be facing imprisonment.


  This wasn’t just about probation anymore. Next time would land me some actual time in a cold cell.


  Honestly, it feels like I’ll end up there before this year is over. This is a disaster.


  ‘An Executive Manager with a criminal record.’


  My heart shrank at the thought. Was this really happening?




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