Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Survival Guide of a Possessor Who Doesn't Know the Original Work (1)

༺ Survival Guide of a Possessor Who Doesn’t Know the Original Work (1) ༻




  When I first came to this world, I regretted two things.


  First, I didn’t read the original novel on which this world was based. I was unsure how crazy the entity that had placed me here was. But I was sure it wasn’t crazy enough to put someone who knows nothing about it here.


  The other thing was that I had only read the free chapters. After it was adapted to a webtoon, I read the free chapters and then cast it aside. I would have read it all if I knew I would come to this world.


  To make things worse, there wasn’t any useful information in the free chapters. For example, I only realized who Louise was after hearing her name. Basically, my knowledge about this worth amounted to almost nothing.


  ‘Other people might use the information they know to avoid or change the route.’


  But I couldn’t tell what was going on. Considering that I had come to a world I had previously heard about in my previous world, I was too powerless.


  But after so much time, my time to shine finally came. Although I might not know the contents of the original novel, there were many things I could guess based on the fact that this world was based on something else.


  Suppose the main protagonists gather in the Academy. In that case, some incidents were bound to happen, as things always happen around the main characters in novels. That means if I could figure out what organizations or people are more likely to cause problems, I could stop incidents from happening.


  That was why I asked for information as soon as I learned I would come here. And the Special Service Agency’s Information Executive Manager seemed moved by my sincere request.


  “I’m going to make sure the last thing gets buried. So please, help me with this.”




  Of course, there was a small gift included. It’s bad form to ask for something without giving something in return.


  That was how I got a list of people trying to ‘Break the Academy.’ The list was longer than expected, which made me annoyed. The thought that I’d have to play a defense game against them was exasperating. The only good thing was that I had this list in advance


  Before something happened, I had to return to the clubroom. I quickly checked out the list of organizations that had a vendetta against the protagonists.


  ‘There’s nothing against Louise or Erich.’


  Louise was someone harmless. So there was no way she’d gather the hate of someone. The only ones capable of doing something to Erich were people resenting the Krasius Family, not Erich himself. But because there was the Lord alongside with me, I had nothing to worry about that.


  ‘I also don’t need to worry about Ainter.’ 


  I was probably the most dangerous being for Ainter. But I had no intention of getting rid of him. There was no need for the first Prince to send another assassin as I was here. So Ainter was safe.


  ‘The problem is the other three.’


  To make things worse, they were members of Royal Families or a candidate for Saint. If they received a terrorist attack in their respective countries, I wouldn’t care. But because they were Academy students, the Academy and the Empire would be turned upside down if something happened.


  The organization probably related to Rutis’s story was the ‘Fifth Empire.’


  They were people that said that the Armein Kingdom should defeat the Kefellofen Empire. They called themselves the ‘Fifth Empire’ as they wanted the Armein Kingdom to become the fifth Empire after the Kefellofen, which was the fourth Empire.


  Of course, they were ignored even in the Armein Kingdom. But people who are ignored can often do the worst things. 


  There was a chance they would try to cause a terrorist attack while Rutis was still in the Academy and cause a ruckus inside the Empire. Then, they would insist that the Armein Kingdom should go to war with the Empire. After all, Rutis wasn’t even the crown prince.


  But still, the chances of them sacrificing a Prince and taking the risk of putting the country in danger if they’re found out were higher than the chances of a prince insisting that they would enter an Academy located in the Empire. Fuck.


  Next, the organization that was probably linked to Lather’s story was the ‘Five Pillars.’


  They were an organization against the ‘United Kingdom of Yuben,’ going from a simple association of five kingdoms into one unified under Lather’s country. They were an organization with tradition. So their size was larger than the ‘Fifth Empire.’ From what I understand, the Empire was secretly supporting them.


  Rather than trying to go to war with the Empire, they might try to eliminate Lather to send a message to his country. The other members of the Royal Family were surrounded by Knights and Guards. So Lather was the easiest target for them.


