Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - Survival Guide of a Possessor Who Doesn't Know the Original Work (3)

༺ Survival Guide of a Possessor Who Doesn’t Know The Original Work (3) ༻




  It was a day with a lot of coincidences. Louise always went to the Academy with Irina, but she ended up catching the spring flu. Even Erich had gone to the Academy earlier than usual because he had been summoned by the Vice Principal. All of her other friends also had things going on. So unlike usual, Louise was going to the Academy alone.


  Louise had never gone to school alone before so she found it a bit awkward, but it wasn’t because she didn’t want to walk alone. While walking alone, the pace and energy is different from when you walk together with other people.


  Louise was taking her time walking, enjoying the morning breeze and enjoying the flowers. Erich would probably be waiting for her by the time she arrived at class, and once Irina returned from the infirmary, she’d ask her if she was okay. That was how her morning was supposed to be.


  If it weren’t for the voice that called out to her.


  “Lady Louise?”


  Louise turned around at the unexpected voice she’d never heard before. She had curly red hair that reached her waist and green eyes. She was covering her mouth with a red fan. She was looking down at Louise. She seemed to be the type of person used to standing on top of people.


  “Are you Louise, the daughter of Baron Naird?”


  Although it was a question on the outside, she seemed to know the answer. The confident voice of the female student spread through the surroundings.


  “Yes. My name is Louise Naird.”


  Although she suddenly started talking to her, to ignore her would be ill-mannered. Louise lowered her head and presented herself. The other student accepted the presentation and opened her mouth.


  “I’m Marghetta Velenti, the Student Council’s Vice President and your senior by one year.”


  Louise’s eyes widened at those words. Valenti, it was the family of the Iron-blooded Duke, one of the five dukes of the Empire. Marghetta was the youngest daughter of the Iron-blooded Duke. She was a daughter he’d sired at a late age. The duke had grandsons older than her, which is why he pampered her.


  “Lady Marghetta, nice to meet you.”


  Unlike a simple greeting, Louise bowed properly. In the Empire, the dukes had a lot of power. Although there were five of them, that didn’t mean they had less power because of that.


  Marghetta shook her head and said.


  “There’s no need to do that. In the Academy, we’re all equal. I’m just one of the many seniors you have.”


  “Yes, okay. Senior.”


  No one took those words seriously. After all, life after the three years of the Academy was long. That was something even Louise knew, even if she was usually surrounded by princes and a candidate for Saint. Maybe Marghetta was scarier than her club’s members.


  The Third Prince had no real authority and the other club members would return to their respective countries after the Academy, but Marghetta had the power to make most nobles tremble in fear.


  Marghetta smiled after looking at the trembling form of Louise.


  “There were some things I wanted to talk about with you. Could you give me some time?”


  “Yes, of course.”


  “Thank you.”


  There was no way Louise would’ve been able to refuse Marghetta’s proposal. She just followed her silently.


  * * *


  While following Lady Marghetta, my body trembled a lot. After all, it was scary talking with someone important with whom you normally wouldn’t interact with.


  I had experienced it four times with Ainter, Rutis, Lather, and Tannian. But still, I couldn’t get used to it.


  ‘No. It’s going to be okay.’


  At first, I was very nervous around them, but now, I enjoy being friends with them and hanging out in the club. Yes, it was probably going to be okay. After all, I haven’t done anything to offend her.


  Lady Marghetta suddenly stopped walking, turned around, and said something to me.


  “Lady Louise, you need to reflect on your actions.”


  Ah, so there was something… It seems like I’ve done something that bothers her.


  My head lowered at the first cold eyes I’d received from someone. Although I had lowered my head, I could still feel her cold eyes.


  “This year, something unprecedented happened in the Academy. You know what I’m talking about. Right?”


  “Yes, yes…”


  Marghetta’s explanation was simple. VIPs from other countries entering the Academy was something that had never happened. In this situation, they should be very cautious and try to maintain distance, but not only had she not done that, but she was also in the same club as them.


  As a blue-blooded noble of the Empire, one had to maintain appearances, but she had failed to do so.


  I felt my eyes becoming blurry. I was scared of this situation, and I found it unfair. Was it that wrong to have fun hanging around the club together? Was it wrong for them to come to the Academy and make friends instead of being alone?


  I just wanted to be friends with those that looked lonely while eating cookies together.


  “Lady Louise, did you understand what I said?”


  It seemed like Lady Marghetta had finished talking. She called my name. While trying to hold back my tears, I lifted my head. Although I was scared, I couldn’t just back off. If I admitted it was my mistake, I would have to say goodbye to the club’s members.


