Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 52

Chapter 52 - Is the Executive Manager Really Satisfied?

༺ Is the Executive Manager Really Satisfied? ༻



  The banquet, which was the last event of the Fair, ended without any incidents.


  “Mar, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to…”


  “It’s okay. Sir Carl did me a favor, didn’t you?” 


  Excluding the tragically stepped-on Mar’s foot incident, that is. Despite being cautious, I ended up stepping on her numerous times. However, I did my best to avoid putting too much pressure on her foot and avoid hurting her.


  If I had properly stepped on her foot even once, a major disaster would have happened. Mar’s foot would’ve broken, and the news of the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager assaulting the Duke’s daughter would have spread. And then, I would’ve been visited by an angry, Iron-blooded Duke. Then I would’ve probably been sent to prison.


  “Next time, I’ll be more careful.”


  “Oh, are you asking me to be your partner for another time?”


  “Only if Mar is okay with me.”


  I felt relieved after seeing her smile. Luckily, it seemed like she wasn’t angry. It was entirely my fault, so even if she had gotten angry, I would have humbly accepted it. 


  Feeling apologetic, I wanted to escort her to her dormitory, but she strangely refused. It wasn’t just a few polite refusals; she seemed genuinely determined to go alone, which caught me off guard. 


  “I want to take my time and go back leisurely on my own.”


  She said that so what could I do about it? I planned to accompany her out of guilt, but it would be wrong to drag someone who didn’t want to by force.


  “I’m sorry for today.”


  “I had fun. Carl, I hope you also had a good time.”


  “I’ve enjoyed it too.”


  Watching Mar retreating, Louise, who’d been standing behind me, quickly rushed toward her.


  ‘I told her not to run.’


  She wasn’t running, per se. But what’s the difference between that and running? 


  Still, it seemed like she’d gotten the hang of it as she arrived next to Marghetta without any incident. They exchanged a few words, but I couldn’t see their faces, so I wasn’t sure what they were saying. 


  “Did something happen?”


  “There was something I had to tell Senior.”


  Seeing how she smiled, I figured she had no intention of telling me. Since Marghetta didn’t seem upset either, it probably wasn’t a problematic conversation. Louise would know well enough to distinguish that much. 


  “Let’s go back. Everyone, good job.”


  Now that Mar was no longer in sight, I addressed the crowded members behind me. With the big event of the fair finally over, my mind felt clearer.  


  Although the exams were approaching, that was a schedule that had nothing to do with me. I didn’t have to worry about torturing myself with studying. 


* * *


  I managed to walk as naturally as possible until Carl couldn’t see me anymore.


  “It hurts…”


  After checking that there was no one around, my legs finally relaxed. My legs had done their best to resist as much as possible. I felt disappointed when I had to refuse Carl’s proposal to escort me, but I wasn’t confident that I’d be able to resist until I reached my dormitory. 


  I saw my swollen red foot after taking off the high heels. The pain made me tear up, yet I couldn’t help but smile while thinking about the banquet.


  At first, when Carl accidentally stepped on my foot, I found it fun to think that even he makes mistakes. But as it happened two, then three times, it wasn’t funny anymore. It reminded me of something I heard by chance. 


  Some young nobles pretend to step on their partner’s feet during a dance if they don’t like them. At first, I dismissed the idea, thinking that no noble with dignity would do such a thing. Besides, Carl wouldn’t do that even if I were an inadequate partner. 


But now that I experienced it myself, I realized how embarrassing it was. Just dancing with Carl made me happy. I’d been holding on while waiting for this moment, but it seemed like I was the only one who was happy. Does Carl hate me?


  I was about to cry when I thought about it, but I couldn’t help but smile after seeing Carl’s expression. He seemed to be embarrassed, and his eyes showed that he didn’t know what to do. I could see that he was trying to make it as less painful for me as possible.


  ‘He’s just bad at dancing.’


  It was simply a beginner’s mistake. It wasn’t that Carl didn’t like me. He didn’t have any experience in dancing.


  ‘I was Carl’s first.’


  First partner. I was the first person who danced with Carl. I, Marghetta Valenti, was the first one. 




  “Hehehe… Ah.”


  In a moment of distraction, I let out an undignified laugh. Although there was no one around to witness it, I cleared my throat awkwardly and glanced down at the small vial in my hand. 


“If you apply it to the sore area, you should feel better.”


  A while ago, Louise approached me and gave me the medicine. Apparently, it was obtained from the medical personnel stationed in one corner of the banquet hall, just in case of any unforeseen incidents. 


