Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 55

Chapter 55 - The Hero Didn't Study (3)

༺ The Hero Didn’t Study (3) ༻



  While in the Academy, all students were considered equal. Everyone received the same education regardless of their social standing. They cultivated camaraderie as fellow students without prejudice, and there was no hierarchy. The only difference that existed was between students and teachers. That was the Imperial Academy’s policy. 


  It was like when at your work, your boss said, “Go home first. I’ll stay and work.” Or “I’m not angry, so tell me the truth.” Even if it might look like that, it wasn’t the case in reality.


  ‘But Ainter’s the exception. ‘


  There were only four people who could make their opponents surrender while shedding tears. They were: Ainter, who didn’t have any actual power, but still was a member of the Imperial Family. Rutis and Lather, who had a shield most average nobles wouldn’t dare to try to penetrate. And then, there was Tannian, who was called the son of God.


Among these four, only Ainter didn’t take practical lessons. After all, he was the type of person who mostly focused on academic studies and not swords, magic, or divine power. The Crown Prince was wielding a dragon-headed staff while threatening him, so cultivating strength would be madness and not courage.


‘I also don’t have to worry about Tannian.’


Though labeled as a candidate, Tannian was practically the next Saint and received his divine powers from God. Nobody would dare evaluate Tannian’s divine powers as it was bestowed by God, so the practical exam was a free pass for him. In the end, Rutis and Lather are the ones who remained. 


The Royal Knights of Armein, including Villar, would be stationed in Rutis’s arena. Meanwhile, the Yuben’s Knights and Mage Corps would be watching Lather’s arena. As Tannian gets a free pass, the forces of the Holy Kingdom would be distributed.


Considering their abilities, the chances of anyone defeating the two princes were extremely low. No matter how you think about it, the biggest victims of this practical exam are the sacrificial lambs, who are the opponents of the two princes. It’s a pity, but there’s nothing to be done. As long as those two are sacrificed, everyone else will be happy. 


‘I’m glad it only lasts for a day.’


I sighed in relief after checking the schedule that the Principal gave me. There weren’t many students taking the practical test and there were many arenas, so it could be done quickly. Just one day of tension and it would be over.


The students who took the practical test could be divided into those who took it lightly as if it were general education and people who went all out. Naturally, I’m more interested in the latter. The first one would take care of themselves, so there was no need to get worried. 


That’s why I was walking around the arenas with the Principal to prepare for any possible situation. Although the Principal might look like a normal old man, he was, in reality, one of the most powerful magicians on the continent. As a mage gets older, they become more formidable. 


  “The Empire’s future seems bright.”


  “I think so, too. It makes my heart race to see so many great kids come in every year.” 


  I wasn’t expecting to see anything special from the students. After all, I was mostly focusing on safety. However, they turned out to be more exceptional than I thought. 


  Some teased their opponents with techniques, overwhelmed them with their physical ability, or resisted until the end with their guts. 


  ‘They’re good.’


  They are still students, so naturally, they have not reached their full potential. But with proper guidance, they will become a force that can be useful if deployed correctly. Just like the Student Council President. 


  …Like the Student Council President? 




  I pulled out a notebook from my pocket as a sudden thought crossed my mind. 


* * * *


  “The Empire’s future seems bright.”


  The Academy’s Principal, Bernhardt Mursch, nodded at the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager’s words. The Empire was big, and there were lots of talents. Seeing so many new talented people enter each year made him excited.


  “I think so, too. It makes my heart race to see so many great kids come in every year.” 


  These kids would grow up to become the pillars that support the Empire. There was a time when he used to roam around battlefields along the Iron-blooded Duke, but now, he is old. That’s why raising the future pillars made him happy. 


  Bernhardt was happily watching his students when he turned his head after hearing a rustling sound next to him.


  The Prosecutor’s Executive Manager was writing something. However, that wasn’t what concerned him. What concerned him was the sharp gaze directed at the students, which he found unsettling.


  “Executive Manager?”


  “Ah, I’m sorry.”


  The Executive Manager closed his notebook, but Bernhardt couldn’t shake off his uneasy feeling. Since the Executive Manager came to the Academy, everything he’d done was for the well-being of the Academy, and he hadn’t done anything questionable. 


  However, Bernhardt wanted to know why the Executive Manager was looking at his precious students like a predator looking at food. That was his duty as an educator and as an elder who was supporting the next generation.


  “There’s nothing to be sorry about. But as I got older, my curiosity seems to have increased. If it isn’t too much, could you tell me what you wrote?”


