Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Academy Entrance (1)

༺ Academy Entrance (1) ༻



  The center of the Academy and its symbol. They say that the Academy’s main building was built by the Apels Empire employing the most famous architects of that era. Although it had been a couple of hundred years since it was built, people often said it was one of the most beautiful buildings on the continent. 


  After looking at the building, a poet often composed a poem about it. And if an artist saw it, they often painted a masterpiece. There were many stories like that surrounding the main building. I think it had a name, but it didn’t matter. After all, everyone calls it the main building.


  I looked up at the main building.


  An assembly of architectural techniques and art? One of the most beautiful buildings of the continent, and the muse of many artists? What do you want me to do? I would have gladly entered the main building even if it resembled a shack. After all, what truly mattered was the inside and not the outside. However, it seemed people who visited this place only cared about its outer appearance and not the inside. That way of thinking truly pissed me off.


  I should’ve joined the Academy four years ago, ignoring whatever the patriarch had to say. If I had graduated from the Academy and then become a civil servant, I wouldn’t have lived like this. I can guarantee that. My life would’ve been completely different…


  “I usually don’t cry, but this makes me want to cry.”


  Of course, tears didn’t trickle down from my eyes.


  I got out of the carriage while simultaneously excited and annoyed because while I had finally come to the place I wanted to go to so badly, I was only here because of work. As soon as I stepped on the ground, I stumbled. Woah, fuck!


  After recovering my balance, I looked at the coachman. Thankfully, it seemed like he didn’t see anything. The news that the Executive Manager, who was in his twenties, couldn’t even handle his body properly almost reached the Prosecutor’s office. 


  “You bastard, why did you lose so much weight? It seems like you’ve lost a lot of muscles because you’ve spent too much time inside the office.”


  ‘Was that true?’


  I touched my legs while remembering the words of the Minister. How weird. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Was it because I’ve spent too much time in the office? It’s been a while since I’ve ridden a carriage. So maybe my body isn’t used to it anymore? Either way, it didn’t seem like good news.


  ‘Ugh, fu…’


  Although I was fine while riding the carriage, I wanted to puke after coming down. While struggling with motion sickness, the coachman walked toward me and bowed.


  “Then, I’ll be heading back.”


  “Ah, good job. Be careful on the way back.”


  “Yes. Executive Manager, I wish you luck.”


  After bowing again, the horseman left the place at an incredible speed. The role of the coachman was to bring me here, so for him, it was better to leave as soon as possible. The three countries probably wouldn’t make a big deal about a horseman being present, but if he stayed longer than necessary, they would probably begin suspecting things. If someone who shouldn’t be at a location stayed there for a long time, it would probably bother them. I know it by experience.


  After watching the carriage leave, I turned my eyes to the main building. Now, I really was all alone. I would have to work as a prosecutor at the Academy at 21 years of age. It was something horrible that didn’t happen, even in my nightmares.


  I entered the main building and was trying to find the Principal’s office when I heard someone running toward me. Oh, did someone come to greet me?


  A man wearing a blue cape that designated the teaching staff of the Academy came running toward me. He took a moment to catch his breath then smiled while looking at me.


  “I’m Raymond, the Vice Principal of the Academy. Are you the Executive Manager?”




  “Ah, I wanted to come and greet you in time, but I was late. I apologize. The morning ceremony lasted longer than expected, and it just ended.”


  As the Vice Principal extended his hand, I grabbed it.


  “Ceremonies never end on time.”


  “I’m glad you’re so understanding. I didn’t feel comfortable making someone important wait.”


  “I also just got here.”


  I really had just arrived. I came here after saying farewell to the coachman, so even if I had arrived a bit earlier, the time I had entered the main building would’ve been similar. If possible, I would’ve preferred it to be a bit later. I really felt like puking…


  * * *


  After realizing Carl really didn’t care, the Vice Principal’s awkward smile became more natural. Even a prosecutor that just disappeared after completing the work he came to do could turn the Academy upside down if they were annoyed.


  Not only that, but the one that was sent this time was the Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s office. They’d sent someone so important in preparation for the incredible lineup of new students that were going to enter the Academy this year. He would probably be around for at least a few months, so his heart sank after realizing he would be late to greet such an important person.


  After calming down a bit, the Vice Principal asked Carl.


  “I heard the Minister of Foreign Affairs sent you. May I ask for your name if it isn’t too much to ask?”


  “Didn’t they tell you my name?”


  “It’s a tradition not to tell who from the Prosecutor’s office is coming until they arrive at the Academy, right? After all, if that were known, one could try to make contact beforehand and strike a deal.”


  “I see. It’s my first time being dispatched, so I didn’t know.”


  The Vice Principal seemed confused at my reply. He already thought the person dispatched looked very young. Not only that, but he also said that he didn’t know what a dispatched prosecutor did. The Vice Principal didn’t think he was someone weird. After all, the Minister of Foreign Affairs was the one who sent him, but he couldn’t help but have some doubts.


  “I’m the Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager, Carl Krasius.”


  “Oh, I’m honored to have met an important Executive Manager. It seems like the Minister has really thought of our situation. I sincerely thank you.”


  The Vice Principal wanted to brush it off naturally but couldn’t hide his surprise. That crazy old man had unleashed a monster at the Academy.


  As such thought crossed his mind, the Vice Principal became lost for words and began walking faster.


  Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager, Carl Krasius. Even if he was someone who had been focused on education all his life, he’d heard that name numerous times, but he wasn’t someone he wanted to meet. If someone that worked for the Empire met the Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office, it meant they were about to go through a very rough situation.


  The Vice Principal knew he hadn’t come to investigate him, yet couldn’t help but break out into cold sweat. As soon as he reached the Principal’s office, he looked as if he’d encountered the Gates of Heaven and knocked at the door. 


