Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 171

Chapter 171 - Smooth Sailing (2)

༺ Smooth Sailing (2) ༻

  I was greeted by a sight I hadn’t seen in a while when I opened the door to the student council’s room: the student council officers were gathered around, deep in a meeting. 


  It wasn’t the first time I had interrupted them, but I always felt sorry whenever it happened. It felt like I was intruding during their busiest times. Moreover, being met with the stares of seven people all at once always made me flinch for no reason.


  “Executive Manager.”


  Recognizing me as the visitor who had interrupted their meeting, the President quickly put on a smile and stood up.


  “I apologize for letting our esteemed guest see such an appearance.”


  “No, I’m the one who should be apologizing for the interruption.”


  Seeing the President take the blame made me feel even more embarrassed. Clearly, this was on me. Saying otherwise almost felt like rubbing salt in the wound. 


  However, the President’s expression seemed so genuine that it was almost frightening. I even got the impression that he’d apologize even if I were to slap him, saying that his cheek was in the way. 


  “It’s our fault for assembling despite knowing that the Executive Manager was coming.”


  “That’s right. We were shortsighted.”


  The other officers quickly got up one by one, echoing the president’s sentiments. 


  ‘These guys…’


  I almost let out a chuckle after seeing their united front.


  They had been like this ever since receiving their recommendation letters. While they used to fear me more, distributing those letters turned them into something like my followers. Considering that I had a hand in shaping their futures, I guess their gratitude made sense. 


  ‘I would’ve felt the same.’


  Imagine a professor who, instead of abducting fresh graduates for grad school, helped them secure actual jobs. Anyone would probably be moved to tears in gratitude. 


  ‘I’m sorry.’


  Seeing their genuine happiness brought about a twinge of guilt. I wonder how long it would take for them to resent me.


  Right now, I might appear to them as a hero for securing them a job without the need for an exam. But once they got worn down by the life of a civil servant, I’d probably seem more like a devil.


  However, the guilt was fleeting. These folks would have become civil servants with or without me; I simply made the process a bit smoother. 


  ‘At least they gained something.’


  Moreover, the empire compensated its civil servants with wealth and honor in proportion to the hardships they endured. It wasn’t completely one-sided exploitation. 


  The only issue was the lack of time to enjoy that wealth and honor. Damn it. My wealth keeps growing, and yet I hardly have any expenses.


  “Still, everyone should take their seats. I know you were busy with the meeting, but you have work to do.”


  Trying to suppress the bitterness, I waved my hand, and they gradually took their seats again. They’re quite obedient.


  Feeling an unexplainable satisfaction, I scanned the officers and locked eyes with Marghetta. She smiled and waved lightly, and I couldn’t help but smile back. 


  Marghetta used to hold back in front of others, but now she didn’t seem to care who was watching. It was as if she was saying, ‘I’m doing my job properly, so what’s the issue?’ 


  ‘How impressive.’


  Her straightforwardness was admirable. She was so unlike me, who always hesitated.


  “The meeting was actually just wrapping up.”


  I was quietly exchanging glances with Marghetta when the President chimed in smoothly. 


  Bullshit. It was clear that the meeting was far from over. 


  “We’ll be leaving now.”


  But before I could say anything, the President led the other officers out.


  ‘But why are you leaving, too?’


  This is your office. What is a student council room without its president?


  As I watched the six of them leave, the last boy to exit bowed politely before closing the door.


  Who was he again? The Disciplinary Officer?


  “The Disciplinary Officer has been very grateful to you lately.”


  Upon hearing Marghetta’s subtle hint, I nodded. It was indeed the Disciplinary Officer. It felt relieving to hear that my memory hadn’t failed me yet.


  But why was he thankful to me?


  “Is that so? Well, I did distribute recommendation letters to everyone.”


  It would make sense for the Disciplinary Officer to be grateful if the gesture was exclusive to him, but I handed them out to everyone. There must be another reason for the special mention.


  However, nothing specific came to mind. I wasn’t exactly close with each officer personally.


  “Olivia joined the student council, remember?”


  As soon as I heard that, I remembered something. The Disciplinary Officer had indeed made significant efforts to recruit Olivia to the Disciplinary Committee.


  Olivia was inseparable from Amelia, like a buy-one-get-one-free deal, so his efforts failed. It wasn’t until I intervened and pushed them both into the student council that his dream was fulfilled.


  ‘So he’s a collector.’


  He seemed like the type of person who couldn’t let go of a talent until they had it. 


  I hadn’t expected to find someone like that in the academy. He’d likely be the kind of person who would significantly contribute to a department’s success once he secured a suitably high position.


  “Judging by his gratitude, they must be getting along well.” 


  “That’s right. They’re getting along wonderfully.”


  Taking the conversation as an opportunity, I inquired about the well-being of the poverty-stricken sisters. The positive response was reassuring.


  Good. It’s a relief they’re doing well. The sight of them gnawing on raw turnips had been quite shocking.


  “Uh, Carl?”




  Marghetta’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts, and I turned to see her looking intently at me.


  “No one’s around right now.”