  I was about to open my mouth when I saw someone familiar approaching us from behind Lady Marghetta.


  ‘Carl oppa!’


  As I saw Carl oppa, I relaxed and ended up smiling. Lady Marghetta frowned while looking at me, and then she turned around.


  “Oh, Sir Carl. Long time no see.”


  At that moment, for the first time, I felt that Lady Marghetta’s expression had melted.


  * * *


  I wasn’t sure, but she really ended up being Lady Marghetta. I had heard she entered the Academy last year but didn’t expect to see her here.


  “Long time no see Lady Marghetta. How have you been doing?”


  I bowed my head a bit and asked how she’d been doing, but she just silently closed the fan and stared me in the eyes.


  “Lady Marghetta?”


  I asked again, yet there was only silence. She tapped her lips with the fan as if she were dissatisfied.




  “Mar, how have you been?”


  As I sighed and asked, Marghetta finally smiled and opened her mouth.


  “I’ve been well, Sir Carl. I heard it from my father, but it’s good to see you in the Academy.”


  “I never imagined seeing you here. How is the Duke doing?”


  “He’s been in bed since last year. It seems like he became hurt after his proposal, which had taken him a lot of courage, was rejected at once.”


  “I apologize for that.”


  “Fufu, right? I’m sure his mood would improve if you pay him a visit.”


  “I’ll pray for him instead.”


  I silently shook my head. Hurt? If I really visited the Iron-blooded Duke, he would probably do a German suplex to me. Although he was the oldest among Dukes, he had more strength than the average youth.


  I silently turned my head around to Louise. She seemed about to cry at any moment and was smiling awkwardly. Damn, it seems like she heard some bitter words.


  “What brings you to Louise?”


  “I was just giving her advice as her senior.”


  It felt like it wasn’t just simple advice, but I decided to let it go. If I pressed the matter, it would only result in the conversation getting prolonged.


  As I didn’t try to ask further, Marghetta covered her mouth again.

  Now that I think about it, I feel like I have also seen that fan last year. Did she always carry it around?


  “Then, I’ll be going. Until next time we meet.”


  And then, she just left.


  As I was looking at Marghetta’s retreating back, I felt Louise pulling at my sleeves. 


  Damn, I should have checked out how you were doing first, but I couldn’t do that.


  As I turned around, I saw Louise looking at me with teary eyes. Yes, you were suddenly pressured to talk with the esteemed daughter of the Duke. So your reaction is understandable. Although Louise was already used to hanging around princes, they weren’t of any use in helping her become stronger emotionally.


  “Are you okay? What did she say?”


  “It was just some advice…”


  “You need to learn how to tell lies.”


  Louise nervously looked around, opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, then she finally told the truth. 




  ‘She isn’t wrong.’


  I’m sorry for Louise, but Marghetta wasn’t completely wrong.


  It was actually really great advice. If Louise weren’t the protagonist, I would’ve thought the same thing.


  I was in a weird position where I couldn’t stand on either side so I patted her shoulder and gave her a handkerchief. She looked really sad while wiping off the tears.


  While looking at her, I began to think.


  ‘She doesn’t seem to be the antagonist.’


  The first thought that crossed my mind after looking at both of them was if Marghetta was the antagonist. From what I’d seen, in romance fantasy novels, there’s often an antagonist. Although I was not certain because I didn’t read too many romance-fantasy novels.


  However, Marghetta didn’t suit the conditions of an antagonist. It wasn’t like she was the fiancée of one of the five that had fallen in love with Louise. She hadn’t done something to harm or harass her either. She’d just given her true and honest advice as the esteemed daughter of a Duke of the Empire.


  Yes. Five organizations were trying to destroy the Academy, so there was no way there was a villainess.


  After relaxing, Louise carefully asked me.


  “Oppa, do you know Lady Marghetta?”


  Louise carefully added that we looked close. I shook my head. Close? No way. Although we knew each other, I wouldn’t call us close.


  “I met her last year because something happened, but we aren’t close.”


  “But… She seemed to have accepted you calling her Mar.”


  “I also don’t know the reason for that.”


  I called her that because the daughter of the Duke had insisted. There was nothing more stupid than allowing my relationship with the Duke’s family to be ruined over a nickname.


  The reason I agreed to that nickname was because I thought that I would never have the opportunity to say it. After I rejected the Iron-blooded Duke’s proposal of me marrying Marghetta, I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to meet her again.


  I thought that would be it, yet I ended up encountering her here again. As expected, one can never know what the future holds for them.




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