  “Principal, I’ve brought Mr. Prosecutor.”


  “Let him in.”


  After hearing that, he immediately opened the door.


  “You can enter. It was an honor guiding you here.”


  “It was also an honor to meet you.”


  After the Vice Principal confirmed the Executive Manager had entered the Principal’s office, he quickly escaped to his own office. They were going to meet more frequently from now on, but he really wasn’t prepared for today’s meeting.


  * * *


  An old man with white hair and a long beard. He looked like one of the sages that appeared in stories. The Principal looked at a young man entering his office.


  ‘Did the Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager come?’


  He was a young man with black hair and eyes. Not only that, but he was wearing the characteristic black clothes of the Prosecutor’s Office. He was a completely adorned in dark.


  “Long time no see, Executive Manager. Has it been two years?”


  The Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager nodded and opened his mouth.


  “I met you the day of the ascension of the Minister, so it’s been about that long. How have you been, Principal?”


  “The young people work very hard, so there weren’t many things this old man had to do. That’s why I was able to remain healthy.”


  “I’m glad.”


  The Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office naturally sat down on the chair and looked at the Principal. As the pitch-black eyes gazed at him, the Principal couldn’t help but gulp. The Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office was someone the Minister of Foreign Affairs had sent to help the Academy with the new students that had decided to enroll. But even if they left that aside, he was someone who held a more important position than him.


  Although the Academy’s principal was treated as if he were the Executive Manager of the Education Department, the Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager was still in a higher position than him.


  The Secretary of the Principal set cups of tea down before them. A very silent and diligent movement. Even the usually bright Secretary had become overwhelmed by his presence.


  ‘To think that he’s of the same age as the students who graduated last year.’


  He couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief. Although they were called last year’s graduates, it seemed like he could still see them running around the Academy while laughing. But this man was the same age as them. He still couldn’t believe it.


  “It’s a tea that was brought from the United Kingdom of Yuben. It’s famous for the unique scent it has. I hope it suits the taste of the Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office.”


  The Secretary offering tea to them was great to lighten up the atmosphere.


  The Executive Manager took a sip of tea and put the cup down. He looked at the Principal and opened his mouth.


  “I came after hearing the struggles of the Academy.”


  “Leaving aside where they’re from, I’m glad people are coming from other countries to learn. Although it’s a bit troublesome… I’m just scared we might end up disappointing such eager students.”


  “Is that so?”


  The Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager nodded. It was as if he were saying I have nothing to say, so keep talking. The ones that were in trouble were the Academy, not him.


  “I’m feeling relieved by your arrival. I felt quite uneasy after the security was reduced compared to previous years because important students are coming here. So I’m finally feeling relieved.”


  “You’re flattering me too much.”


  “Not at all. Everyone is aware of your fame. I still remember how you punished Earl Ne half a year ago and Marquis Asilon a year ago.”


  The Executive Manager looked at his cup of tea as if he didn’t care about such achievements. But still, the Principal didn’t stop. After all, he was trying to mention his achievements and then say, ‘I wish you use such capability for the Academy’s order.’


  “Especially two years ago, in the northern area…”


  At those words, the Executive Manager looked at the Principal.


  ‘Oh, damn.’


  It was the worst. He was trying to lift him up as much as possible, but ended up mentioning something he shouldn’t have.


  After seeing the surprised Principal, the Executive Manager’s mouth tip went up. Although he was smiling, it was obvious that he was forcing it.


  “I made a mistake, Executive Manager. Maybe because I’m old, this kind of thing happens occasionally.”


  “Everyone makes mistakes. Please don’t worry.”


  He hadn’t denied it was a mistake. The Principal smiled bitterly after hearing the answer. The Executive Manager stood up.


  “I’m going to do as much as I can, so Principal, you don’t need to be worried.”


  “I thank you for that.”


  “Then, I’ll be taking my leave.”


  “Yes, understood. I will arrange a place for you to stay.”


  The Executive Manager nodded, then turned around and left the Principal’s office. After seeing him leave, the Principal could finally relax and lay his back on the chair.


  “It seems like I’m old indeed. To think I’d make a mistake like that.”


  After cleaning up the Principal’s sweat, the Secretary carefully asked.


  “By mistake… Are you talking about the North?”


  Because the Secretary also had eyes and ears, she knew what words the Executive Manager had reacted to, but she didn’t know why. He didn’t seem interested when the Principal mentioned the Earl and the Marquis. Then, why had he reacted to the North?


  The Principal shook his head at the interest of his Secretary.


  “Please, forget about that. I’m sure you could find out if you search for it, but I suggest you don’t.”


  “Ah, yes…”


  “Yes. He doesn’t want to talk about it, so it’s the correct thing for us not to mention it.”


  What the Principal said was not only advice for the Secretary, but also for himself.


  The North. Four years ago, some people from the North had rebelled, and a war raged for almost two years. The Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager was one of the people at the center of the incident.


  * * *


  ‘Oh fuck. I feel like I’m about to die.’


  I quickly left the Principal’s office and searched for a bathroom. I began feeling it after stepping down from the carriage. While talking with the Vice Principal, it reached a dangerous point. And while talking with the Principal, it had reached a peak. I felt like I was about to let it go, but I did my best to hold it in.


  So that’s why I couldn’t remember anything the Principal said very well. Paid attention to what he said for a short while after he mentioned the North.


  ‘That damn old man.’


  Although two years had passed, I still felt uncomfortable talking about it, but it wasn’t something I could keep hidden forever. It also wasn’t something I had to.


  That’s why I used it as an excuse to leave the place. I was sorry for the Principal, but I was also surprised. So let’s consider this as a tie.


  But more importantly, where’s the bathroom? Why is this place so big? 






Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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