Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 60

Chapter 60 - There are too many people above me (4)

༺ There are too many people above me (4) ༻



  No matter how accustomed I might be to the dispatched location, it was inevitable that my original workplace would feel more comfortable. Comparing my workplace to my home might seem strange, but unfortunately, the place I’ve been staying longer than my own home was the Prosecutor’s Office. What could I do about it? 


  So, since I’m here anyway, I thought about taking a rest in a comfortable place. While there were several important figures to consider at the Academy, there’s no one above me in the Prosecutor’s Office. At most, I just need to be mindful of the Minister, who shared the same building. 


  That’s what I thought.


  ‘The news had already spread.’


  I felt bitter after seeing the communication crystal glowing. As a Civil Servant, I only have to worry about the Minister. There’s the royal family as well, but at least they wouldn’t contact me unexpectedly. Fortunately, I wouldn’t have to deal with the calls of the royal family for a while.


  But before being a Civil Servant, I was also a noble from the Empire. The number of superiors I had as a noble far outweighed those I had as a Civil Servant. To put it bluntly, I didn’t have a title yet. I was a mere successor. For example, only taking into consideration the Dukes, I already had five superiors.


  “I’m the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager Carl Krasius.”


   Carl, it’s me.


  I couldn’t keep my superior waiting, so I took the call. A gentleman with a neatly grown beard and a warm smile appeared. 


  “Heir to the Krasius family and Executive Manager of the Ministry of Finance, Carl Krasius, greets Your Grace, the Invincible Duke. How have you been, sir?”


   I’ve been doing well. What could have happened to a man who merely holds his position? 


  As soon as I confirmed the other party, I bowed my head. The person on the other side was one of the five dukes, the Invincible Duke. First, it was the Mage Duchess, and now, the Invincible Duke. What a day.


  I’ve heard from the Mage Duchess. So you’re in the capital?


  “Yes, Your Grace. I had some business to attend to, so I came all the way here.”


  The one who’d spread the news was indeed the Mage Duchess. Old lady, your mouth is a bit too loose. She might have said it in consideration of me so that I could meet some acquaintances before returning to the Academy.


  I regretted that I couldn’t see you off before your dispatch. Do you have time? 


  “Of course. Even if I didn’t have, I would make some time.”


   Haha, thank you. I’m at the same place as always, so come whenever you’re comfortable.




   I put the communication crystal back in my pocket after confirming that its light had gone out.


  ‘I should greet him before going back.’


  It wasn’t something that was in my plans, but I’ll have to go since he contacted me. What kind of noble would refuse an invitation from a Duke? 


  I didn’t have much time since I had to return before the club activities began. I had to move immediately if I wanted to return to the Academy on time.


  The Imperial Military headquarters. The Invincible Duke was here. He was the one in charge of the Empire’s army on behalf of the Emperor, who was nominally the Supreme Commander. The Duke was also the Emperor’s father-in-law, so not even the Minister of Defense dared to do anything regarding his control. 


  ‘Every time I see it, it’s sad.’


  And originally, it should’ve been the place where I worked. The Invincible Duke said that he would get me a good position once he moved to the military, but I couldn’t even get close to the headquarters due to the trick of the Crown Prince. I wonder if my life would’ve been different if I hadn’t been tricked back then.


  I wonder what position I would have been in by now if I’d stayed at the headquarters for two years underneath the Invincible Duke’s halo. At least, it wouldn’t be a bizarre position like the Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office. 


  With a bitter feeling, I entered the headquarters, and the guards greeted me with a salute. I felt like I was being treated like a military person rather than an outsider because of how frequently I came here before I was dispatched to the Academy. 


  “Keep up the good work.”


  I reciprocated the salute and headed to the Deputy Commander’s office. Exchanging greetings with everyone I met along the way was a job in itself. Two years ago, I naturally thought I would end up coming here to the headquarters. That was why I became familiar with the people that worked here in advance by having frequent meetings.


  ‘Crown Prince, that bastard.’


  Although two years had passed, I still felt a deep anger. I still remember how the people in the headquarters looked at me while congratulating me on my promotion. From their point of view, it was as if someone with a promised promotion had been bluffing about how he would come to the army.


  But that was unfair. I only learned I was getting a promotion after it was announced. Normally, they would inform the people in advance, but the Crown Prince promoted me and the Minister out of the blue.


  ‘I’ve arrived.’


  While cursing the Crown Prince inside, I arrived at the Deputy Commander’s office. Time always flies fast when you spend it cursing your superiors. 


  Knock, knock.


  “Your Grace, it’s Carl Krasius.”


  “Ah, you came quickly. Come in.”


  As soon as I opened the door, I saw the Invincible Duke walking toward me. He could have just stayed seated. 


  “Carl, welcome. It’s been a long time.”


  I bowed my head toward the Invincible Duke, who patted my shoulder while smiling. Regardless of him being a Duke, I owed him a lot. 


  “It’s been a long time, Your Grace. I’m glad to see that you’re doing well.”


  “Why are you checking on my health twice? Even though you’re so considerate toward me, you left without saying anything. I was quite upset about that.”


