Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - Fun and Entertaining Club Fair (1)

༺ Fun and Entertaining Club Fair (1) ༻



    Now that there wasn’t much time left before the club fair, I was also very busy because I was the Prosecutor and an advisor of a club.


  As a way of apologizing for wasting time feeding her cookies last time, I worked with Marghetta during the afternoon and gave her some cookies whenever she came to the club room.  Although she refused at first, she ended up eating well, and it was satisfying to watch.


  It seemed like Marghetta also liked it. She seemed to be in a good mood when we went to work together after eating the cookies. I should get her more from now on.


  “Now that the club booths are set up, the student council’s tasks are finished.” 


  I walked around the Academy with Marghetta and looked at the areas where the club booths would be set up.  It was the most troublesome task, even more than the budget allocation, since we had to determine the locations considering the number of club members, characteristics, accessibility, and expected crowds. 


  The biggest problem was the pastry club. Although they had the fewest members, the individuals in that club held high positions, and even a part of the escort force participated under the pretext of providing assistance. It was quite a challenge to find a suitable place that wouldn’t get crowded while also not conflicting with the members’ status. Additionally, it had to be easily accessible for external visitors. 


  Considering all these conditions was quite a task. Fortunately, the Student Council President took the lead and arranged a good spot for the pastry club booth. 


  I couldn’t wait for the Student Council President to graduate from the Academy. He would probably do a great job as a Civil Servant. New slaves were always welcomed, after all.


  After checking out the last booth, the job of the Student Council was over. It must be a lot of work for the Student Council to do this every year. 


  “Good job, Mar.”


  “You’ve worked hard too, Carl. Thanks to you, it was comfortable and easy.”


  In reality, I’d just looked through some documents and accompanied Marghetta when she walked around, so it was embarrassing to hear such words of appreciation as if I went through a lot of hardships. 


  But seeing a project end made me feel good. As long as there are no incidents during the club fair, it would be perfect. 


* * * *


  Until yesterday, I couldn’t wait for the club fair to start. But now that it was about to begin, I couldn’t help but find it bothersome. The first day of the club fair had begun.


  “Since we’re a new club, I’m not expecting much. Our goal is just to sell everything and aim for a top ranking.” 


  “It seems like you’re expecting a lot.” 


  As I said that to the club members, Tannian silently mumbled. But still, it can’t be helped. That was the bare minimum.


  They had to sell everything they’d made. That way, I wouldn’t have to deal with the remnants. The ranking in the club fair was given based on the number of sales and the evaluations of students and outside visitors. Actually, it doesn’t matter if we don’t make it to the top.  Still, it’s good to start off with a good result.


  “Because of how hard you’ve worked, the flavor has greatly improved. You guys aren’t lacking in anything, so be confident in your skills.”


  The members who seemed to steadily improve their skills were able to create a decent taste in the end. Since the improved taste was an objective testimony from Villar, it could be trusted. 


  Anyway, after cheering for them a bit, my job as an advisor was also over. I had already done more than enough. After all, I had gotten rid of everything they’d made until now. Where else can you find an advisor like me?


  “Everyone, let’s do our best! I’m sure we’re going to have a positive result!”


  After me, it was Louise who cheered everyone up. From their point of view, her words would probably encourage them more compared to mine. 


  Quietly observing their reactions, I turned my gaze away. I held back from saying anything unnecessarily, as they might become complacent and wander outside the booth. 


  But from the moment customer evaluations were factored into the rankings, the Pastry Club was destined to be in first place. 


  Who would give a negative evaluation to a club where there were members of the royal family and a Saint Candidate? Someone who didn’t have enough common sense wouldn’t be able to survive in a society like this. Although it didn’t matter if they ranked, just breathing is enough for them to be miraculously placed in the rankings. 


  It must feel unfair for a club that prepared so diligently, but what can they do?  This was a byproduct of the people that had joined.


  ‘They’re useless except for times  like this.’


  Club members, that only work during the club fair? They were people I wouldn’t want to have in a club. I’d prefer to give them money and kick them out.


  I sighed and turned my head around. My eyes met with Villar, who was wearing an apron. A royal Knight that was wearing an apron instead of armor—what a valuable sight.


  It seemed like he was feeling embarrassed, as he had a dark expression on his face. We looked at each other and turned our heads simultaneously as if we’d agreed beforehand. For Villar, I was probably a Prosecutor who walked around with his hands dirty with flour. However, it was still better than a Royal Knight wearing an apron.


