Demon-Limited Hunter Chapter 153

Chapter 153 - Joint Practical Evaluation — Interlude (1)

༺ Joint Practical Evaluation – Interlude (1) ༻




  The female student with short red hair and a heart-shaped hair accessory, Shera Hectorica, woke up with a strange cry.


  An unfamiliar ceiling. Was she lying in a bed?


  She scanned her surroundings. Other students were lying in a bed similar to hers.


  This place seemed to be a temporary medical facility within Octovus Hall.


  Shera grabbed the blanket and pulled herself up to sit. The last memory she had was of a strong blow to her solar plexus, causing her to lose consciousness. She rubbed the area between her chest and abdomen.


  There was a bit of soreness, but it didn’t hurt that much. It looked like the academy’s medical staff healed her while she was knocked out.


  “Luce Eltania…”


  She remembered a female student with rose-gold hair and a morpho-butterfly hair accessory.


  Luce Eltania, the second-year top seat of the Magic Department. The woman whom the legendary magic beast, Thunderbird Galia, treated as its master. Shera had lost in the battle with that woman.


  Putting aside the fact that she had a disadvantage in element, she had heard that Luce was strong, but her power was far beyond what was expected of a student.


  Of course, she likely wasn’t similar to Dorothy Heartnova, one of the strongest individuals in the entire world. However, it was clear that she was born with unfathomable talent.


  “What about the demon?”


  “They said that the Nameless Hero appeared and dealt with it. What we felt back there must have been his mana.”


  “Damn, we missed that…”


  Shera’s eyes widened in shock at the students’ conversation.


  A demon had appeared while she was unconscious, and the Black Monster had defeated it…?


  Humiliation washed over Shera.




  Shera buried her face into the blanket. Her shoulders trembled.


  Not only had she failed to carry out her mission, but she also lost to a mere student and was knocked out.


  Though she was the weakest of the four Paladins, it was an utterly pathetic showing.


  Her head remained buried in blankets for some time out of shame and guilt.


  Meanwhile. On the rooftop of Märchen Academy’s evacuation facility.




  Phantom Cat Cheshire, a purple cat magic beast with a small fedora, was seated on the rooftop railing, feeling the wind.


  The Phantom Cat grinned as it gazed at the cold silver winds blowing above the Eltra Sea.


  The Black Monster. Its strength was unparalleled.


  It didn’t dare get close enough to observe it up close. It would be a miracle for it to make it out alive instead of getting caught up in its magic and dying. Now, the snowy storm made it hard to see what was happening.


  To begin with, it was an archwizard. It would be able to sense unused mana as well. Cheshire would have certainly been caught if it got close. That was also why Alice had said not to approach it hastily.


  It would be, after all, a bad idea to let the enemy, who they had no information on, know that they were watching them. It was impossible to know what kind of harm that would lead him to face.


  Facing such a superior foe, their only choice was to move carefully in the shadows.


  But that didn’t mean Cheshire had any ill feelings towards their foe. In actuality, the Phantom Cat liked the Black Monster.


  It was Alice’s familiar. The Black Monster was a disruption to her plans and needed to be rid of. That relationship brought entertainment for the Phantom Cat to enjoy.


  [What are you going to do, Alice? How will you achieve your goals with that thing in your way?]


  The Phantom Cat’s mouth curled up high enough to reach its ears, revealing its sharp, white teeth.


  The Phantom Cat’s voice traveled to its owner, Alice Carroll, who was in her office chair in the central area of the evacuation facility, watching over the Eltra Sea.


  Alice did not respond. She merely gazed out the window towards the frozen sea and snow flurry, lost in thought.




  Once the Abyssal Sea Monster Demon, Igpus the Enlightened, was defeated, the army of fish demons immediately dissipated.


  It would have been shocking for those unaware of the situation to witness the minions, who were not created from mana but were independent beings, follow their master to death.


  Demons were still a hot research topic. The researchers would likely be excited over this new pattern of behavior.


  It wasn’t that important of a problem. The fish demons had merely been living with support from the dark mana that Igpus had shared with them. It was something I’d read from a guidebook before.


  Anyhow, the Eltra Sea demon infiltration incident ended with the help of the Nameless Hero.


  After Igpus the Enlightened had been defeated.


  The barriers blocking the several dozen entrances of Octovus Hall were automatically opened after it had been judged that the emergency was over.


  In ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱, Ian returned to Octovus Hall with the proctors who had come to help him after defeating the Abyssal Sea Monster. Remembering that scene, I expected the barriers to be opened.


  Thanks to that, I could enter a vacant entrance and pretend to have been wandering around Octovus Hall. Then, at a reasonable time, I met with a proctor and was led to the gathering area.


  Because of [Clairvoyance], it was easy for me to check the routes of the proctors and create a natural situation to run into them.


  I removed the ice covering the Eltra Sea with Defrost, and [Frostwind] died down on its own over time.


  Due to the fact that it was an emergency evacuation facility, Octovus Hall had a temporary medical facility. I passed through the hallway in front of the temporary hospital room with the proctors when I heard a familiar laugh behind me.




