Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 47

Chapter 47 - The Prosecutor’s Office at that Time (1)

༺ The Prosecutor’s Office at that Time (1) ༻



  The daily life of the Prosecutor’s Senior Manager, Deiras Croton, was the same as always. His superior wasn’t that great at paperwork, and his subordinates weren’t interested at all. So as the only person who was in charge of paperwork, once again, he was full of documents.


  Within the Ministry of Finance, the Senior Manager’s office which consisted of Deiras and his staff was openly called Division 0, so his importance couldn’t be ignored. Of course, the duties of Division 0 primarily focused on paperwork and miscellaneous tasks rather than field activities. 


  Therefore, even in the event of the Executive Manager’s unexpected dispatch, the Prosecutor’s Office continued to operate smoothly. Initially, Deiras was already handling most of the paperwork, and when the Executive Manager left for the Academy, he entrusted Deiras with the authority of the acting Executive Manager. As a result, most approvals were processed under Deiras’ scrutiny. 


  The only bothersome thing was the Manager Trio, who got off their leashes due to the absence of the Executive Manager. However, they’d been behaving better than expected, especially the 1st Manager. After returning from the Academy, she seemed to be living a lethargic life.   It was puzzling, but since it wasn’t a negative development, Deiras left it alone. 


  In this way, Deiras was enjoying a relatively peaceful period as the acting Executive Manager. 


  At least, until just now.


  ‘Executive Manager?’


  The communication crystal on his desk was shining with a blue light. Although they exchanged periodic greetings and messages, there was usually no contact at this time. 


  “Yes, Executive Manager.”


– I received an imperial edict from the Emperor.


  Deiras sat properly after hearing those words.


– I heard you’ve received information from the Ministry of Intelligence. 


  “Yes. It’s about the three families that have contacted the Third Honor. I received it this morning.”


– The Emperor is questioning the loyalty of these families.


  Deiras nodded at those words. Those were families that had contacted the Apels Revival Soldiers. It was normal for the Emperor to question their loyalty and take action.


– That’s why the Prosecutor’s Office will act according to the Emperor’s will and eliminate any resistance.


  “Understood. What’s going to be the range?”


– No exception.


  Deiras’ eyes trembled a bit.




  But it only lasted for a brief moment.


– I would go myself, but unfortunately, I cannot leave my position. 


  “We’re going to deal with them. Please don’t worry.”


– Yes, I believe in you. I believe you will handle it cleanly.


  “I won’t disappoint you.”


  As the Executive Manager nodded and cut the conversation, the communication crystal lost its light. Deiras leaned back in his chair and rubbed his forehead.


  ‘Something big happened.’


  At the question of the range, the answer that came was to leave no exceptions. An order to eliminate any member of the designated family associated with the organization without exceptions, regardless of age or gender, as well as their servants. 


  Naturally, it was the right thing to do. Suppressing the rebels and eliminating anyone who had served them was the principle that had to be followed in the days when the Emperor’s authority couldn’t be ignored, even if it meant stepping on some loose ends. 


  But that was something that was applied in the past when their opponent’s authority was still overwhelming and the dominant force. 


  In the present, when the imperial power had an overwhelming advantage, it was customary to slash only the ringleaders and demote the rest to slavery. After all, even if the seeds remained, they wouldn’t be of any danger to the Emperor. 


  ‘There’s something going on.’


  Of course, even if they ignored what was normally done and followed the rules, no one could say anything. The Prosecutor’s Office was the Emperor’s blade, so there wouldn’t be a problem with them eliminating the seeds of those that had put the Emperor’s power in danger. It was clear that the Emperor would also be happy with their loyalty and actions.


  However, he couldn’t help but wonder why the Executive Manager who followed modern traditions suddenly decided to follow the rules. Something must have happened. Something he didn’t know.


  Deiras extended his hand toward the communication crystal. The Executive Manager had given his order, so there was no need to hesitate. He had to move.


  As he was reexamining the information provided by the Information Department, a knock on the door interrupted his concentration. 


  “Come in.”


  As the door to his office opened, four people entered in a rush. It seemed that all four Managers had gathered at the same time. 


  “Did something happen? It’s been a while since we had a meeting.”


  The 2nd Manager took a seat. Following him, the other three also sat down and looked at Deiras. Although the 2nd Manager expressed doubt on behalf of everyone, it was clear that the sudden meeting raised suspicions among them all.


  “1st Manager.”


  But before replying, Deiras looked at the 1st Manager. It seemed like she wasn’t expecting him to call her, as she tilted her head in confusion.


  “Something happened in the Academy, right?”


  At that question, her eyes began trembling. It seemed like something had happened, indeed.


  “Academy? Didn’t they just catch those guys called Third Honor or whatever?”


  The 2nd Manager said that while yawning, but Deiras was still staring at the 1st Manager. They had certainly heard reports that the Third Honor had been apprehended, but there was clearly something more that they hadn’t mentioned. 


  The 1st Manager looked around nervously but ended up opening her mouth.


  “The Third Honor member brought up the North in front of the Executive Manager.”


  The 2nd Manager, who had been yawning, froze in that state.


  “They mentioned the Six Swords.”


