Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - If the higher-up points, the subordinate rolls (2)

༺ If the higher-up points, the subordinate rolls (2) ༻




  I was moved by how the bear tried to high-five me as soon as it saw me. Although it was just a beast, it was better educated than the average person. I was feeling grateful for its greeting, so I replied. Seeing how it fell to the ground and rolled, it seemed that my reply also moved it.


  Poor guy. It seemed like it didn’t receive love while growing up and it was desperately seeking for affection. To think that it would show its belly at the slightest touch. 


  ‘How reassuring.’


  Well, kidding aside, I hit its lower part intending to kill it. However, it’s been a while since I’d used my fists, so I misjudged my strength and the result of that was that it just ended up rolling and lying there on the ground. Perhaps because it was a creature from the Dungeon, it was stronger than an average bear.


  Although it was a bit disappointing, I was glad. If this guy had appeared while the others were present, something unexpected might have happened.


  ‘It’s also considerably big.’


  I looked at the bear that had barely managed to get up. The Dungeon was a bit too wide for me to walk, and luckily, this creature was large enough to serve as a means of transportation. Yes, this must also be fate. 


  As I walked to the bear, it freaked out. But as I showed it my fist, it calmed down. Not only was it strong, but it was also clever. Was this also one of the wonders of a Dungeon? I touched the nose of the bear and opened my mouth.


  “Hey, work with me.”


  Lend me your back.


  As expected, a person was comfortable when there was something to ride on. I was able to roam around the Dungeon quickly. Apart from that, I didn’t have to worry about any harmful creatures that needed to be disposed of, as Ungi could sniff them out like a ghost. 


  Ungi was the name I gave the bear I was riding. I was planning just to call it ‘bear’, but he was very helpful, so I decided to give him a name at least. I was going to call him ‘Gomi,’ (Bear Cub) without much thought, but it seemed too much, so I settled on ‘Ungi.’


  “You also prefer Ungi, right?”


  – Roar…


  “Good bear.”


  It seemed like he liked it. As I patted him, I could feel him trembling.


  Although I’d heard that the animals inside the Dungeon were stronger than the normal ones, I had never heard that they were also cleverer. Was this guy a special case? Well, whatever. I’m not a researcher studying the Dungeon ecosystem anyways. 


  While riding on top of Ungi, I looked around the Dungeon for one more hour because I wasn’t sure what would happen on the picnic day if there was something I missed. I’m glad I learned that a Dungeon had appeared before the picnic day. Although, if I were really lucky, a Dungeon wouldn’t have appeared at all.


  ‘What a shitty terrain.’


  Although I was going through the forest while breaking the trees, thinking of what would’ve happened if I had walked here with the six members gave me chills. If one of them got hurt, the entire continent would be turned upside down and to make matters worse, the terrain isn’t good. 


  Of course, I had destroyed that hellish future with my own hands. As I got off Ungi’s back while sighing in relief, he also looked at me with relieved eyes. It seemed like he had noticed that I was about to leave.


  “There isn’t anything left, right?”


  There was no answer, but I could guess just by looking at him in the eye. It was as if he was saying ‘There’s none left, so please leave.’ I smirked while patting him. 


  “There’s none? I’m sure there’s one left.”


  – Grr?


  Uneasiness appeared in Ungi’s eyes. It was as if he were hoping that his thought was wrong.


  “You’re left.”


  After saying that, I hit his head. Thankfully, this time, I could end him in one hit. We had gotten close to each other by exploring the Dungeon together, so I did my best to kill him in the most painless way as possible.


  I felt bitter while looking down at Ungi, whose head had exploded. He was quite intelligent and seemed to have a good personality. For a moment, I wondered if Louise entered the Dungeon in the story and took him as a pet, but I soon shook my head. He was too big to become someone’s pet.


  The only crime this guy had committed was being born inside a Dungeon. If I had let him go and he suddenly appeared at the picnic, it would’ve been embarrassing.


  ‘I hope that in the next life, you’re reborn as the pet of a noble family.’


  After praying for Gomi’s rest, I turned around. It was time to leave this dreary Dungeon.


  Oh, was it not Gomi but Ungi? Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s a name that no one will call now, anyways. 


  As I returned after I finished organizing the Dungeon temporarily, it was fortunately before the club time began. I’m glad the Vice Principal told me early. If not, the six members would’ve ended up meeting alone. Thinking of that possibility scared me. Who knows what would happen if I wasn’t there…


  ‘How terrifying.’


  Just thinking about what could happen during regular classes makes me nervous. But in the club’s room when only the six members were present? I wouldn’t be surprised even if one of the five suddenly lost his mind and asked another one for a duel. 


  Although I wouldn’t be surprised, that would probably have disastrous consequences. If someone says anything about a duel, I will take a step forward. I’ll definitely beat them up.