  If they attacked the Academy, the relationship with the Empire would undoubtedly worsen. So what was the chance that they would do this? Once again, higher than the Prince insisting on joining the Academy.


  And lastly, the organization that was most likely related to Tannian’s story. The ‘Twilight Cult.’


  The Holy Kingdom and most countries of the continent believed in a God called Enen. The Twilight Cult believed in another God; they were an organization that wanted the main God believed throughout the continent to be the one they believed in.


  They were crazy bastards that had already caused a huge commotion in the Empire. Three years ago, when the Empire’s eyes were set on the North, they’d killed the Cardinal in charge of the Empire. And because of that, the Empire did its best to crush them, but the Twilight Cult still managed to escape and survive.


  They were for sure going to target Tannian. He’d received the surname of Enes because he was called the Son of God. So by killing Enes, they could deal a huge blow to the Holy Kingdom.


  What are the chances of them getting crushed by the imperial wrath? If they were scared about things like that, they wouldn’t be called a crazy cult. They had already killed a Cardinal in the Empire’s territory, so nothing would surprise me.


  These were the organizations that might target the Academy. There was also the Republican Terrorist Group ‘Red Wave’ and the ‘Third Honor.’ Which was a revived group of Apels soldiers.


  ‘These bastards revived?’


  I had just learned that the people trying to revive Apels had appeared again after the Empire had tried really hard to eliminate them. But they came back at this point? It was apparent that this organization was forcibly created to build some drama into the novel’s world.


  It seemed like the Information Executive Manager also couldn’t believe this revival. So he also wrote a review full of negative emotions. He said that rotten corpses had begun to multiply, and it was a correct conjecture.


  Anyway, the organizations that might cause trouble were these five. I was in awe of the Executive Manager who’d quickly brought such information.


  I was also in awe at my destiny since I would have to deal with them in the future.


  * * *




  This difficulty is messed up. Who was the one who set the difficulty? 


  This difficulty was too unreasonable.


  My teeth trembled. Two or three evil organizations would already be a headache. But there were already five that might try to attack the Academy. I wasn’t sure who this series’ author was, but I was convinced that the author was really trying to destroy the Academy. Did she have a hard time with university professors…?


  I put the communication device aside and leaned my back against the wall. To think that I’d have to defend against five waves, and I had never imagined that I would have to deal with such organizations. This was truly an unwanted surprise.


  But the reason why I was sent to the Academy was to avoid things like this from happening. 


  Of course, not even the higher-ups were probably expecting so many organizations to be targeting the Academy. 


  I only figured this out because I was originally from another world. Who would’ve imagined that these organizations would dare to target the Academy?


  “If I had retired early, I wouldn’t be going through this.”


  I resent myself for not retiring early on.


  Even if I sighed, nothing would change. Instead, the chances of something happening while I wasn’t in the clubroom increased.


  ‘I must do my best.’


  If something happened and a VIP was hurt or killed, I wasn’t sure what would happen to me or the Empire. If that happens, it will be the end of my career. I want an honorable retirement, not to be exiled.


  In the end, my goal was simple. I would figure out what organizations were trying to target the Academy and stop them before something happened while I stayed in the Academy. And to make sure the VIPs could graduate safely.


  And, of course, make sure Louise’s partner can be decided before that happens. If Louise doesn’t select a partner even after graduation, those crazy bastards will try to cross the frontiers again. If the Academy were Part 1, that would mark the start of Part 2.


  Now that I think about it, isn’t sending a marriage proposal to the Naird Baron the best way?


  The Naird Baron would have difficulty refusing a marriage proposal from the Empire’s Earl Krasius. And at the same time, Erich would fulfill his love.


  The Lord also wasn’t the type of person who cared about who one marries as long as someone who could keep the family’s lineage alive is born.


  I shook my head. A brute force solution like that wasn’t good. Not only that, but that solution didn’t consider Louise’s will.


  My head was messed up, so I even thought of something like that. I was even feeling sorry for Louise. 




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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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