  At the words of the 1st Manager, a chilling silence descended upon the room. 


  The one who broke that silence was the 3rd Manager.


  “Why are you just bringing that up now?”


  “What if I’d told you before? Do you have a way to make him feel better?”


  “Not at all, but…”


  The 3rd Manager sighed, then the 5th Manager asked the 1st one.


  “How did the Executive Manager react?”


  “What do you think? He just pretended to be fine.” 


  “So it exploded today.”


  Deiras’ words brought the managers’ attention back to Deiras, and he put down the report the Information Department gave in the middle of the table and kept talking.


  “We have identified the families that had contact with the Third Honor. They are the Viscount Gorpu, Baron Vendel, and Baron Dosil.”


  “They’re all insignificant families.” 


  “That’s right. Did they do that because they have nothing to lose?”


  “The Executive Manager ordered us to eliminate them with no exception.”


  Once again, the Managers fell silent and looked at each other, exchanging glances. Eliminating with no exception was something that was rarely ordered. Even during the great purge two years ago, the punishment without exception was something that only happened to a very small number of families. At that time, the Executive Manager was targeting the Asilon family a lot, but he only killed the Lord and the heir.


  “If we don’t do it properly, won’t it be our turn next?” 


  “He said he believes it will be done cleanly.” 


  “Woah, I’d rather be cursed at.”


  The 2nd Manager was trembling, and the 3rd Manager swept away their sweat. Right now, the Executive Manager’s anger was placed on the three families, but if the subjugation against those three families was even a little insufficient, the direction of his anger was obvious.  


  He couldn’t come here because he was in the Academy? If the Executive Manager really got angry, he wouldn’t care about things like that. Despite the Crown Prince’s words that there was no need to kill the Asilon family’s Lord, the Executive Manager himself carried out the killings and disguised them as suicides. 


  He even mocked them before killing them. Thanks to that, the Asilon family was recorded as nobles who committed suicide due to shame, rather than being murdered. They were recorded as foolish nobles who couldn’t overcome momentary shame and took their own lives. 


  “The Emperor gave the order to punish the three families.”


  Deiras tried to calm them down and opened his mouth. Yes, it was an order from the Emperor. It was an order of the angry Executive Manager, but it was also the Emperor’s order. Even without the Executive Manager’s comment, they would’ve needed to deal with them properly. It’s just that they’d extended the range.


  “3rd Manager Leonard Hodella and 5th Manager, Marcilio Viago, take each of your divisions and eliminate the traitors.”






  The 3rd Division was in charge of the main force of the Prosecutor’s Office, while the 5th Division was in charge of eliminating the target the rest couldn’t. These two should be able to eliminate the three noble families quickly.


  “1st Manager Elizabeth Massello and 2nd Manager Lafayette Varon, interrogate their servants before eliminating them.”




  “As you command.”


  It had been a long time since all the divisions of the Prosecutor’s Office were mobilized, but what could they do? It wasn’t a simple corruption issue; it was a matter related to treason and rebellion, with bombs ready to explode right in front of their eyes. If they were even slightly negligent, at least two people would be furious. 


  “Let me say it again. There are no exceptions. There can be no delays. We will request cooperation from the Special Service Agency, so move quickly.” 


  If they went by normal means, it would take a lot of time, and there was a chance that the other two families would hear the news while they were dealing with one another and escape. Teleportation was necessary in this situation. Since there were traitors involved in this, the Special Service was probably going to collaborate without saying much.


  Watching the Manager disperse quickly, Deiras let out an unintentional sigh.


 They talked about the ‘Six Swords’ before the Executive Manager?


  ‘What crazy bastards.’


  If they wanted to commit suicide, they’d achieved what they wanted. It would have been safer to insult the Executive Manager’s parents instead. Deiras wondered if there were any bodies left. 


* * *


  I couldn’t give an order to the Senior Manager while being in a place with many people, so I walked out of the auditorium and gave him the order. Then, I sat on the bench to get some fresh air.


  ‘I’m sure they’re going to do a good job.’


  It’s regrettable that I can’t personally take action, but I can’t afford to empty this position recklessly. I can’t neglect my official duties for personal reasons. If the Emperor’s command had been given to Carl Krasius alone and not the Executive Manager Carl Krasius, I would have rushed without looking back. 


  ‘That’s too bad.’


  I believe in them. Although the Prosecutor’s Office looked like a group of crazy people, they were people who didn’t disappoint when it comes to doing their job. Of course, there have been some tragic mistakes like the misfire of the 3rd Manager, but when they had such a clear target, there was no room for error. 


  I was just disappointed that I had to leave this to other people.


  Still, let’s just be satisfied with that. If there had been no family that had come into contact with the Third Honor, I would have had to vent my anger by blowing up the heads in that forest. At least this is my order, and my subordinates are the ones moving. 




  I was looking at the sky when Louise came running towards me, clutching the trophy. The other club members were following her.


  “You’ll trip. Be careful.” 


  I let out a wry smile and stood up from my seat. 


  Yes, let’s be satisfied with this. Today’s a good day, so let’s believe in the Prosecutor’s Office and hope that they will send some good news soon. 






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