  With that thought in mind, I settled down where I usually sat in the club room. Somehow, I felt that something had changed. It had become cleaner and more luxurious.


  As I turned my head around to look in more detail, I saw that there was a letter left on top of the table. It was a letter from the Vice Principal.




  We’d seen each other in the morning. Was there a need to leave a letter? Although I have to read it since he’d left one.  



Since a desk needed to be replaced, I took the opportunity to change the others too. I did it while the Prosecutor wasn’t present so we wouldn’t bother you. I hope you’re satisfied with hope you will be satisfied with the newly renovated club room.





  As expected of the Vice Principal…!


  I couldn’t help but be moved by the letter.


  I was impressed by the Vice Principal’s artistic behavior, which perfectly handled up to 10 tasks simultaneously while doing 1. He was truly a hard worker.


  No wonder he became the Vice Principal of the most important educational institution of the Empire!


  If one of the three bastards worked half as hard as the Vice Principal, my job satisfaction would have skyrocketed. If I had taken the decision to retire, I would have considered them for my replacement along with the Senior Manager.


  Although, this was all pointless thought. Damn it.


  “Huh? Oppa, did you change the desk?”


  Louise asked as soon as she entered the club’s room. As expected of the most sincere child in the pastry club, she noticed what had changed as soon as she entered the room. The other five only noticed after Louise mentioned it. This is normal for them, so I wouldn’t blame their intelligence. 


  “It was replaced because it broke. And since one was changed, the others were too.”


  “Did you do it alone? You should’ve told us.”


  “I didn’t. It was the Vice Principal. So if you see him, say thanks.”




  Louise looked around the club’s room with her eyes that were as blue as the sky. She probably wanted to see what had changed. Honestly, I wasn’t able to tell exactly what had changed. The changes were subtle and I wasn’t able to pinpoint with precision what it was that had changed.


  Louise was looking around when she turned around and looked at me as if she’d remembered something.


  “Ah, now that I think about it, I saw you leaving early in the morning, oppa. Did something happen?”




  How does she know?


  It seemed like she noticed my confused look, so she kept talking while playing with her hair awkwardly.


  “I saw you leaving through the Academy Gate early in the morning.”


  “So that’s how you say you’re not paying attention in class.” 


  If Louise saw me leaving the building, that meant she was looking outside the window during her classes.


  To think that she would waste the classes I couldn’t even attend if I wanted to. As I looked at her with disapproving eyes, she turned her gaze with an embarrassed smile.  


  Fine, I’ll let it slide. What would I get by becoming angry with you…


  “So, where did you go? Did you have any places to go around here?”


  Was it because he was worried about me talking alone with Louise? Or was he simply curious? No matter the reason, Rutis joined the conversation. After Rutis asked the question, Louise’s eyes turned back to me again.


  “I went to investigate the place where we’re going to have the picnic.”


  “Was there a need to investigate the terrain? It’s just a picnic. There’s no way something would happen.”


  As Rutis spoke, I turned my gaze towards his throat. I wanted to hit him once, just once. If only it wouldn’t become an international problem… Is that something you should say to the Advisor who solved the problem before it happened?


  After hearing Rutis’s words, I became 100% sure of it. If we had gone to the picnic place without knowing, they would’ve entered the Dungeon for sure. I became sure of it after hearing those death-flag-like words. Although I had already solved it, I couldn’t help but get angry.


  “There’s nothing wrong with being careful.”


  After saying that, I turned around, trying to suppress the urge of grabbing him by the throat, because when my instincts won over my reason, the Minister of Foreign Affairs would always come running angrily at me.


  “I heard that the cherry blossoms that can be seen from that hill are really beautiful!”


  As I turned my eyes from Rutis, Louise caught my eye. Cherry blossoms. It was a flower that really suited her.


  She said, “I heard.” That means someone had told her that, which was the reason why we were going to a picnic there. Who the fuck was the one who told her something like that and caused me such trouble…?


  “Ah, what Irina told us the last time?”


  I could immediately figure out the culprit from Eric’s words. Ah, Irina… it was her. She was next to Louise when I first saw her.


  Quietly closing my mouth at the unexpected identity, I simply listened to Louise’s excited words. If Irina was the culprit, I couldn’t blame her.


  Irina was Louise’s closest female friend. Although Irina wasn’t as important as these five, she was still one of the people I was cautious about. That’s why every time I had the opportunity, I checked out how she was doing.


  Her full name was Irina Yorun.


  She was the daughter of the family who was struck by lightning due to a misfire from the Prosecutor’s Office before being dispatched to the Academy. 3rd Manager, you bastard. Your messed up shit is still here.


  Hearing about the living witness of our professional negligence in an unexpected place stimulated my sense of guilt.







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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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