  “It’s nothing important.”


  After the Prosecutor put away the notebook, his gaze was still directed at the students.


  “I was just writing down the name of some talented people who can become good talents for the Empire.”


  The Prosecutor’s Executive Manager was making a satisfied smile.


  “It’s good. The Empire’s future is indeed bright.”


  Bernhardt struggled to answer upon hearing this. Students receiving the recommendation of a high-ranking official was good. What bothered him was that his gaze was unusual.


  However, his worries were short-lived. Regardless of his notorious reputation, the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager was known to be someone patriotic, so he probably wouldn’t do anything strange to the students that dreamed of becoming soldiers or civil servants.


  “Yes. I can’t wait to see how they grow.”


  Those children will surely have a bright future.


* * * *


The thought that crossed my mind. Yes, the Student Council President. I had discovered a gem like him and secured it faster than anyone else. The Academy was a place where gems that lacked experience like him gathered, and that gem belonged to the one who found and picked it up first.


I could push the good ones to the 3rd or 5th Division. If not, I could also recommend them to the Special Service Agency or the Military. After all, they were always complaining about the lack of workforce. Sending potential officials would make things easier when I needed a favor.


‘This is a gold mine.’


 Every time I recorded the arena numbers where noticeable duels occurred, my satisfaction increased. Is this how a professor would feel when they see a prospective graduate student? Anyway, if I manage to pick around ten people from here, my path ahead will be smoother. If I send three of them to other departments, they would probably go crazy with joy. 


My small Pokedex creation didn’t stop until the Principal called me.


‘I need to check again during the next exam.’


New gems might appear then. It seemed like the Empire and my future were both bright.


Finally, Rutis’s duel began in the swordsmanship arena. I noticed it because the spirit of the Armein Knights that were hidden all around the place suddenly changed.


“I lost…”


  It ended disappointingly quickly. Even if it was a duel, his opponent probably didn’t dare to swing his sword at a member of an Imperial Family. The only one capable of doing something like that would probably be a mindless rebel.


  If Lather had chosen to do the knight’s route, he would’ve been put against Rutis. However, that guy just had to be a magician. He’s not helpful at all.


  “It was a fun duel!”


  It was fun only for you.


  I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the opponent who was shaking Rutis’s hands. His skills didn’t seem bad, but his opponent was royalty. It was unfortunate. 


  ‘He’s also good.’


  I stroked my chin while looking at the duel partner, who bowed his head, but probably wanted to bend his waist 90 degrees. If he gave up as soon as the duel started, it would be too obvious. Doing that wouldn’t harm the royalty, but it would make them resent you. That’s why he had to withstand being hit by Rutis.


  He kept being hit and stabbed but did his best to ensure that he wasn’t stabbed in his vital points. Losing on purpose without making the opponent notice it was something hard to do.


  ‘There are many talented individuals.’


  I also wrote down the person who had to face Rutis in my heart. I don’t know if this generation was golden or if the average level of the Academy’s prospectives were this good. Well, either way, this was something good from the point of view of someone that had to choose.


  “Oh, what a coincidence. It seems like Erich’s duel is about to start?”




  As I was looking at the student from the Kaiser family who walked toward the opposite side of Rutis while limping and then started to do it normally, I heard the Principal’s voice, who had been observing the other arenas.


  “Would you like to watch it?”


  “I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time.”


  “Student Rutis’s duel is over, so there isn’t anything urgent, right? The Magic Department’s duel will start a bit later on, so there should be enough time.”


  I nodded my head at the Principal’s thoughtful gesture. After all, it’s true that I was curious about how much Erich had improved. 


  “Then it should be fine.”


  “I’ve heard that student Erich has been improving every day. It’s my first time seeing it personally, so I’m looking forward to it as well.” 


  “Hearing you say that makes me feel proud.”


  “It isn’t an empty compliment, so feel free to be proud.”


  We exchanged pleasant words and moved to the other arena to see Erich, who’d just stepped into it.


  Erich’s fighting spirit increased as soon as we appeared. It was by so much that it made his opponent startled.


  As soon as the duel began, Erich leaped forward like a demon had possessed him. His skills were impressive, and it was enough to make me feel proud.


  ‘Everything’s good, but..’ 


  It’s really good, but why do I feel like he gritted his teeth and charged after seeing me?


Was it my imagination? It didn’t seem to be. His gaze was clearly fixed on me.


  I thought we were getting along well, but maybe I’m still a berserker totem in Erich’s eyes. 






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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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