  After the sad exchange with Villar, the atmosphere became lively as the crowd approached, creating a bustling environment from a distance.  


  ‘Has it started?’


  Although the Academy only opened its doors during the duration of the club fair, the city built around the Academy can be visited before it began. As soon as the door opened, the people that had been staying near the Academy entered all at once. It seems like the club fair was more popular than I had thought.


  “Are you ready?”


  “Yes, but we should probably be more worried about  how many people will come.”


  “Our booth is a bit secluded, so  it will probably take some time.”


  The members gathered together, discussing the booth’s opening time. The Academy was spacious and there were many clubs. Also, the pastry club booth’s location was somewhat secluded, so they thought that it would take a while before people arrived. But while I was looking around.


  As I silently looked ahead, I saw a blur of people. Yes, I expected this to happen. 


* * *


  The booth opening happened faster than expected. It was faster than they had anticipated, as outside guests would walk in a straight line from the main entrance to the pastry club’s booth. 


  Although the club members were surprised, they soon regained composure and received the customers. They gave them a few samples, and then they just had to give it to them if they wanted to buy something. Because of their social standing, there would probably not be any hard customers.  


  And no matter what the customers bought, their destination was the same.


  “Oh, it’s nice to see you here. How have you been?”


  “I’ve been well. I regret not being able to meet you due to some circumstances, but it’s nice to have met you like this.”


  I replied with a smile to the smiling nobles that were talking to me.


  Their destination was me.


  I was one of the totems that were attracting customers.


  “We met at the New Year’s greetings ceremony last year, so it’s already been a year, hasn’t it?” 


  “So you remember, haha. It’s an honor.”


  Rapidly recalling memories and who they are or when we met was not an easy task, but it was necessary for maintaining good relationships.


  Remembering people was enough to make them happy. A good social life starts by remembering the face and names of others.

  ‘How many people are there?’


  While shaking hands with the other person, I glanced around. There were several nobles using the booths, and more were coming behind them. Someone must have marked the coordinates, and they seem to have gotten it right. 


  The reason why this happened was simple. It’s because I am treated as a mid-legendary Pokémon in the Empire’s social circle, such as Entei or Suicune, since they were rare and hard to find. If it wasn’t a big ceremony, I mostly wouldn’t appear.


  Even the social events I do attend are just to comply with the customs and meet the Imperial Counts. A legendary Pokémon would be the Information Executive Manager, who never left his work. He was like Ho-oh. There’s a reason why I feel so bad for him.


  “Long time no see. How have you been?”


  “Haha, I’ve been well.”


  While I was thinking about the Information’s Executive Manager, who couldn’t get out of the Bell Tower, the people before me changed. This time, it was a huge fish.


  “I’ve heard your son is preparing to become a Civil Servant. There will be good news soon.”


  Proper flattery using your authority to smoothen your relationship with others was also something that was necessary.


  That’s how the first wave ended.


  “Everyone, good job. Take a rest for a bit.”


  I spoke to the members who were sitting down one by one. They may not have suffered as much as my head and hands, but they did work hard. However, these guys are staring at me with strange eyes, whether they knew it or not. 


  I know I’ve been acting like I’ve been campaigning on the sidelines while they’ve been doing their thing. But still, don’t look at me like that. Did they come because I called them? They came by themselves. 


  “Oppa, good job!”


  Louise, who’d been giving water to the forces of the three countries and the club members, gave me a cup of water.


  “Drink first. You haven’t had any, either.” 


  I subtly pushed the cup of water that was handed to me towards Louise. She should take care of herself first, instead of other people. It’s more important for her to stay hydrated than it is for the physically fit men. 


  However, she didn’t drink it and pushed it back towards me. I silently turned my hand around, and finally, hesitatingly, she took a sip first. Yes, good job.


  “It seems like there are also some young ladies who are enjoying the fair properly.” 


  “How envious. If I have the time, maybe I’ll take a stroll like that too.” 


  At that moment, I heard the voices of Rutis and Erich. When I turned my gaze in their direction, Rutis was looking straight ahead with a smirk. What’s going on? 


  As I followed his eyes, I couldn’t help but frown. A woman with white hair and red eyes walked while holding onto diverse foods. She was munching on a skewered chicken and walking cheerfully. 


  It wasn’t a bothersome sight. After all, the club fair was some sort of festival, so it’s natural to have guests who enjoy food like that. It’s to be expected. The problem was the identity of that person.


  ‘1st Manager, that bastard.’


  Why are you here? 






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