  I turned my head to look at the owner of that laugh.




  His uniform was covered in blood, and bandages were wrapped around his entire body. His leg must still be healing as he leaned on a wooden stick. It was my golden-haired classmate, Tristan Humphrey.


  My eyes boldly met Tristan’s. He had his nose high up in the air with an arrogant smile, just like usual.


  “Have you just been wandering around Octovus Hall while the demon had been defeated?”


  “Well… yeah.”


  “Seeing that you are unhurt, you must have chosen only the easy fights! What a shame! You have lost the chance to experience growth, unlike me!”




  He cackled brazenly.


  “Today, this body has reached a new plane! The moment is rapidly approaching…!”


  Märchen Academy had many people who were comprised entirely of the enthusiasm to improve.


  Just like the guy in front of me right now.


  “…The moment I surpass you draws near, Isaac!”


  With that final confident declaration, Tristan laughed like a third-rate villain and turned around. His laughter ended with a series of coughs.


  Just like that, he limped through the hallway using the wooden stick to support himself.


  At first, it was Grade E Commoner, then it was simply Commoner. Now, it was just Isaac.


  After I had become the top student in Class B, Tristan began to call me by my name. It was his way of acknowledging that I was ahead of him.


  “…I wish you all the best.”


  I turned my head back and resumed walking with the proctors.


  And so, as the distance between me and Tristan widened, I checked on him with [Clairvoyance].


  Tristan’s grinning face slowly hardened.


  Then, biting down on his bottom lip, the hand holding the wooden stick trembled.


  He fought the tears threatening to slide down his bandaged cheeks and, with his head tilted down, attempted to settle his unsteady breath.


  Thanks to [Psychological Insight], it wasn’t hard to understand his current state.


  After seeing me, his goal, the fact that he lost to Alexa became even more apparent in his mind.


  And because of that, Tristan was currently incredibly frustrated.




  I stopped using [Clairvoyance].


  I was Tristan’s goal. So, right now, I should not watch him any longer.


  Only looking at the arrogant face that laughed in front of me like a third-rate villain was how I would show respect to him as his target for growth.




  The academy’s faculty thoroughly investigated whether any students were hurt and how much damage had been done to the academy.


  Thanks to the combat troops, composed of adults, who protected the academy, the students were fine, except those injured during the joint practical evaluation.


  As a result, there were zero casualties. There weren’t any significant damages to the academy’s property either.


  However, how much the academy’s faculty would suffer to deal with the aftermath of this Abyssal Sea Monster incident… I gave them my deepest condolences.


  The Paladins failed to stop me. Luce had dealt with the Heart Paladin, and Tristan stopped the Diamond Paladin. Thankfully, I hadn’t crossed paths with the Spade or Clover Paladin.


  Though I already knew it, I was reminded once again that my plans were always prone to change.


  I could not prepare counteractions because it hadn’t been in my calculations for the Diamond Paladin, Alexa, to charge through the walls. I had to give my thanks to Tristan for that. It would become highly necessary to make more detailed plans going forward.


  And unsurprisingly, Alexa was referred to the disciplinary committee.


  She would likely be questioned about the reason for breaking the walls of the exam site and assaulting a proctor. But that wouldn’t go far enough to reveal that ‘Alice Carroll was the informant’.


  Considering Alexa’s nature, I believe she would remain silent and be given a harsher punishment for her lack of reflection on her actions. Ah, maybe the fact that this was her first offense would be considered. And Alice might step in… It’d become clear with time.


  Dorothy and Kaya received certificates of commendation for their contribution to protecting the academy.


  Dorothy bragged to me that her demerit points had been reduced… Unfortunately, that didn’t change the fact that she still had a significant number of demerit points under her belt.


  Happy that she was given a certificate, Kaya kept a broad smile on her face for a few days. It was absolutely adorable.


  Eventually, several students decided to drop out of the academy after the demon’s appearance.


  Most students decided to stay after seeing the academy’s procedure in response to the incident and the Nameless Hero’s actions to protect the academy.


  The main reason was that they could not give up the graduation certificate of the famous Märchen Academy.


  There were other reasons aside from that, such as admiration for the Nameless Hero. Still, for now, the certainty about their safety when a demon made their appearance was a significant reason.


For reference, Märchen Academy was also discussing moving the location of the academy itself due to the frequent appearance of the demons.


  However, because creating a facility like this academy in a short amount of time was no easy feat, it was doubtful that the academy would move locations, at least until the Evil God made her appearance.


Name: Isaac
Lv: 113
Gender: Male
Year: 2nd
Title: Skilled Second Year
Mana: 30000/30000
– Mana Recovery Speed (A-)


  Evening. In a corner of the Butterfly Garden.


  I didn’t understand how a narrow, deserted path could lead to such a vast and open view or why they designed it this way.


  I sat down on top of the grass field. I had come here to sort my thoughts.


  Once the sun set, a group of fireflies slowly floated to the surface.


  The cool breeze blew towards me and lightly caressed my skin before passing by.


  Now then.


  ‘Let’s sort this out.’