  It took a moment for the meaning of her words to sink in. 


  “Good morning then, Mar.”


  “Good morning, Carl.”


  Hopefully, my immediate embrace made up for the delay.


  Seeing Marghetta smiling happily first thing in the morning promised a pleasant day ahead.




  Looking at it now, it didn’t seem like today was going to be a particularly pleasant day.


  — What’s with the look on your face, Executive Manager?


  “It’s nothing. A bad memory just came to mind.” 


  I considered ignoring the message from the Information Department’s Executive Manager when it came through the communication crystal. If he contacted me first, it usually meant trouble.


  This was strange. I definitely thought I had the ‘buff’ of Marghetta’s smile today… Or did that not matter? Trouble always seemed to find me regardless.


  Regardless of my confusion, the Information Department’s Executive Manager continued calmly.


  — The Five Pillars have managed to stabilize the situation. The downfall of the Dove faction won’t repeat again.


  “That’s good to hear.”


  At least there was some positive news.


  Despite the Hawk faction’s spectacular self-destruction after ousting the Doves, the Dove faction itself had already experienced a fall from grace. There was always the risk that they’d turn on each other over accountability issues, or the possibility that a new faction would emerge. 


  However, the Five Pillars weathered such dynamic developments and managed to make a comeback. Since they have been knocked down once, they would likely be more cautious in their external activities.


  ‘The Five Pillars are definitely finished.’


  With the attempted royal assassination exposed, the likelihood of the Five Pillars attempting to undermine the academy was virtually nil. Nevertheless, there was always that possibility. Now, that was no longer a concern.


  — Instead, there’s trouble brewing elsewhere.


  The Information Department’s Executive Manager sighed, seemingly exasperated. Another problem erupted just as the most recent one was resolved. Isn’t that just wonderful news?


  Of course, I felt the same. This was simply absurd.


  “Which side is it now?”


  — The Red Wave.


  ‘Just great.’


  That was the last answer I wanted to hear. Of the five organizations, what remained were the 5th Empire and the Red Wave. Their level of craziness seemed to pierce the heavens, perhaps because they were the last ones standing.


  And if you were to ask which of the two was crazier, ninety-nine out of a hundred would point to the latter—the Red Wave or whatever it was called. They were a bunch of rabid revolutionaries.


  “Did they dream up another lunacy? They’ve been quiet for a while.”


  — Indeed.


  A collective sigh escaped us. Even the 5th Empire seemed reasonable compared to the Red Wave. That was how filled with pure madness the Red Wave was.


  Initially, the 5th Empire consisted of those who wanted to succeed the Kefellofen Empire, advocating for Armein to become the new empire. They merely argued within the framework of ‘heaven’s mandate’ and ‘the sole empire’ set by the continent’s order. Their arguments were unrealistic, but all they did was provoke controversy.


  On the other hand, the Red Wave had no regard for order. They denied the hierarchy of the continent and aimed to drench the land with the ‘blue blood’ of monarchs and nobility. Even the 5th Empire would probably bristle if they were accused of being a part of the Red Wave.


  — As you know, the Red Wave operates through cell organizations, making it difficult to completely eradicate them. Catching one cell usually doesn’t end it.


  The Information Department’s Executive Manager mentioned that they had managed to detect some activity among these cells.


  “Do we know their exact objective?”


  — We do have an idea. One of their branches received orders just before it was subdued. We were fortunate.


  The timing was indeed fortunate. Had they been a bit later, the orders might have already been destroyed. And had they been earlier, the branch would have been crushed before they even found it. 


  — ‘Create a blue lake,’ that seems to be their goal.


  “A blue lake?”


  — They’re likely targeting the imperial palace, the administration, or perhaps the academy. That’s what you get when the uneducated try to make metaphors.


  I couldn’t help but agree with the Information Department’s Executive Manager’s contemptuous remark. The metaphor was too blatant. Why bother with a code if it was going to be this obvious?


  ‘How typical of the Red Wave.’


  Their delusion was to kill the nobles and create a lake of blue blood, being called the ‘Red Wave’ themselves. They peculiarly avoided comparing the nobility to the sea.


  Either way, creating a ‘lake’ implied that they needed the death of many nobles. The only places that could make that happen were those mentioned by the Information Department’s Executive Manager—the imperial palace, the empire’s administration, or the academy.


  And the one with the highest probability was the academy, damn it.


  — I was going to wait for more detailed information, but I thought it best to inform you ahead of time since your location is also a potential target.


  “Thank you for the heads up.”


  After exchanging a few more pleasantries, we ended the call.


  Red Wave, the Red Wave…


  The first semester brought the Third Honor. The Twilight Cult popped up before the vacation, while the Red Wave started to become active during the second semester.


  ‘Why is there one every season?’ 


  Of course, the self-destructing Five Pillars didn’t count. Still, the regularity of these events was astonishing. 


  It seemed that they were being straightforward to avoid confusion. How thoughtful of them, in a messed-up way.


  ‘Is this what smooth sailing feels like?’ 


  At least there were no hidden variables in the chaos.




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