  “It was oppa who asked for them, but he felt embarrassed to give it to you himself, so he asked me to do it instead.”




  I was watching where Carl was and where he was going. He didn’t have time to get this medicine. However, I didn’t say anything. I pretended not to know because of my junior’s kindness. 


  Maybe she was worried that I would be upset after being stepped on by Carl, or maybe she was worried because I was suffering from pain. I was surprised by her consideration of coming silently and how she made sure that the others didn’t notice before giving it to me. I also liked how she gave credit to Carl. 


  As a lady Carl was looking after, this much was a must. 


  ‘As expected. Lady Louise, I can forgive you for today’s incidents.’


  I forgive her for being caught by Carl’s arms. After all, I would spend the rest of my life in Carl’s arms. So I could tolerate that much, at least.


  …But for now, I should apply the medicine. Today was enjoyable, but it was too painful. Still, it was fine. 


* * *


  The regular report that came back as soon as I was about to forget about it.


If a knife gets stuck in your neck while walking on the road, just accept it as your fate.




  Before I knew it, I found myself mentioning the disaster at the reception, and there was nothing I could say in response to the Minister’s reaction. To be honest, I was feeling the same way. 


You coldly rejected the youngest daughter he’d raised so dearly, and now you stepped on her? Was the Duke’s daughter able to walk properly on her own after that? Even if the Iron-blooded Duke kills you, the Ministry of Justice will deem him innocent.


  “I was careful, though…”


If so, you shouldn’t have stepped on her at all. It seems like you really are crazy.


  There was nothing I could say to refute, as everything he said was true. If Marghetta had shed a tear, the Iron Blooded Duke’s Knights might have come to the Academy. How terrifying.


So, what happened today?


  The Minister changed the topic. He was probably referring to that.


“We followed the imperial edict and eradicated the rebels.”


Do you think I don’t know that? I’m asking why you clung to some ridiculous custom out of nowhere, insisting on following it, and now you’re doing things by the book.  


  “That’s what His Majesty the Emperor wanted. He mentioned the ‘Imperial Edict’ and the Mandate of Heaven among other things, so that was my only choice.”


Like hell it was. 


  The Minister reacted as if I was saying nonsense. But once again, I couldn’t refute him.


I told you before. The Prosecutor’s Office must act strictly based on the principles to prevent mishaps. If you create strange traditions out of mercy, you’ll be the one who’s going to get tired in the end. 


  Why create a tradition that won’t last even two years?


  Those words of the Minister stabbed my chest like a dagger.


Just in case, let me make it clear; I’m not blaming you for doing things by the book. It’s only natural for the Prosecutor’s Office to act that way. What I’m talking about is why you created customs that could be arbitrarily established and disregarded. 


“I apologize.”


You’re quick to apologize only in situations like this.


  The Minister sighed and glared at me. 


His Majesty the Emperor was also satisfied with how you handled things. There were people in the Prosecutor’s Office that found it strange that you suddenly began following the traditions, but there was hardly any backlash. 


  “I’m glad to hear that.”


If you returned to the principles after giving a thought, it would’ve been okay. However, judging by the reactions of the officers, it seems otherwise. 


  I lowered my head at those words. The Minister already knew everything. 


If you’re acting under the pretext of caring for those fellows, think about what they might say when they see you and move accordingly. 


“I will keep that in mind…”


You idiot.


  That’s how the regular report ended. 


  Before long, I received a call from the Palace’s Minister. This time, it was to relay the Emperor’s words.


  They weren’t particularly memorable. They could be summarized as ‘You haven’t acted like yourself for a while, but it seems like you’ve finally come back to your senses, and I’m satisfied.’ 


  Yes, it seemed like he was quite satisfied. After all, the sword that had become dull was properly fulfilling its duty again.


A sword that can be used for a long time is one worthy of being called a masterpiece. Fortunately, the Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office seems to know that. 


  Before ending the communication, the Minister’s last statement was explicit and concise. It meant, ‘It’s a relief that you’ve returned to your role.’ 


  My head became messy as I lay in bed. I thought that was the only thing I could do. It was a tradition I had made, so I thought it would be okay to ignore it. I thought that doing so made me feel refreshed. 


If you’re acting under the pretext of caring for those fellows, think about what they might say when they see you and move accordingly. 


  It seems like I was wrong.


  ‘Damn it.’


  I am still a kid.


  “Is it so hard to call me Noona? Seeing how shy you’re, it seems like you’re still indeed young!”


  “Stop spouting nonsense and go. The Manager was looking for you.”


  Was this why I refused until the very end when Hecate asked me to call her Noona? 






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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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