  “I apologize. It all happened so suddenly that…”


  “Haha! I was kidding. I understand you, of course.”


  He pulled me over and made me sit. I got up from my seat after seeing him turn toward the tea set that was in the corner, but he waved his hands as if asking me to sit down. This kind of harmless consideration was the most terrifying. 


  “I suppose you already had a drink with the Mage Duchess, but would you like to have another one with me?”


  “It would be an honor.”


  I stared at the Invincible Duke. I once offered to help but was forced to sit down. Since then, it’s been like this. Woah, drinking tea that’s been brewed by a Duke. It’s truly an honor…


  “I had a good dream today. Perhaps it was a sign that an important guest would come.”


  “I’m surprised that Your Grace pays attention to dreams.”


  “I guess that it’s because I’m getting old. Oh, please. Don’t tell the Mage Duchess what I’ve just said.”


  “Haha, of course.”


  I chuckled at the Invincible Duke’s words as he brought the tea. It’s been a well-known fact to those that knew the Mage Duchess that she became interested in dream interpretation. If she found out that the Invincible Duke had said, ‘I seem to be paying attention to dreams because I’m getting old,’ the Mage Duchess would surely come for him.


  It didn’t matter if the person who said it was the Invincible Duke, because the fact that he’d attacked her with her age didn’t change. 


  In fact, no one cared that the Mage Duchess was 120 years old, but because she reacted sensitively to it, others started paying attention to it as well. Is this the kind of disaster that one brings upon oneself? 


  “I heard that several important bloodlines have gathered at the Academy.”


  “Yes, that’s correct.”


  “It must be hard for you. I’m sorry for not being able to help.”


  “It’s okay, Your Grace. Don’t worry. I appreciate your kind words.”


  After saying that, both the Invincible Duke and I took a sip of tea. After a brief silence, the Invincible Duke opened his mouth.


  “I’m sure you’ll do a good job, Carl. After all, the Crown Prince has shown that he trusts you greatly.”


  “I’m grateful for that.”


  So this was why he suddenly called me. It wasn’t just to have tea. 


  ‘The situation’s still the same.’


  By saying ‘important bloodlines’ in this context, one would normally think of Rutis, Lather, and Tannian. However, from the Empire’s point of view, the first one that comes to mind is Ainter. 


  What the Invincible Duke wanted to say was simple. He regretted that I had to suffer due to the Crown Prince’s order to oversee Ainter, but there was nothing he could do about the Crown Prince’s wishes. However, he assured me that the Crown Prince had no further plans, so I could continue managing Ainter however I wanted to.  


  I felt relieved. I was worried that the Crown Prince might go crazy and order me to deal with Ainter, but the Invincible Duke managed to calm things down. He didn’t unilaterally take the Crown Prince’s side, his son-in-law, and instead considered my situation. I was truly grateful for that. 


  “What’s there to thank for? This was possible because of the foundation you’ve built.”


  The Invincible Duke responded to my comment with a smile, and I smiled as well. However, I didn’t feel comfortable about the fact that the debt was piling up little by little.


  Apart from that, the Invincible Duke didn’t bring up any other work-related topics. If there was an issue that was serious enough for a Duke to personally deliver, that by itself would’ve been a bigger problem.


  As we were having a simple conversation over tea, something crossed my mind, so I cautiously opened my mouth.


  “How are the others doing?”


  “They’re probably doing well. Except for me and the Mage Duchess, most of them hardly leave their territory, so there’s no way for me to know how they’re doing.”


  That’s fortunate. I was worried about being summoned by another Duke. But if they weren’t in the capital, there was no need for me to worry. Most Dukes only came to the capital when the Emperor called them. The Invincible Duke and the Mage Duchess were the special ones who had work to do in the capital.


  The Iron-Blooded Duke was retired. The Gold Duke was immersed in his business, while the Wise Duke seemed to be enjoying playing SimCity in his territory. I knew that they rarely appeared in the capital, but having a confirmation was reassuring.


  As I nodded in relief, the Invincible Duke smiled and said.


  “Shouldn’t I be asking you about Iron-Blooded Duke’s news?”


  “Yes? What do you mean?”


  “Oh, I misspoke due to my old age. Forget what I’ve just said.”


  He burst out laughing, but it was obviously an intentional remark.


  ‘How far did it spread?’


  I awkwardly laughed along, as something roughly came to mind. Marghetta had probably told the Iron-blooded Duke about the ball, and he must have told the Invincible Duke. It must have been funny hearing that I, who had never danced before, suddenly danced with Marghetta.


  ‘It’s burdensome.’ 


  The Invincible Duke was among the few people who knew why I hadn’t gotten married or engaged. Even though he was brushing it off as a slip of the tongue, he subtly mentioned Marghetta to see my reaction.


  I understood that he was saying that out of concern for me and without any other intention, but it was a bit scary that he brought it up whenever I started to forget about it. He felt like one of those elderly relatives you visited during holidays.


  I wasn’t even pressured like this by the patriarch. Anyone looking from the outside would think that I’m the Invincible Duke’s son. 




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