Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 49

Chapter 49 - The Executive Manager is Satisfied with You (1)

༺ The Executive Manager is Satisfied with You (1) ༻



  The Senior Manager reported faster than expected.


– We have eradicated all the rebels without exception. Even His Majesty the Emperor was greatly pleased. 


  In just a few hours, they’d finished reporting to the Emperor. As expected of the Senior Manager. Despite not being in the office, the only thing that worried me was the Manager trio, not the Prosecutor’s Office itself. The Managers were diligent when it came to their duties, and that was even more so when the tasks were assigned. 


  “Well done. As expected, you guys don’t disappoint me” .


  They completed the task I had assigned at noon before the day was over and reported back. If there were any superiors who weren’t satisfied even after hearing about such efficient work, they must be brainless.


  Since I wasn’t brainless, I nodded in approval and praised the Senior Manager, who bowed his head and responded briefly with gratitude.  


  “Tell the Managers that they’ve done a great job.”


– Everyone will be happy to hear that.


  I hope that’s the case.


  I cut the call while smiling. With this, it was done. The Third Honor and all of those that had collaborated with them had been eliminated.


  ‘I’m glad.’


  Those who dared to insult them, and the informant who casually talked about them to that scumbag. Although I didn’t personally handle it, my subordinates took care of them, so I had a stake in it. 


  I couldn’t deny that I rose to this position thanks to their sacrifice. They couldn’t come back and I simply survived, which is why I ended up here. I could endure the insults directed at me. 


  But that bastard didn’t hesitate to insult them. He dared to say that I rose to power because of their lives. Their lives aren’t so cheap. Their sacrifices were not something that can be easily trivialized by my success. 


  ‘How despicable.’ ‘


  Sitting on the edge of the bed, I felt a wave of self-loathing. Even thinking about it myself, I couldn’t deny that I rose to power thanks to their sacrifice, yet I became fixated on the fact that their deaths resulted in my success. Like a kid who doesn’t want to admit it when confronted with the truth.  


  But what can I do? Out of the seven, I alone survived. As long as I’m alive, I won’t be able to erase that stigma. The only thing I can do is get rid of that bastard who forcefully brings up that stigma. 


  And as that thing was dealt with, I felt refreshed. The banquet was going to happen soon. It seemed like I would be able to go with a light heart. 


– Knock knock— 


  ‘Who is it?’


  I thought I could take a quick nap before the banquet began, but as soon as I lay down, someone knocked on the door like a ghost. It couldn’t be someone from the club room or the dormitory since no one had come here before. 


  “Sir Carl, it’s me.”




  Even the person who came to see me was unexpected. If it was the Vice President or Villar, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I didn’t expect Marghetta to come. For a moment, I wondered how she knew where my room was, but it was originally a dormitory where the Prosecutors regularly stayed. If it was Marghetta, a student council member, she must have known already. 


  “I’ll be right out.” 


  Anyways, I stood up and walked to the door. If she came all the way here, she probably needed to say something urgent.


  “Mar, what brings you here


  As I opened the door, I became silent at the unexpected appearance of Marghetta. 


  “Sir Carl. If you’re okay, do you want to go to the banquet hall with me?”


  Before my eyes was Marghetta, who was smiling gently and was wearing a stunning red dress instead of her usual school uniform. 


* * *


  The night the awards ceremony of the club fair is held, a banquet opens. During the fair, their connections with foreign aristocrats were strengthened, so now it was time to build a bond of friendship among classmates who competed in good faith. 


  In truth, the pretext was not important. For the nobles, receptions, and socializing were a part of their daily lives. They will hold a reception immediately as long as there is a good enough reason. That’s the nature of noble banquets. 


  Although I attended the reception that concluded the fair last year, I only briefly showed my face and quickly left. I entered the Student Council to meet Carl, but I was too tired after the club fair was over. I couldn’t feel any merit in staying at the banquet despite being so tired.


  ‘This year, that’s not the case.’


  This year, Carl was here. Not only that, but he was also the Advisor of the club that won, so there’s no way he wouldn’t go. I almost felt thankful for Louise, who made it possible. If it was a banquet where Carl was, I had to go even if my legs broke.


Carl rarely appeared in social meetings, so this was a fateful opportunity that the heavens gave.


  “This is troublesome…”


  However, I didn’t have enough time to prepare properly for this unexpected opportunity. Last year, I prepared a suitable dress for the occasion, but I took it off immediately and left it in the corner of my closet. 


  And now, I just remembered it. The result is the plain dress that I see in front of me. 


   I can’t present myself in front of Carl wearing something like this.  




– My Lady? What happened at this hour?


  I felt sorry for the nanny, but I called her immediately.


  Thankfully, it was still morning. There was no need for me to participate in the awards ceremony, so there’s enough time until the banquet. 


  “Th-That dress! I need that dress!”


  That dress. After I first met Carl last year, I bought it so we could attend a banquet together, but Carl was busy, so I couldn’t wear it. Therefore, I carefully kept the dress to wear it at the engagement ceremony, but Carl refused the marriage proposal, and I hugged and cried with the dress several times. 