  Through this joint practical evaluation and the Abyssal Sea Monster incident, I gained a lot of EXP and the Ring of the Abyssal Queen.


  My level increased by a total of 3. Due to the effects of [Rapid Growth], I was able to receive a total of 12 stat points. And, by clearing the achievement [Abyssal King], I received an additional 30 points of [Water Resistance].


  I put in all 12 stat points into Vs. Human Combat Power.


◈ vs. Race Combat Power
– vs. Human Combat Power (C+): 32/100 [UP]


◈ Elemental Resistance
–Water Resistance (B+): 51/100 [UP]


  For reference, my [Water Resistance] had already been a bit higher than normal because of how much I was exposed to Luce’s water magic.


  If I added the Elemental Bracelet onto this, then it would become a pretty substantial stat. Since the Clover Paladin specialized in the water element, I wouldn’t be out of commission over a couple of hits anymore.


  ‘And then…’


  Raising my head, I saw the starry night sky.


  What came into my mind was White’s astral-themed pocket watch face. The hands had been frozen.


  ‘It was broken.’


  White’s pocket watch was a gift from her mother.


  In ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱, there were only minor foreshadowings about its identity. One example was when Amy Holloway used [Heart Color Discernment] and was frightened after witnessing something she mistook as White’s heart color.


  For reference, White’s heart color was mainly a comforting feeling. That was also the reason why I could treat her kindly without hesitation.


  Anyway, the watch suddenly broke after arriving in Year 2 Semester 2, and its identity was revealed in the Year 3 Semester 1.


  Once the watch’s identity was revealed, a shocking story about her mother’s actions toward her daughter commenced. When I played ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱ for the first time, I couldn’t help but both curse and be impressed by her insanity.


  ‘I’m glad I already knew about it.’


  I didn’t know why the pocket watch had already stopped.


  But one certain thing was that there was a possibility that the pocket watch’s identity might be revealed earlier than in the game. After the pocket watch was broken and a specific criterion was met, a terrible disaster came upon the academy again.


  In ❰Magic Knight of Märchen❱, one needed enough power to alter even god’s will. Like the ‘Luminous Sword’, the ultimate light element weapon.


  However, that weapon could only be obtained after Year 2 Semester 2.


  The only thing I could do right now was to continue monitoring whether that ‘specific criterion’ to bring upon the pocket watch’s terror was met and to prepare accordingly.


  For reference, destroying or throwing the pocket watch into the ocean would bring the worst results. It would be best for White to hold onto the pocket watch like usual.


  ‘And next…’


  I raised my head and lifted up the Ring of the Abyssal Queen to reflect the moonlight.


  It was a ring with a navy blue magic stone embedded into it. 


  That’s one nice-looking ring.


  Not only would this ring amplify the power of Luce’s water and lightning mana, but the element’s colors would also deepen. Additionally, she could use skills like [Mana Leech]. She would rule the battlefield like an invincible empress.


  Just like the cringe-worthy nickname Luce would later obtain, the Empress of the Midnight Sea.


  Anyhow, I needed to give this ring to Luce and somehow persuade her to wear it on her left ring finger.


  First of all, I prepared a lie about where I obtained this magic weapon.


  During winter break, I pretended to leave the academy for a few days to spar nonstop with Gormos’ golems.


  I could tell her that I found it when I was outside.


  If she asked how I knew the effects of the ring, then I could mention the appraiser, Grandpa Harrison.




  Or should I give it to her playfully?


  No, that wouldn’t work. It still didn’t answer why I brought a magic weapon ring that she needed to wear on her left ring finger.


  What if I tell her, ‘I don’t know. That’s just what I was told.’ No… that doesn’t sound right either. It was too open-ended.


  How did I give this ring to Luce in my previous life?


  Though I didn’t know if I even obtained the ring at that time, I probably did.


  Anyway, it was still a mystery how I managed to give this ring to Luce while avoiding the Extra Bad Ending 「Bird Cage」 up to the battle with the Evil God.


  Just then, I heard footsteps behind me.




  I clutched the ring in my palm and balled it into a fist to hide it. I didn’t want to be caught with it, just in case.


  The footsteps began to come closer, and a familiar voice called out.


  “Isaac, what are you doing?”


  I turned my head.


  A morpho butterfly hair accessory, dressed in the academy’s uniform with rose-gold hair braided down on the side. I held my breath at her beauty.


  She had her head tilted a bit to the side, a questioning expression on her face. It was the second-year top seat of the Magic Department, Luce Eltania.




  I didn’t know why she suddenly appeared, but it was nothing strange since it happened often. Most of the time, it was because she wanted to see me.


  I had already planned on meeting her anyway. 


  This is alright; it saved time.


  I should have successfully handed the ring to Luce in the past. Which meant I might be able to find the answer in our conversation.


  “What is it, Luce? Did you come to see me?”


  I fixed my expression and stood up. I nudged up Ribella’s Glasses, then smiled as casually as possible.


  …But this girl’s expression looks meaningful somehow.




  Luce asked me in a serious voice.


  “That ring just now, what is that?”






  This girl had crazy eyesight.













The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter

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