  …It wasn’t a dress that I had good memories of, but it was the best one among the ones I had because it was meant to be worn in a defining moment.


– That dress? Ah, that… Why are you suddenly…? 


  “I can attend the banquet with Carl!”


At that moment, the nanny’s expression changed.


  In the blink of an eye, my nanny and the maids that served me at the mansion arrived at the dormitory with the dress and various accessories. According to the nanny, my father had enlisted the services of a teleportation wizard under duress. 


  ‘Father, thank you.’


  I should tell father that I love him later at night. 


  “Miss, let’s get you dressed first.”


  While silently expressing my gratitude and love towards Father, nanny grabbed me forcefully and dragged me away. Ouch, that hurts, nanny…


  “Miss, can you stretch your arms out on both sides?” 




  However, I couldn’t complain to my nanny, who came all the way to the Academy because of my request. I let her hands take control as the dress was quickly put on. It’s fascinating every time this happens. It’s not an easy dress to put on, but strangely, when nanny puts it on, it fits perfectly. 


  “Thank you, nanny!”


  How embarrassing would it have been if I had gone wearing the dress I wore last year? Not only would it be embarrassing for me to show that appearance to Carl, but Carl, who would be next to me would also feel embarrassed.  There’s no way Carl would like standing next to a lady who looks shabby, no matter how indifferent Carl is. Yes, he definitely wouldn’t.


  As I said that to the nanny sincerely, she smiled at me and sat me down in front of the vanity dresser.


  “There’s still a lot to do, so I’ll accept the thanks later.”




  Oh… Ah…


  I quietly closed my eyes while the nanny and the maid’s hands began to scurry about and around. 


  Yes, the makeup time was always the hardest. It was especially hard because the nanny wasn’t satisfied with most results even if I thought that it was fine. I had forgotten about that because I was so distracted by the dress. 


  But let’s endure it. I have to look my best, and I can trust nanny’s skill and keen eyes. If I persevere, I’ll be rewarded with something more. 


   “My Lady, you look really beautiful!”


  “You’re the best! I’m sure Sir Carl will become captivated by how you look!”


  At the end of the makeup session, I heard cheers and compliments mixed with the maids’ voices from beside me. 


  When I opened my eyes, I saw nanny nodding while making a satisfied expression. 


  “Take a look for yourself. Do you like it?”


  The nanny stepped back slightly so that I could see the mirror. Although she asked if I liked it, her expression was full of confidence that I would undoubtedly like it. 


  “Yes, I like it.”


  The nanny’s confidence was well-founded. The reflection of my face in the mirror was truly beautiful. It was embarrassing to say it myself, but it’s true. That’s how great the nanny is. 


  “Nanny, thank you so much


  “Now we just need to pick the accessories.”




  The dressing session ended when there wasn’t much time left for the banquet. The result was incredible. Of course, everyone had put in a lot of work after all.


  “Thank you, everyone…”


  As a price for that, I was completely drained of energy before entering the banquet hall. I felt proud of myself for managing to make it to Carl’s quarters despite that. 


  No matter how perfect the makeup is, it tends to wear off a bit over time. The most beautiful appearance is right after the makeup is done. If it was to show my most beautiful version to the person I want to impress the most, I could gather nonexistent energy. 


  Therefore, with the encouragement of the nanny and the maids, I headed to Carl’s quarters.


  “Mar, what brings you here


  Seeing Carl’s surprised expression, I felt truly satisfied. 


  Tonight, I should tell my father that I love him twice. And  nanny, too. 


* * *


  How would it feel when an unexpected person appears in an unexpected place in an unexpected appearance? I never really thought about it, but I know now.  


“Sir Carl?”


When I was silent momentarily, Marghetta tilted her head and spoke to me again. Oh, no.  


  “Ah, sorry. I was lost in thought for a moment.” 


  “That’s okay. It’s my fault for showing up so suddenly.”


  I smiled awkwardly at Marghetta, who was making a bright smile. I was a little taken aback by the unfamiliar appearance of Marghetta, which I hadn’t seen in a while, and even brought up memories of her from a year ago. 


  Honestly, even from my perspective, who has no interest in makeup or accessories, it was obvious that she had made a deliberate effort. It even felt perfectly balanced without seeming excessive. Even to my untrained eyes, it was remarkable. 


  “Did you ask me to go to the banquet together?”


  “Yes, is that alright?”


  “Of course.”


Her face lit up with happiness at my response. She really had nothing in common with the iron-blooded Duke. I hadn’t met her mother before, but I guess her genes are really strong. 


  “You look especially beautiful today. I was really surprised.”




  I blurted out without thinking while looking at Marghetta, and she seemed surprised by my words. She stammered at my sudden comment, and her face quickly turned red. 


  She hurriedly covered her face with her trademark fan and coughed, but I’ve already seen everything, so what was the point? Still, if Marghetta found comfort in it, then it’s fine. 


  The corners of my lips went up. I knew why Marghetta had dressed up like that, and I wasn’t cold enough to not praise her knowing that.


  Anyone who doesn’t compliment Marghetta after seeing her like this must have no heart. At least I wasn’t that kind of person. 






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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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